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Hi, my name is Miss Jennifer. I am a petite attractive dominant woman who is a professional Disciplinarian. I am an intelligent, extremely discreet, clean, non smoker, drug, and disease free. I love what I do. I am very discreet. I play as if it is real but at the same time safely. I have been a professional Disciplinarian for over 8+ years. When I was living in Europe, I was lucky enough to meet one of the best disciplinarian (accidently). We became very good friends.  I didn’t know she was into spanking. Because of her, my childhood memories came back to life. All of those times playing school and house with neighbor’s friend when I was between the ages of 5-7 years.  The times when I babysat naughty children and had to discipline them in my teens….all of that came back to me in a flash. 


Understand no one can teach you to become a true disciplinarian who really enjoys what she does, gets it, where you can see it in her eyes. This you must have inside of you. This can NOT be taught.  This you must be born with It and had  life experiences.


Important: I SPANK. Whether you have a fantasy or you deserve a spanking. I will give you the best experience you have ever had. I provide Disciplinary Service. I am in no way a prostitute, involved in an escort service or a call girl. During the session I will be fully clothed. I do not and I will not have sex or do anything illegal with anyone who I see for a session.


Please browse through all my pages so that you understand completely what I do. If you are ready to schedule a session with me, please email and ask for an application.






Girls, do you need to be punished and/or disciplined?

I provide Disciplinary Service for females.

You must be a true spankee or a girl who really needs to be spanked because you need it or just want it.    I am very selective. 

Email me for an application.

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Hi everyone!!!

I will be posting on my public blog for a little while until my new website is done.  My website is getting a makeover!!!  When my website is done. I will close my public blog and make it private for members only.

It will have much more things.

I will have more pictures, stories, chats, videos, etc….

Also all the people I see for real life sessions will have access to my schedule.



Follow me at:

Because I don't want just anyone to read my blog

I am switching my blog to private users only.

That means this blog is only available to people who I approve.

If you want to continue to see my blog. Please email me so I can invite you.

If I don't know you and you have never had a session with me....

You will have to go through an application process and a phone call to be approved.




Have you been bad?



Want a session but can’t come and see me?  Want to talk about spanking?  Email me for more information.

Do put “Phone session” in the subject.




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