My Fridge :)

When I got home my fridge was completely empty except for few bottles of water , Califia Almond Milk (they are good for a long time haha) and few condiments. I didn't go food shopping right away... so for two days I was living on Almond Milk and cereal! hahaha I didn't mind because I always go out to eat when I am traveling so it was nice to eat only cereal, almond milk and bottled water :)

You can understand why I just didn't want to go out!!

I wanted to vegetate. So after few days of being a hermit I finally went out, bought food and agreed to meet my friend for lunch. All this food will definitely last me until I have to travel again. Most likely I will have a lot of leftover again and will have to throw the all out before I leave again.

Don't ask my why I bought 2 packages of eggs. GOSH. I think because when I was shopping I was super hungry because I haven't eaten anything but a cup of almond milk and it was already 4pm. haha


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