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busy busy busy

I am so busy!!!

Hi Everyone...Just wanted to say a quick "hi" on the forum and on the blog to let you guys know I am still alive!!

If I have not responded to your email please forgive me. I am not trying to ignore you. I am extremely busy. Seriously I am.

Getting up super early in the morning, traveling, spanking, schedules, update website, podcast, reservations for my travels, and few NEW exciting things that's coming UP on my website that I am currently working on and so much more!!!

(If you are thinking this is it....the new and updated website...think again. You are wrong. I am just starting!!! I have many NEW THINGS that I will be adding to my website. A lot of new cool things.) I will respond to your emails/applications this week. I will try to catch up!!!

Thank You for your patience.

Miss Jennifer


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If I haven’t responded you (email, text or application) it is because I am really busy. I Hopefully ot will slow down in 2-3 days.

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