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Sooo Early

This airport is so busy at 4:05am! I couldn't believe it!!! I thought I was crazy getting up at 3am but these people have been line for a while when I got here!I am thinking they got here way before 4:00am.  Thank goodness I didn't have to wait in a line. I checked in, checked my bags and went through TSA in 5 minutes:)))) 


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Running behind

I will send out emails tonight to everyone about their upcoming session. Sorry it’s late this time.


If I haven’t responded you (email, text or application) it is because I am really busy. I Hopefully ot will slow down in 2-3 days.

Testimonial – After Five Sessions

My name is Robert. Jennifer is my Life Coach and Disciplinarian. In early January 2019, I attended my first session with Jennifer, and I began a life-changing journey. I recently completed my fifth

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