Testimonial from Amanda

Thanks for the testimonial Amanda!!!! Testimonial Where do I begin? Miss Jen is amazing! I feel like I've known her forever and I just had my first session. In the short amount of time that I saw her she has set lots of rules in place for me. I've never really had rules so this is all foreign to me. While I'm laying on my stomach with a very sore butt, I can tell you I will be working hard on these rules. As far as the spanking experience, it is something I won't soon forget! It HURT and still HURTS! You can tell she really does care and wants you to get better no matter what it is you are working on. She was always aware of my breathing, emotions, etc. You can tell she clearly knows what she is doing from start to finish. Just a little bit of advice if you do see her and I think you should for sure: DON'T EVER TELL HER NO! Amanda (NOVA) 



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If I haven’t responded you (email, text or application) it is because I am really busy. I Hopefully ot will slow down in 2-3 days.

Testimonial – After Five Sessions

My name is Robert. Jennifer is my Life Coach and Disciplinarian. In early January 2019, I attended my first session with Jennifer, and I began a life-changing journey. I recently completed my fifth

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