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My July Schedule!

I only have one spots left in some cities. I am completely FULL in Los Angeles, Miami and Indianapolis. If you want a spot in LA please book in advance for August.

I am FULL in New Orleans except I do have only 2 spot left on only one day out of 3.

Northern VA I only have 1 spot left on ONE day only.

Dallas I only have 2 spots left. I won't take anymore after 2. The remaining cities I only have 1 spot left.

If you want to book a session and you are new to me. Please complete the application and email it back to me.



(They are not in any specific order)

San Francisco, CA (2 days)

Indianapolis, IN

Northern Virginia (25 min from D.C.) (2 days)

Los Angeles, CA

Houston, TX

Dallas, TX (3 days)

Cleveland, OH (2 Days)

St Louis, MO (2 days)

New Orleans, LA (3 days)

Miami, FL (2 days)


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If I haven’t responded you (email, text or application) it is because I am really busy. I Hopefully ot will slow down in 2-3 days.

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