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Testimonial From D

I visited Jennifer for my first visit this past Thursday night. It is now Saturday morning, and my buns are still definitely warm, and definitely sore! I was so surprised at the tenderness just getting into bed last night. Jennifer definitely gave me as much I could handle, and frankly, probably a bit more, even though our visit was a bit shorter than intended. Unfortunately, due to a nasty accident that snarled and stopped traffic and my own already busy schedule, I arrived late. I notified her of my time problems, and we spent some of my extra driving time ironing out the reasons for my visit, and what type of spanking I was desiring. She talked with me right up to to the time I arrived at her location. By the time I arrived at her room, there was no time to waste, and in short order she had me divest myself of my pants and shirt and ready or not I positioned myself over her knees. She then proceed to go to work on my tail end, carefully pulling my shorts down to expose my naked posterior, and rhythmically spanking me in a gradual crescendo until she was satisfied. She then proceeded to an implement, a hair brush, I believe, and she went to town with that on my already sore cheeks, methodically, almost clinically(!) until again she was satisfied. I, meanwhile, was trying not to move around too much, but gradually yelping more and more as the session went on. When, again, she was satisfied with her progress. she switched to a bath brush, which she happily showed me in case I was interested! Wow, off she went again, as I hung on for dear life, my vocal responses gradually getting more and more plaintive. To my credit, she only had to warn me once not to move so much, but, my goodness, I'm not sure how I accomplished that, as she was giving it to me as good as I've ever received it. I never felt like it was too much, but she definitely pushed me, always checking along the way, and making sure it was all to her satisfaction. She was clearly in total control, and as confident as a fine chef! Sure enough, my buns were well roasted by the time all was said and done.

Jennifer is the complete package as far as I can tell. She is very professional and personable, quite attractive, very easy to communicate with and confident in her abilities, which is quite evident. Moreover, it is obvious that she loves what she is doing, and I felt cared for the entire time. I would recommend her services to anyone interested in a disciplinarian, and I have seen a few. I look forward to my next visit with her, as we now have a foundation to build upon. It is definitely worth the work spent to arrange a visit with Jennifer. You will not be sorry! Thanks for everything Jennifer. I'll be back, and next time I'll be early!


San Francisco August 2017


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