Testimonial from Denver

I visited Miss Jennifer for the first time during her Denver visit in August 2017. I've been spanked by mistresses before, but none have ever punished me as strictly and thoroughly as Miss Jennifer. My previous spankings had all been a form of play, but Miss Jennifer delivered a true punishment. When Miss Jennifer met me at her hotel she wearing a cute and sexy outfit that highlighted her natural beauty. I had asked her a punishment spanking, and Miss Jennifer did not disappoint. I wanted to make sure I got a hard punishment, so I was defiant and bratty right from the start. But Miss Jennifer knows just how to deal with naughty boys, and by the midpoint of the session my cavalier attitude was gone and I was starting to regret my earlier misbehavior. By the time she was finished with me, my butt and thighs were welted and bruised, my mouth tasted like soap, and I was in tears and promising to be a good boy. I think Miss Jennifer is the best at what she does, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a severe punishment. Denver 2017 



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Testimonial – After Five Sessions

My name is Robert. Jennifer is my Life Coach and Disciplinarian. In early January 2019, I attended my first session with Jennifer, and I began a life-changing journey. I recently completed my fifth

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