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Testimonial from Atlanta

Yesterday afternoon I had my first session with Miss Jennifer. I was very nervous about it, but now I am glad that I went. I feel that I have started a new chapter in learning about myself. And finally heading in the direction of becoming the person I know I can be. When I first arrived at Miss Jennifer’s room she welcomed me warmly and directed me to a seat. She could tell that I was nervous and began helping me to relax. We began talking about what brought me to see her and about my application. At first, I was a bit nervous and embarassed to talk about certain aspects of my life. But I soon felt safe and willing to open up after talking with her about it. We definitely talked more than I expected, but it was what I needed. She reminded me of things I knew deep down, but not willing to admit to myself or had pushed back because it required hard work and I would rather do what is easy. Then we got to the spanking where I learned more about myself. I did not want to move during my session and somehow I managed it, but it was definitely a struggle for Miss Jennifer definitely knows what she is doing. It is an experience that is hard to put into words. It was a challenge that I am still going over in my mind and processing. One thing I learned was that I have a higher tolerance than I thought I had, though I am beginning to think that perhaps my low tolerance is for the after affect as I sit with a now very sore backside😅. During my session Miss Jennifer kept a constant eye on my skin and tended to it when it needed care. Even though I was in pain I felt well taken care of. After my session was over she was very encouraging and supportive about our journey ahead. Though I may be nervous about my future sessions, I know I am in good hands and look forward to my future growth. Thank you Miss Jennifer for accepting my application and being willing to work with me.

Atlanta 2018


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