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Testimonial from Minneapolis

   Testimonial from Minneapolis I am a complete novice at being spanked. I have thought about it for many many years. I often checked the internet looking for diciplinarians who spank only. After seeing Jennifer's website and reading dozens of testimonials I filled out the application.   I was utterly honest listing things that no one else knows about me. I really had no confidence that I would be accepted. Upon acceptance I quickly made my appointment before I could try to worm my way out of it. I was now locked into my fate.    I gained trust in Jennifer from viewing her site. After talking to her on the phone, I harbored no doubts that she was genuine.   The one thing that impressed me about her pre-session emails were all of the no nonsense rules. I felt like a school kid reading rules on the chalkboard. I thought that she was serious minded and that she demanded respect; setting her authority right from the beginning. I couldn't imagine intentionally breaking any rule. This put me at ease. I had no confusion about what was expected of me and what to do once I arrived at my session.   I will be brief about the beginning of the session. Jennifer is charming, bright and perceptive. She is patient and I was very relaxed by time the session started. Super important; she knows how to get you in a good state of mind.    First off, the hand spanking was unexpectedly stingy type pain. Ouch. I just gained an appreciation of how much a hand spanking can hurt. I had no idea!   Next came a spatula and then somewhere about implement 3 or 4 came the hairbrush. I was kicking my feet and in pain, but taking it well (in my mind). I was really enjoying the session and thinking to myself "this is wonderful, I can't believe I am actually being spanked". Enter act 2.   After the OTK, and now with me in the prone position, the first thing I saw her pull out was an evil thick strap. She laid in to me very hard right from the the first blow. It was unbelievably painful. Doubling the pain from anything previously. She is strong and rained down continous devilish blows. Reality set in. I was in for it.  I quickly stopped thinking altogether.  I just reacted to the pain and hoped she would go back to something less evil. Sensing my reactions, she said "just a few more" and whacked me even harder!    At this point, I started feeling dominated and helpless. When I got a "break" from the strap with a few other unknown attack weapons, I found myself both dreading and craving to again experience the feeling from being strapped so hard!   It came quickly with a sharp bright pain. Over and over and in spots she had not yet gotten too. Like the sides of my buttocks and my lower inside cheeks. It was intense. I had to ask her what that was. She showed me. It was a medium sized  bath brush. Holy cow it hurt.   She was now laying into me with some type of paddle. I craned my neck to look. The image of her raising that paddle and cracking my ass is ingrained forever in my head. I could only watch for a few swings because it hurt so much I had to bury my head in the pillow. I could only react to the pain.    She had changed implements several more times, including a plastic something that hurt everywhere all at once! All this spanking....over an hour of it.....all the while sizing me up.    I felt something very heavy and large resting on my sore bottom. She hit me with it, WHAM!  My whole body convulsed: head flying up, feet flying, body arching. It was a hellish thick wooden paddle just from the feel. She was thumping me from a standing position. It was extremely painful, slamming me into the bed repeatedly. I thought it couldn't be worse, neverending.  She then switched sides and was on the bed. The angle of the strikes seemed to be swooping in from high above my knees and landing on the bottom half of my butt. It was so powerful that I felt like I was going to fly off the bed head first.   From this intense relentless paddling, I entered a mind palace of searing pain, utter helplessness and total domination. I mentally surrendered. I had no choice, no control. I thought the paddling would never end. I squirmed side to side and tried to anticipate each blow. She strongly pulled me back into a level position and kept on swinging. I could feel her emotion of remorseless dominance raidiating and extending through her paddle into my consciousness. I was lost in pain and euphoria. This made the whole experience exceptional beyond what I thought possible.   As soon as she decided I had enough of the nightmare paddle, I found myself instantly craving the zone where I was again. Crazy huh??   At the session end, I was positive my rear was destroyed. Wrong. She showed me a photo. It looked like an even deep dark tan with red splotches around the symmetrical edges. A perfect circle of punishment. Unbelievable. She is an expert and knows how to administer a sound, harsh spanking with consumate skill.   I know I couldn't have gone through a better first time initiation into spanking. My interest could have been dissolved by a careless, mundane or depersonified experience, instead it has deepened and intensified thanks to Miss J.   Even now, the next day, I want to be spanked again. My rear isn't up to it, my mind still desires...... Kelly, Twin Cities 2018. :) hehe 


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