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A different Testimonial

I recently had my third session with Jennifer and what I feared all along would happen, occurred, except with her amazing ability to understand and adapt she turned it from a disaster ( in my mind) to an extremely positive experience. To summarize, I have serious medical problems, but I also really want/need what Jennifer does to help me continue the biopsies, chemo, willpower it takes to fight this ( my third go around), unfortunately sometimes the mind spirit wants what the flesh is not currently able to withstand. Very shortly after progressing from her hand spanking to some wooden implement ( I never look being a wimp) I started to feel very poorly and close to passing out. No, it wasn’t just me wimping out from a sore bottom but I genuinely had to stop now. She rapidly sensed that something was different and temporarily stopped. I was extremely distraught that, once again my wretched body was going to destroy this positive experience. She didn’t let that happen, she calmed me down told me it was no big deal, that I was still going to get a spanking and proceeded. And she did spank me for a long time, quite lightly, but it was a remarkably positive experience that I equate with the loving aspects of the spankings my mom gave me that I so crave. She didnt let me quit, she didn’t have me fail as I’m sure the majority of people would and turned it into a positive loving learning experience. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. I know I won’t get off so easily in future but I can rest assured you will have my best interests in your care. That is a trust I never thought possible to give to another person other than my wife and my mom, so again, thank you. And yes I will get on with the anthology, take the vitamins or at least try them, and always always keep trying. Thank you again, Jennifer.

Caneable1 Northern Virginia 2019


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