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Amy’s Testimonial

--- Testimonial ----

A little more than a week ago I had my first session with Jennifer, and in retrospect I’m so very glad that I did. Like some of you, I didn’t have much experience with spanking but have come to realize the need for some discipline/accountability at this stage in life. And I’m not going to pretend that I just jumped right in without any hesitation --- In fact, I was so nervous and anxious (because I was almost late) before meeting Jennifer for the first time that I literally went into the wrong hotel right next to the one she stayed in, and called her back and said nobody answered the door while she really couldn’t see anyone in the hallway…(no, I didn’t wear an invisibility cloak).

But it is true when people say Jennifer’s especially warm and compassionate and that your fear of meeting a stranger would dissipate the moment you see her. I personally think this is in part due to her naturally welcoming and energetic personality and her genuine wish to help and guide people. However, I would also give credit to her thoughtfully designed application. I could tell that she didn’t make it so long just to be mean, andthere’s a reason why it involves so many questions. Before she approves anyone, she must have taken the time to genuinely learn about the applicant as a person and made sure she was willing and able to help. Thus, it becomes so much more likely that the two of you would get along with each other right awayand eventually get the most out of the session.

That said, Jennifer would not have been a great disciplinarian if she’s only there to make one “feel good”. I think what makes her truly remarkable is that she knows acutely when to offer a kind word and when to be harsh without accepting any excuses. After pleasantries we actually talked for a long time about my issues. While she was understanding of the challenge I was facing, she made it clear that I wasn’t doing my best and, to my surprise,keenly pointed out the psychology behind it. Then came the time for the actual spanking. She turned on the music, positioned me over her lap, and started to spank with just her bare hand. She gradually built up the intensity, and it soon became punishing enough that the spatula, brush, and other small implements she later used on me actually all just felt like her hand! I started wiggling and at one point I reached my hand back, but she grabbed my wrist immediately and told me “no” in a very stern voice as she continued her job. At that moment I knew there was no escape. During the second half of the session she proceeded to a belt and an evil-looking stick while I lay on the bed. The belt was still bearable, but that stick almost made my eyes pop out and it became impossible for me to stay still or hold tears back anymore. Whining and pleading, however, made no difference whatsoever. She made sure I was getting a big enough warning before calling it an end. The end result? My sudden reluctance to find seats on the subway, and clear goals and rules to move forward with.

In retrospect, it strikes me that Jennifer clearly understands both the biology and the psychology of a truly effective, well-intended discipline, making me feel vulnerable, scared, but also secure and cared for during the entire spanking. She was right when she said that it was going to hurt but would never get to the point of being unsafe. She also tactfully added a little corner time and seized those moments between strokes to quiz me on what I had learnt and what would happen if I screw up in the future. This way, she made sure that I was also mentally “getting” the punishment instead of being consumed by pain only. And when the spanking was over, she kindly took the extra time to calm me down and patiently explained why she had to do it the way she did--- there was nothing unjust about it. She answered all my questions and I didn’t realize until I left that our session totally ran overtime.

In short, I hope my experience could attest to Jennifer’s incredible talents and skills and the fact that she CARES. She cares about her profession very seriously. She cares about the people that she sees. And she actually cares about their needs and goals, going out of her way to provide the extra push in a stern but loving way. This is why I am genuinely grateful that our paths have crossed and I’m absolutely willing to see her again.


NY 2018


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