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Hi!! My name is XXXX.

I live in XXXX, XXXX, Canada. I have not seen you before for a session. I greatly appreciate you accepting my request to join your website. I discovered your sight by doing a search for disciplinarians. I joined your website because I felt that the services you provide with disciplinary spankings is something I need in my life. I have been interested in spanking for a long time, but more recently I have felt a need to be disciplined in such a way as to start eliminating some bad habits that have started to creep into my life and start creating some good habits (bad eating habits, lack of exercise, poor spending decisions just to name a few). I have tried a Dom before for a spanking, and I found the whole experience underwhelming and unfulfilling. Between the testimonials and all the info about yourself, Imam convinced you are the real deal. Nothing thrilled me more to hear that you dress in ordinary clothes and you don't like working in dungeons. I have to honestly admit, I hate the whole dungeons and leather clad Doms of the BDSM world, but I honestly thought that maybe that was the only way I was going to get a good hard spanking, that I feel I need. I was so glad to discover that there is someone like you out there that believes in discipline as a true art form and becoming a true professional at it, simply amazing. Sorry this email is going on this long. I will close quickly by saying that I noticed that you had Toronto on your travel plans for September of this year and I live only a couple of hours from there. I have downloaded your application and have been looking it over today. It is very comprehensive and I look forward to completing it and sending it off to you. Thank you again for accepting my request to join your site and thank you for taking the time to email me. Kind regards, XXXX

(permission was granted to be able post this persons email that was sent to me)


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