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Testimonial-Extraordinary Disciplinarian

Intelligent, sensitive, amiable, seasoned and capable, and possessing a little gleam of sadism,* Jennifer is everything I want in a disciplinarian. She's a delightful woman who takes the time to understand you and do things right. My recent session with her was the most intensive spanking I've ever gotten.

We started off with her warm-up, and even her hand spankings can be punishing. Then we got to the serious stuff, with a variety of paddles, canes/sticks, and of course, Black Sammie (a sjambok I believe). Sammie and the big stick (I don't actually know what Jennifer calls it) were the ones that basically broke me down. One of the things that adds to the session is her "rollercoaster" approach. It keeps things a little less predictable (the more typical approach is to gradually progress to more severity).

It's the third day after my session and my red marks are now giving way to purple and black, but I thought I would include a shot of Jennifer's artwork from the next day. Unlike a painting, her artwork evolves from day to day. And the sensations I continue to feel days after are awesome.

A session to remember.

* That little sadistic streak is a real plus to someone who really craves the sensation of a good, serious spanking.

Leonard Los Angeles 2019

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