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Testimonial from Chicago

If you are reading this testimonial, and you have had the pleasure of seeing Miss Jen in the past, I hope you find my account to be an exhilarating read and relatable to your own experiences. However, if you are still considering seeing Jennifer for any of the many types of sessions that she offers, I am going to do everything in my power to convince you to finally take the plunge and do it! Although there are likely a lot of nerves in play for you (just like there were for the majority of us), do yourself a favor and see her if you can. You won't be disappointed if you fill out the application truthfully.

Now that that's out of the way, let me give a little background on my particular situation. I had seen Jen once about four years prior to my most recent session (of which I am still feeling the effects). I had every intention of seeing her again after my first spanking, but I was going through a number of life changes all at once and my schedule just didn't allow it. Fast forward to 2019, and I knew that it was time for another spanking from the infamous Miss Jen. Because of the time span, Jen's rules (trust me, you want to follow them ALWAYS) required me to fill out a new application. I actually enjoyed seeing how my answers changed from my first application to my most recent one, and I put some serious thought into the new app because I was determined to see her again if she would allow it. To my pleasant surprise, I was approved for a second session within just a few days. To make a long story short, we quickly agreed on a day and time. I had less than a week to prepare for my life coach / counseling / therapeutic spanking session with Jen. I felt nervous, scared, anxious, thrilled, excited, embarrassed, and euphoric all at once. Anyone who has gotten this far in the process knows what I mean. Your heart skips a beat, you feel dizzy, you sweat nervously, along with who knows how many other symptoms. It was almost time.

All week long, I thought about my upcoming appointment. I made a point of feeling my buns as they were, because I knew that after my spanking they would feel chapped and swollen. I would look at the clock and calculate how many hours until my appointment started, how many hours until my bottom was bared, how many hours until my butt would be red... I couldn't concentrate on anything else very well, but I tried my hardest to get through the week. As we inched closer to my punishment, I made sure I looked and felt my best. I shaved my body, tanned, and even fasted to ensure the best possible experience for both of us. After all of the preparation, the day finally came.

I drove to the hotel, and followed her instructions for meeting her. I actually arrived early and took the time to go for a short walk outside the hotel to gather my thoughts and remember all of the reasons I was coming to see her again. It was a nice day outside, which made it easier for me to accept my poor butt's upcoming fate. At five minutes before my session, it was time to call Jen... She truly is a sweet person, and you can just tell when you speak to her on the phone. I took the elevator up the her floor, knocked, she opened the door, and greeted me with a huge smile on her face. It had been so long and I was shaking, but I had flashbacks to my first time and started to calm down a little bit.

Jen instructed me to sit on the couch while she sat on a chair, and we talked for a VERY LONG TIME. I really needed that. I won't get into all of the details as to why I was seeing her, but I will say that it was nice to share those private and personal feelings with someone who genuinely wanted to help me. I had quite a few issues to address with her, as I am not one to usually ask other people for help. But, I just trust her for some reason. If you ever talk to her, you will see what I mean. She reminded me of how good I had it, encouraged me to smile and be more confident, told me I was handsome, and really made me feel like a million bucks with all of her kind words and suggestions. I think we actually lost track of time, which was incredibly nerve racking for me. I had no idea how long she was going to coach and counsel me before the inevitable occurred. I loved it and hated it at the same time, because I was so anxious to go over her lap again after so many years. However, I also knew that her spanking was going to hurt, and part of me hoped she would forget all about it. There were at least ten separate times during our conversation where I was expecting Jen to segue into the spanking part of our session, which really kept me on my toes. Until it was finally time. I wanted to faint.

Jen coached and lectured me for a bit, but realized that she needed to leave a lasting impression on my tush. She small talked with me to put me at ease while she turned on the tv and cranked up the volume. She led me to the bedroom of the suite, and closed the door. Then came the music, which means that it's time for her to get down to business. GULP. She sat down on the edge of the bed, and pointed to her lap with a grim look on her face. She pulled my pants down right away, and saw that I was wearing a pair of shorts under them (extra cushion). She had me stand up and remove my pants, my shorts, and my sweatshirt, and I returned over knees in a shirt and underwear with my head on a pillow (which I would need desperately later). Fortunately, there was a mirror in front of us, so I got to see her "perform" on my ample backside. Jen immediately pulled down my tight black underwear, and got right to work. I am about a foot and a half taller than Jen, but I felt like a disobedient child while she warmed me up with her hand. I will never get the visual of her spanking me OTK out of my mind. She looked like a mad Asian mom, spanking her son because she wanted the best out of him and just wasn't seeing it. She really went to town and although it stung, it was a good hurt. The longer she went, the more numb my butt felt. Ironically, the first song in the mix was "Rude" by MAGIC! which made me laugh because the lyrics were so fitting from my perspective ("Why you gotta be so rude?"). Anyway, Jen spanked and spanked until it was time for the next implement, a handheld brush of some sort. OW. Her hands packs a punch, but I felt a significant increase in intensity. I tried to watch as much as I could (I am vain and like to see the action), but the pain started setting in for me. I hid in the pillow and kicked my legs a little, but I was sure to stay in position. I didn't want to earn extra swats, and I wanted Jen to be proud of my resolve. She is the type of lady you don't want to disappoint. I am not sure how long she spanked me with the brush, but my she blistered my fanny like it was her job (because it is). Then she pulled out a wicked wooden spoon. It was thick, dark, and evil. I was glad she kept pushing me, and I welcomed the lighter taps that she threw in there as well, but she would come back stronger with five or six rapid fire smacks in one spot. I started whimpering and yelping ever so quietly, I just couldn't help it. But, I remained calm because I knew she knew what was best for me. Jen spread my cheeks to get the inner parts of my bottom as well as the lower part right above the sit spot. I have a big butt from lifting weights, so she made sure my entire booty felt her presence. When "Believer" by Imagine Dragons started to play, I really started to wonder if she meant to play these songs as some kind of cruel joke. She made me a believer, alright! OUCH!

The next stage of my spanking was even more difficult. Jen got up and demanded that I lay face down on the bed. There were no pillows under my hips, just my bare tookus on display for her enjoyment. She whipped out this butt beater/carpet beater deal of hers, and proceeded to paint my back porch red. This weapon was more stingy than the previous thuddy ones, and it definitely hurt quite a bit. I could almost feel her smiling as she watched my buns jiggle while I kicked my legs to distract myself from the torture. She would occasionally put her finger on my lower back or move me a few inches, but I was a good boy and didn't squirm around all that much. I promised myself that I would take her spanking to the best of my ability. The next part of the spanking was definitely the most extreme. I was lucky enough to earn a few grabs and rubs, but little did I know that it was just for her to assess the damage before she moved onto one of the most vicious paddles my backseat has ever felt. I was surprised when Jen pulled my underwear back over my plump, red buns. Then, she tapped my bottom with a thin, long paddle a few times. I braced myself for the impact, and that thing killed. But that was nothing, because she lit me up a bunch more times in succession. I jolted repeatedly as the swats came raining down on my behind, but again, stayed put for her on the bed with my cheeks upturned and in position. I think she saw I was trying so hard to be good, so the intervals between swats increased, but so did the speed and power of said swats. I didn't cry, but my eyes did water as I yelled into the pillow. I thought it was cute that Jen pulled down my undies a few times to check on my rump. She wanted me to learn my lesson, but she doesn't like blood and I don't either. I felt like a naughty little boy getting a spanking from a concerned caretaker, because her touch was so gentle compared to all of the spanking I had received by this point. She wanted to hurt me, but not injure me. This part was really special for me, and I don't even think she was aware. I felt truly cared for at that moment. After several more paddlings, she commanded me to face the other way on the bad so that she could "even me out." UGH! More paddling, more jolting, more near crying, literally the worst and the best at the same time. I was kicking my legs like a swimmer, not enough for her to miss her target, but enough for me to distract myself. She finally pulled out the last toy of hers, but I didn't see what it was. She gave me a bunch of light taps on either cheek as I tried to get a grip. I was breathing really hard at this point. I kept expecting her to start whacking me again after she caught me off guard. She kept tapping though, and it was extremely comforting. I LOVED this because at any moment, she could have tore me up good. But she didn't. She love tapped me for what seemed like five minutes or so, and I loved every second of it. I had proven to her that I was willing to accept my spanking, and this cemented our trust even more, at least to me. She took a few pictures, and showed me and said "It came out GREAT!" My vision wasn't cooperating because of the water in my eyes, but I saw at least four or five different colors on my already tan (now purple, pink, red, white, blue, etc.) bottom. I rubbed my eyes, asked her how I did, and she said "AWESOME." My heart sank, because this lady spanks people across the globe, and I somehow got what I considered to be a compliment after so many years.

We said our goodbyes, and we both agreed that additional sessions would be in order. I can't explain it to people who haven't been pushed to their spanking limit, but you get a indescribable feeling at the end. I could tell my attitude had been adjusted for the better, and I had so many memories and visuals to think about, ones I will remember forever. It still hurts to sit down, but the pain is fading and the bruises and chapping are starting to disappear. This makes me more sad than anything, but I know it won't be the last time. : )

You truly get what you pay for in this life. Jen is pretty direct about what she offers. Some of us need discipline or punishment. Some of us loved to be spanked. Some of us hate it, but need it because nothing else works. Some of us need all of the above or something different entirely. I have been spanked by quite a few other "professionals" in my day, but no one has even come close to Miss Jen's expertise and care. She is an amazing human being. If this testimonial doesn't convince you to finally see her, nothing will, and you probably never really wanted to see her in the first place. In all seriousness, we are very lucky to have her. Respect her, listen to her, and for goodness sakes, don't let her petite frame and tiny hands fool you - she packs a mean wallop!

- BlisteredBubbleButtBadBoy - Chicago - 2019


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