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Testimonial from Francine


Never in my life did I ever think I would be where I am today for several reasons. Things in my life needed to change and I need some kind of accountability or discipline to bring about the changes. I went online and looked for something that would give me the necessary discipline, accountability, or serve as a major deterrent in order to help me change. That’s when I discovered Miss Jen.

I had finally reached the point in my life where I needed to take extreme action because nothing else was working. I was headed down a very self-destructive path and something had to change. As I scoured Miss Jen’s website, reading testimonial after testimonial, looking over the lengthy application, and practically without hesitation, I completed and submitted my application. I did it with haste because I did not want to give myself time to back out because seeking this kind of help was so uncharacteristic of me.

When Miss Jen accepted my application, things got real. I tried to talk myself out of it... I made promises to myself to avoid making it happen, and yet, the time came for me to call her. Talking to Jen was calming and nerve racking all at the same time. I was asking for someone to hold me accountable and she made sure I knew she would be in control. I think that was the most terrifying realization for me because I need to be in control.

The time came for my session. I was filled with fear and trepidation. There was not a single part of me that wanted to go through with seeing Miss Jen. I spent my whole life trying to avoid be beat and yet here I was, asking someone to help me change my life and hold be accountable. Calling Miss Jen from the hotel lobby was and still is one of the most dreaded things ever... well okay, not the most dreaded but I got all nervous. I don’t know why I walked so blindly into meeting a stranger in their hotel room but I did. Maybe it was because of reading every single one of the testimonials, but I never questioned my safety because I felt like I kind of knew Miss Jen already. Anyways, she answered the door and was so sweet and nice and I instantly felt completely comfortable, well as comfortable as one could knowing they would be receiving a real spanking.

We talked and as we did, I really felt that she cared. She truly, genuinely cared. I don’t often run into real people, but from the moment I first met Miss Jen, I felt like she cared and that I could blindly trust her. I even made the comment, “You’re like a real friend. You really care!” We talked for awhile and then she said it was time. I so did not want it to be time. I think I even looked at my watch and said, “But my time is up.” I even said, “This was a great session, why ruin such a great thing?” Yeah, none of it got me out of the spanking part of the session.

Now I am totally not a fan of being spanked and have spent every session since, trying to avoid it, I have to say, Miss Jen totally knows what she is doing. She knows exactly what she is doing and is extremely effective. There were and have been several times were I want to get up and be done and yet, I don’t, not that I think she would let me. It’s like she knows when I need to feel her actual presence, or maybe because she knows I want to be done, she gently puts she hand on the arch of my back and for some insane reason, it keeps me there. Why?!?!? I don’t know.

Now I have had eight sessions with Miss Jen and my life is completely different and way better than when it was 8 months ago. I am a much more healthy me. I was on 8 medications when I started seeing Miss Jen, and now I am only on one. She knows what I can handle and what I can’t, and she has broken things down into challenging yet manageable goals or tasks. Spanking still has yet to grow on me and I still vehemently hate it, but it really has been effective. I will still ask each time when she says it’s time for the spanking part, “Do we really have to do this? Why ruin it?” Just knowing I will have to account for my choices often makes me make much better choices than I was before. Never in my life would I have thought I would be so grateful for this kind of accountability, but it has certainly brought about the much needed changes.

What I can’t get over is Miss Jen’s true commitment and care for me. I have had some major life drama happen just before sessions with Miss Jen, and she takes the time to listen and talks me through things, offering me her counsel and wisdom. And yet, it doesn’t take away from or negate the spanking portion of any session, as much as I wish it did. She is still gonna hold be accountable for the decisions and choices I made that month regardless of what happened in my life. She is a remarkable life coach, disciplinarian and I would even say, friend.

Francine 2019


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