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Testimonial From LA

It has been several days since my first meeting with Miss Jennifer and I am still struggling to find the right words to describe the positive effect it has produced, all I can say is “Wow.” I, like many did not find her website by accident. I have not been able to fully understand why, since childhood, I have devoted so much thought to spanking. I was only spanked once as a child and the experience was not something remarkable. Maybe it was stories from my childhood friends sharing their experiences of being spanked and how I witnessed students receiving the paddle in junior high school, I just don’t know. Nevertheless, my thoughts continued into adulthood which has become frustrating at times. It’s like my brain needs an answer but my adult logic considers these thoughts silly. Why would a rational adult desire a spanking? So here comes the challenge, do I find an answer to my question through the pursuit of an actual spanking or do I continue to struggle with the thoughts and accept that I will never truly know.

After much consideration and internal debate I made the choice to reach out to Miss Jennifer and complete her detailed application. I can say without question this was the right choice. Completing the application was anxiety provoking as I was sharing personal things that I thought I would never tell anyone. Here was my first opportunity to openly express my thoughts and feelings to somebody who I hoped would understand and not be judgemental, what a relief. When I received her email response I felt even better. Finally my feelings were validated and I was closer to finding the answer that I had been searching for. Miss Jennifer’s email reflected her kindness, professionalism, and true desire to help me find solution. Her follow up was exceptional along with the quick scheduling of a pre-session phone call. Despite our positive interaction through email I was nervous about the phone call. All of my anxiety disappeared quickly as Miss Jen was kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable and helped me to feel at ease. Throughout the phone call I found Miss Jennifer to be direct, assertive, and not easily persuaded which confirmed to me the spanking she promised would be provided.

The day finally came for me to meet with Miss Jennifer and I can honestly say the experience exceeded anything I could have imagined. She provided an environment that was discreet, safe, and professional. Our conversation was therapeutic as it provided an opportunity for me to openly speak about my interest in spanking. As we shared thoughts I knew the spanking I’ve thought about was about to happen. Miss Jennifer is intelligent, emotionally mature and attractive all of which helped me to feel comfortable, however my feelings went back and forth from anxiety to relief as I was still unsure how I was going to handle the spanking when it came.

My emotions were on a rollercoaster from the first spank to the final one and what I experienced is difficult to describe. The pain was intense and my feelings fluctuated from one extreme to another. There were times when I felt I couldn’t take anymore and wanted to resist and then I felt a calm and passive acceptance of each stroke knowing I was to accept whatever she decided. Miss Jen delivered the spanking with incredible skill and intuitively knew what I needed and how much I could handle. By the time she was finished I found myself in a place of emotional peace that I had not previously experience. As I put my thoughts together I found the answer I was looking for.

For the next few days I still felt the physical sensations that come with a very real spanking but I what noticed most was the emotional calmness that came with it. It was liberating to experience a real spanking so that I could put my thoughts to rest. I am extremely grateful to have met Miss Jennifer. As I write this I am both nervous and excited as I look forward to my next meeting with her. The therapeutic spanking, coaching and support I had been looking for is now reality.


Los Angeles 2018


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