• I am an attractive, petite woman who is very dominant since I was a child.

  • I remember when I was around 5, 6 & 7… my neighbor friends and my siblings, we played house and school.   I was always picked as a “mom” or a “teacher”.  I was spanking boys and girls at a very young age. The  funny thing...I never did ask to be the “mom” or the “teacher”.  The kids just picked me and I agreed. LOL.

  • I am controlling and a little bit of a sadist but I am also sweet and caring at the same time.

  • I am a Sagittarius.

  • I am very mature. I matured (mentally) at a very young age but born spoiled rotten.

  • I am a college graduate.  I majored in business and math.

  • I babysat kids starting at the age of 13 all the way up to sophomore year in college.

  • I use to be a Sunday school teacher for kindergarteners at my church.

  • I am an achiever.  I do not like to be in 2nd place. When I start something…I have to finish but at the same time it has to done with my satisfaction and that means it has to be perfect (in my eyes).   I am not the type of person who starts something and then quits. I despise quitters.

  • I worked for a company like you until I accidentally found this thing called spanking.  This took me to a new world; a world I never knew existed.

  • I have brown hair and eyes.

  • I have tanned skin and I tan easily in the sun which I do not like :(

  • I wear size x-small to small.

  • I love shoes. I can never have enough...that's a girl for you! haha

  • I like to wear skirts and dresses but mostly skirts.

  • I have no tattoos or piercings besides one piercing on each ear.

  • I look and I am like a girl from next door. Sweet and innocent.

  • No one ever suspects me as a disciplinarian I guess because I just look like a normal girl. 

  • In my past profession, I was never a Domm, Mistress, in any type of escort service, call girl or involved in any type of prostitution. Oh Gosh NO!!!!

  • I grew up in a very strict household environment. 

  • I am very close to my parents, family and relatives.

  • My first kiss was my senior year at prom when my date took me home and said “goodnight”.  I know it was just a quick 1 second kiss but I was in shock for the rest of the night!

  • I really believe I was born to be a disciplinarian.  Therefore, I will just be “me” in all of my sessions.  Which is very easy to do.

  • I love what I do!!! I think it’s the best job in the world.  I get to meet really cool and awesome people!

  • I honestly enjoy punishing, disciplining, life coaching/counseling and spanking. I’m really like this 24/7.  I can’t switch it off.  It’s just part of who I am.

  • I am NOT a male/female hater.

  • I am not a bi.  I am VERY straight and old fashion.   Some of you asked me this because I spank females.  Come one…let’s not be stupid….Think about it…..When a female doctor sees a female patient do you consider that doc a bi?  LOL 

  • I live a very vanilla life except when I see you for sessions.

  • I am NOT a switch so please do not ask me if “I” want to be spanked. NO NO NO! I am a 100% NATURAL TOP!

  • I love meeting new people and having conversation with intelligent people.

  • I love making friends!! I am a people person!  

  • I do not like when I have to disapprove an application.  I feel really bad but I do not believe in doing a session with someone who I have a feeling from reading their application  that I will not mix well,  I will not enjoy that type of spanking session or just does not sound interesting to me.  Please do not get offended if I do not approve.  Instead be happy that I am not wasting your time and your hard earned money.

  • I am a disciplinarian but understand I am also a normal girl who has feelings just like you.

  • I get bored easily so traveling and meeting different people to spank is just PERFECT!

  • I can’t stand lazy people.

  • I can’t stand people who can’t keep their promises or their words.

  • I do not like people who say one thing and then turns around and says something else... meaning 2 faced people.

  • I do not like to hang around people who are all “talk” but actually they are nothing.

  • I am a type of person who likes to be in the back. I like to listen and observe people.

  • People who like to show off only makes me think less of them.

  • Guys who drive fancy cars never impress me.

  • I played and still play 2 instruments since elementary.

  • I enjoy very much to cook, sadly only when time permits.

  • I am very cautious about what I eat and put in my body therefore I have a hard time going to any restaurants. 

  • I do not like to eat and won’t eat fast food…YUCK!

  • I won’t eat any premade food unless it is FRESH,  only made with natural/real ingredients, no preservatives and stuff like that. I love myself too much to put junk in my body.

  • I do not smoke. I never smoked in the past.  I am allergic to any cigarette/cigar smoke.  My nose gets very congested and  then I have a hard time breathing.

  • I do not drink alcohol not even socially.  I never liked it even as a teenager. YUCK.

  • I do not take drugs or anytime in my past. 

  • The only medication I take are my prescription allergy medicine and my 2 organic/vegan vitamins.

  • I do not care for fancy cars or jewelry BUT I have to have top of the line kitchen appliances, nice & unique dishes, glasses, bowls, cups, anything that deals with kitchen & cooking stuff.

  • Nearly everything I own in my kitchen is from Europe except for the range, grill, ventilation and warming drawers which are Vikings.

  • I do not like to eat anything that flies or anything that has feathers. LOL

  • I do not really like pork unless I can’t smell the nasty pork smell and it doesn't taste like pork meaning I need lots of sauce LOL.

  • My favorite food?  Don't have favorite but I do like to eat Italian, Peruvian, Tex-Mex, Mexican, French, Japanese, Thai, Greek but the real Greek food in Greece lol not the ones here. It doesn't taste the same :(  and of course American food.

  • My favorite fruit is passion fruit, persimmons, Korean melon named chamoe (참외),  Korean style grapes called Kyoho but here in American grocery it is close to concord grapes but not exactly. Pretty similar but little different.

  • My favorite vegetable is mushrooms, brussel sprouts and artichoke… but I do also love to munch on good olives. My favorite is castelvetrano olives!!! Yummy!

  • My worst vegetable is peas.

  • My favorite sparking mineral water is Gerolsteiner and Apollinaris.  My favorite spring water is Starkey spring water.  My favorite still water is Fiji. I also love good ice tea with NO lemon.

  • My favorite yogurt is Movenpick from Germany. GOSH I just love that stuff.  

  • My favorite toast bread is from The Netherlands even though I am not suppose to eat gluten.  :(

  • Oh how I miss Vanilla Fla from The Netherlands even though it has tons of calories!

  • My favorite pastries is from S. Korea. Tons of calories and most have gluten :(  Why are all the good stuff bad for you? I just don't get it.

  • Ok ok what girl doesn’t like a good chocolate?  I am spoiled when it comes to chocolate because I had one of the best chocolates from Belgium when living in Europe.   Meaning I will not eat chocolates like Dove. lol… One of my Spankees from Detroit gave me chocolates made from a small homemade shop. OH MY GOSH!  It tastes like the ones I had in Europe. It is sooooo good but unfortunately they closed the doors. :((  Second one is in Pittsburgh.  A sweet guy named Truffle Boy would always make sure I had some whenever I saw him.  He's so sweet.   Right now my favorite favorite chocolate is Läderach Chocolatier Suisse!!! I just LOVE LOVE it!!!! I would buy it every time I am in Seoul, Switzerland or Germany. They don't have any shops here in USA :(((

  • I am a food junkie!! I love good food and I love trying out new restaurants.  If you know any awesome place that's a  must go, please let me know!!

  • I love to travel and experience different cultures.

  • My favorite ice is from Italy and Germany.

  • I love to take pictures (buildings, landscapes and such but not people).

  • I like to go to the gym to run.

  • I enjoy deep sea fishing.  I’m not really good at it…only done it a few times but love it!

  • I am allergic to animal dander but I LOVE dogs. They are so adorable.

  • I do not like to buy cut flowers or receive them because I do not like to see them die.   I  also think it’s a total waste of money BUT however I did receive my very first rose from one of my spankees for Valentines Day and I will say it put a smile on my face.

  • I like to shop regularly at William Sonoma, Sur La Table, Cotélac,  ZADIG & VOLTAIRE® PARIS, Intimissimi, Agent Provocateur, Nordstrom, Free People, Madewell, Lululemon, Lotte, Shinsegae, Saks fifth avenue, Bloomingdales, my favorite Louis Vuitton, and  I leave the best for last... I just LOVE to go shopping at all these little boutiques (mostly Korean designers) and all these Korean make up,facial stuff in Seoul. It’s like I’m in heaven. haha  This is why I go there 2 times a year. It's a TOTAL MUST!!!!

  • My favorite countries I like to visit frequently is Italy, London, Greece and S. Korea.  I want to go to New Zealand and Australia. Hopefully I get to go within a year or two. So many places I have to go to....I need to squeeze in those 2 countries.

  • My worst experience and a place I do not care to visit so much is France :(.  It is not because I do not like France.  I love the architecture, the food, shopping and  history but people are not very nice there. I'm sure there are nice people but the many times I have been there people were rude as heck!!!! OK...I'm not talking about the people I spanked. I'm talking about people I bumped into such as a taxi driver for example.

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