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I saw Jennifer’s website through a twitter post of another disciplinarian lady that I went to a couple of times before. Jennifer’s website read very well: it separated spanking from sex, which is appealing to me. Although I definitely find spanking sexually exciting at some level, it is most appealing to me if it’s real discipline, and not connected to sexual context, from the spanker’s point of view.

About me: I am a 57 year old professional man in the Boston area. I have always been fascinated with spanking, as long as I can remember. I was spanked by my mother as a child, but not very often. I don't know if that was the cause of my interest: My siblings were also spanked but I'm pretty sure they have no interest in spanking whatsoever. In any case, for whatever reason, I have always been fascinated with spanking. I got married young — in my 20s — and I told my wife then of my fascination with spanking. She seemed okay with it, but as time went on, it became clear that she didn’t understand or accept the depth of my interest. We eventually split up, and I got remarried about 15 years ago to a woman who embraced my spanking interest, and all of me. Over the years, she has sometimes spanked me. That has always been very good, but because we are husband-and-wife and equal partners, the spanking cannot be a discipline situation for us. So with my wife’s blessing, I have looked for the past few years to find someone who understands spanking as discipline. I have seen in a couple of professionals before Jennifer, and each was good in their own way. But Jennifer is an entirely different category in my opinion. Jennifer understands that for someone like me, although spanking is exciting, it can also be true discipline.

After reading Jennifer’s website, I wrote to her, in search of a therapist and disciplinarian. Although I am successful at work and happy at home, I have a lot of stress in my life. Furthermore, I have been taking anti-anxiety medication for many years, at a low dose. I started taking these drugs about 20 years ago, during my divorce. Although it did me good then, and at other later points in my life, I don’t think I should be taking them now: my life is good. But I can’t seem to quit, because frankly, these drugs are very addictive. I decided that I would ask Jennifer to help me quit these drugs. I don’t know of another way to do this, other than just do it myself. I had considered the idea of going to a regular therapist about this problem, but such a person would have no recourse in my life to stop me from taking the medication. That would effectively be just me doing it myself. So I thought I would try Jennifer’s spank therapy as a novel alternative. (Yes, I realize that this is an unusual approach. She technically has no hold on me either, but importantly, she is easy to relate to, and to open up to. So, so far, I don’t feel the need to lie to her.)

I met with Jennifer a few weeks ago, in an initial 2 hour appointment. She was kind, open, and smart, and easy to talk to: I felt like I could open up with her. So I told her my issues, as best as I could verbalize them, and she agreed to try to help me. We talked for a long time that day, and eventually, she cut off the discussion, and said we needed to get to the discipline. She told me that she thought that she understood my needs, and that she would discipline me the way that she does (which never has any sexual overtones). Because of my interest in spanking, I have been spanked by many people over the years, in either a relationship context or in a professional context, by about 10 people total. I thought that my wife and ex-partners spanked me hard, because that’s what they said. And I was told that I have a high tolerance by several people, including professionals. But Jennifer was much tougher than anyone I had been spanked by before. As she advertises, it is true discipline. She starts with her bare hand, and that is the toughest bare hand I have ever faced. She had me bruising in a few minutes. Then she proceeded to use several implements, which she used with varying force, sometimes very hard. It was a tough time, but I managed to get through it, and I was very bruised at the end, bruising which lasted for more than 10 days. She found my weak spots and went at them hard. As she advertises, there is no safe word. She wants this to hurt, otherwise it’s not discipline.

It’s been a few weeks now since our first meeting, and I cautiously look forward to the next. I think Jennifer may be the kind of therapist that I have been looking for. She is very smart, and she has good, non-judgmental advice — tailored to me — about how to proceed in life, and be happy. This is a rare combination. I have never encountered anyone like her.

I think I am doing well: this has given me the motivation to cut off my anti-anxiety medication: I haven’t had a single pill since I saw her. Of course, I realize that this may be a long struggle, and that this is only the beginning, but I welcome talking to someone about trying to quit, and feeling like I can accomplish this, with some help. I will try to meet with Jennifer monthly at first, and then bi-monthly over time.

Boston 2019

Testimonial – After Five Sessions

My name is Robert.  Jennifer is my Life Coach and Disciplinarian.  In early January 2019, I attended my first session with Jennifer, and I began a life-changing journey.  I recently completed my fifth session, and in four short months, my progress and results thus far are amazing and nearly miraculous.  Through a combination of meaningful conversation, positive influenced coaching, and inspired discipline – spanking -, Jennifer is instilling in me a strong motivational determination to actually fully commit to unconditionally working to improve my body, my mind, and my life.

In four short months: I lost 60 pounds; I significantly changed my eating habits to a healthy diet; I exercise nearly every day; my outlook on life is positive; I am kinder and less conflicted, and my spiritual wellbeing is good, idealistic, and again growing.

Jennifer is a professional and an amazing person. She is also a normal person. Obviously, Seeing a Life Coach and Disciplinarian for a spanking is not for everyone.  It works for some of us.  It works because there is a mutual respect between Jennifer and her clients, which is the only way it can work, at least in my mind.  I am happy I chose to see Miss Jennifer and I willingly accept my spankings.  I know it is what I need and it is working.  My life is more where I want my life to be.  I am not sure how to explain and I am not sure I understand.  Conversely, Jennifer also helped me realize that I do not need to question why or understand about spanking; I can accept what works and is good for me.  I am at peace with where spanking is in my life.

Because of my successes, and because of my positive experience with spanking, I want to share some of my story, and confide wanting and receiving real spankings is ok, and perhaps beneficial.

I am basically a normal guy and my life is (and was) good.  I am upper middle aged.  I have a college degree and a good job.  I am active, I like sports, I enjoy music and concerts, I like to travel and see new places, I enjoy the outdoors, and I have an amazing number of good close friends.  I was married for 18 years, until my wife passed away a little over two years ago.   

Additionally, I have had a lifelong fascination with spanking.  I have no idea why.  For long as I can remember, I have thought about spanking, and I can remember I often wanted, or maybe felt I needed, for some unknown reasons, to receive a real spanking.  My yearning was not an obsession, more a somewhat obscure feeling in the inner parts of my mind.  Sometimes I would go months or years without thinking about spankings, and other times I would think about spankings daily.

While the desire to receive a spanking was often powerful, as both a child and as an adult, I was also terrified of actually getting a real spanking.

For the record, when I was a child, I received several mild ‘half’ spankings - a half dozen slaps on my butt, an occasional half dozen smacks with a wooden spoon, always standing and over clothes. Even though the spankings only hurt a little, I did not like them.  However, and strangely, I knew I was not getting the real bare spankings I heard about, and with confused emotions thought, I should be getting.

As an adult my spanking curiosity and desire continued.  My spanking desire was not a sexual desire, and was not a domination desire; only spanking.  Through the years, I occasionally looked at spanking magazines, read spanking stories, and watched spanking videos; all without satisfaction.

For years, I semi-searched for someone to spank me – to give me a real spanking.  I did not want a dominatrix, or escort, or other type of professional.  I wanted a real person.  Unfortunately, my wife could not provide that experience, and that was ok, I did not want her to either.   Occasionally, I found and considered various disciplinarians, several who seemed real and what I was looking for.  Yet, while I seriously considered contacting these people, I never pursued the opportunities.  They were just not right for what I thought I wanted.   

Then in the fall of 2018, I unexpectedly discovered the jenniferspanks website.  I was immediately enthralled and captivated.  Within a few hours, I read everything readily available on the website, and then joined the site to read the forums and other information.  Miss Jennifer seemed like exactly what I was needing and searching for.  What was I going to do?

I spent two days contemplating.  Finally, I decided if I was ever going to do anything about my spanking desires: now was the time - here was my opportunity.

Fast-forwarding through the anxiety of filling out the application - honestly answering every question, and the trepidation of waiting and hoping for approval: I was overwhelmed with a sea of emotions when Jennifer approved my application.

Jennifer is a consummate professional, and extremely talented at what she does.  Jennifer is very easy to talk with, both on the phone and in person.  She is cheery with a good sense of humor, and she excels at easing your anxiety, and allowing you to become comfortable talking.  During our initial phone conversation, Jennifer broke my tension when she said, (paraphrasing) “Driving hours to see someone who is going to spank your bottom is crazy; I know, right.” After a laugh, we talked about how seeing someone for a spanking is not crazy and we talked about my upcoming session.  Of the various spanking service options, I chose Life Coaching and Discipline.  Primarily because I was hesitant of a punishment or cathartic spanking being my first real spanking, and I figured, it would be nice to maybe lose a few pounds.

Surprisingly, on the day of my session, I was not nervous and did not feel any anxiety – well until I knocked on the door.  Jennifer welcomed me and quickly made me feel at ease.

We began talking, and within moments, I knew I made the correct decision to apply for and attend my first session.  We talked about many topics ranging from lighthearted to serious to various places in-between.  I quickly learned Jennifer is genuine, sincere, and honest.  I truly felt Jennifer cared about what I said, and more importantly, I felt she truly cared about me. (Nearly all of Jennifer’s people offer similar reflections).  Almost immediately, I explicitly trusted Jennifer and knew I could talk openly and honestly.  Correspondingly, and as my new Professional Life Coach, Jennifer appropriately offered comments, advice, and direction, along with establishing goals, plans, and expectations.  Sometimes she delivered her guidance with a smile and a laugh, sometimes logically and pervasive, and sometimes firm and direct.

An hour plus flew by, and suddenly: it was time.  The music started and my spanking started soon after.  Wow, an astonishing experience.  While not a fan of the pain, the spanking freed my brain of bad vibes and bad energy.  During the spanking, my brain focused on nothing but the spanking, staying in position, and accepting what was happening.  When the spanking was over, I was breathing heavy, and I felt both emotionally drained and emotionally revived.  I had a new sense of motivation.

I do not know how I was spanked or what implements I may have been spanked with.  I knew, and I know now, my first spanking was a novice type ‘let’s get to know you’ spanking.  Although it was a good one, and Jennifer said I did good.  When I got home and looked, my bottom was splotchy red and bruised, looking like two playground worn basketballs.

Immediately after leaving my session, and reflecting on the experience during my long drive home, l realized how fortunate I was to meet and spend a session with Jennifer, a truly amazing, unique, and beautiful person. To be honest, my original intention was to have one or two sessions, experience a real spanking or two, say thank you, and move on.  However, after my first session, I knew I had a unique opportunity to start a journey improving my body, my mind, and my life; I could not let the opportunity pass.  I decided I wanted to change my life and I was going to commit to the program.  I wanted a second session opportunity, and I was confident I wanted to become a regular client of Miss Jennifer’s Life Coaching and Disciplinary services.

I quickly requested a second session, and I proceeded to doing everything Jennifer coached me to do.  I ate healthy, I did not eat what I was told not to eat (with an exception or two), I exercised, and I lost over 15 pounds.

I was excited for my second session, and yes, I was again nervous.  The second session was better than the first.  We talked about how I did, and established new goals and expectations, and we talked about a variety of other important topics.  My second spanking was twice as intense as my first spanking and exactly what I needed- wow.  Jennifer also gave me a nice short barrage of something stingy on my sweet spots, and l informed me it would be worse if I was bad.   

I again quickly scheduled my next session, my third.  I continued with my full commitment to improving my life.  I continued eating healthy, not eating restricted food, exercising, and I lost another 15 pounds – down 30 pounds in two months.  I also worked on other things we discussed like some procrastination issues.

My third session was again better than the first two.  Jennifer was very happy I was being good and she added to my goals and expectations.  We also extended my third session a little longer to help me with an important issue I needed to discuss.  The spanking intensity again increased a couple notches – wow – what did I get myself into.  I am now realizing this Life Coaching and Discipline Spanking is working for me.

I scheduled my fourth session and continued working to change my life.  I was good and I lost another 15 pounds – down 45 pounds in three months.  Our conversations are becoming more rewarding as we know each other better and become more comfortable talking.  Jennifer is happy and proud of my progress.  I am very happy.  As my reward (? – my guess), Jennifer decides to like quadruple the intensity of my fourth session spanking.  About halfway through the spanking, Jennifer laughs, “A little harder this time, isn’t it?  You didn’t expect me to spank lightly every time did you?” Wow, intensity I never expected or knew.  I was very thankful for the extra motivation.

My fifth session was the best yet.  I lost another 15 pounds and I am down 60 pounds in four months.  This time, Jennifer raises the intensity of my spanking 10 times and introduces me to some of her evil friends.  I now know about these friends.  WOW!  I am now ultra-motivated to succeed.

I cannot thank Jennifer enough for the changes I have made in my life.  Her combination of Life Coaching, Discipline, and unique motivational skills has transformed my life for the better.  I am very happy.  I would not have changed my life to this extent if not for her.  With each session, Jennifer has provided exactly what I needed; I am very thankful. 

“In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.” -Albert Schweitzer, philosopher, physician, musician, Nobel laureate.

Robert Columbus 2019

A different Testimonial

I recently had my third session with Jennifer and what I feared all along would happen, occurred, except with her amazing ability to understand and adapt she turned it from a disaster ( in my mind) to an extremely positive experience. To summarize, I have serious medical problems, but I also really want/need what Jennifer does to help me continue the biopsies, chemo, willpower it takes to fight this ( my third go around), unfortunately sometimes the mind spirit wants what the flesh is not currently able to withstand. Very shortly after progressing from her hand spanking to some wooden implement ( I never look being a wimp) I started to feel very poorly and close to passing out. No, it wasn’t just me wimping out from a sore bottom but I genuinely had to stop now. She rapidly sensed that something was different and temporarily stopped. I was extremely distraught that, once again my wretched body was going to destroy this positive experience. She didn’t let that happen, she calmed me down told me it was no big deal, that I was still going to get a spanking and proceeded. And she did spank me for a long time, quite lightly, but it was a remarkably positive experience that I equate with the loving aspects of the spankings my mom gave me that I so crave. She didnt let me quit, she didn’t have me fail as I’m sure the majority of people would and turned it into a positive loving learning experience. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. I know I won’t get off so easily in future but I can rest assured you will have my best interests in your care. That is a trust I never thought possible to give to another person other than my wife and my mom, so again, thank you. And yes I will get on with the anthology, take the vitamins or at least try them, and always always keep trying. Thank you again, Jennifer.


Caneable1 Northern Virginia 2019

Testimonial-Extraordinary Disciplinarian

Intelligent, sensitive, amiable, seasoned and capable, and possessing a little gleam of sadism,* Jennifer is everything I want in a disciplinarian. She's a delightful woman who takes the time to understand you and do things right. My recent session with her was the most intensive spanking I've ever gotten.

We started off with her warm-up, and even her hand spankings can be punishing. Then we got to the serious stuff, with a variety of paddles, canes/sticks, and of course, Black Sammie (a sjambok I believe). Sammie and the big stick (I don't actually know what Jennifer calls it) were the ones that basically broke me down. One of the things that adds to the session is her "rollercoaster" approach. It keeps things a little less predictable (the more typical approach is to gradually progress to more severity).

It's the third day after my session and my red marks are now giving way to purple and black, but I thought I would include a shot of Jennifer's artwork from the next day. Unlike a painting, her artwork evolves from day to day. And the sensations I continue to feel days after are awesome.

A session to remember.

* That little sadistic streak is a real plus to someone who really craves the sensation of a good, serious spanking.


Leonard Los Angeles 2019


If you are reading this testimonial, and you have had the pleasure of seeing Miss Jen in the past, I hope you find my account to be an exhilarating read and relatable to your own experiences. However, if you are still considering seeing Jennifer for any of the many types of sessions that she offers, I am going to do everything in my power to convince you to finally take the plunge and do it! Although there are likely a lot of nerves in play for you (just like there were for the majority of us), do yourself a favor and see her if you can. You won't be disappointed if you fill out the application truthfully.


Now that that's out of the way, let me give a little background on my particular situation. I had seen Jen once about four years prior to my most recent session (of which I am still feeling the effects). I had every intention of seeing her again after my first spanking, but I was going through a number of life changes all at once and my schedule just didn't allow it. Fast forward to 2019, and I knew that it was time for another spanking from the infamous Miss Jen. Because of the time span, Jen's rules (trust me, you want to follow them ALWAYS) required me to fill out a new application. I actually enjoyed seeing how my answers changed from my first application to my most recent one, and I put some serious thought into the new app because I was determined to see her again if she would allow it. To my pleasant surprise, I was approved for a second session within just a few days. To make a long story short, we quickly agreed on a day and time. I had less than a week to prepare for my life coach / counseling / therapeutic spanking session with Jen. I felt nervous, scared, anxious, thrilled, excited, embarrassed, and euphoric all at once. Anyone who has gotten this far in the process knows what I mean. Your heart skips a beat, you feel dizzy, you sweat nervously, along with who knows how many other symptoms. It was almost time.


All week long, I thought about my upcoming appointment. I made a point of feeling my buns as they were, because I knew that after my spanking they would feel chapped and swollen. I would look at the clock and calculate how many hours until my appointment started, how many hours until my bottom was bared, how many hours until my butt would be red... I couldn't concentrate on anything else very well, but I tried my hardest to get through the week. As we inched closer to my punishment, I made sure I looked and felt my best. I shaved my body, tanned, and even fasted to ensure the best possible experience for both of us. After all of the preparation, the day finally came.

I drove to the hotel, and followed her instructions for meeting her. I actually arrived early and took the time to go for a short walk outside the hotel to gather my thoughts and remember all of the reasons I was coming to see her again. It was a nice day outside, which made it easier for me to accept my poor butt's upcoming fate. At five minutes before my session, it was time to call Jen... She truly is a sweet person, and you can just tell when you speak to her on the phone. I took the elevator up the her floor, knocked, she opened the door, and greeted me with a huge smile on her face. It had been so long and I was shaking, but I had flashbacks to my first time and started to calm down a little bit.

Jen instructed me to sit on the couch while she sat on a chair, and we talked for a VERY LONG TIME. I really needed that. I won't get into all of the details as to why I was seeing her, but I will say that it was nice to share those private and personal feelings with someone who genuinely wanted to help me. I had quite a few issues to address with her, as I am not one to usually ask other people for help. But, I just trust her for some reason. If you ever talk to her, you will see what I mean. She reminded me of how good I had it, encouraged me to smile and be more confident, told me I was handsome, and really made me feel like a million bucks with all of her kind words and suggestions. I think we actually lost track of time, which was incredibly nerve racking for me. I had no idea how long she was going to coach and counsel me before the inevitable occurred. I loved it and hated it at the same time, because I was so anxious to go over her lap again after so many years. However, I also knew that her spanking was going to hurt, and part of me hoped she would forget all about it. There were at least ten separate times during our conversation where I was expecting Jen to segue into the spanking part of our session, which really kept me on my toes. Until it was finally time. I wanted to faint.


Jen coached and lectured me for a bit, but realized that she needed to leave a lasting impression on my tush. She small talked with me to put me at ease while she turned on the tv and cranked up the volume. She led me to the bedroom of the suite, and closed the door. Then came the music, which means that it's time for her to get down to business. GULP. She sat down on the edge of the bed, and pointed to her lap with a grim look on her face. She pulled my pants down right away, and saw that I was wearing a pair of shorts under them (extra cushion). She had me stand up and remove my pants, my shorts, and my sweatshirt, and I returned over knees in a shirt and underwear with my head on a pillow (which I would need desperately later). Fortunately, there was a mirror in front of us, so I got to see her "perform" on my ample backside. Jen immediately pulled down my tight black underwear, and got right to work. I am about a foot and a half taller than Jen, but I felt like a disobedient child while she warmed me up with her hand. I will never get the visual of her spanking me OTK out of my mind. She looked like a mad Asian mom, spanking her son because she wanted the best out of him and just wasn't seeing it. She really went to town and although it stung, it was a good hurt. The longer she went, the more numb my butt felt. Ironically, the first song in the mix was "Rude" by MAGIC! which made me laugh because the lyrics were so fitting from my perspective ("Why you gotta be so rude?"). Anyway, Jen spanked and spanked until it was time for the next implement, a handheld brush of some sort. OW. Her hands packs a punch, but I felt a significant increase in intensity. I tried to watch as much as I could (I am vain and like to see the action), but the pain started setting in for me. I hid in the pillow and kicked my legs a little, but I was sure to stay in position. I didn't want to earn extra swats, and I wanted Jen to be proud of my resolve. She is the type of lady you don't want to disappoint. I am not sure how long she spanked me with the brush, but my she blistered my fanny like it was her job (because it is). Then she pulled out a wicked wooden spoon. It was thick, dark, and evil. I was glad she kept pushing me, and I welcomed the lighter taps that she threw in there as well, but she would come back stronger with five or six rapid fire smacks in one spot. I started whimpering and yelping ever so quietly, I just couldn't help it. But, I remained calm because I knew she knew what was best for me. Jen spread my cheeks to get the inner parts of my bottom as well as the lower part right above the sit spot. I have a big butt from lifting weights, so she made sure my entire booty felt her presence. When "Believer" by Imagine Dragons started to play, I really started to wonder if she meant to play these songs as some kind of cruel joke. She made me a believer, alright! OUCH!

The next stage of my spanking was even more difficult. Jen got up and demanded that I lay face down on the bed. There were no pillows under my hips, just my bare tookus on display for her enjoyment. She whipped out this butt beater/carpet beater deal of hers, and proceeded to paint my back porch red. This weapon was more stingy than the previous thuddy ones, and it definitely hurt quite a bit. I could almost feel her smiling as she watched my buns jiggle while I kicked my legs to distract myself from the torture. She would occasionally put her finger on my lower back or move me a few inches, but I was a good boy and didn't squirm around all that much. I promised myself that I would take her spanking to the best of my ability. The next part of the spanking was definitely the most extreme. I was lucky enough to earn a few grabs and rubs, but little did I know that it was just for her to assess the damage before she moved onto one of the most vicious paddles my backseat has ever felt. I was surprised when Jen pulled my underwear back over my plump, red buns. Then, she tapped my bottom with a thin, long paddle a few times. I braced myself for the impact, and that thing killed. But that was nothing, because she lit me up a bunch more times in succession. I jolted repeatedly as the swats came raining down on my behind, but again, stayed put for her on the bed with my cheeks upturned and in position. I think she saw I was trying so hard to be good, so the intervals between swats increased, but so did the speed and power of said swats. I didn't cry, but my eyes did water as I yelled into the pillow. I thought it was cute that Jen pulled down my undies a few times to check on my rump. She wanted me to learn my lesson, but she doesn't like blood and I don't either. I felt like a naughty little boy getting a spanking from a concerned caretaker, because her touch was so gentle compared to all of the spanking I had received by this point. She wanted to hurt me, but not injure me. This part was really special for me, and I don't even think she was aware. I felt truly cared for at that moment. After several more paddlings, she commanded me to face the other way on the bad so that she could "even me out." UGH! More paddling, more jolting, more near crying, literally the worst and the best at the same time. I was kicking my legs like a swimmer, not enough for her to miss her target, but enough for me to distract myself. She finally pulled out the last toy of hers, but I didn't see what it was. She gave me a bunch of light taps on either cheek as I tried to get a grip. I was breathing really hard at this point. I kept expecting her to start whacking me again after she caught me off guard. She kept tapping though, and it was extremely comforting. I LOVED this because at any moment, she could have tore me up good. But she didn't. She love tapped me for what seemed like five minutes or so, and I loved every second of it. I had proven to her that I was willing to accept my spanking, and this cemented our trust even more, at least to me. She took a few pictures, and showed me and said "It came out GREAT!" My vision wasn't cooperating because of the water in my eyes, but I saw at least four or five different colors on my already tan (now purple, pink, red, white, blue, etc.) bottom. I rubbed my eyes, asked her how I did, and she said "AWESOME." My heart sank, because this lady spanks people across the globe, and I somehow got what I considered to be a compliment after so many years.


We said our goodbyes, and we both agreed that additional sessions would be in order. I can't explain it to people who haven't been pushed to their spanking limit, but you get a indescribable feeling at the end. I could tell my attitude had been adjusted for the better, and I had so many memories and visuals to think about, ones I will remember forever. It still hurts to sit down, but the pain is fading and the bruises and chapping are starting to disappear. This makes me more sad than anything, but I know it won't be the last time. : )

You truly get what you pay for in this life. Jen is pretty direct about what she offers. Some of us need discipline or punishment. Some of us loved to be spanked. Some of us hate it, but need it because nothing else works. Some of us need all of the above or something different entirely. I have been spanked by quite a few other "professionals" in my day, but no one has even come close to Miss Jen's expertise and care. She is an amazing human being. If this testimonial doesn't convince you to finally see her, nothing will, and you probably never really wanted to see her in the first place. In all seriousness, we are very lucky to have her. Respect her, listen to her, and for goodness sakes, don't let her petite frame and tiny hands fool you - she packs a mean wallop!


- BlisteredBubbleButtBadBoy - Chicago - 2019


Let me start of with a little bit about me and why I decided to see Jennifer. I am a college educated professional woman. I have a descent job and kids. I am also involved in my community and stuff like that. I mention this because when I was going through this process all the way up till I had my session with Jen I kept trying to talk myself out of it. Because I was “normal” and I didn’t need to do this. But I knew that I needed to do something to get my life back on track. And I think I made the best desicion.

Any way, About a month ago I was feeling lost and I sort of felt like my life was getting out of control. I am a very in control type of person so this was weighing on me. So I did a random google search for “spanking therapy” I honestly didn’t even know it was a thing. The first thing I saw was a buzzfeed video. I watched it and I was like that’s nothing I can do that. Then I looked to find someone who does this type of stuff professionally. I saw a lot of crazy/sex stuff and I absolutely did not want that. There was nothing sexual in what I was looking for. That’s when I saw Jen’s site. I spent a long time looking at it and reading everything. I learned really quick that the buzzfeed video wasn’t a realistic picture of spanking therapy or what Jen did.

After going back and forth for a few days I clicked the link the join the site, so I could read the forum. With in like a day I got an email from Jen welcoming me to the site and asking what I was looking for. I was looking for life coaching with discipline. I needed to be held accountable. You could tell by her emails she was super sweet and nice. So recommended that I ask questions on the forum. Which I did. Everyone was really nice and answered my questions. The one thing that stood out to me was that for the people on the forum this wasn’t really about spanking it was about changing your life and fixing things you have always wanted too.  They had a super positive experience with this and it helped them and I wanted that too.

So, I filled out the application. Within 48 hours I heard back and Jen accepted my application and she wanted to see me in less than 2 weeks! I pretty much knew in my heart that I was going to do this but it did take me a couple of days to process things and set up my appointment. Then came the phone call. I was super nervous all day about it. But pretty much as soon as I heard her voice and we started talking I immediately relaxed. It’s really hard to explain she has this way of making you feel at ease, even on the phone.

A week after the call I had my session. Honestly I was so torn with everything I was about to do. I sort of felt like I was going crazy. Even though I read everything on the site and listened to podcasts a little part of me was nervous and was wondering if what I was doing was safe, mentally and physically.

All those feeling pretty much instantly went away when I met her.  She has a very welcoming personality. She make you feel very comfortable about what you are about to do and what’s going to happen. She is so professional about everything that I never really felt awkward. She made me feel very safe. It’s hard to explain but I just trusted her and trusted that she knew better than me and that she could help me.

I have only had one session but I already feel like I have a different outlook on things. I am positive about what I need to do and I feel like I am gaining control back.  This was 100% a positive experience for me and I look forward to my next session.

Tiffany Boston 2019


Never in my life did I ever think I would be where I am today for several reasons. Things in my life needed to change and I need some kind of accountability or discipline to bring about the changes. I went online and looked for something that would give me the necessary discipline, accountability, or serve as a major deterrent in order to help me change. That’s when I discovered Miss Jen.


I had finally reached the point in my life where I needed to take extreme action because nothing else was working. I was headed down a very self-destructive path and something had to change. As I scoured Miss Jen’s website, reading testimonial after testimonial, looking over the lengthy application, and practically without hesitation, I completed and submitted my application. I did it with haste because I did not want to give myself time to back out because seeking this kind of help was so uncharacteristic of me.


When Miss Jen accepted my application, things got real. I tried to talk myself out of it... I made promises to myself to avoid making it happen, and yet, the time came for me to call her. Talking to Jen was calming and nerve racking all at the same time. I was asking for someone to hold me accountable and she made sure I knew she would be in control. I think that was the most terrifying realization for me because I need to be in control.


The time came for my session. I was filled with fear and trepidation. There was not a single part of me that wanted to go through with seeing Miss Jen. I spent my whole life trying to avoid be beat and yet here I was, asking someone to help me change my life and hold be accountable. Calling Miss Jen from the hotel lobby was and still is one of the most dreaded things ever... well okay, not the most dreaded but I got all nervous. I don’t know why I walked so blindly into meeting a stranger in their hotel room but I did. Maybe it was because of reading every single one of the testimonials, but I never questioned my safety because I felt like I kind of knew Miss Jen already. Anyways, she answered the door and was so sweet and nice and I instantly felt completely comfortable, well as comfortable as one could knowing they would be receiving a real spanking.


We talked and as we did, I really felt that she cared. She truly, genuinely cared. I don’t often run into real people, but from the moment I first met Miss Jen, I felt like she cared and that I could blindly trust her. I even made the comment, “You’re like a real friend. You really care!” We talked for awhile and then she said it was time. I so did not want it to be time. I think I even looked at my watch and said, “But my time is up.” I even said, “This was a great session, why ruin such a great thing?” Yeah, none of it got me out of the spanking part of the session.


Now I am totally not a fan of being spanked and have spent every session since, trying to avoid it, I have to say, Miss Jen totally knows what she is doing. She knows exactly what she is doing and is extremely effective. There were and have been several times were I want to get up and be done and yet, I don’t, not that I think she would let me. It’s like she knows when I need to feel her actual presence, or maybe because she knows I want to be done, she gently puts she hand on the arch of my back and for some insane reason, it keeps me there. Why?!?!? I don’t know.


Now I have had eight sessions with Miss Jen and my life is completely different and way better than when it was 8 months ago. I am a much more healthy me. I was on 8 medications when I started seeing Miss Jen, and now I am only on one. She knows what I can handle and what I can’t, and she has broken things down into challenging yet manageable goals or tasks. Spanking still has yet to grow on me and I still vehemently hate it, but it really has been effective. I will still ask each time when she says it’s time for the spanking part, “Do we really have to do this? Why ruin it?” Just knowing I will have to account for my choices often makes me make much better choices than I was before. Never in my life would I have thought I would be so grateful for this kind of accountability, but it has certainly brought about the much needed changes.


What I can’t get over is Miss Jen’s true commitment and care for me. I have had some major life drama happen just before sessions with Miss Jen, and she takes the time to listen and talks me through things, offering me her counsel and wisdom. And yet, it doesn’t take away from or negate the spanking portion of any session, as much as I wish it did. She is still gonna hold be accountable for the decisions and choices I made that month regardless of what happened in my life. She is a remarkable life coach, disciplinarian and I would even say, friend.

Francine 2019


My experience with Jennifer was exactly as advertised. She really cares about her clients.  She is very easy to talk to and offered me a perspective that I can honestly say I did not expect. She really is great at being a life coach/disciplinarian..  If you are nervous about meeting her, do not be.  She is very caring and  great at what she does. For me it felt like I was talking to a friend and someone who knew me and my situation. She has a very strong hand J.  If you are on the fence about meeting her, trust me you will not regret it. I can’t wait to see her again and continue working on bettering myself.

J Denver 2018



A little more than a week ago I had my first session with Jennifer, and in retrospect I’m so very glad that I did. Like some of you, I didn’t have much experience with spanking but have come to realize the need for some discipline/accountability at this stage in life. And I’m not going to pretend that I just jumped right in without any hesitation --- In fact, I was so nervous and anxious (because I was almost late) before meeting Jennifer for the first time that I literally went into the wrong hotel right next to the one she stayed in, and called her back and said nobody answered the door while she really couldn’t see anyone in the hallway…(no, I didn’t wear an invisibility cloak).


But it is true when people say Jennifer’s especially warm and compassionate and that your fear of meeting a stranger would dissipate the moment you see her. I personally think this is in part due to her naturally welcoming and energetic personality and her genuine wish to help and guide people. However, I would also give credit to her thoughtfully designed application. I could tell that she didn’t make it so long just to be mean, and there’s a reason why it involves so many questions. Before she approves anyone, she must have taken the time to genuinely learn about the applicant as a person and made sure she was willing and able to help. Thus, it becomes so much more likely that the two of you would get along with each other right away and eventually get the most out of the session.


That said, Jennifer would not have been a great disciplinarian if she’s only there to make one “feel good”. I think what makes her truly remarkable is that she knows acutely when to offer a kind word and when to be harsh without accepting any excuses. After pleasantries we actually talked for a long time about my issues. While she was understanding of the challenge I was facing, she made it clear that I wasn’t doing my best and, to my surprise, keenly pointed out the psychology behind it. Then came the time for the actual spanking. She turned on the music, positioned me over her lap, and started to spank with just her bare hand. She gradually built up the intensity, and it soon became punishing enough that the spatula, brush, and other small implements she later used on me actually all just felt like her hand! I started wiggling and at one point I reached my hand back, but she grabbed my wrist immediately and told me “no” in a very stern voice as she continued her job. At that moment I knew there was no escape. During the second half of the session she proceeded to a belt and an evil-looking stick while I lay on the bed. The belt was still bearable, but that stick almost made my eyes pop out and it became impossible for me to stay still or hold tears back anymore. Whining and pleading, however, made no difference whatsoever. She made sure I was getting a big enough warning before calling it an end. The end result? My sudden reluctance to find seats on the subway, and clear goals and rules to move forward with.


In retrospect, it strikes me that Jennifer clearly understands both the biology and the psychology of a truly effective, well-intended discipline, making me feel vulnerable, scared, but also secure and cared for during the entire spanking. She was right when she said that it was going to hurt but would never get to the point of being unsafe. She also tactfully added a little corner time and seized those moments between strokes to quiz me on what I had learnt and what would happen if I screw up in the future. This way, she made sure that I was also mentally “getting” the punishment instead of being consumed by pain only. And when the spanking was over, she kindly took the extra time to calm me down and patiently explained why she had to do it the way she did--- there was nothing unjust about it. She answered all my questions and I didn’t realize until I left that our session totally ran overtime.


In short, I hope my experience could attest to Jennifer’s incredible talents and skills and the fact that she CARES. She cares about her profession very seriously. She cares about the people that she sees. And she actually cares about their needs and goals, going out of her way to provide the extra push in a stern but loving way. This is why I am genuinely grateful that our paths have crossed and I’m absolutely willing to see her again.



NYC 2018


It has been several days since my first meeting with Miss Jennifer and I am still struggling to find the right words to describe the positive effect it has produced, all I can say is “Wow.”  I, like many did not find her website by accident.  I have not been able to fully understand why, since childhood, I have devoted so much thought to spanking. I was only spanked once as a child and the experience was not something remarkable. Maybe it was stories from my childhood friends sharing their experiences of being spanked and how I witnessed students receiving the paddle in junior high school, I just don’t know. Nevertheless, my thoughts continued into adulthood which has become frustrating at times. It’s like my brain needs an answer but my adult logic considers these thoughts silly. Why would a rational adult desire a spanking? So here comes the challenge, do I find an answer to my question through the pursuit of an actual spanking or do I continue to struggle with the thoughts and accept that I will never truly know. 


After much consideration and internal debate I made the choice to reach out to Miss Jennifer and complete her detailed application.  I can say without question this was the right choice. Completing the application was anxiety provoking as I was sharing personal things that I thought I would never tell anyone.  Here was my first opportunity to openly express my thoughts and feelings to somebody who I hoped would understand and not be judgemental, what a relief.   When I received her email response I felt even better.  Finally my feelings were validated and I was closer to finding the answer that I had been searching for. Miss Jennifer’s email reflected her kindness, professionalism, and true desire to help me find solution. Her follow up was exceptional along with the quick scheduling of a pre-session phone call.  Despite our positive interaction through email I was nervous about the phone call.  All of my anxiety disappeared quickly as Miss Jen was kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable and helped me to feel at ease. Throughout the phone call I found Miss Jennifer to be direct, assertive, and not easily persuaded which confirmed to me the spanking she promised would be provided. 


The day finally came for me to meet with Miss Jennifer and I can honestly say the experience exceeded anything I could have imagined.   She provided an environment that was discreet, safe, and professional. Our conversation was therapeutic as it provided an opportunity for me to openly speak about my interest in spanking. As we shared thoughts I knew the spanking I’ve thought about was about to happen.  Miss Jennifer is intelligent, emotionally mature and attractive all of which helped me to feel comfortable, however my feelings went back and forth from anxiety to relief as I was still unsure how I was going to handle the spanking when it came.


My emotions were on a rollercoaster from the first spank to the final one and what I experienced is difficult to describe.  The pain was intense and my feelings fluctuated from one extreme to another. There were times when I felt I couldn’t take anymore and wanted to resist and then I felt a calm and passive acceptance of each stroke knowing I was to accept whatever she decided.  Miss Jen delivered the spanking with incredible skill and intuitively knew what I needed and how much I could handle.  By the time she was finished I found myself in a place of emotional peace that I had not previously experience. As I put my thoughts together I found the answer I was looking for. 


For the next few days I still felt the physical sensations that come with a very real spanking but I what noticed most was the emotional calmness that came with it. It was liberating to experience a real spanking so that I could put my thoughts to rest.  I am extremely grateful to have met Miss Jennifer. As I write this I am both nervous and excited as I look forward to my next meeting with her. The therapeutic spanking, coaching and support I had been looking for is now reality.



Los Angeles 2018


"Writing this at the heels of my 2nd session with Ms. Jennifer and all I can say is “wow.” As is evidenced in the plethora of positive testimonials, this woman knows exactly what she is doing. Having gone twice, I’m comfortable saying that I’ll definitely be a regular from here on forward. Something that struck me (no pun intended) during my sessions was her particular attention to the aesthetics of the spanking: From the rhythmic syncopation of each smack to match the music she has playing, to the surface area coloration of your backside at the end of the spanking – it’s apparent that she considers this an art. And like all great artists, she possesses quite the mastery of her craft. It’s relieving in a session to feel like the person spanking you knows your limits better than you do. Spanking aside, Ms. Jennifer is an all around catch. Incredibly easy to talk to, classically beautiful (I mean wow, she’s gorgeous), well-traveled, and compassionate. I could easily listen to her stories for hours without losing interest. I had such a good time chatting with her both times that I would completely forget I was there to get spanked – which she made sure to playfully remind me of at just the appropriate moment. She’s the kind of person you want to impress. I have to confess at the end of my sessions when she told me “I did a good job” and that “I took it well,” I felt really proud, as embarrassing as it is to admit. For anyone nervously tiptoeing around whether or not to go through with requesting a session, as I was – trust me when I say it’s worth it. You’re in great hands, firm hands – mind you, but great. Thank you Ms. Jennifer!"


NOVA 2018

Testimonial from a Korean

I know many of you read and write in English and I can certainly do so. But, I'd like to take this opportunity to let other Korean know about Jennifer's session because Korean is much easier for me, Jennifer is Korean so Korean people may feel more comfortable with her, and most importantly, I understand what Korean people care about and worry about.

오랜시간동안 스스로를 스팽키라고 생각을 해왔지만, 스팽키라는 성향이 다른 사람에게 알려져서는 안되는 비밀스러운 것이었기 때문에 (특히 한국사회에서는 더 그렇다는 거에 많이들 동의하실거라 생각해요), 스팽킹을 실제 행동으로 옮기는 결정을 하는데까지는 정말 오랜 시간이 걸렸어요. 미국에 살면서 한국에서보다 더 많은 기회를 가질수도 있었겠지만, 믿을만한 사람을 찾는다는게 말처럼 쉽지가 않았고, 미국의 문화를 완전히 이해하지 못한 상태에서는 더더군다나 어려웠었어요. 그렇지만 스팽킹을 해보고 싶다는 생각은 늘 있어왔고, 그렇게 웹서핑을 하다가 제니퍼를 알게됐어요.

제니퍼의 홈페이지를 차근차근 보시면 아시겠지만, 제가 가장 걱정해왔던 안전의 문제(비밀보장, 신체적 안전 등등)에 대해 제니퍼도 매우 신경을 쓰고 있다는 것을 알게되었고, 매우 디테일한 부분까지 신경을 쓴다는 것을 알고 난 뒤에는 제니퍼는 믿을만하다는 생각이 들어 컨택을 하게 되었어요.

첫 전화통화에서, 제니퍼는 마치 몇번 본적이 있는 사람처럼 친근하게 대화를 이끌어줬어요. 제가 한국말을 써도 되는지를 묻자, 한국말 이해할 수 있다면서 쓰고 싶으면 쓰라고.. 여기에서 얼마나 마음이 놓였는지 몰라요 ㅎㅎ 적어도 언어의 차이에서 오는 어려움을 조금은 줄일 수 있었으니까요. 제니퍼는 제가 뭘 원하는지를 관심있게 물어왔고, 스팽키로써 그저 스팽킹을 해보고 싶다는 말을 전적으로 받아들여줬어요. 경험이 많은 사람답게 제 상황을 이해해줬고, 그에 맞는 세션을 하겠다고 해줬구요.

제니퍼를 만나던 날, 얼굴도 모르는 낯선 사람을 만나는거라 조금 두려웠었는데, 호텔방문을 열고 들어가는 순간 걱정은 금새 잊었어요. 친구 만나듯이 편하게 맞아줬거든요. 세션 전 짧은 대화를 하면서 제니퍼는 절 편안하게 해줬고, 혹시 안 아프게 때리는거 아니야.. 하는 의구심이 들 정도로 좋은 사람이었어요. 그러나, 시작과 동시에, 스팽킹은 정말 아픈거구나를 바로 알 수 있었어요. 핸드스팽이었는데도 불구하고, 전 멍이 들었거든요 ㅠ. 조금의 틈도 없이 아주 프로페셔널하게 사정없이 때리는데, 정말 버둥거리는 것 이외에 할 수 있는 건 없었어요. 핸드, 헤어브러쉬, 스페츌러, 케인, 패들 등등 다양한 도구로 맞았는데, 정말 엉덩이와 허벅지가 없어지는 줄 알았어요 ㅠ 중간에 너무 아파서 엉덩이 한번만 만지면 안되냐고 물었다가, 그딴건 생각도 하지말라고 혼나고 ㅠ 엄청 맞은것 같아서 중간에 시계를 한번 봤는데, 10분밖에 지나지 않아서 좌절하고 ㅠ 더 맞을 곳이 없는 것 같은데도 제니퍼는 귀신같이 잘 찾아서 때리더라구요 ㅠ 그렇게 제대로 스팽킹을 경험하고, 제 엉덩이는 완전 멍이 들고 이틀정도 앉기도 쉽지 않은 상태가 되었었죠. 제니퍼말로는 처음 스팽킹을 하면 멍이 쉽게 잘 든다고 하더라구요. 제가 워낙 멍이 잘드는 피부이기도 하구요. 제니퍼와의 세션을 통해서, 전 상상속의 스팽킹을 제대로 경험해볼 수 있었고, 제가 정말 스팽키구나 하는 것도 확인할 수 있었어요. 세션이 끝나고 또 짧은 대화를 나눴고, 제 상태와 에프터케어 이런것들에 대해서도 이야기를 해줬구요. 며칠 뒤, 상태가 괜찮은지 이메일로 체크도 해줬구요.

Jennifer, the most impressive thing for me was that you really cared about every single "person". I really thank you for everything you did for the session I had with you. If I do it again, definitely I will find you and ask for your time and professionalism. You are awesome!


Ashley 2018



Some people have a job. Others, have a business. The truly great ones, have a passion.


Miss Jennifer truly has a passion for helping others become the best version of themselves. I learned this first hand, when I met her in February, 2018. I am a happily married husband and father of four children. I’ve got a full time job, a part time business, and do a considerable amount of volunteer work.


With as busy as I am, I have a very hard time prioritizing things I need to do sometimes, whether they’re for my own personal development, or in accomplishing tasks that I’d just rather procrastinate on. I’ve tried to accomplish a few long term personal goals that are important to me, through multiple different means, only to find myself slacking on the hard work to accomplish them.


I knew I needed a mentor to help me, someone who would listen to what I really wanted out of life, help me review the plan to accomplish it, and – importantly – hold me accountable to those necessary steps I needed to take. I also knew from past experience with spanking, that working with a disciplinarian might really help me accomplish those goals.


So I started looking for a disciplinarian. And honestly, the search was difficult. There’s so much garbage and porn out there in the internet related to spanking, that I nearly gave up hope of finding someone. I didn’t want BDSM, I didn’t want a dominatrix, I didn’t want a prostitute who happened to play patty-cake with people’s butts. This had to be someone I could really look up to and respect as a person, a leader, and a mentor, before I could entrust myself to them.


I finally found Miss Jennifer’s website. I thought I had finally – maybe – found what I was looking for. Miss Jennifer consistently reinforced the fact that she spanks. She gives real spankings, without a safe word. And she only spanks. I read testimonial after testimonial, trying to see what I was really getting into. I listened to her podcast, trying to get a feeling for who she really was.


After quite a while of quietly investigating, I completed an application. Partially, at least, before I deleted it. Started again. And deleted it. It took me three times of attempting the application, before I finally had the courage to complete the application, and – gasp – actually sending it to Miss Jen as an email.


I truly thought I had gone crazy. Here I was, a married 44-year-old, asking someone I don’t even know, to give me a bare bottom spanking that’s going to hurt.


Miss Jennifer replied fairly quickly, and told me that she loved my application. She gave me instructions to set up a pre-session phone call. During our conversation, I learned more about her, and she seemed consistent with what I’ve seen on the testimonials. Still, I had my fears – what if she’s not who she says she is? What if she takes my phone number, searches to find who I am, and tries to blackmail me? What am I doing setting up an appointment to meet someone in a hotel room? Folks, I was extremely nervous that I was maybe making a horrible mistake.


I can tell you now, that Miss Jennifer is real, she is genuine, and she really does care about helping people. When we met on the day of the session, she greeted me warmly at the door. We sat down and talked for quite a while about family, about my life in general, and my goals. She paid close attention to my goals, and put together a few rules that she wanted me to start with. None of these were arbitrary, they were real, common sense things that I knew I should be doing, but hadn’t always been able to make myself do.


After setting the goals and rules in place that I was to work on, Miss Jennifer gave me an introductory spanking. All I’m going to say is that she is extremely skilled at what she does. This was definitely a memorable experience, one that was going to cause me some real reasons to remember to do what we had agreed upon. I left with a sore bottom, a plan, and plenty of motivation to be good.


I’m writing this testimonial actually on the heels of my second meeting with Miss Jennifer. During the month that followed, I tried very hard to follow the rules she had set in place. On some of the rules, I did extremely well. On others, there were things that, while I did better on them than ever before, I wasn’t perfect and had messed up on some things that I wasn’t supposed to do.


During this second session, we actually talked for a long time when I first arrived. I learned quite a bit more about her, and discovered things that honestly leave me in awe of who she is as a person. I truly discovered a sense of respect and admiration for her.


I also found out that she geniunely cares about whether I was able to meet my goals. She was extremely fair – while acknowledging that I had made some important improvements, I had also messed up too, and needed some discipline. She gave me a spanking that was considerably harder than the first time; several times I found myself clutching on to the bed for dear life.


I’m sitting here now after this session with a sore bottom, a renewed desire to be good and to accomplish what we’ve agreed that I would do.


I’m so grateful that Miss Jennifer took me on as a client. I feel so blessed to have her looking out for my best interests, and helping to hold me accountable to the things that will help me in my goals.


I strongly encourage anyone who has goals they want to reach, but need help with real accountability, to reach out to Miss Jennifer. She is loving, caring, intelligent, and funny, and she’s not afraid to absolutely roast your bottom when you need it, to help you become the person you’ve wanted to become.

Atlanta 2018



Update: I had my session yesterday with Miss Jennifer and got the attitude adjustment I truly needed ( more than I realized I think)! Miss J is so easy to talk to but keeps it real which is definitely what was best for me because I am thick headed. Despite the brutal honesty, I really enjoyed our talk and was not really nervous until it was time for the spanking. At that point, my butt felt glued to the couch and I didn’t want to get up but I was too scared to tell her no😂 so of course (with some coaxing ) I did get up, the spanking happened and my god it hurt! I truly didn’t think I’d make it through a couple times and wanted to find an escape route, even contemplating trying to wiggle/inch my way off her lap towards the floor , several times but she kept me in place so I didn’t get very far with that plan lol.


It was uncomfortable for sure, but I trusted her and my head was a lot clearer after. I now feel like I no longer need to dwell on the past and I can think about moving forward and make better choices for myself. I can see what people mean when they say Miss Jennifer genuinely cares! She “put the ball in my court” and told me that it’s my decision whether or not I’m willing to change. I’m going to put my best effort in to do so because I know I’m just hurting myself and I want to do better and not disappoint her. On the way home I thought about stopping for food but then i decided I shouldn’t and came home and ate something healthy and this morning I woke up early and went for a very uncomfortable but enjoyable hike . Despite my reluctance because I don’t like pain, I will likely see her again , if she’ll have me because I can already see my mind working better and thinking about what I do. Until yesterday , nobody has been a true match for my stubbornness ...and I have always been a pro at getting out of everything . It’s certainly a humbling experience to “lose” and admit it, but I think what was gained will be more productive . Thank you Miss Jennifer for accepting my application and putting up with my brattiness, i was really trying to be nice I swear...i’ll work on it;) It was a pleasure meeting you and Looking forward to updating you on my progress and adventures in Mexico!


Much appreciation,


L.C Seattle 2018


I applied to have a session with Jennifer to experience a cathartic spanking. Even though I have wanted (needed?) this for as long as I can remember I wasn't prepared. Jennifer is a warm and welcoming person and absolutely understands what someone like me is looking for. In previous experiences with disciplinarians I had never really NOT been in control. If the paddle smack hurt too much I found a way to get out of the rest of the punishment. Jennifer had a mischievous grin on her face when I told her that. She assured me my spanking wouldn't end until she deemed it complete. 


I knew within the first few smacks of her hand on my bare bottom that Jennifer was in complete control and I was in for a long ride. The spanking progressed to heavier implements and eventually I was really starting to squirm. This went on...and on...and on. Just as I was starting to get distressed she would calm it down - but only for a moment or two. She would start up again. Eventually the paddle swats were getting to be too much and I felt myself trying to figure out how to get out of it. Jennifer placed her hand on my back and eased me back into position. guessed it...she went right back into it. 


Honestly, I thought the session was wrapping up. I had been here an eternity, hadn't I? No. Time for the cane. I had never experienced a caning before... 


I'm not sure Jennifer realizes it but during the caning I cried very briefly. Through all the pain and squirming and wishing it was over I had experienced a complete release. 


After the spanking session was over we chatted and I was essentially a foggy mess - but in a fantastic way. Jennifer made me feel so at ease the whole time (okay, I wasn't really at ease when she was caning me!). 


Thank you so much Jennifer!


S - Cleveland 2018


Yesterday afternoon I had my first session with Miss Jennifer. I was very nervous about it, but now I am glad that I went. I feel that I have started a new chapter in learning about myself. And finally heading in the direction of becoming the person I know I can be. When I first arrived at Miss Jennifer’s room she welcomed me warmly and directed me to a seat. She could tell that I was nervous and began helping me to relax. We began talking about what brought me to see her and about my application. At first, I was a bit nervous and embarrassed to talk about certain aspects of my life. But I soon felt safe and willing to open up after talking with her about it. We definitely talked more than I expected, but it was what I needed. She reminded me of things I knew deep down, but not willing to admit to myself or had pushed back because it required hard work and I would rather do what is easy. Then we got to the spanking where I learned more about myself. I did not want to move during my session and somehow I managed it, but it was definitely a struggle for Miss Jennifer definitely knows what she is doing. It is an experience that is hard to put into words. It was a challenge that I am still going over in my mind and processing. One thing I learned was that I have a higher tolerance than I thought I had, though I am beginning to think that perhaps my low tolerance is for the after affect as I sit with a now very sore backside😅. During my session Miss Jennifer kept a constant eye on my skin and tended to it when it needed care. Even though I was in pain I felt well taken care of. After my session was over she was very encouraging and supportive about our journey ahead. Though I may be nervous about my future sessions, I know I am in good hands and look forward to my future growth. Thank you Miss Jennifer for accepting my application and being willing to work with me.

Atlanta 2018


Testimonial London February 2018

It was just prior to Christmas that I came across an ad by Jennifer announcing her upcoming trip to London in the New Year, and when I looked through her website and read previous testimonials I knew that I had to see her, and she more than lived up to my expectations!

Having read through her website thoroughly, and at the various types of sessions she offers I nervously opted to apply to see her for a 2 hour punishment session. I know that I need to be able to give up control completely and to really have my limits pushed, and exceeded a little in order to alleviate feelings of guilt that I have in my everyday life.

I filled in the application form as comprehensively as I could. Although the application is quite long it is well worth doing, and I found it very helpful to think about and put in to words exactly what I was looking to get out of the session. I didn't hear anything after 5 days so resent the email to make sure that I hadn't been missed. The next day I received a response from Jennifer, thanking me for resending it (as she gets so many emails) and saying that she would love to see me, that she totally understood what I was looking for, and really enjoyed doing this type of session. Perfect!

I followed her instructions for the deposit, and had a lovely chat with her on the phone which really put my mind at ease that I had made the right choice.

One week later and I finally got to meet her in a lovely secluded hotel in London. It was great to put a face to the person I had chatted to previously and she did not disappoint in any way. We had a lovely chat again before it was time for me to receive what I had asked for and needed. The spanking was the best, and I think the most painful that I have ever had. Jennifer worked her way through her impressive array of implements and demonstrated her immense skill and knowledge with each and everyone of them. When I was really struggling she knew to ease back just a little to let me recover before building up to the next level again. While it was an incredibly painful experience I knew that I was being well looked after throughout and never felt at risk in any way. For me it is the process of the spanking that gets me to the place mentally that I need to be and once it was over it felt as though a huge weight had been lifted from me. Even as I write this 2 weeks later I am still feeling positive and energised from the experience!

Jennifer is truly exceptional at what she does, she has the ability to put you completely at ease, and trust in her completely, while delivering the most painful punishment you can imagine (if that is what you have asked for!), or equally I'm sure at whatever level you have requested or need. I cannot recommend her highly enough, and will definitely try to see her again when she next comes to London.

London 2018



Miss Jennifer is a true professional, and overall a wonderful and beautiful person. Just like getting a job, there is an interview process, and Jennifer takes her work very seriously thus all new applicants require a detailed application to be completed, in addition to a telephone call. This made me feel so comfortable because if Jennifer is taking the time to go through these extremes prior to setting up a session, then I knew that Jennifer takes her craft quite seriously, and only engages with respectful and real individuals.


Miss Jennifer didn’t dissappoint. She was very stunning when she opened the door, and had such a bubbly personality with a lovely smile. Miss Jennifer is the “Rudy” of the spanking game, she is very petite in nature, but wow can she deliver a spanking.


Once we finished chatting and the music was on I was summoned over her knees. Jennifer then went to work on her craft and her hand was the hardest hand spanking I’ve ever received. Jennifer is a real pro, she is confident and knows what she is doing the entire session in terms of switching positions, implements, and being sure to bring you to a new level that leaves you in such a cathartic state when the session is finished.


So yes, Jennifer delivers a sound spanking, and loves dishing it out. However, Jennifer genuinely cares about her clients, and I felt at ease the entire session knowing Jennifer was checking my skin throughout and taking breaks at points where my rear end needed a slight breather. A true marksmanship in her craft, those wanting a sound spanking from a beautiful woman who takes pride in what she does should see Jennifer, I promise you won’t regret it!


Willis - NYC  2018


One week ago, I had my first session with Miss Jennifer. I never imagined that I would ever contact a disciplinarian and have a session. The idea seemed crazy to me, but I felt the need for discipline, a clean slate and new beginnings. I had just come through the worst year of my life. When I first met Miss Jennifer, she was very genuine and caring. I was immediately put at ease. We talked for a while to get acquainted, before moving to the other room where I received the most intense spanking of my life. Afterwards, I felt a calmness and peace that's hard to explain, as well as feeling the effects of the spanking for a week. Sitting wasn't very comfortable for a few days. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Thank you Miss Jennifer!

L.P.  2018


Hi, Jennifer. I have been waiting to write so I could give you data.

I have to tell you: that was by far the most intense spanking of my life. Like you pointed out, I was so full of endorphins at the end I was talking funny (when I was talking at all, and we both know how much I talk!) I don’t know how long the funny speech would have lasted, because I fell asleep before 9 PM. I slept so well...for about ten hours, which is rare for me.
And then, I was literally feeling my spanking for a week afterwards! Even now...8 days later, there are a couple of tender spots that I still notice.

Thank you so much!

— Rich

San Fran 2017


Jen has remarkably(or unremarkably) strong hands and could definately bring you to tears with just those. However she is very skilled in her other implements and is able to switch between them with expertise in moderating yet still giving you a very sound and stern spanking. I wouldn't say she is unyielding, but is intuitive towards when to push you further. She takes great care in her craft and also in making you feel comfortable(well maybe not sitting afterwords). I'm not sure however, I think she even took the time to choose a playlist geared towards our conversation and my application. She seemed very sweet towards me and I'm definately sitting sorely the next day, so I woudn't want to get on her bad side ;).


NOVA December 2017


I recently had an incredible session with Miss Jennifer. I am relatively new to the spanking scene, so I was not sure what to expect. I was a little fearful, but Miss Jennifer quickly put me at ease. After some get acquainted conversation, she got down to business, and it was an experience I will never forget. She is amazing, and I am already looking forward to our next session.

Thank you, Miss Jennifer, for an amazing session!!!

R. B. 


Houston 2017



Miss Jennifer is amazing!

I had read a number of reviews and testimonials before contacting her and had pretty high expectations.

I was completely unprepared this spectacular young woman's intuitive sense of exactly how to spank.

I have been fortunate in my spanking experiences over the past few years....meeting and being spanked by many skilled, interesting women.  

They have taught me about hairbrushes, belts, tawses, straps and canes.  I have treasured all those times.

Jennifer, however, is in an entirely different class.  She guided me on a roller coaster journey, climbing ever higher as she expanded my limits in ways I couldn't believe.  She is not only technically proficient with every implement she touches, she was able to control every stroke and work her magic in complete harmony with what I was feeling.  No one has ever taken control so completely...and yet I felt safe and comfortable at all times.


Without question, she is the best spanker I've ever met!

It's clear why her fans see her as often as they can.

I will too.


Paul (NY) 2017


I visited Miss Jennifer for the first time during her Denver visit in August 2017.  I've been spanked by mistresses before, but none have ever punished me as strictly and thoroughly as Miss Jennifer.  My previous spankings had all been a form of play, but Miss Jennifer delivered a true punishment.

When Miss Jennifer met me at her hotel she wearing a cute and sexy outfit that highlighted her natural beauty.  I had asked her a punishment spanking, and Miss Jennifer did not disappoint.  I wanted to make sure I got a hard punishment, so I was defiant and bratty right from the start.  But Miss Jennifer knows just how to deal with naughty boys, and by the midpoint of the session my cavalier attitude was gone and I was starting to regret my earlier misbehavior.  By the time she was finished with me, my butt and thighs were welted and bruised, my mouth tasted like soap, and I was in tears and promising to be a good boy.

I think Miss Jennifer is the best at what she does, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a severe punishment.



I visited Jennifer for my first visit this past Thursday night. It is now Saturday morning, and my buns are still definitely warm, and definitely sore! I was so surprised at the tenderness just getting into bed last night. Jennifer definitely gave me as much I could handle, and frankly, probably a bit more, even though our visit was a bit shorter than intended. Unfortunately, due to a nasty accident that snarled and stopped traffic and my own already busy schedule, I arrived late. I notified her of my time problems, and we spent some of my extra driving time ironing out the reasons for my visit, and what type of spanking I was desiring. She talked with me right up to to the time I arrived at her location. By the time I arrived at her room, there was no time to waste, and in short order she had me divest myself of my pants and shirt and ready or not I positioned myself over her knees. She then proceed to go to work on my tail end, carefully pulling my shorts down to expose my naked posterior, and rhythmically spanking me in a gradual crescendo until she was satisfied. She then proceeded to an implement, a hair brush, I believe, and she went to town with that on my already sore cheeks, methodically, almost clinically(!) until again she was satisfied. I, meanwhile, was trying not to move around too much, but gradually yelping more and more as the session went on. When, again, she was satisfied with her progress. she switched to a bath brush, which she happily showed me in case I was interested! Wow, off she went again, as I hung on for dear life, my vocal responses gradually getting more and more plaintive. To my credit, she only had to warn me once not to move so much, but, my goodness, I'm not sure how I accomplished that, as she was giving it to me as good as I've ever received it. I never felt like it was too much, but she definitely pushed me, always checking along the way, and making sure it was all to her satisfaction. She was clearly in total control, and as confident as a fine chef!  Sure enough, my buns were well roasted by the time all was said and done.


Jennifer is the complete package as far as I can tell. She is very professional and personable, quite attractive, very easy to communicate with and confident in her abilities, which is quite evident. Moreover, it is obvious that she loves what she is doing, and I felt cared for the entire time. I would recommend her services to anyone interested in a disciplinarian, and I have seen a few. I look forward to my next visit with her, as we now have a foundation to build upon. It is  definitely worth the work spent to arrange a visit with Jennifer. You will not be sorry! Thanks for everything Jennifer. I'll be back, and next time I'll be early!


San Francisco August 2017


Miss Jennifer is above and beyond kind and caring with a wicked spanking hand. :) I was already an emotional wreck when we started talking because I got lost trying to get to the hotel and wasted her time, but she was very nice and cheerful to me anyway. If anyone has social anxiety, trust me, I have the worst case of it, and she makes it go away. 


She talked to me beforehand about certain aspects of my life. She guessed, or should I say knew, what I needed to change in my life and was very firm about it. It's also a relief to talk with her about how common it is to want to get spanked, as she has met so many of us. :)  


I was hoping for a real spanking where I am not in control, that makes me sore, an experience that would get me out of my head and that I couldn't overthink, from someone who is skilled. And that is exactly what Jennifer gave me. Somebody has called her an excellent percussionist, and that is 100% accurate. :) I felt amazing afterward, and found it hard to express in words. It was lovely to meet her and get my first adult spanking from her. 


Breanna (INDY) 2017



Where do I begin? Miss Jen is amazing! I feel like I've known her forever and I just had my first session. In the short amount of time that I saw her she has set lots of rules in place for me. I've never really had rules so this is all foreign to me. While I'm laying on my stomach with a very sore butt, I can tell you I will be working hard on these rules.


As far as the spanking experience, it is something I won't soon forget! It HURT and still HURTS! You can tell she really does care and wants you to get better no matter what it is you are working on. She was always aware of my breathing, emotions, etc. You can tell she clearly knows what she is doing from start to finish. 


Just a little bit of advice if you do see her and I think you should for sure:



Amanda (NOVA) 2017




This review is a bit overdue but I've been trying to find the right words to describe the experience of meeting Jennifer for the first time.  The other accounts I've read are accurate in terms of the application/acceptance process, the anticipation/uneasiness leading up to the session, the initial impression Jennifer makes when she greets you and how the easy the conversation is, etc.  And there isn't a ton to add to other descriptions of the physical part of the encounter- yes, she spanks you and it hurts.


I think the part that gets missed though is the mental side of the encounter and to me this is where Jennifer is truly amazing.  She will tell you herself that anyone can hit you, but there can't be many with her ability to expertly play your mind and body like an instrument.  Many of us likely walk into the room not knowing why we're there and thinking we must be nuts for doing this.  But she knows exactly why you're there and what has motivated you to see her, even if you don't yet.  During the session, she knows exactly how far to push you, when to push you, when to pull back and give you a break.  And at the end, she instinctively knows what she has to do to take you over the edge to the most incredible release you have likely felt in your life.  I'm pretty sure I was shaking for at least ten minutes when it was over, maybe longer.  Each person will have their own reasons to partake in the experience that Jennifer offers, but the feeling immediately afterward would be my motivation to see her again because it is truly unbelievable and hard to describe (if you've felt it, you know what I'm talking about).


Thanks again Jennifer for making our encounter so memorable, I look forward to doing it again in the future.


First time client, Miami  2017


From a Spoiled Princess's Point of View


First let me start off by saying I had the most amazing first spanking!! Miss J is definitely caring, understanding, and passionate about what she does.


I too --like many of you-- was never spanked before. (Nope not even as a child) My older siblings were and I would witness them being spanked. I grew up "spoiled" and a "brat".. the word "No" seemed so foreign to me. By the age of 18, I started looking for alternative ways to curb my behaviors. That's when I first came across Miss J's name. I believe I may have sent a request out for a session a few years later but I didn't go through with it.


Now, here I am 8 years later -- reaching out again. Miss J was nothing less than polite and nice from the moment I registered on her site to submitting the application and having our phone session. NERVOUS?? Pssshhh ! That didn't describe how I felt. I started sending her emails about my worries and fears -- to which she immediately responded as nice as possible and recommended that I join in the forum so that I can chat with other "spankees" who can give insight. (Whom are which by the way super AWESOME SAUCE!! Lol)


Fast forward to today May 26th lol-- my nerves were calm until I reached the room. (I was like uh oh -- it's about to go downnn) I was greeted with a lovely beautiful lady. Her smile is contagious and it immediately calmed me. The thing I love about Miss J is that NOTHING was rushed! She took her time to talk to me-- get to know me a little more and then we got down to why I was there. Let me tell you .. I received a very stern talking to about certain aspects of my life that I needed to fix. Mainly with my 7 year old daughter.


Once we finished talking she walked us into the next room and told me to take my shoes off saying "everything will be fine". (Yeah ok lol) I read what happens when the music starts lol. I was then ushered over her knee -- wheew ! I can officially say I ((hate)) paddles!!


She is true to her word and I got a very thorough spanking with tears, screams, and a lot of wiggling. More than a couple times I was told to "get back in position" or "move your hands" lol I even got the countdown to get back to where I was supposed to be-- and I think I got hit a little harder for the socks I was wearing.. (NEVER wear badass socks lol she will definitely show you how bad your ass will feel afterwards lol)


Even though she delivered a painfully memory for me to behave-- I felt as if this spanking really opened my eyes to what I ((knew)) I was doing wrong but still did them anyway. I always felt safe and oddly comfortable with Miss J. I am immensely happy about my session with her and I wouldn't have changed a thing about it. (Maybe those paddles lol)


After the session we talked and I didn't realize it was well over my time. Miss J is really there for you! So if you want a super funny, pretty, no nonsense person to share your flaws and bad behaviors with -- you will not be disappointed but you will be sore afterwards lol.


Thank you so much for today and accepting me to join your family!!!


A Spoiled Princess 👸🏾

NOVA 2017


I have been trying to find the words to best describe Miss Jennifer.  She has a great personality. She's caring, patient, very approachable, a great conversationalist, and a great listener. She reminded me of the friendly girl next door type of person. Upon my arrival, she was very engaging, thoughtful, and aware of my nervousness. 

After a nice chat, it was time to get down to business. I wanted to be pushed to my limits and even beyond. She started with a thorough warm up, not too light and not too hard. She's a fantastic percussionist and knows exactly when to take a break with lighter strokes and when to proceed with harder ones. She was always aware of my breathing and my head space. The intensity was a gradual build and she would occasionally take the time to check the condition of my skin,  taking all precautions to make sure my skin did not break. She safely and sanely pushed me to my limits. She is, by far, the best disciplinarian that I have encountered and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a great and unforgettable experience.


Thank you very much Jennifer. I hope to see you again.


Miami 2017


Hello prospect spankee’s, this is my (a novice spankee) personal testimony regarding my first-hand account concerning my spanking experience with Miss Jennifer.


I have never been spanked in my life. Two years ago, I had a sudden fantasy of being spanked by a woman. I contacted Miss Jennifer and I made a commitment to see her, however, despite making an appointment for a spanking session, I became terrified  of my first session as the day approached. I was suddenly horrified by Miss Jennifer; I felt she was going to severely harm me  during the session; especially after I had the audacity to request a punishment-type session, as my first session.


During my phone conversation with Miss Jennifer, I informed Jen I was terrified  of her. Miss Jennifer gave me peace  by reassuring me there was nothing to worry about. She understood my concerns and feelings, and she genuinely cared for my well-being. As soon as the phone conversation ended with Miss Jen, I felt so at ease, that I began to look forward to my session. 


I wanted to experience a real spanking from a professional, and that’s exactly what I received during my session; a real spanking from an attractive, VERY caring, competent, and skillful Professional Disciplinarian.


I am very fortunate to have meet Miss Jennifer, despite her being such a pain in the butt,  Lol. By the time my session was over, not only was I butt-hurt, I felt incredibly relaxed and so peaceful. I look forward booking another session with Miss Jennifer. My only regret was not requesting a longer spanking session with her, as time went by so fast.


I highly recommend Miss Jennifer. If this is your first time being spanked, or you are considering applying for a spanking session with Miss Jen, I assure you, there is absolutely nothing to worry about, you are indeed in good hands.



              Ali, Houston, Texas (2017)

Thanks for the experience. I think that was really good from me to experience a spanking. Now I know what it feels like to be the receiver. I learned a lot especially the areas on the behind that hurt the most. I will say this much you're very good at doing what you do. You're not only incredibly beautiful you're very intelligent and articulate. It was an honor to be over your knee. Thank you

(Seattle 2017)



Sometime ago I saw an advert in ITC personals from Miss Jennifer about spanking and it got me thinking (I know a difficult thing at the best of times).  I have lead a “vanilla” type of live but recently decided to experience something different, like spanking.  I have had limited experience with Spanking parties (2 in total) and once switching with a lady, so i really have had limited experience.   Miss Jennifer was offering something different a therapeutic spanking to help one get over life’s events and no switching.

So I send her an e-mail and received a reply with information about how she does things and a detailed application form, I have applied for jobs with easier application forms.  Never mind I completed the form, because of my time commitments and Miss Jennifer’s schedule it was over a month before our meeting was to take place although we did have a phone call as a follow up to the application form.  To be honest I thought a couple of times is this really such a good idea but as I had paid a deposit in the end I did not cancel.

The day arrives and I get the train to London and the underground to Miss Jennifer’s Hotel.  Last chance to cancel, but I did not take it so a phone call to find out her room number then I really was committed.  She was shorter than I expected but a very nice lady.  We talked for awhile about what I did and things in general, just like a couple of old friends.  Then onto why I wanted to be spanked and what would happen and the feelings I would experience.

Then the real event, I saw her remove some items from her suitcase and thought she is going to use them on me, removing  my trousers (pants for the Americans) and then laid across her lap.   Hand spanking to start with and she can spank believe me, followed by hairbrush and other things.  I was squiring and moving around a little, almost please when she changed instruments as that bought some relief although short term.   Then I told to stand and she got off the bed, more relief until I was told to lie on the bed again and that the “warm up” was over and we would now do the real business.  I must admit I was beginning to think was this a good idea after all, but I was committed so on the bed I went.  Miss Jennifer used some more instruments and to say they really hurt would be an understatement (I know we British are known for them).   I moved around on the bed and counted strokes anything to take my mind off what was happening to my bottom.   I felt a relief as I reached a stage of accepting it all, the pain did not matter just being at peace, Miss Jennifer sensed that and then a gradual less intensive spanking with a red heart shaped paddle, it was a lovely way to come down from a high.

Before and afterwards we talked and that was very enjoyable, she has a great sense of hummer (for an American) and she seemed to enjoy some of my dry hummer.   During the spanking little opportunity to talk although she seemed to like one or two of my comments.  I think Jennifer enjoyed our time together and so did I although my sour bottom made it a it different experinace for me, but it’s always good to have mutual pleasure.   

As its less than 24 hours after being with Miss Jennifer (and my bottom still feels the after effects) the question is was it a good idea and would I go again.   It certainly was good idea and I am really pleased that I did not cancel, it has for me helped me cope with lives emotions.   Would I go again, yes but not tomorrow, perhaps in a few months?          

Yours in many ways   Ken xxxxx

(London 2017)




Have you ever found yourself trying to suppress the urge to get spanked, either by yourself or by someone else as a form of punishment?  To our society, this desire is unacceptable, but to you, it is so real, so true, and at time it was so hard to ignore.  Just know that you are not alone.

Two years ago, the desire came out of a blue, and I tried all I could to not engage it.  But the thought kept coming back, and after searching through the internet, I saw two disciplinarians with the hope that I would receive the spanking that was hard enough, so that every time the desire surfaces, I could remind myself not to “go there.”

Unfortunately, I did not get the desired results after seeing the two disciplinarians.

Two years after, I still cannot shake the thought out of my head.  So I visited the internet again.  I saw Jennifer’s website before but decided not to contact her because I didn’t know when she would come to my area, as well as the “seemed too complicated application” scared me.  However, I gave it a try this time.

Well, the process was not as bad as I thought, and Jennifer was willing to make accommodations… so we met shortly after.  And I got what I was looking for. 

D from NJ

(January 2017)


I let Miss Jennifer spank me in March 2015. I'm not sure if I met with an angel or a demon, or if it makes a difference. A seldom-advertised side of Miss Jennifer's services is the way that introducing a little - or really, a lot - of discipline in your life can help you in a quest to become a better person. This wasn't even remotely on my mind when I turned to Miss Jennifer initially, but when she broke through my pain threshhold - admittedly in a safe, secure way but still definitely delivering that searing dose of pain - I was also able to open up to her about a lot that had been ailing me, that I had not even planned on mentioning. I regained a sense of self-control I had been lacking in a long time. This set me on track to successfully overcome several personal demons in the months following, and also rebuilt a bridge to my past that I did not even realize before badly needed repairing.


In summary, I got way more than I asked for, which really is more than you can even thank somebody for. Thank you Miss Jennifer, it was an admittedly painful, but life-changing experience.

(December 2016)

He waited over a 1 year to write the testimonial as he wanted to see the long-term result…he tells me.



Written especially for first time females who need a spanking for discipline.  I am a female and just got spanked by Miss Jennifer.  It was my first time EVER to receive a real life spanking.  After talking for awhile she told me to come with her to the other room and she was going to give me a "few hand spanks."  Yeah, wasn't just few.  LOL.  She told me to pull my pants down and directed my bottom over her lap.  Of course I was nervous! But at the same time I felt safe because I knew she was going to discipline me properly, with care, and give me what I needed.  So the spanking began.  It started out mild but then increased in intensity.  Although it was just her hand and wasn't even full intensity, it still HURT and I felt truly punished for my behavior.  It lasted for what seemed like forever. She asked me while spanking me if I was going to be good to which I replied, "YES MA'AM!"  She spanks you in a way that compels you to really think about your behavior and why it's important to change.  No I didn't get paddled. No I didn't get whipped and no I wasn't caned. It was a hand spanking but was no less serious than the use of the implements. She disciplined me sternly enough to get my attention and provided motivation for necessary change.  Actually, her mere presence is efficacious in behavior modification.


Afterward my bottom was pretty red, sore, and had some bruising.  I had a 3 hour drive home and having to sit on a freshly spanked bottom the whole way was not comfortable. At one point I tried to reach my hand back to protect my bottom and Miss J quickly grabbed my hand and held it back.  Drat. Ha ha. Then I tried to get away by scooting forward and she stopped me right in my tracks and said, "Don't even think about it."  Ha ha. So yeah, you can't get by with anything.  Remember she has a plethora of implements at her disposal.  We were past my allotted time and I thought I was going to get by with just a lecture because we had previously discussed just meeting and talking due to my fears.  But I knew I deserved to be spanked. And Miss J knew it too. And trust seemed natural.  No discussion of that was required.  She is that good.  And so the discipline was administered.   


I was soooo nervous and anxious about the whole ordeal that I actually canceled my session at first! LOL.  Miss J reached out to me and wanted to talk about my decision. She convinced me that she was safe and I didn't have anything to worry about.  Her care and concern convinced me to attend.  I mean really? Does your dentist call with concern when you cancel an apt? How about your doctor?  Does anyone care enough to do that?? No, I didn't think so. Except Miss J.  


As for the pre-spanking discussion, she really took the time to get to know me and figure out what I needed. I actually thought I deserved a spanking for a stupid decision I made which was indeed correct. However, during our talk, Miss J discovered another area of my life that needed attention to which I wasn't even aware of.  I had been talking to my ex boyfriend even though he's now married. He initiates this but I have done little to stop it.  He has a history of being unfaithful and me continuing to permit communication will only get me in trouble in the long run. Miss J addressed this very sternly and in a strict manner and said she could spank me for this as well. My first reaction was, "spank me for WHAT?? I'm just talking to him."  But she cleverly unveiled my motives - I liked the attention from him.  Again....she is that good.  She lectured me sternly over this and of course disciplined me.  Although Miss J is strict and I feel a healthy sense of fear of her spanking me, she is also quite caring and encouraging. She uplifts you while lecturing and disciplining you and intuitively knows what you need. I am also actually a professional counselor (yes, I'm humble enough to admit I still need spanked lol) and I can assure you that Miss J is like a counselor.  She's a motherly figure, counselor, and disciplinarian packed in one.  She comes pre-packaged with incredible insight and wisdom.  


A couple notes to remember:  

1. Don't ever tell Miss J you are too cute to be spanked.  It doesn't work.  

2.  Bring a pillow for the ride home but don't tell Miss J you have that. 


I recommend her wholeheartedly!  

From a bratty, smart mouthed, spanked bottom. ;)


Columbus 2016




This is a short, but very sincere testimonial about the ability of Miss Jennifer to deliver a very strict spanking which hurts like crazy, and yet, leave the recipient of her many spanks from a variety of implements feeling wonderful. 

Jennifer is a beautiful, intelligent woman with a sparkling personality who will deliver a spanking you wouldn't believe - a non stop flurry of spanks, from fast to slow, hard to soft.  She is as a great conductor wielding the hairbrush as a conductor wields his Baton.


Jennifer has an amazing ability to put you at ease - if this is your first time, do not worry, you may trust Jennifer totally.  She will give you exactly what you need while respecting whatever boundaries you may have. 


San Jose, CA 2016


Here is the testimonial:


My first session with Miss Jennifer was such a memorable experience. Like many others, my spanking fantasy started at an very early age. I was never spanked growing up. A few years ago, I finally decided to do something about my desire and met with a female disciplinarian in the east coast. Unfortunately, the intensity and the experience was not satisfying. Recently, I discovered Miss Jen's website. After reading through all the information and testimonials, I decided to reach out to her for a real spanking experience. I requested and filled out my application. The next day, I received her reply and was luckily accepted. 

I arrived at the hotel at the scheduled time. She greeted me at the door with a charming smile. She invited me to sit down and we talked for a while. I was a bit nervous in the beginning. I explained to her that I wanted a real spanking experience and have my limit pushed but I didn't understand why I had such weird desire. She did a great job putting me at ease and explaining why I have this desire and that I am perfectly normal. Everything she said was very convincing. 


After chatting, we moved to the bedroom and she turned on the music. She had me laid across her lap and the spanking started with her hands. The pace quickly increased. She switched to some small implements at some point. It was a lot of sting but I felt that it was not too bad. Next, she had me laid over the bed and moved to a number of implements, including the butt beater. To be honest, I was too focus on staying still and managing the pain that I didn't pay much attention to what implements were used. I felt that i was handling it quite well throughout the entire session until she pulled out some kind of heavy wooden paddle toward the end. I could feel the bruising of my bottom from each swat of this thing, which I didn't enjoy. It was an intense and very memorable experience. 


I was quite shocked and scared to the see marks afterwards. Jen explained that I marked very easily because it was my first session. My backside was sore for several days after the session and some of the marks lasted for over ten days. I was so thankful that I got the chance to meet with Miss Jennifer. I finally experienced the spanking I have long desired for. I can't wait to see her again!



(Chicago 2016)



 Somehow the planets knew that I needed to be spanked. Accordingly, they aligned themselves such that within less than 24 hours of requesting and then submitting my application to Jen, I found myself at the receiving end of a spanking from her in a hotel room in London. Thanks, planets…..


I, like many others, have had a long-harboured desire to be spanked. The innocence of my childhood interest was somewhat ruined by my parents being called into school to discuss one of my pieces of literary genius (aged 6), which featured me being spanked very often for various misdemeanours by my parents. Thankfully my parents managed to fend off the child abuse allegations, and it was firmly put to me that writing such stories was inappropriate, and rather embarrassing for them. And so my interest went underground, but never went away.  I didn’t understand it, but all I knew as I was growing up was that this was a lifelong thing, hard-wired and embedded into my psyche, however weird I thought it was.


In my university years my interest prompted me to meet up with an older man who seemed nice online, for the purpose of receiving a spanking from him. The sheer horror I feel when I look back on that – a 20 year old getting into a stranger’s car, without telling anyone what or where she was going or doing, to be driven miles away to receive a spanking in the back of his car. More than spanking was offered during that meeting; I am forever grateful that this particular gentleman was not a bad apple and returned me to my home, having not had the fulfilling spanking that I had dreamed of, but also not having worse tales to tell of my experience. That was enough to put me off the idea for quite some time.


10 years later, the itch that never went away drove me to search for a disciplinarian in my area in the UK. I found many ladies that offered spanking, but most in the context of BDSM. I was pretty sure I didn’t want to find myself licking anyone’s shoes or wearing a gimp mask, and so the field of likely candidates found itself very thoroughly narrowed. It was by chance that Miss J’s page came up on a google search. As I read through the site, she just seemed right for me. Her directness on her webpage made me laugh – clearly she’s been asked to do all sorts by her potential clients. If you aren’t clear on what she doesn’t do before you read through her site, you’ll be crystal clear by the time you’ve finished browsing through it! Her directness appealed to me – she definitely seemed like my cup of tea. I noticed that she was only in the UK until the following day but thought it would be worth at least getting in touch, with the potential of meeting in the distant future, on a future trip to the UK. So, without really thinking about it, I emailed her to ask for an application. When it was pinged back to me, a couple of hours later, I filled it in (as much as possible – I couldn’t answer half of it (am I a ‘thuddy’ or ‘stingy’ spankee? I still don’t know) but did my best. The reply, that came within a couple of hours of sending it, left me in a state of shock; she was available the next day and was keen to meet. I didn’t have time to think about the reality of the situation I found myself in, and following a brief phone conversation (her American accent – so cute!), the next 12 hours of my night shift passed in a haze. Before I knew it, I was on a train, contemplating the very daunting prospect of having my backside painted red by someone who along with her many rules, is clear on her website that she spanks hard, for real. I’ll be honest – I felt sick (was that the pic n mix I had for breakfast though?).


Once I’d got to the hotel and met Jen, she immediately put me at ease. We talked for a very long time and she asked loads of questions. It was a conversation of equals and I honestly felt like I was talking to a friend. Clearly she’s experienced at putting nervous spankees at ease. This made all the difference for me. I can’t pretend I was paying full attention as we moved on to discuss why I needed/wanted to be spanked, or as Jen dispensed her advice - my brain was in meltdown as I knew the spanking was becoming evermore imminent.  When the time came I completely lost the ability to speak, but I think Jen knew this and just lead it from there.  I’m not sure she picked up the sarcasm in my response when she asked me if everything was ok after what I assume was the warm up – I think she actually believed I was having a wonderful time. Either way, the spanking continued. The infernal music with its relentless rhythm left little space for any kind of break – I spent a lot of time hoping for a really slow song to come on, but alas, it never did. There is little more to say about the spanking other than to verify what others have said; Jen does indeed spank hard. The unexpected benefit of it was that I was so tense, I spent the majority of it in a plank position – my abs had a great workout!


The session ended following a brief chat and a hug. My butt is still bruised, 5 days later, but the sense of a burden being lifted remains. The spanking with Jen was everything I had hoped for, and more. She is clearly very good at what she does. If you’re reading thsi and haven’t been spanked before but just know it’s something you want or need, don’t hesitate. You’re in safe hands with this lady. Thanks, Jen – I’ll be watching out for your next visit to the UK.


(London 2016)

Being an alpha female makes it difficult to report to Jennifer for a session. I am a handful and do not listen to just anyone. You have to be a strong and forceful person. I can attest that Jennifer is very much in charge but also very kind in her approach. I sought Jennifer's services for life coaching and spanking therapy.  Although I am strong in some areas, I can be immature and willful in areas that are not in my best interest. I test the boundaries all the time. Jennifer knows that, you can't get anything past her, she will call you out each and every time. 

I had made agreements and promises I did not keep between the first and second session. I did not keep them because I was not ready to let go. Also I am not use to answering to anyone - no one! Even at work, I am the boss, so people answer to me, I don’t answer to them. Being accountable for my actions is new for me.


One good thing is I was totally honest with Jennifer because she knows if you lie - so DON’T EVER LIE! Before our session, she knew all the I had done and I knew the consequences. 

The day arrived when I was to report to Jennifer for our session. I was scared. I walked in the session room and she warmly greeted me. She is so good at making you feel comfortable. I did not want to be there and she knew this.  I sat on the chair and we started talking and I told her how I was feeling and we had a very warm, caring and sincere exchange. I started to relax, but then the music started and I got terrified. I watched as she got out her instruments. I think I looked like a deer in the headlights. She instructed me to lower my pants and get over her lap. I reluctantly did.  With my hands clutching the pillow I lowered my head on it and the spanking began.

I thought - not so bad - I can handle this, just don’t show that it’s not so bad and it won’t get harder. Don’t even kid yourself - she knows - you can’t fool her! She told me that I had made her angry since our last session and she can’t understand how I can be so intelligent yet make very poor choices.  And then the fly swatter, spoon and spatula followed and it HURT and STUNG!! But, that was just the beginning. I was told to stand up so she could really get to work.  She then instructed me to lay back down on the bed.  So I laid flat on the bed with my bare bottom and thighs as the target, again clutching the pillow with my hands.  And I can’t tell you what wood instruments were used but I could not hold still.  She had to literally hold me down while she beat my bare bottom.  She asked me if I was going to follow the rules and I honestly couldn't answer yes so I said maybe with a cute grin and the wooden bath brush came pounding down one right after the other until I said I am sorry and promised sincerely to follow the rules. Key word “sincerely”.  And the spanking continued until I was completely broken and crying.  And then the spanking stopped, but I kept crying for quite a while. I rarely ever cry, but that is what I needed. How does she know?

It’s been two days since my session and my bottom is still sore. A good reminder of changes I need to make and commitments I need to keep. 

For me this is better than any traditional therapy.  I made so much progress in just two sessions.  So, YES, I will see Miss Jennifer again. And NO, I will not enjoy the spanking - I will dread it! I know this is what I need to move forward in my life.  

January 2016, Los Angeles


So, what happens when a little kid grows up with no rules, no boundaries, and never hearing the word "no"? When she spends day after day, year after year, doing whatever she feels like doing with no consequences? She grows up into an adult with no boundaries, no interest in what the rules are, and no concept of doing anything other than exactly what she wants to do.That was me, for many years, and honestly, I thought it was great. I always knew exactly how to get out of trouble if I ever did happen to get caught, when to straight up lie, when to try to act scared and innocent....I was a lying, manipulating little brat, which is exactly what I was told by Miss Jennifer when I saw her for the first time in June.


My whole story starts long ago, like so many of us.... of course, I had never been spanked in my entire life until one day in high school when I was caught red handed breaking many rules by a straight-as-an-arrow older sister when the rest of my family was out of town. She drug me across her knee and beat my bare ass in front of all my friends. I was so shocked I could barely move the entire time! Of course, the next week at school, everyone knew about it, my peers and teachers alike. I heard, not for the first time, things like "Good, you've needed your butt beat for a long time." I would just shake my head, they didn't know what they were talking about! Years later, when my two older sisters heard the story, they agreed and said we should keep a paddle handy, as I could still probably use some discipline. At that point, I thought it was all kind of funny, and we started looking online for paddles. Well, we found a whole lot of stuff! To make a long story short, eventually, I found Miss Jennifer.


Fast forward to June 2016, Seattle, Washington. After finally realizing that I did need some discipline in my life, I had an appointment set with Miss Jennifer, and I was so nervous! Driving to the hotel, I got stuck in traffic, and ended up being about 15 minutes late! I called her and apologized right away, I told her what happened, she was fine with it, and eventually, I reached the room. She opened the door with a big smile, and what everyone has said is very true! She's so pretty, she has such a beautiful smile. Right away I felt at home, we talked and laughed, I felt like I was with an old friend. Time flew by, and after a while, I noticed Jennifer start playing with her phone, and I heard music start. I had read about what happens when the music starts, and I almost started to panic. I told her I really had to use the bathroom, that I was going to run downstairs and be right back. She gave me this little smile and said "hurry up." 


When I got back, Jennifer again let me in and started walking toward another room. I went over to look out the window and commented on the beautiful view. She asked me "you don't think you're getting out of this, do you?" Part of me really did think I might get out of it, because any other time, if I was in danger of getting consequences, I would do whatever I could to get out of them. Like look at the beautiful view. But Jennifer was having none of it. "Come on," she said to me, still smiling, and with my heart pounding, I followed her. 


She shut the door behind me, went over and sat on the bed, and then looked at me and patted her lap. I was so scared at that point, I hardly even remember getting into position over her lap, but I do remember hearing the loud smack of her hand against my skin, and the pain that followed. I couldn't believe the sting of just her hand, and how fast it was coming down. At some point I could tell she was using something different, but I had no idea what. Finally I turned my head and asked "What is that thing?!?" She showed me a little plastic spatula, and I made a mental note to try to find it afterwards and destroy it! The sting was almost unbearable!


I have no idea what other implements Jennifer used on me, I was almost scared to look at them. What I do know is that I tried to slowly crawl off of her lap, but that idea didn't work very well. She asked me "where do you think you're going?" and just pulled me right back into place. I kept my head down and tried to just breathe, and then she finally stopped spanking me. I got up, and then she stood up, and I bent down to grab my pants to pull them up, but nope! Jennifer said "you need to lay back down." Oh my God, I thought it was finally over and she was telling me there was more!! I wanted to cry, but I just did what she said and buried my face in the bed while she decided what to use next. When the spanking started again, I honestly thought I could not take any more. I had never been through anything like that! But one thing I had learned that day was that I can completely trust Jennifer, and I knew she wouldn't give me anything more than I could handle. I remember feeling what I thought was a paddle, and then I noticed the swats were coming slower, and weren't as hard. I started to breathe deeper and slower, and pretty soon the spanking stopped completely. I don't think I even realized it at first, but eventually I did, and I looked up at Jennifer, and she told me "You can get up now."


Jennifer sat on the corner of the bed, and I walked over to a couch that was nearby. I thought she was joking when she told me to sit, but then I realized she wasn't, so I slowly sat down. She asked how I was feeling, and I couldn't even explain the calm feeling that I had, a feeling I never have, a feeling of peace. It was so nice. We talked again for a little bit, and then it was time to go. 


Oh, the pain! With every move! But I was feeling kind of proud that I handled it, so before I left, I asked Jennifer "So, like on a scale of 1-10, how bad was that? Do I have a pretty high tolerance for pain?" Thinking I was about a 7 or 8, imagine my surprise when she laughed and said "That was NOTHING!" 


So now I have some issues that I'm working on, and a plan to meet with Miss Jennifer again in the next couple of months. I'm keeping track of my behaviors, the good choices and the bad ones, and I know she will hold me accountable when I see her next. I also know that I trust Miss Jennifer completely, and I'm sure that whatever comes my way at that next session will be well deserved!


Kristen K. June 2016



   I am a complete novice at being spanked. I have thought about it for many many years. I often checked the internet looking for diciplinarians who spank only. After seeing Jennifer's website and reading dozens of testimonials I filled out the application. 


  I was utterly honest listing things that no one else knows about me. I really had no confidence that I would be accepted. Upon acceptance I quickly made my appointment before I could try to worm my way out of it. I was now locked into my fate.


   I gained trust in Jennifer from viewing her site. After talking to her on the phone, I harbored no doubts that she was genuine.


  The one thing that impressed me about her pre-session emails were all of the no nonsense rules. I felt like a school kid reading rules on the chalkboard. I thought that she was serious minded and that she demanded respect; setting her authority right from the beginning. I couldn't imagine intentionally breaking any rule. This put me at ease. I had no confusion about what was expected of me and what to do once I arrived at my session.


  I will be brief about the beginning of the session. Jennifer is charming, bright and perceptive. She is patient and I was very relaxed by time the session started. Super important; she knows how to get you in a good state of mind.


   First off, the hand spanking was unexpectedly stingy type pain. Ouch. I just gained an appreciation of how much a hand spanking can hurt. I had no idea!


  Next came a spatula and then somewhere about implement 3 or 4 came the hairbrush. I was kicking my feet and in pain, but taking it well (in my mind). I was really enjoying the session and thinking to myself "this is wonderful, I can't believe I am actually being spanked". Enter act 2.


  After the OTK, and now with me in the prone position, the first thing I saw her pull out was an evil thick strap. She laid in to me very hard right from the the first blow. It was unbelievably painful. Doubling the pain from anything previously. She is strong and rained down continous devilish blows. Reality set in. I was in for it.


 I quickly stopped thinking altogether.  I just reacted to the pain and hoped she would go back to something less evil. Sensing my reactions, she said "just a few more" and whacked me even harder! 


   At this point, I started feeling dominated and helpless. When I got a "break" from the strap with a few other unknown attack weapons, I found myself both dreading and craving to again experience the feeling from being strapped so hard!


  It came quickly with a sharp bright pain. Over and over and in spots she had not yet gotten too. Like the sides of my buttocks and my lower inside cheeks. It was intense. I had to ask her what that was. She showed me. It was a medium sized  bath brush. Holy cow it hurt.


  She was now laying into me with some type of paddle. I craned my neck to look. The image of her raising that paddle and cracking my ass is ingrained forever in my head. I could only watch for a few swings because it hurt so much I had to bury my head in the pillow. I could only react to the pain. 


   She had changed implements several more times, including a plastic something that hurt everywhere all at once! All this spanking....over an hour of it.....all the while sizing me up.


   I felt something very heavy and large resting on my sore bottom. She hit me with it, WHAM!  My whole body convulsed: head flying up, feet flying, body arching. It was a hellish thick wooden paddle just from the feel. She was thumping me from a standing position. It was extremely painful, slamming me into the bed repeatedly. I thought it couldn't be worse, neverending.  She then switched sides and was on the bed. The angle of the strikes seemed to be swooping in from high above my knees and landing on the bottom half of my butt. It was so powerful that I felt like I was going to fly off the bed head first. 


  From this intense relentless paddling, I entered a mind palace of searing pain, utter helplessness and total domination. I mentally surrendered. I had no choice, no control. I thought the paddling would never end. I squirmed side to side and tried to anticipate each blow. She strongly pulled me back into a level position and kept on swinging. I could feel her emotion of remorseless dominance raidiating and extending through her paddle into my consciousness. I was lost in pain and euphoria. This made the whole experience exceptional beyond what I thought possible.


  As soon as she decided I had enough of the nightmare paddle, I found myself instantly craving the zone where I was again. Crazy huh??


  At the session end, I was positive my rear was destroyed. Wrong. She showed me a photo. It looked like an even deep dark tan with red splotches around the symmetrical edges. A perfect circle of punishment. Unbelievable. She is an expert and knows how to administer a sound, harsh spanking with consumate skill.


  I know I couldn't have gone through a better first time initiation into spanking. My interest could have been dissolved by a careless, mundane or depersonified experience, instead it has deepened and intensified thanks to Miss J.


  Even now, the next day, I want to be spanked again. My rear isn't up to it, my mind still desires......


Kelly, Twin Cities 2018.

Over the course of the last five and a half years I’ve had the honor of participating in 14 punishment sessions with the lovely Miss Jennifer.  This may seem like relatively few, especially when compared to the numbers that other of her spankees have endured, but believe me, each of the fourteen was sufficiently intense to make up for the low number. Besides, in any given session (and most all of them) I’ve been spanked with her hand, hairbrushes, wooden spoons, a wicked rubber paddle, a large wooden school paddle, spatulas, canes, carpet beaters, belts, straps, tawses and what feels like an infinite variety of other implements and in a way I’ve received hundreds of spankings, paddlings, canings, strappings and assorted other beatings from Miss Jen.

               Now I said it was an honor, rather than a pleasure, because, lets face it, the pleasure of being spanked by a disciplinarian as intense as Miss Jennifer is complicated at best. Yes, there is the desire that draws you, the need to be punished, the wish to submit, the thrill of being spanked by such an attractive young woman, and then there is the reality of the experience. Miss Jennifer never fails to find whatever it is you may think are your limits and then push you as far past them as possible. Yet in spite of what is ultimately the application of a lot of force, she doesn’t so much force you past your limits as guide you to new levels of endurance.

               Every session I’ve ever had with Miss Jennifer has been something of a paradoxical experience. The petite, smiling young woman who greets you at the door does nothing to prepare you for the sadistic disciplinarian that she becomes the moment your pants come down and you go across her lap. She easily disarms most of your anxieties with friendly conversation about the weather, travel or other innocuous subjects. And even when discussing the details of your impending punishment her tone is light and cheery. She makes it very easy to talk about the things you want from the session. Topics you could never speak casually about to other people are easily discussed with Miss Jennifer. She puts you at such ease with her professionalism and caring, that you have almost no remaining anxiety about surrendering your tender bare bottom to her array of wicked implements.

               My favorite part of almost every session is that moment when she calls me over to where she is seated and starts to unbuckle my belt. Perhaps we’ve been doing a role-play, and having acted out our pre-spanking drama where the strict teacher or angry aunt has confronted the naughty boy with his misdeeds, I may offer some resistance to her efforts to remove my pants. But she never fails to overcome that resistance and unbuckle my belt, unfasten my pants and push them down off my hips. She has me remove them and then pats her thigh as a signal that it is time to get across her lap. I move into position without hesitation, knowing that it will be but brief seconds before she peels my boxer briefs down to my thighs and starts the spanking. I know two things about Miss Jennifer at this moment, that I can trust her absolutely, and that she will give me the most intense and severe spanking that she thinks I can endure. Miss Jennifer uses no safe words. When you put yourself at her mercy that is exactly where you are, at her mercy. And it’s exactly where you want to be. There is no fear in this act of total submission, only a sense of calm, comfort and even peace.

               Of course that is only the calm before the storm. There is nothing calm or comforting or peaceful about getting spanked. It is an act of physical violence, even when consensual, and even when the individual getting spanked desires to receive it more than anything else in the world. There is nothing more thrilling than receiving that first stinging slap of Miss Jennifer’s palm, but it’s about as calming as jumping out of an airplane. The good thing is that Miss Jennifer is much more reliable than the best packed parachute in the world, and you know at the end of the journey, your going to land safely.

               Miss Jennifer’s hand is one of her most potent implements, and she has used it with great skill on my bare behind. There is nothing quite like the sting of each slap and the sound of her palm smacking against my skin. She alternates between a series of quick sharp slaps that sting the surface and slow methodical hard spanks that drive the pain home.  I’m always amazed at how long she can keep going, how she applies what seems like several hundred smacks of her hand to warm me up for the array of more severe implements that will follow. She’ll switch from one hand to another often during the spanking. Occasionally she’ll place a hand on my lower back after having used it to smack by bottom red, and it will feel as hot as my own skin. I have never found it difficult to endure a Miss Jennifer hand spanking. Oh it stings enough to let you know that your bottom will be quite red and sore, but it is the most pleasurable part of the whole experience, and you feel as if you could stay across her lap and let her spank you like that until the end of time. But it never lasts, and as soon as she’s satisfied that she has warmed up every square inch of my bottom she moves on to the next phase of the session.

               Miss Jennifer always has her lap instruments on hand for immediate use, meaning there is little more than a few seconds between the time she finishes with her palm and starts fresh with something new. The implements at this stage include hairbrushes, wooden spoons, spatulas, small wooden paddles and that rubber paddle thing that hurts like hell. She tends to deliver more of the sharp quick spanks with these implements, an almost constant rain of blows that give you no time to react to one hit before the next is landing. Occasionally she will slow down and lay that wood or rubber into you with long slow strokes, but it happens less often than it does when she is using her hand. Everything definitely stings more at this stage, but I rarely feel a challenging level of discomfort. The pain is still exquisite. Stingy. Sharp. Your nerve endings firing with every hard spank. And at this stage you can still enjoy the pleasure that Miss Jennifer gets out of the session. Part of the appeal of the whole experience is in how much Miss Jennifer enjoys the work, so it’s as much about offering yourself up to her enjoyment as it is about getting the good hard spanking you need or deserve.

               The real pain comes during the next phase of the session. For this I’m usually placed face down across a bed, pillows supporting my hips, my red bottom exposed to whatever torments Miss Jennifer sees fit to inflict next. A wide array of implements has been used on me during this part of the session, among them canes, straps, belts, paddles and bath brushes. I am often oblivious to the specific implement as it is being utilized, though some I am painfully aware of. One of her favorites is a carpet beater, an almost innocent looking loop cane that Miss Jennifer uses mercilessly. You know that when she starts tapping that thing against your bottom that each stroke will become harder and harder until the pain is excruciating. I can feel the shape of the loop as it burns halo after halo of pain into my skin. It’s also not unusual in this phase for Miss Jennifer to pick up the rubber paddle again. It is such a small tool, and stings even worse when she has the room to swing it more effectively. I’ve hated that thing since our third session, but know I would miss it if she stopped using it on me.

               My favorite implements are the leather ones (until they are not), and I know that Miss Jennifer has used a variety of straps, tawses and belts on my bare behind. My favorite is the long belt. There is never enough room where she is spanking me for her to avoid hitting the wall or a piece of furniture on the back swing, so I get something of a warning just before each blow falls. The leather cuts into my tender (and by that point well roasted) bottom to great effect, but as much as I want it to stop, I’m often sad when it does. Another favorite implement of mine is the big school paddle, a monster that slams into almost every square inch of my bottom at the same time. Miss Jennifer has used this often on me, although mercifully the number of strokes is usually limited. That thing could do some genuine damage. The first time she used it on me she gave me ten hard swats. She then suggested that I take another ten, to which I said something like “let’s not and say we did.” That, of course, was all the reason she needed to apply an additional 15 good hard strokes. And I certainly deserved it for even thinking about arguing with her. Because Miss Jennifer owns the room, Miss Jennifer owns your bottom, and when you choose to walk into a room for a session with her you willingly give up whatever right you had to refuse her.

If there is one thing you can count on Miss Jennifer to do during a session, it is to find your limits and move right past them. There are plenty of moments when you wonder whether or not you will be able to endure it at all. The only thing that keeps you going is the deep desire to not disappoint her. Because you know that Miss Jennifer will refuse to compromise on the level of punishment she thinks you need or deserve. And as much as you might wish for her to be less intense, you know you would be disappointed if she ever gave you anything less than her best. She is a dedicated disciplinarian with sadistic streak that makes her all the more effective, and the only way to respond to her is with gratitude for every painful moment.


Carl ~ Chesapeake, VA 2016



I always thought I'd been I'd been around the disciplinary block a few times, tasted most flavours, become too experienced for surprises. My first meeting with Miss Jen, a few weeks ago made the thrill of a spanking brand new again.


I made sure I arrived early, relaxed in the hotel bar with a mineral water, looked discretely through some CP photos to get me in the right headspace. Unlike with many practitioners, though, this proved unnecessary; Jen took time later to hold my hand, lead me gently into my beating. Something tells me she wouldn't lay a finger on anyone until she knew they were completely ready.


From the moment the elevator door opened I felt completely relaxed. The getting ready was absolutely as much fun as the spanking. We sat in her airy suite high above London and shared – the parts of our lives that amuse us, the quirks of our friends, experiences with food and the world of work, let our humour wash into warmth.


After a while the conversation began to slide into our childhood experiences of spanking and our passions for giving (Jen) and receiving (er, me). She stood before me, animated enthusiasm, and the desire for discipline boiled and boiled between us as we chatted more.


At the point Jen chose, I was led over to the pre-prepared area and taken over her lap. The hand-spanking, then the working through the array of implements was thorough, lengthy and so so hard. Wooden paddles of all shapes and sizes, hairbrushes, spoons too, the beating went on and on. But it was nurturing and controlled, always following the contours of my longing. Simply, she got it. She got me. And the more she spanked, the more I wanted, to the extent that finishing – so that I retained at least a layer of skin – was a real disappointment. Jen knew instinctively that I was in a state of bliss, so let me float back down slowly and sublimely, stayed with me, close, until I was back in my body again.


We had connected in a way I didn't know was possible through spanking, and I guess that can only happen when it was so real for us both. I was lucky to forge a deep friendship that day, and I cannot wait until Jen is back in England again.

with love


London 2016






After almost two years of repeatedly visiting and re-reading Miss Jennifer’s website, I finally found the nerve to email her for an application and all I can say is that I wish I had done this two years ago!


Although I was never spanked growing up, I’ve had a fascination with spanking along with a deep desire and need for discipline since as far back as I can remember.  10+ years ago, I explored this desire in the BDSM world but eventually just gave up as that wasn’t what I truly wanted or needed.  It was the discipline with strict and consistent consequences that I needed in my life, but not everything else that comes intermingled with that in the BDSM world.  Not even realizing at that time that professional disciplinarians existed, I just resigned myself to the fact that this deep need within me would never be satisfied.


As I sit here on a bruised, sore bottom after my second session with Miss Jennifer, all I can say is that I was very very wrong about that.  After completing my application, which was fortunately accepted by Miss Jennifer, my first session was set.  I can’t even explain the nerves and excitement I felt for the three weeks before that first session, so many thoughts going through my head I couldn’t even think straight.  Time flew by and before I knew it I was at the hotel for our scheduled session.  I almost turned around in the parking lot, and then again when I was inside the hotel, but the second Miss Jennifer opened the door and greeted me with her beautiful, warm smile and sweet demeanour, the nerves started to dissipate. We talked for a while and Miss Jennifer really took the time to get to know me, my desires, needs, concerns, and what I was looking to get out of the session.  I had chosen a life coaching/discipline session and she took genuine interest and time to get to the root of the issues I needed help dealing with and the desired outcome I wanted to find.  Now, I’m not good at opening up to people, especially to someone I barely know, but Miss Jennifer is one of the warmest and most genuine and caring people I’ve ever met which made it all so much easier.   


I’m not sure how long we talked for but without me even clueing into what was happening, Miss Jennifer had turned on the music (be warned, that’s the cue that it’s about to start!), sat on the bed, and told me to pull down my pants and get over her lap.  She had also brought a number of menacing-looking wooden implements over to the bed with her that were placed in her reach (good for her, not so good for me).  She started with a warm-up with her hand but don’t be fooled, it hurt.  A lot.  Started lightly but quickly got harder until all I could think about was the searing pain in my backside.  At some point she switched from her hand to a wooden paddle and hairbrush, but I honestly couldn’t even tell you when she switched, her hand delivered just as hard of a blow that the paddles did.  I clutched the pillow for dear life and focused all of my energy on staying still and not squirming away to give my poor bottom a break.  Even having experienced some spanking/paddling/whipping/caning in the BDSM world years back, that was not even comparable to the disciplinary spanking I was receiving right then and there.  Miss Jennifer was in complete and total control, which I both loved and hated in that moment. 


Miss Jennifer delivered a very real, very stern, very strict, and VERY hard spanking.  At the same time though, I always felt completely safe and could tell that she genuinely cared about my well-being.  It was also very apparent that this was not just a job for her, she loves what she does and that came across clearly throughout the session.


The after effect was a very bruised bottom and a sense of calm and happiness inside of me that I have never felt before in my life.  I don’t know how to explain it other than there is something that happens to the soul when a deep-rooted desire and need is finally satisfied.  I left that room with a huge smile on my face, along with a happiness, clarity and focus that I’ve never had before.  The experience was so wonderful that I scheduled my next meeting and saw Miss Jennifer again three weeks later for a session that was even more incredible than the first one (still feeling the effects of it too).


For those who are uncertain, nervous, or not sure if they can do this, all I can say is that you are in the best of hand with Miss Jennifer.  She genuinely cares about people and takes a real interest in getting to know her spankees to ensure that they have the best experience possible.  My only regret is not emailing Miss Jennifer two years ago when I first found out about her! 


Seattle – Female        (2016)



I had the honor to meet Jennifer and before the session, from filling up the application form to getting her approval and having the date set for the session. A few emotions were obvious: anxiety, nervousness, restlessness, self-doubt, excitement and even dread. 


“i’m going to be spanked by Miss Jennifer” runs through my mind many time. This is followed by anticipation and a bit of nervousness as the time grows closer. My nervousness increases, the closer i get to the appointed time. I am also filled with self doubt, not sure that i want to go through with it, despite the fact that my brain tells me i need it and that fact that  really want it. It is shortly before the appointed date and time when the self doubt almost prevented me from going further. It takes courage to place myself into a situation where i know i will be subjected to a lot of pain perhaps excruciating pain. The courage to go forward is also helped by the assurance of Miss Jennifer, and the many testimonials that came before mine. 


On the day of the ‘encounter’, i try to focus on preparations showering, shaving, choosing what to wear, considering what to eat.. etc. All the tedium that we all go through every day prior to our workday, for example. Except that at the start of the work day, most of us aren’t in for the physical pain! this leads me to the more important aspect of the session, which is trust. I’m sure, the word trust is what everyone think about. Trust is essential to session with any disciplinarian. If there was one thing that i really appreciate about Miss Jennifer, it is that she makes you trust her, and i am certain that i will walk away unharmed- but not unhurt-from the session. A good disciplinarian hurt you, but will never harm you, and that is Miss Jennifer. For many people, the safe word is essential and you think that gives you trust. But a punishment is about trust and trust is a two way street. To ask for a safe word, is not trusting her to give you the punishment that you deserve. And there is not one moment that i regret not having the safe word after a session with her. She makes it her responsibility to care for and guide you through the session and ensure that you come through it safely. And our responsibility as her spankee will be to trust, to communicate before the session truthfully and to be determined to take what she is meting out. 


Don’t deprive yourself of a great experience because you are too proud or too shy to share about yourself to Miss Jennifer. If there is one thing i learnt from my session with Miss Jennifer, there is no shame in being a spankee, in liking pain and liking to be spanked. 


Come to grips with who you are and carry out that fantasy of yours with confidence in the safe hands of Miss Jennifer. I really enjoyed myself and i hope people who are still hesitating will take the plunge and enjoy yourself and indulge in the best spanking experience of your life:)



Singapore 2016

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