This week was the 4th time I’ve seen Miss Jennifer.  Before each session, we chat for a while.  She’s given me good ideas about eating better and ways to save time preparing salads and healthy meals.  Miss Jennifer also knows a lot about her profession and about the physical effects of a hard spanking.  Now I know why it’s important to stay hydrated, especially while the swelling and bruises are healing.  She takes her profession very seriously.

Once the music starts, it’s time to get down to business.  I slip my pants down to my knees and get over her lap.  She begins with her hand which gives a firm swat.  When she constantly strikes one area with her hand, it stings.  Then she moves onto brushes and paddles to get my bottom numb.  Miss Jennifer uses one stingy implement that has me squirming on her lap, and hugging the pillow.  After she’s done with it she shows me what it is – a salad spoon.  I can’t believe how much it hurt!  Miss Jennifer tells me that she’s learned to flick it to make it more painful – she’s very good!

After 15 minutes she tells me to get up so that she can do her job.   That’s when the real spanking begins. 

Miss Jennifer’s modis operandi is to spank as hard as I can stand it until my backsides are more numb and the swats are less painful.  Then she moves onto another implement and spanks harder. The intensity of the spanking grows and grows, and it’s a challenge to stay still.  I use and abuse the pillow to wipe the sweat off my brow, to scream into, and eventually to wipe tears away. 

After bringing up the pain intensity higher, she starts to spank where bottom and thighs meet – the sensitive sit spot.  I can’t escape into the pillow.  I barely can stand it, but I do.  Miss Jennifer spends so much time on that area that I know there’s a reason.  She starts using the sjambok, aka “the evil black thing”.  Miss Jennifer keeps spanking, spanking and spanking – pushing me to my physical and mental limits, and beyond.  I can’t hear the music.  I bite the pillow.  She brings me to tears.  The spanking continues, and I fight it less, resigned that it’s going to stop when she wants it to stop.  Finally she says, “two more”, then “five more”, and then “two more.” And it’s done.  She lightly spanks me with a paddle to bring me down.

The next morning I see only one bruise the size of my palm and a swollen bottom.  No bad marks.  I thought, “Man!  How does she do that?”  But that’s Miss Jennifer.  She knows what she’s doing and she enjoys doing it.  Will I see her a 5th time?  Absolutely!  Will I see her a 10th time?  More than likely.  Miss Jennifer knows what you need, and does her best to deliver it.


Houston - 2015




I met Jennifer for the first time today and it was an amazing experience. This was only my second spanking as an adult, and it was a 2 hour session. It took me decades to build up the courage to finally seek what I’ve been secretly desiring since I was very young. I was very rebellious from the ages 11 to15 and richly deserved a number of good spankings, but never received them. I received all of them today and then some. Jennifer was not only comforting and reassuring — I was still most definitely self-conscious about receiving a spanking at my age — but was very beautiful as well. As for the spanking she gave me, well, it was unforgettable to say the least. I was, to tell the truth, rather proud that I was able to endure the whole thing without trying to stop her relentless slapping with her hand, various paddles and brushes, and this terrible thin rubber elongated square-shaped implement. When she offered to evaluate my pain threshold I expected her to say a 7 or even an 8 out of 10, and at least a 6. She said I was a 3! I thought that I was pretty tough, and she said a 3! She did say that was good for a beginner, so maybe next time I’ll shoot for higher, but as sore as I am now, I’m not in a rush. In the end I can only say that my encounter with Jennifer was one of the highlights of my life, and I’ve led an unusually exciting and adventurous life.


(2015 OHIO)

I'm writing this the morning after my evening hour with Miss Jennifer. I'm still sitting on a sore bottom. That is exactly what I'm looking for.

When I arrived yesterday to the door of Miss Jennifer's hotel room, I was quite anxious. I've been spanked by at least 6 other women disciplinarians or dominas. This is my first time with her. I didn't know what to expect and she didn't know my level of experience. 

We sat and had a wonderful conversation for about 10 minutes or so just to get to know one another. We discussed my spanking interests and she chose several implements. I saw several different sizes of wooden paddles and a hairbrush sized paddle. She then said we should get started and she helped me remove my pants. She sat on the hotel bed and had me lay over her knee. I had a pillow that I first used for comfort and near the end of the session used to scream in to. We got comfortable and she lowered my underwear just enough to expose my bare bottom and my upper thighs. I know she spanked me with her hand but she alternated some of the paddles. At first I could hardly tell the difference. Her hand connects quite hard. One thing that was totally different than any other spanking session for me was the music. She was concerned about the sounds of spanking and she turns on music at an acceptably loud volume. She then spanks to the beat. This means that she spanks constantly. Very few breaks. I was spanked almost for a solid 45 minutes. She alternated speed and intensity also based on the beat of the music. I had no concept of time during this experience but I assume as we approached the end of the session her intensity was increasing to a very high level. She was spanking me repeatedly in the same spot on my upper thigh for at least 6 straight spanks. I was reaching a point where I thought I would give up. She is wonderful at sensing how much you can take and pushes you a little to take more. Then she changes locations. She brought me to a spanking level I've never experienced before. This was a most awesome experience! I had a lot of pain but that is why I went to see her. Miss Jennifer gave my exactly what I wanted and even more than I expected.

She told me she is returning to Houston next month. I will do any thing to see her again. She convinced me to go longer next time so she could push me to see how much I can take. I'm already looking forward to my next visit. I hope our schedules will allow us to meet again.

By the way, I knew from her pictures on her website that she was attractive from the neck down but there are no face pictures for privacy issues. When she opened the door to allow me in I was presented with a most beautiful face to look at. She is a total package. Very attractive. If you are wanting a great spanking experience, spend the money to see Miss Jennifer. She is AWESOME!


Mark – Houston 2015




If you have a need or a desire for spanking and want to deal with a wonderful person and a no-nonsense professional, I highly recommend Miss Jennifer.  Miss Jennifer brings natural talent, experience, an eye for perfection, and great passion to her sessions.  While there are no doubt many people willing to provide a spanking, Miss Jennifer will deliver an experience that is a cut above the rest.  She is perfect for an experienced person or a complete newcomer. 

I fell into the latter category.  Although I had what seems like a lifetime of desire to be spanked I had never acted upon it until recently.  The spirits had finally moved me to experience spanking in real life.    Finding someone to fulfill my need seemed like a daunting task.  I looked at many websites before finding Miss Jennifer’s.  I reviewed her site extensively and it really resonated with me.    She is very honest and straight forward about who she is, what she provides, etc.  A real no-nonsense straight shooter!  I was convinced she was the perfect choice to provide my first spanking.

 I emailed her about a session.  Miss Jennifer realizes that no two people are alike and people have completely different feelings, needs, and desires when it comes to spanking.  She goes out of her way to learn about you prior to having a session.  The process starts with a long but thoughtful application. I filled it out honestly and told her things about myself that I have never told anyone.    I sent it off to her and she emailed me a few days later inviting me for a session when she would be available in a few weeks.  In the following days there were several email exchanges as we took care of details, and then finally a quick phone call a few days before the session.    Miss Jennifer was true to her word throughout the entire process.  There was no run-around and nothing ambiguous.

On the day of the session I was met at the door by a lovely and very attractive young woman.  She has a warm and wonderful personality to match.  Although I was highly nervous and usually quite shy, her easy going demeanor had me relaxed and chatting away in no time.  We talked about numerous things and ultimately the conversation was steered towards spanking as Miss Jennifer continued to try to learn about her newcomer.  And then it was time for the session.

I had requested to do a role play scenario that I was quite fond of.  When the session started Miss Jennifer transformed into her role and was very convincing.  This helped me quickly dissolve into mine.  Not long after that I found myself across Miss Jennifer’s lap, bottom bared, receiving my very first spanking!  She started with her hand.  It started quite softly at first but quickly built up in intensity.  Make no mistake about it, you will be getting a REAL spanking.  It will be very thorough.  After a fair amount of hand spanking she started in with a couple of different implements (hairbrushes I think).  The spanking ranged from moderate and tolerable at times to very intense where she had me wiggling and gripping the bed and pillow.  No safe word was given, and I never felt one was needed.  I felt safe and confident that Miss Jennifer had good control of the situation.  She seems to intuitively know when to push harder and when to lighten up making sure not to take me beyond what I could reasonably withstand.

After a good spanking over her lap I was sent for some corner time.  This was by request, as it enhanced the role play, but also provided a little break for the newcomer.  A few minutes later I was face down on the bed being spanked with other implements from Miss Jennifer’s extensive collection.  Each one has its own unique “signature” in terms of sound, feel, etc.  She remained true to her role the entire time.  Initially I felt it would be difficult to endure a spanking of such length, but I was so firmly entrenched in the roleplay and spanking that I completely lost track of time.  Before I knew it, the session was drawing to a close.  She finished with a very intense flurry of some rather “stingy” implements that really had me gripping the bed.  When she was finished I dressed and we casually picked up our conversation where we had left off.  I was having a great time talking with her but ultimately it was time to go.  We said our good byes, and I departed.  I had some soreness and markings for a couple of days after, but nothing to cause concern.  I actually enjoyed it.  Every time I sat down I had a wonderful memory of our session.  The session put me on a real emotional high.  I made the acquaintance of a wonderful woman who understood me and my feelings, and I had done something I had always dreamed of.  I couldn’t imagine the session going any better than it did, and I am already looking forward to the next one.  Thanks again Miss Jennifer!

Chris NOVA 2015




I was fortunate enough to be approved for a session with Miss Jennifer, and I had a 90-minute session with her nine days ago.  To say the least, it was an exhilarating experience and I hope to muster the courage to do it again.


Although I had seen regular "dommes" in the past, this was my first spanking experience.  What a remarkable difference!  I had read Miss Jennifer's testimonials beforehand, but I was still unsure what to expect, at least from my end (no pun intended.).  Of course, all those comments about her tremendous beauty, intelligence and personality are completely true.  And there is something else special about this young woman, but it is difficult to describe.  I suppose the term "genuine" comes close, but that word hardly does her justice.  This lady exudes self-confidence and complete understanding of her trade.  She is also very compassionate.  She is refreshingly a straight-shooter, means what she says, and does exactly what she says she will do.  No ego, no BS -- just truth.


My session was very painful for me and I constantly hoped she would let up a bit.  I truly did not think I could last through the ninety minutes.  But -- and here's the strange part -- I did not succumb to my basic self-survival instincts and flee. There were no physical restraints, of course, and I suppose I had the ability to run off and terminate the session.  But I did not.  Miss Jennifer's instructions and rules as published on her website noted that she, and only she, would decide when I had endured enough.  And those instructions were the "restraints".  Why and how they bound me, I 'll never know, but they did.


The after-effects of my session with Miss Jennifer were, and still remain, astounding.  Naturally, the immediate "after glow" when the incessant pain stopped was immense.  But later, even after the few days of physical soreness wore off, I continued to experience a very real calmness that is hard to describe.  Perhaps the necessity of "being in the moment" to endure those ninety minutes resulted in reprogramming my normal, anxious, over-thinking type nature.  I continue to feel relief in that regard, and it has been over a week since my session.  I'm sure my blood pressure has been favorably impacted by the experience. 


I won't pretend to understand the psychological workings of all this, but I am both amazed by, and thankful for, the whole experience.  I plan to gather the courage for another session soon, because something with Miss Jennifer just works.



Los Angeles






Searching for a professional spanker, I discovered Miss Jennifer's website. I wanted to find someone who is both highly skilled and who truly loves what she does. And that's exactly what I found. 

 After reading all the info about her and the sessions she offered, I liked that she was not a 'dominatrix', had no 'dungeon', and travels to various cities. This was just what I was looking for, so I decided to take the plunge.

 I sent a request for the application form, got it fairly quickly, and proceeded to fill it out. Took my time answering all the questions, I really wanted to be accepted. Emailed her the completed form, and, lo & behold the same day my request was approved! 

 She said: 

"I just read your application and I like it.

You like to receive a real spanking and like to be pushed.

That is exactly what I do.

I want to see you on __ at _pm for 90 min." 

 Needless to say I was totally thrilled. Also a little nervous, knowing I was gonna get a real no-nonsense spanking. 

 I followed instructions to the letter, and before I knew it, I was knocking on her door. 

 She answered very politely and ushered me in. We sat and talked a while to get acquainted, and to establish mutual trust. I realized then that I had picked the right provider for me. We discussed many things, mainly about my life and history, but most important, my reasons for wanting a spanking and what type did I want. Her eyes sparkled when she talked. I could see it's true, she really loves what she does. 

 Then it was time for my spanking. She asked me to remove all my clothes except for socks and underpants. She had me lie on the bed face down, and placed a pillow for my head. She put on some music then started slapping my bottom in time with the music. First very lightly, then gradually harder and harder, then lightly again. Then harder to the point I thought I couldn't take it, then lighter again, and repeating this cycle over and over getting harder each time. My bottom was stinging and burning and there was nothing I could do about it. It hurt. A lot. I squirmed and kicked my legs in a vain effort to try to swim out of the way. But the spanking went on and on. At times she changed from using her hand to various implements: spatula, paddle, wooden spoon, or strap. I don't have a clear idea how long this went on, but I know it was longer than I've ever been spanked. I just knew I had to take it, and that resolve pushed me into a strange delirium. Merging with the pain, I was transported to a feverish rapture of pure sensuality. I couldn't think, I could only feel. It was a different world. A world where pain and pleasure became one. And Miss Jennifer was totally in control. I didn't like it, but I loved it. I needed it. Now I was able to let go of everything. But still, the pain grew more and more intense with each cycle. I thought I couldn't take anymore. I'm gonna jump up and run out of here any minute. But no, somehow I mustered the courage and I'm so glad I did. 

 When she decided it was time to stop, I breathed a sigh of relief and she very sweetly rubbed my tender cheeks while I relaxed and floated back to earth. Then I got up to get dressed, and she told me that I took it well. I was proud that I did. We hugged briefly, I told her what a truly exquisite session it was for me, and then I was on my way home. The afterglow felt good immediately, and lasted several days. 

 Thinking back about the session, I realize the greatness of her expertise. She spanks with artistry, flair, and finesse. She knows just how much you need, and just how much you can take. I'm so thankful, and most definitely I will be seeing her again.    


                   San Francisco 2015      




My fascination with spanking was definitely triggered as a child and teenager with some experiences, but never would I have thought that there was a beautiful lady out there somewhere that ONLY spanked, because I always thought you went to a dominatrix for that, and I am not into anything else that a dominatrix does...


Miss Jennifer is the real deal, and her face and personality are every bit as amazing as the rest of what she has chosen to reveal on her website.


The first step is to email her, introduce yourself, and give maybe a brief description of yourself, what you are looking for. If she is comfortable with you at this point, she will send you a lengthy, detailed application. READ THE WHOLE THING, from beginning to end. There is a reason for it being so long, to make sure that she is comfortable with you and vice versa. Answer every question detailed and completely, be thorough, be honest, and be respectful. 


After I sent in her application, it seemed like I was waiting forever. I think I waited over three days and sent it to her again (This is ok to do if she doesn't reply to you after 3 days, as she gets TONS of emails, just be respectful and don't be pushy)  Finally, I got a reply from her saying she liked my application, and wanted to see me in Minneapolis. She apologized for being so behind on emails, but it made my day finally confirming that I was approved!


The next thing you will do is send her a partial payment to reserve your session. Just be sure to read everything she sends you carefully, and follow the directions. 


Once she receives prepayment, the next thing you will do is talk on the phone with her so she can get to know you more. 


I actually by chance got to talk to her on the phone that same night as I paid her, but for all practical purposes it has to be a time when both of you are available. Just be patient. I dialed her number with butterflies in my stomach, and a sweet, bubbly voice greeted me and put my mind at ease. Within 5 minutes, It felt like I was talking to a long-time friend. She will go into more detail about what you want during your session, and what she expects of you too. Even some small talk if she has time. At this point she is genuinely interested in you. I found her very pleasant to deal with right away. 


She will send you one more email a few days prior to your session, for you to confirm that you are still serious about it. 


Be respectful, follow her instructions, and her rules always. She is truly a real lady, I can't emphasize this enough.


I waited almost 3 weeks from the time I talked to her until my big day finally arrived. I pulled into the hotel in Minneapolis, and called her shortly before my session. She gave me her room number and I was off. Being so busy with work the previous three weeks kept my mind occupied... but suddenly came the butterflies in my stomach, my knees and legs felt like jello, and I felt like it is 1992 and I was an 8th grader on my way to the principal's office. 


Listen to her, respect her, and follow her rules, and you will be fine. 


I found her door, knocked, and this beautiful, petite, brown haired woman greeted me with an amazing smile. I will say that having never actually seen her face before, I had imagined a completely different picture of what she looks like...but that lady who greeted me was just as beautiful, even more beautiful in some ways than what I had imagined. 


Sitting down with her, it is clear she is genuinely interested in you and is trying to get to know you more. But make no mistake, she is also studying you like a hawk, or like a lioness waiting to pounce on her prey. She is also using this conversation to study you and figure out exactly what she is going to do to you. 


We talked for a short time, some small talk, eventually more detailed talk about our session, and then it was time to start. When she led me to the bed and instructed me to strip, and then bend over her lap, it was the ultimate rush for me. 


We did a role play session for some "unpaid speeding tickets" that I dodged years ago. 


Starting out with her hand was very enjoyable at first, I requested starting with a "warm up", and sort of got a short one. It won't take long for the honeymoon to be over though, and she will really get down to business with that hand. Every time I looked back at her she had a smile on her face, even when it felt like a hornets nest was landing on my backside. 


Make no mistake, she will spank you, and spank you HARD. More than likely worse than a lot of you have gotten it in your whole life. 


The important thing is to listen to her, respect her, and most of all TRUST her. She has done this with hundreds of people of all ages, so chances are she knows what you can take more than you do yourself. If you want a lot of pleasure out of a spanking, you will have to push beyond what you think is your pain threshold. 


From what I understand, the different implements she uses on you depends on each person and the vibes she gets from you, so everyone is different. If I remember right, I was able to keep from getting vocal with her using her hand, I could keep it under control with just wincing, burying my face in the pillow and clenching the sheets with my hands.


All bets were off when she got out the strap, after maybe 6 or 7 strokes I had no choice but to cry out, I managed to stay still but didn't know much much I could take, I couldn't tell you whether she gave me 20 strokes or 40...The funny thing is I'm not even sure if she swung it that hard, I don't remember hearing the classic "swish" noise, but make no mistake, she makes her presence known!


When she knows you are at or past your pain limit she may stop and grab, massage or rub your bottom for a short time. This feels so amazing. With some people, I guess she has some lotion in case she really notices bruising, but apparently according to her I have pretty good skin and muscle tone in my backside for a mid 30's guy. LOL


My breaking point came with that skinny bath-brush, after maybe 10 strokes I was screaming and tensing up uncontrollably, and I wanted nothing more than to either jump out the window or jump through the wall and run away...


I had it in mind mind that I could take no more and flew off her lap and across the bed...I said something like "I'm sorry Jen, "I'm really sorry, I can't take it!" She smiled at me, loving but firm and said "Yes you can, just a few more, now get back over here!" The strange thing was for the short break that I got from running away, the pain went almost completely away and was replaced by this incredible warmth. I think we finished some more with the brush, it still hurt, bad, But I felt a little more able to bear it. 


Next, she instructed me to get up, and I think we finished with a tear drop shaped, rubber coated paddle. Once again, in a caring and loving but firm voice, she told me something like "Now I want you to be a man, get over here, and take your medicine, just a little bit longer and we're done." 


The paddle was honestly more pleasant in some respects than the strap or brush, until she really whacked me hard with it. But nowhere near as bad as that bath brush. I think she finished up with a hand spanking for a few more minutes, And then she finally told me we were done and I could put back on my clothes. 


We went back in the other room and sat down, talked about the session and eventually just some more small talk until it was time for me to go. She said on her "pain scale' I was about a 3 or 4 out of 10, which she said isn't bad for a first timer. Which is right where I thought I would be.  


Surprisingly, I wasn't in a lot of pain and still am not writing this 8 hours later, but just enough pain to make me remember her for the next few days :-) And wondering what it will be like the next time I see her...


----Minneapolis 2015




My Session with Miss Jennifer:


Where do I begin…I am a woman.  I wanted a life coaching session with discipline.  And that is exactly what I got!


Jennifer is the best.  I was in a VERY unhealthy relationship that was causing me tremendous emotional pain in my entire body.  I scheduled a three hour session with Jennifer and tried to back out during our first email exchange after I was accepted as a new client.  She coaxed me into going because she knew she could help me and boy was she right!


This session was never about the spanking, it was about letting go of this unhealthy relationship that everyone in my life who cared about me including professional therapists were telling me.  It was about gaining control back in my life so I could move forward into healthy, deserving relationships and find my true path.


From the time I was a young girl I had always fantasized about spanking.  It was never the actual act of spanking but the lead up to it.  I like the discipline of spanking.  And, I was not disappointed with Jennifer because she will hold you accountable.  And you had better do what you promise her you said will do because she can really spank HARD.  As I sit here two days later my bottom is still extremely sore and every time I sit, put on my jeans, use the bathroom, etc. I am reminded of what I need to do to make sure my life moves forward. 


That man has been deleted! Yes deleted!  No one was able to help me do that, but Jennifer did after one session! And my very sore butt reminds me of why I needed to do this. 


I want to see Jennifer again, but let me tell you I do not look forward to her spanking me.  That terrifies me.  She spanks hard and with purpose on your bare bottom.  But, it is what I needed to move forward in my life.  I just want to make sure I am continuing on the right path for my life or I will get it worse!  That would be extremely painful.


So if you would like to have a person who is wise beyond her years, holds you accountable for the choices you make in your life and gives great advise, then I recommend Jennifer - but just be aware her spankings HURT!


If you want to just be spanked because you are into it - go for it - you will not be disappointed.


I thank Jennifer for her caring kindness, strong approach and being there for me!


2015 - Los Angeles






I had read many of the testimonials prior to my first meeting with Miss Jennifer and that alone persuaded me to apply and fortunately was accepted. I will be brief as much is already said. Miss Jennifer is delightfully charming, funny and makes one feel instantly at ease. Then the transformation to what I can say without hesitation was the most awe inspiring DISCIPLINE I have ever experienced (there have been more than a few) over the years. It had a level of variety, intensity, rhythmic beats (pun intended) that had me experiencing pain that I have never before endured and yet I knew more was on the way but never how-I applaud her choice of music for the session. The sensations were so intense and the variety of application so spell binding I just had to stay with the program. In short I have a very very sore bottom and and can truly say I have experienced the most COMPLETE DISCIPLINARIAN in my life. Please feel free to post with this one of the photos.

Once again thank you.


Jy at NYC 2015








Hi. My name is Bob, and I just had the pleasure of meeting Miss Jennifer. This was my first spanking experience and I was very nervous. When I met her she was stunning intelligent and very personable. She took the time to put me at ease and then proceeded to give me the spanking of my life. While at times the pain was almost unbearable she varied the rhythm to make it bearable. A couple of times I looked back at her face and by her smile could tell she was enjoying torturing me. When she was done she gave me time to compose myself. I am already planning to see her again and I believe novice or experienced she will give you a spanking experience of your life and I would highly recommend her.

INDY (2015)




I recently just saw Miss Jennifer in Chicago for the 2nd time. If anyone is looking for someone who is truly into spanking I really cannot recommend Miss Jennifer enough. I do enjoy expanding my limits and believe me Miss Jennifer can certainly deliver. Do not be fooled by her beauty or her smaller stature she can spank and set your bottom on fire. She is unbelievably easy to talk to and if you are like me I am always nervous before I am about to get spanked but chatting with her before hand she can certainly put you at ease before she blisters your bottom. She is an absolute expert in just about any implement you can think of and her hand is sure to get you squirming during your so called "warmup". But she is definitely a professional in every aspect of the word and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Good luck and be careful what you ask for because Miss Jennifer is sure to give it to you :).


Eric (Chicago 2015)



That was certainly one spanking I will never forget!  And it took over a week before my bottom was back to normal.  When she says she's going to spank you and spank you hard, count on it.  From her bare hand, to a couple of different brushs, plastic spatula and tawse, Miss Jenn makes every spank smart.


Miss Jenn made an impression on me right away when she opened her door.  Wow, I thought, what a beautiful woman with a nice figure, but kind of small.  Then I started thinking that this was going to be another disappointment, leaving me wanting for more and wondering what a real sound spanking is like, which I had wanted for so long.  The next impression was on my bare bottom which came very quickly.  Only the first few spanks were light and playful as she quickly increased the intensity, while keeping a steady beat with the rhythm of the music.  She can't still be using just her bare hand, that stings too much and her hand must sting by now too.  I'm not sure how long it went on, but she showed me a picture of my bottom after just the hand spanking, so I could see how marked up it was, and red!


On to the implements.  I didn't see what she was using nor could I tell when she changed from one to the other, because they all stung, especially when she focused on one spot on one cheek.  Many times I was left trying to catch my breath as I squirmed over her lap, even kicking my legs up and down.  Thank goodness she gave me a pillow to hold onto, scream into, and even cry into.  At certain points I kept saying I would be good and please no more, but she was true to her word that there is no safe word.  The spanking continues until she feels you've been given what you need.


Finally she had me sit up so she could stand up, but I wasn't done. I had chosen an hour and a half session so that's how long I was spanked.  She placed a folded up pillow under my hips so my butt was a good target, and then resumed the spanking. This really hurt and I know the tawse was one of the implements she used at this point.  When I was squirming around too much or my breathing got too quick, she would back off a bit until I was under control.  She also picked up the pace and hit harder quite often, and pushed me to my limit several times.


After it was done, the heat was intense and continued to increased throughout the day, especially after I put on my jeans and had to sit down in the car for the drive home.  My butt was completely red from top to bottom and side to side.  She said that for my first spanking I took a pretty good one.  Of course there's always more.  Sitting was uncomfortable the next couple of days, until the marks started to fade.


That was an incredible experience that felt so good, hurt like hell, and gave me exactly what I needed.  When Miss Jenn is back in town, I'm planning to visit her again for another good spanking.


D in Cleveland.





Hi, my name is Joe and I am older man.  As a youth I was never spanked, however one day when I was around 10 or 11 a group of my friends were talking about being spanked by their mother’s.  I realized I had nothing to add to the conversation because I had never been spanked.

I thought about that for a while and decided I wanted a spanking so I would know what it felt like.  For the next few weeks I did everything I could think of to get my mother to spank me.  I talked back, I took money from her purse, I broke neighbors’ windows.  One day after doing something bad I asked my mom are you going to spank me for that and she said no I don’t believe in spanking.  I thought all that for nothing.    I grew up had a family, owned a successful business then one day my wife passed away.  I was alone and after several months for a reason I do not know the thought that I was never spanked came back into my mind. 

I then met Miss J. and today my life has changed forever.  After several attempts to get together it finally happened today.

We talked for a while then Miss J, told me take off my shoes and come to her as she was seated on the bed.  I did what I was told and as I stood in front of her she took my pants down then told me to get over her knees which I did while thinking this little woman can not give me the type of spanking I want.  As I lay over her knees I felt her take my underwear down and then using her hand she began to spank and at first I thought no problem then I began to feel a sting and within a few minutes I felt like a hive of bees was attacking my bottom.  I began to feel pain then more pain I squirmed an asked her if she could stop for a while.  She said your mother would not stop and I neither will I.  I think she even applied her hand faster and harder to my bottom.  After what seemed like a day she stopped and it way over.  I was exhausted and could hardly move.  My bottom was sore no it hurt.  I felt today what I always wanted, a really good old fashion spanking!

If you want or believe you need a spanking that will stay with you I invite you to set up a appointment with Miss J. But be careful what you wish because she can do more than just spank.  She has instruments that I think will cause tears in your eyes and beg her to stop, I promise however she will not so remember you asked for it.

(2015 Dallas)






I had seen Miss Jennifer one time but almost two years had passed.  During those two years, I had really started to dwell on the fantasy of being spanked by my boss for being naughty at work.  My first little problem is that I love to wear panties and lingerie to work several days a week.  Needless to say the thought of being caught and punished was quite intriguing.  Once Miss Jennifer had set the ground rules for my fantasy to take place, I was very excited and I asked for a very severe corporal punishment session.


Once I arrived at the destination, I was more nervous that the first time I met her because of the level of punishment I had requested.  Miss Jennifer has a wonderful personality and she put me at ease with our conversation.  Once I relaxed and started to feel comfortable, she knew it was time to get down to business.  She addressed the issue of me wearing lingerie to work and made me show her my panties, stockings and bra that I was wearing under my suit.  I had asked and was given permission to wear a pair of heels and a cute little nightie for my punishment.  Once I had prepared myself, Miss Jennifer had me lie down over the end of the bed.  She slowly raised my nightie and lowered my panties.  She began with a  slow but steady hand spanking that soon began to feel like a brush but it was only her hand.  Once she had me warmed up, she moved to a small paddle, strap and of course the hairbrush.  Stroke after stroke rained down on my poor buttocks and it seemed like each once was harder than the previous one.  I started to wonder what in the world I was thinking when I requested this type of punishment.  Miss Jennifer was relentless with her assault on my bottom.  I could feel the skin tightening and the welts coming up on my bottom.  Finally, she paused to inspect her handy work.  When she squeezed my cheeks, I could tell that this was going to be something I would not soon forget.


Miss Jennifer allowed me to regain my composure and then I saw her reach for her canes out of the corner of my eye.  I was very fearful of what was about to happen and if I could handle what I was about to get.  Miss Jennifer expertly began to apply stroke after stroke with a variety of canes and a few other implements that were quite painful.  It felt as if my buttocks was tearing open with each additional stroke.  Just when I thought I could not take another stroke, she would pause and allow me a few seconds to regain my composure.  Each time she would start back and eventually she brought tears to my eyes multiple times.  (I have been spanked many times during my adult life and can honestly say I had never shed a tear).  The amazing skill, and stern approach with which Miss Jennifer operated during our session sent my emotions over the edge.  As the tears began to run down my cheeks, I felt a passionate and burning desire to take what she offered up.  After about 6 or 7 cycles of cane strokes raining down on my bottom, Miss Jennifer announced that I was just about finished.  I was given one last series of strokes and was allowed to get off the bed.  My legs were weak and my knees were very unstable and my bottom was very red, swollen and felt as if it had knots all over it.  Miss Jennifer helped me to regain my composure and complimented me on how well I took the punishment. 


To sum up my experience, I have now seen Miss Jennifer two times and she is one of the most kind, considerate and caring people you will ever meet.  Her beauty, style, class and elegance are captivating to anyone.  Simply put, she is the type of lady that would turn heads in a crowd.  Just by looking at her you would never guess that she is capable of administering a VERY stern punishment.  So ladies and gentleman, if you are interested in a no nonsense discipline session from an amazing lady, I would highly recommend Miss Jennifer.  She is the absolute best at what she does and I have never encountered a close second.  Thank you Miss Jennifer for an incredible spanking experience.  I can not wait to see you again.


New Orleans----March 2015 




Miss Jennifer,

As requested, here are my thoughts about our session. I hope this is what you are looking for and that it makes sense. I apologize that this is a bit long, but I wanted to provide you with something that was useful and thoughtful. Also, I wanted to give myself a few days to ponder the whole experience. Sometimes, what you think or feel immediately after something happens changes over time. I can tell you that my current thoughts and feelings are the same as they were immediately after walking out of your door. If anything, they’ve grown a little stronger.

Anyway, here goes…

First, I will say that the whole experience is nothing like what I expected or imagined it would be like.

Laying down flat is my least favorite position to receive a spanking, and I have never really been a big fan of over-the-knee (or over-the-lap in this case). I did say l like sting more than thud, but those small implements that focus the sting on one small spot – ouch! Not my thing. I prefer my sting spread out more.

The butt-beater is terrible (or more to the point – it is a terror)! About 3/4ths the way through that thing I thought I was about to pass out. And I cannot really describe what I was feeling in my stomach. Being spanked by that butt-beater was an assault on my senses the likes of which I had never experienced. I wanted to become one with the bed, and when that didn’t work, I really wanted to stop.

You said that during the spanking, I wasn’t going to like it. You were right. After that short break following the butt-beater, when you told me to get back in position, I did not want to do it.

But I am not a quitter. I wasn’t going to quit on myself or quit on you. I remembered something else you told me… something like if I endured to the end, I would experience something like I never had before. That thought went through my mind, but my real motivation at that moment was that I wasn’t going to quit. I rolled back over because I wasn’t going to quit.

And you were right. I still cannot exactly describe how I felt when it was over. I think every muscle in my body was worn out and tense. But inside – mentally and emotionally – there was a release I cannot exactly describe. Relaxed doesn’t quiet describe it. It was as if all the stress and tension and junk inside me was gone. It was like an internal reset button had been hit. It was like so many other things I just don’t have words for.

I told you in my application that I did not want to request a lot of specific things for this session. I said I wanted to not know what to expect or how it would go. I wanted to give all control totally to you. If I had given you a description of what I wanted, it would not have been anything like what happened. Just about everything that did happen (position, implements, etc.) would have been low down on my list. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought you could read my mind, and decided on what I would like least just to show me who is in charge! And yet, I am not disappointed. In fact, I went away very satisfied. I wanted no control, and in that regard, you did not disappoint.

I was certainly nervous at first. I was nervous about being in a hotel and someone hearing us. I was nervous about taking my pants off. I was nervous about showing my butt to you. You told me to try and relax. As I first lay across your lap, I relaxed and tried to envision it as a massage. It was very relaxing at first, but of course that did not last very long. As the tempo and force of the swats increased, I was very focused on what was happening to my backside. All the nervousness was gone, and I was able to block out everything else except what was going on. I was existing totally within that moment, which is very difficult (before this I would have said impossible) for me to do – to just exist where I am at. I believe this is where you wanted me at. I was so unaware of anything else that I honestly did not know when you switched from using your hand to whatever came next. I did not notice a difference and would have been clueless if you had not told me. And if I wasn’t really saying a whole lot, this is why. I was in a place mentally where talking just wasn’t going to happen.

Speaking of your hand – I have no clue how you manage to spank so hard with just your hands. Or how you manage to do that for so long, and not have sore hands!

And going back to the butt beater for a second – I don’t think it was the force of the individual swats that got to me. That thing definitely hurt, but each swat on its own was not more than I could handle. I think it was the speed with which the swats were arriving that caused me to almost pass out. It was a sensory overload. Slow it down some, and I’d love to try it againJ.

Three days later, and I still have a sort of afterglow effect. What you did to my rear end is a work of art! And yes, I do take a look and admire it still a few times during the day.

Lastly, I wanted to add a few words about you. We spent way more time just talking than actually spanking, and – No, I did not mind. You seemed interested in me as a person and made me feel like more than just a customer or just another client. That is very important to me. It is obvious that you love what you do, but it is also obvious that knowing the person you are spanking is just as important to you.

Miss Jennifer, you are an intriguing and wonderful lady. I cannot thank you enough for what you did (and yes, it does seem odd to be thanking someone for that!). You did not give me what I wanted, but you definitely gave me what I needed. And I can proudly declare (to you anyway – I’m definitely not going to shout it out to the whole world) that I am a spankee, and I like it J.

(Dallas 2015)





Wow!  That is the first word that comes to mind when I think of the wonderful Miss Jennifer.  I saw her 2 days ago, and it was by far, the best decision of my life!  I had always wanted to be spanked since about the age of 5.  Never knew why, it was just something I always had an interest in.  I always thought there was something wrong with me when I was growing up, then the internet came around.  I started seeing groups, and was happy to see I was not the only one after all.  I was never however interested in the dungeon scenes, and a dominatrix.  I just wanted an old fashioned spanking from someone I could trust.  After all the many years later, I discovered Miss Jennifer's website.  She seemed like just what I was looking for.  Someone I could trust.  I spent over 2 years on her website, reading everything she posted, and all of the testimonials multiple times.  I so wanted to contact her, but was scared to go thru with it.  I finally got the courage up a few years ago to contact her, and ask her for her application.  She responded within a day with the application, and said she would be able to help me with the problems I was having in life.  It was a very long application, but it is understandable.  I had other personal  things going on at the time, and I did not do the application.  Well I kept checking her website from time to time, and kept wanting do fill it out and send the application for the next 2 years, but would not do it out of fear.  Well recently, I finally got the courage up to fill it out, and send it to her, hoping it was not too late.  Hitting the send button felt like I really accomplished something by itself.


A few days letter I received an email from Miss Jennifer saying she liked my application, and wanted to see me the next week when she was in Dallas.  My heart just sank.  Happy as can be that she accepted my application, but scared to death as to what I was in for.  I had never been spanked by anyone other than a parent back at age 7, so I had no idea what I was in for with a spanking from Miss Jennifer.  When she accepted my application, she set up a date and time she wanted me to call her.  That day came, and I was nervous all day.  When the time finally came, I was scared to dial the number but  I did.  This wonderful lady answered, with such a great voice.  I could not believe it was her, and I was talking to her.  We ended up talking for a long time, and she felt like a friend I had known forever.  She assured me I was normal, and that everything would be fine.  We talked and even laughed on different things.  Just an absolute pleasure to talk to.  It put my mind at ease for the moment, and I was so happy I was going to be seeing her in a week.  As the week went on, I started to get a little more nervous the closer the day came, but I was ok.  I was looking forward to meeting this wonderful woman I had talked to on the phone.  The day of my session arrived, and I was still ok. My work keeps me very busy, so I did not have a lot of time to think about it.  On my lunch hour however, it set in as to what I would be doing in just 6 hours and I got nervous.


Well it was finally time to get in the car and go see her. I had butterflies in my stomach, and I was nervous.  Luckily the traffic was bad, so it took my mind off of it a little bit, as I got into hurry mode trying to get there on time.  I finally got to the parking lot where she was staying, and had to call her to tell her I was there.  She answered in her pleasant voice, gave me the room number, and up I went.  As the elevator was going up, I began to get more and more scared.  I walked up to door, and just stared at it for a second, and finally got the courage to knock.  Once I knocked, I wanted to run, but didn't.  The door opened, and there she was.  Sweet, beautiful, and pleasant just as everyone has written in their testimonials.  She invited me in and closed the door.  I was already shaking with anticipation.  she told me to have a seat, and we began talking.  We talked for a very long time, and I was loving the conversation.  We laughed and joked about various things, and she totally put my mind at ease.  I kept looking at this sweet pretty woman, and thought there was no way it was going to hurt that bad.  She finally said it was time to get started.  There went the butterflies in my stomach again, and I was nervous.  She could tell, and kept telling me I would be fine.


Then it started.  She turned on music, and she told me to get over her lap, and the warm up began.  It was actually pleasant at first, and I could have done that all day, however I knew it was about to really start.  She started spanking harder and harder with her hand.  I had read the stories about how much her hand hurts.  After seeing her when I walked in, I didn't think it was possible, but like everyone else that has seen her, I found out differently.  She started spanking with her hand, and you would swear it was a paddle.  In fact, I have absolutely no idea when she switched from her hand  to the 1st paddle.  This girl is that good!  She kept going, and the pain was getting worse and worse.  She would occasionally slow down for a second and ask if I was ok. I told her it hurt.  She laughed and said it was "supposed to silly", and she started up again.  She would show me what she was about to use each time, and when she got out a hairbrush, I wanted to run for the door.  I begged her not to, and she told me to be quiet and started using it.  It, like everything else, was very effective.  I wanted to her to stop, but yet at the same time I didn't.  Of course I am glad she didn't listen to me when I thought I couldn't take anymore.  She said I could handle it and told me to shut up in a sweet tone. Trust me, she knows what she is doing, and she will not give you more than she knows you can handle.  She is firmly in control when she is spanking, and you just have to trust her.  She finally got the last paddle out she was going to use, and it stung more than all the others.  Despite the fact it hurt, I still hated to see it end.  Finally, after I don't know how long she had been spanking me, she said we were done.  I got off her lap and stood up.  It was like a high, and like a huge wait had been lifted off my shoulders.  All these years built up of wanting to be spanked, it had finally happened, by such a beautiful person!  We sat and talked a little more before I left, and I truly did not want to leave.  This woman is a dream!  She is very serious when she spanks, but such a great person to talk to.  I could talk to her for hours.


So here I am 2 nights later and can still slightly feel soreness from Thursday.  I am going to be sad when it goes away, because the soreness is a reminder of one of the best nights of my life.  I was sad to leave her room, after such a wonderful time with her.  She really cares about everyone, and takes the time to get to know them.  My visit with her was life changing.  Facing my fears and having a session with her gave me confidence I never knew existed inside me.  I had to bowl last night, and my team said there was something very different about me.  I seemed so relaxed, but had confidence in my bowling that they had never seen in all the years they have known me.  They said they could see it in my eyes.  I had my best bowling night in months, because of my time with Miss Jennifer.  She made me feel so good about myself, and she has made me want to be a better person because of her.  She makes me want to make her proud.  Please, if you are thinking about seeing Miss Jennifer but scared to do so, don't be.  Don't wait 2 years like I did wanting to, but too scared to go thru with it.  Yes it is going to hurt, but it has to hurt to get you to that great feeling afterwards.  Her application is long, but it needs to be.  It helps her to know who you are, and what you are looking for.  If you are truly wanting a spanking, be honest with your application.  It is time well spent filling it out.  If you are lucky enough as I was for her to want to see you, then you should be happy.  It's truly a compliment because she is worth seeing, and does not want to waste her time with just anyone.  If you have a desire to be spanked, she will fulfill your dreams.  I hated her while she was spanking me, but I absolutely adore her for actually spanking me and for what she did for me.  She is a very good person with a very good heart.  I would do anything in the world for her if she needed me.  I thought during the spanking that there was no way I could ever endure that again, but the night I got home, I was already wishing I was over her lap again.  It's the best feeling in the world, and she is a true treasure.  I've never seen anyone else for a spanking, and I never will.  There is only 1 Miss Jennifer, and she is truly an awesome person.


(Larry-Dallas 2015)




Hi Miss Jennifer,


I am a life time spankoo,  I am a widowed male and I was born when Harry Truman was President, so I can say I been into spanking for a while.


Being a baby boomer growing up in the 50's and 60's, spanking was a ritual for most children of my generation.   I remember being spanked by my Dad on the bare behind for my report card, it seems I always  would  get a U or F in conduct or effort.   It seemed I was kind of a Denise the menace kind of child.


I spanked my wife when she acted like a brat or child like (usually hormonal issues) and of course my two children who are know full grown.


My wife had passed away about two years ago.    My life seemed to fall apart,  I was getting kicked out of places and other stupid things.

So  I thought I needed some discipline in my life because the shrink and Social worker didn't seem to help as much as I needed.   I needed a good attitude adjustment so I decided to search for lady disciplinarians and I found one in the Boston MA area where I lived.    I had about five or six sessions with her and my attitude and emotions seemed to improve a lot.    After 6 or 7 sessions in about 6 months time she became Ill and was unable to work as a disciplinarian anymore.

So my last spanking had been about a year or more and I was getting to regress back to needing a attitude adjustment again.


I went back to the internet and went into all things spanking and found disciplinarians and checked out their sites.   I looked for about two weeks off and on and I saw Miss Jennifer was coming to Boston at the end of March 2014.   I read her testimonial about 5 times and my first thought was she has a thousands rules and me being one that is not to good with rules thought so what do I got to lose.    I filled out and application and was very honest with my answering the questions and sent it to her.    To my surprise she liked it and then she sent me some more instructions on what I do next and many more of those stupid rules.


I met Miss Jennifer at a really nice hotel in Boston, called her five minutes before my time and she answered and told me the room number.

I went up to the room and knocked at the door across the hall ( got the number wrong)  but she heard the door across the hall and thought I was at her door and answered it and waved me in and she greeted me with a sweet smile and a hello.   I was taken back at first.   I am 6'2" and weigh 250 pounds and her she is 5ft tall and maybe 100 LBS.    We talked for awhile and she is so easy to talk to and very sweet and so smart.


Miss Jennifer came up with what I Needed and I was going to be spanked for bad health habits, immature behavior for my age,  another words a good attitude adjustment.     She had me remove my pants and had me over her knee and bared my bum and gave me a good sound spanking that had me wining, yelping, growling and squirming like crazy.  I didn't cry but I did carry on like a little kid trying not to cry.


I must tell you her method of spanking is that of perfection and preciseness.    Miss Jennifer pushed me past my pain tolerance.

Miss J is small and petite but spanks pretty hard just with her bare hand, she spanked me with some different implements, such as a nasty hairbrush, stinging wooden spoon, and many paddles and of course the taws,  I for some reason like the taws as one my favorite spanking tools to be used on me but of course if it was up to me it would be just that hard hand of hers.


If your a spanko looking for a women to give you a good sound spanking and uses good mentoring and is very caring and is a clean fanatic then try Miss Jennifer.     I call her Mighty Miss Jennifer because she can give a mighty good spanking.   ( I say that to myself of course)

Next time she is in Boston I am sure I would be due for another good spanking If she can put up with me.


Naughty Dave

Boston 2014




Miss Jennifer,

Please accept my apologies for this being so very, very late (2 months?). I guess I will have to set up another session with you so you can punish me for my procrastination. I'm sure a good session with cane and tawse would help me on that. No excuses, but just to explain a bit, I got a new boss who has NO idea what he is doing, plus I am fixing up and selling my house and buying another. Let's just say I've been a little bit stressed lately. As I said, no excuses.

Now, for the review:

When I first found Miss Jennifer's website, it took me a while to actually commit. I kept going back to her website and reading. I didn't want to be one of those who asked a stupid question where the answer was on her site.

I finally contacted her and filled out the application. I was thrilled at being accepted. At the time, she told me she doesn't come to Tulsa and has no plans to do so. So, I had to find an excuse to go to Dallas or Houston. I finally found the excuse when much to my surprise I saw Tulsa on her schedule. After I confirmed that it was no typo and she was actually coming to Tulsa, I jumped on it.

I think I was her first in Tulsa and I was very nervous, but she quickly put me at ease. I had asked for a role play for a story I am writing. She was very convincing and I hoped I was playing my part as well as she was playing hers. Well, whether or not I was, she was excellent at playing hers.

She started some music which I thought was just background noise to mask her spanks. I quickly realized that she used it for spanking to the beat. Over her knee I went for some good, solid hand spanks. I'm not sure when she switched from her hands to a paddle, but at some point, she did. I remember wondering exactly what I had gotten myself into.

Then, it was to lie on the bed for more paddles and straps and many more. I can say I wasn't a big fan of the lollipop, but she did use a tawse on me in expert fashion. She used a cat toy on me in a way I never would have imagined. I felt a pang of fear every time she went back to her implement bag and tried to catch a peek at what was coming up. Sometimes, I wish I hadn't

When it was over, I was very sore. We talked for a bit, then a hug. As I walked back to my car, I thought that I wasn't feeling too bad. Then... I sat down. Okay, I certainly felt that.

Was I nervous? Yes. Would I do this again? In a heartbeat. I have been spanked by others in the past, but I will never be spanked by another after Miss Jennifer. Thank you.


Tulsa 2014





Hi Miss Jennifer,

Sheesh, where to start.. I guess I've known for sometime that something was lacking from my life.  I continually  make the same mistakes and then write it off as being ok bc of some abandonment issues from my childhood. Every teacher and/or authority figure has always described me as a very sweet, funny, and Extremely Strong-willed girl. This being said, I've learned to be charming and very capable of talking myself out of trouble or atleast less trouble.. Until Miss Jennifer....None of my manipulations made even the slightest bit of difference, in fact she sternly told me I was "gonna get it worse now". And while I'm thinking about it Never and I mean Never try to explain something starting with the words "yeah but"... The look I got made me slink into the couch bc she got me to admit I knew I was doing wrong, and still did it anyway. Then she said ok, I'm going to get my implements and without looking at me she said pull your pants down. She sat on the bed, patted her lap, and said "come on". So I tried to lay across her lap with my pants only down a little, with a whoosh she pulled them down the way she wanted them, positioned me, and so it began. She warmed me up, then it started to smart a little, then came some rubber paddle thing.. It stung but for most part bearable, so I thought. Her swing became harder and I started squirming and whimpering a little until she decided to concentrate on one specific area of my right cheek, I tried so hard to stay stoic and quiet.. 😣Yeah ok.. I tried to crawl forward and she pulled me back to her lap 💪 as I was mid-air and I thudded on her lap.. Mind you she never missed a swat. I said "oh God I'm sorry, did I hurt you?" She laughed and said"no, am I hurting you ?" I said "yesssss" and through a smile she said "you need this".

Eventually, she said to get up, then lay across the bed. I did, and then I saw her pick up the dreaded butt beater..😱 All I could say was "oh no, that's the one I'm afraid of. She smiled, and I knew this is what she meant when she said " gonna get it worse now". OMG , I've never felt anything like it before .. But I kept telling myself "need this, need this".

She kept whipping me until I thought I was gonna come out of my skin and then she would back off ever so slightly.. I was not gonna beg her to stop😡,so when I finally broke all I could whisper was " ok, I get it! please, I get it!" All of a sudden I felt extremely peaceful 😌, and actually welcomed the burning sensation, I kinda felt like I was flying.. It was very calming, very similar to the feeling when she had accepted my application, and I finally knew I would be getting what I've needed for so long. Miss Jennifer called it euphoria, I felt extreme safety and such gratefulness to her.  She let me get up, pull my pants up, and finished with advice, love, and promises of future discipline. It's been almost 24 hours since my session, and I feel her words with every move I make.. Lol, but I sincerely thank her, and look forward to her painful lessons...remember strong-willed😉.

Soundly punished,


Pittsburg 2014





"I'm not entirely sure what to say that hasn't already been said in the other testimonials, but Miss Jennifer and the spanking she delivered were so memorable that I felt it would be an injustice to not let other spankees know how wonderful my spanking experience with her was. 


I, like I'm sure many of you reading this, have longed to be spanked since I was fairly young (in my case, since I was 11 or so). I was never spanked growing up, and the only spanks I had ever received were some soft ones from a girlfriend of mine as foreplay. I used to spend hours staring at Miss Jennifer's site when I was a teenager, and when I was 21, I realized I was finally ready to pursue a proper disciplinary spanking from her. In retrospect, I wish I hadn't waited that long to contact Miss Jennifer, but until this past year, I wasn't sure that I was truly ready to accept a spanking from Miss Jennifer, if she agreed to see me. The last thing I wanted to do was flake out on her and ruin my chances of ever being spanked by Miss Jennifer again, so it took a lot of soul searching and getting over my nerves to send her an email. What I soon found out was that there was absolutely no reason to be nervous. During our email correspondence and initial phone conversation, Miss Jennifer was kind, compassionate, and understanding of what I desired, and she assured me that she would be able to give me the punishment spanking I yearned to experience.


However, her sweet nature on the phone did not stop me from feeling nervous the day of my spanking. The night before, I could hardly sleep because I was so excited, and my bottom felt like it was twitching all day. When I finally knocked on the door of her hotel room, I felt like there was a large pit in my stomach, but her friendly smile and warm embrace quickly dispelled my nervousness. Following a brief chat about why I was there being punished and my experience with spanking, she had me drop my pants and took me over her knee to begin my spanking. While I knew the spanking was going to hurt, I can tell you that I had no idea it would hurt as much as it did. Her hand, hairbrush, bath brushes, sturdy rubber paddle, twase, strap, and butt beater, gave my bottom all that it could handle and a little bit extra. All I felt that I could do was grip onto the sheets as hard as I could and burry my head in the comforter, because Miss Jennifer made it clear that she would decide when my butt had endured enough punishment. That might sound a bit harsh, but that is exactly what I needed. Also, she didn't just beat my bottom. She continually checked on me to make sure I was OK, and gave me short breaks when I really needed them. At the end of my punishment, my bottom was stinging, sore, bruised, and very painful, but the spanking was incredibly cathartic, and at the end of it I felt much better than I had going into it. After my punishment, we chatted a bit more, she hugged me, and said our goodbyes. My bottom was still sore a number of days after my punishment, and was a constant reminder for me to be good, just like Miss Jennifer told me.


In summary... I couldn't recommend seeing Miss Jennifer enough, if it is a spanking you are after. She delivers one that is memorable and effective as a form of discipline, and she her sweet disposition makes her the perfect person to deliver a firm but compassionate spanking. Hopefully I'll find myself in her neck of the woods agains soon, as I am sure I will need another spanking again soon."


(Houston 2014)




Miss Jennifer,


I know it's been a long time since you've spanked me, but I just wanted to give you another compliment. You were the first disciplinarian I've ever seen, and I came back to you and have seen you twice now. I wish I could see you more, but I am very limited on choices, since I travel all over and only book to those who happen to be in the same city I'm working in (sadly our schedules rarely match up). 


Today I have seen the 3rd domestic disciplinarian I've ever seen, and I will say about 5 minutes in I was wishing you were the one giving me the spanking. I just thought you deserved a shout out, because my last testimonial was telling you how good you are, but I had nobody to compare you to. Now that I've seen one other disciplinarian who was "pretty good", and the one today that was "OK", which proves to me that you are simply on a whole other level. You are, in my mind, the best domestic disciplinarian there is to offer because of three things that I've noticed compared to others I have seen:

1) Being a novice myself, you really make a role play scene comfortable and relaxing.

2) You are good, no, REALLY good at role playing, and extremely convincing. Both scenes I've had with you are on an entirely different level than what I've had with anyone else.

3) You are great at knowing a spankees tolerance. You know how to work them into a spanking and not spank too light or hard and keep a scene going for the entire duration that was scheduled.


All of these things is what I've lacked from anybody else I've seen, and I just think you deserve the kudos, because you really are the best at what you do.


Hope to see you again sometime in the future (when our travel schedules actually line up).


(Chesapeake 2014)



I had searched the web and looked at several disciplinarian sites. Miss Jennifer's site was the first one I looked at and kept my attention. But I was unsure and very cautious as I'm always at the possibility of meeting someone through the Internet. One can't go by what people say. What I find interesting about Miss J is she does as she states. She is a girl through and through. I told her once that she reminds me of the TV show "That Girl". That Miss J is a sweet, kind, and funny girl. She is also well disciplined. She stays to her word and will not bend for anyone or anything. I have shared myself to my friends and professionals. None of which gave me feedback the way Miss J did.



We are all given a special gift in life at birth. It is what makes each individual unique in their own way. Miss Jennifer's gift is compassion and understanding for people. She has keen insight of people. This is a unique gift that she utilizes to it's full potential. It provides her the ability to give an individual the advice they need. It doesn't matter to Miss J if you like what she says or not. She will deliver her advice straight forward. If you want someone to give advice nice and sweet then find someone else to meet. Miss Jennifer delivers her advice in a cunning way. There is compassion in her voice which eases the pain of someone telling you the truth about yourself.



Miss J provides a spanking service. This is an act just as a lawyer presents his client's case, being a pitcher in a baseball game, being a pilot of a F22, driving a car in a Nascar race, walking on a wire across the Grand Canyon, or a doctor doing brain surgery. These and many more can only be done by an individual with the skills and knowledge to do so. Robby Knievel started riding motorcycles at the age of 7 which made him a skilled daredevil. Miss J is this way at spanking. She started as a child and her spanking skills were molded and polished through her life. You can be assured your butt will get what it deserves. No need to be concerned with not having a safe word or telling her to stop. She has butt knowledge and will stop when she knows you have received what you deserve.



Miss J has knowledge of many different life subjects as she travels the world learning about all walks of life. She will tell you the where, what, and why you have a problem. Then the paddle comes for her words to sink into your head. I grasp as I watched her get the implements together that will be used on my butt. There was one though that I did not see. It was the stinging spatula. I was face down and didn't have knowledge of which implement she was using until she told me that her spatula broke. I thought to myself "Oh thank goodness". Being thankful was for just a few seconds as she got another spatula to use. Miss Jennifer is an Angel with a paddle. Meeting her is an experience anyone should not miss.



After just one session with Miss Jennifer I was blessed with the nick name "Spatula Breaker" from her. But it was I that nick named her "That Girl" first. So here is a short song just for Miss Jennifer.



Canes, Brushes, Spoons,

That Girl Spanks

Sweet, Smart, Funny,

That Girl Spanks

She's a disciplinarian for thee,

She's everything that every girl should be!


Texas, Minnesota, California,

That Girl Spanks

Korea, Canada, Germany,

That Girl Spanks


She's all this in one, but luckily for you,

If you find a girl that spanks,

Only one girl that spanks,

Then Miss Jennifer will be That Girl, 

That Girl Spanks!

(Atlanta 2014)






Hi Miss Jennifer,

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Miss Jennifer when she came to my town.  I have been interested in spanking my whole life.  But as a child I thought I was weird, because I thought nobody else liked to get spanked.  When I was a little older I discovered spanking websites, and from there I’ve learned so much about spanking and little bit about why some people like to be spanked. 

I would try to get my girlfriends to spank me.  Some of them did, but it was never a real spanking like I craved.  I discovered professional disciplinarians a few years ago, but the ones I found didn’t really seem to offer what I wanted, and they didn’t come to my city.  I found Miss Jennifer’s website by sheer luck a few months ago.  After reading her website, and nearly every testimonial, I was convinced that I had to see her.  She actually came to my city a few days after I found her site, but I was busy that day.  Fortunately she was scheduled to come to my town a few months later as well.  I emailed her for an application, which I filled out very thoroughly.  I was very excited when I got an email back from her which said, “I like it”. 

As the day approached for my spanking, I became very excited and a little nervous.  Finally the appointed day arrived.  I was so excited that I accomplished very little that day, as I waited for the hour of my session.  I arrived early to the hotel, and at 5 minutes to the hour I called her number.  She told me to come up.  When I got to her door I was very nervous.  I was thinking, “What if she’s not what she’s like on her website.”  Well I knocked on the door, and was greeted by a beautiful petite lady.  She is very outgoing, and we talked for some time.  I had asked for a punishment session, so she again asked if I really thought I could handle that.  I really wanted to know what a severe spanking was like, so I confirmed that I wanted it. 

After some more chatting she said we should get started.  We moved to the bedroom, where she turned on some music and arranged a pillow on the bed for me to bury my face in.  She sat on the bed and told me to come to her.  Then she pulled my pants down and had me lay across her lap.  I thought, “Maybe she’ll just spank me over my underwear.”  But then she pulled my underwear down too. 

The spanking started with her hand.  I had read all the testimonials about how hard she can spank with her hand, but I was still a little skeptical.  But it’s true.  Her hand spanking almost got me to cry out, but somehow I endured it.  Next she used several small paddles and a hairbrush.  The worst was the little rubber paddle.  Or so I thought.  Then came the big guns! 

Next she had me lay across the bed, and she started using the butt beater.  She moved on to the strap, and then a large wooden paddle.  Up to this point the spanking was very intense, but also bearable.  Not so with the wooden paddle.  That hurt like hell!  Especially on my thighs and sit spot.  I buried my face in the pillow and squeezed it with all my might trying not to scream. 

Several times between implements she spayed something on my butt which helped cool it down for the next round of spanks.  She cycled back to the butt beater and rubber paddle several times.  The grand finale came in the form of the cane.  With each stroke of the cane came a new burning sting across my butt.  I thought I was going to yell out, but I kept my face in the pillow and somehow made it through.  When she said I could get up I felt my butt, and it was on fire!  I looked at it in the mirror, and every inch of it was red.  The marks from the cane were an even deeper shape of red. 

My backside hurt for several days after the spanking, and some of the marks lasted for over a week.  It was truly a memorable experience.  After so many years I finally experienced the spanking I had longed for.  Miss Jennifer is the only disciplinarian I’ve been too, but I seriously doubt any other disciplinarian could be as skilled or as beautiful as Miss Jennifer!  Next time I see Miss Jennifer I want to do a role play.  I’ve heard she is terrific at playing the part.  I greatly look forward to the next time Miss Jennifer is in my City.


Oklahoma 2014




I had the pleasure of visiting Miss Jennifer recently in Dallas for the first time.  This was a new experience for me and I was quite uncertain how it would play out.  Afterwards, I recognized that it was clearly a unique opportunity for me, perhaps an opportunity of lasting value.  I can certainly support the consensus that Miss Jennifer is beautiful, intelligent, considerate, extremely insightful and “thorough” in applying her skills.  I arrived feeling like an “abnormal” individual.  Upon leaving she assured me that we were both quite “normal” and I agreed.  I felt very calm and relaxed when I left (of course, I was standing at the time).


We had discussed some things I would like to change about myself and procrastination was highest on my list.  I’m really very good at it, as many people are.  It is just so easy to delay things which we recognize as having to be done ultimately, just not now.   I am good at rationalizing my delays, but now when I have the opportunity to delay, Miss Jennifer comes to mind and I do think twice and do seem to apply myself to a task sooner.  I should loose 10 pounds.  I have wanted to do so for at least 10 years.  It’s not critical, but it would be healthy and I know I could do it if I really tried.  We all have many “optional goals”, those that we would be happy to accomplish, but don’t really have to.  I have now set my weight loss deadline to be when we next meet.  So there, visiting her is healthy (just not reimbursable by insurance).  I also want to see her whenever she visits Dallas.  I guess I better get busy making those arrangements.


Robert,  Dallas  2014




Miss Jennifer


Sorry to take so long to write. I had my first session with Miss Jennifer about a week ago.  I still bear a few reminders of our encounter.

I wrote to Miss Jennifer and was approved about three weeks before the session. This was both good and bad. The good was that I had lots of time to fantasize about the session and about being spanked by a real pro. The bad was I had lots of sleepless nights wondering just how painful the spanking would be.  About the time I was in contact with Miss Jennifer for the first time, I saw my “regular mistress”.  After discussing about receiving a “real spanking”, she proceeded to rip into my butt. Being an ex body builder and weight lifter, she packs quite a wallop. Well, she said she gave me all she had and I was still able to get around on my own power so I figured seeing Miss Jennifer would be no sweat.

I had to travel two and a half hours to see her as that was the closest she would be to my home. It was a long drive down, full of anticipation. I left real early figuring for the traffic and the fact it was supposed to be raining where she was. Well, as usual, traffic was light and no rain so I arrived an hour and a half early. Sitting in the lounge watching the minutes slowly tick by were almost unbearable.

Finally the appointed time arrived and I made the call. She gave me the room number and up I went. She met me at the door and, while not entirely surprised at how she looked, more surprised that her testimonial letters were right on the mark. This sweet, almost “cherub” like person answered the door.  She was all smiles and full of positive energy. Of course, she was the spanker not the spankee. We spoke for about 20 minutes or so about all kinds of things. She is truly easy to talk with. It was then time to start the session.

I had requested a hand spanking but she discussed trying some of her other implements too. I agreed putting myself in her capable hands. She put on some music and began hand spanking me to the beat. The hand spanking was incredible. It was bearable and at times, almost pleasant. Don’t kid yourself, she really pushes the envelope and for someone whose hand was almost half of mine, she spanks hard!

But that was just the warm up. Then she took turns with the other items including a brush, several paddles, a weird thing that looked like a hockey puck on a stick and of course the awful rubber looking paddle thing. These items really pushed the envelope. I was actually looking forward to those few seconds between songs where she slowed or stopped for just a moment. Each of these items was stingy to say the least.  I had signed up for the ninety minute session and she used every second. I was sweating so badly, I had to take off my shirt.

Then, just like that, she was done and let me up. Wow. That’s about all I can say is WOW. I got myself together and we chatted a bit again and again with the smiles and a warm hug. It was a long two and a half ride home in the car though and my butt was sore for a few days but it’s kind of funny….I can’t wait to see her again….

Chuck from California  2014




Today I had my first session with Miss Jennifer and she is amazing. Over the years I have had many sessions in the past but never felt satisfied with a session. I have had a spanking fetish since I was eleven years old and I have never understood it I felt weird and alone in my desire. Miss Jennifer let me know it is ok to feel this way. She is kind  and understanding she lets you know its ok and you know she is with you. It all started when I sent a request for a session. She sent me a nice email with her application. I sent it back to her as well as a concern I work in the Hotel industry and did not want my personal life and work to be involved. Miss Jennifer made sure she booked at a hotel that would work for me and made a time for a phone conversation. On the phone conversation she let me know I as not alone in how I felt and gave me peace. She told me how to prepare myself what to expect and warned me the spanking would hurt. She is very caring and

 kind lady and she cares about those lucky to be spanked by her it shows right off before you even meet her. For the next two weeks I was scared but sure I wanted this session but still not knowing what to expect. The time came and I was scared as I called her she told me her room number and I felt at ease. When I knocked at her door she opened the door with a smile she is very pretty lady but what stands out was who she is. She made me feel like she was there  for me and to relax. After some chat she said it was time for my spanking. I took my pants off and bent over her lap she pulled my underpants down and stared to spank me I think with her hand but I am not sure( this lady spanks hard)next was a hairbrush and a small paddle. The sting is painful. Next came the butt beater and its painful. Then came the paddles this was the best I love being paddled and she did not let me down. She shows great caring from start to finish she cares about you safety

 she makes sure not to give you more than you can safely handle but she will make it hurt. I left with a better understanding of who I am and I am looking forward to future sessions with her. If you have the same desire I have you need to book with Jennifer she is best. Jim

(Tulsa 2014)




I had the complete pleasure of having a session with the lovely Miss Jennifer.  Let me say first that she is a real treasure. She is a woman who knows what she is doing and knows how to deliver a professional grade ass whipping. In my experience this is actually quite rare. There are a number of women out there who will spank your bottom but only a small handful who both deeply understand the  dynamic of spanking and have the ability to deliver in a way that will leave you gasping for breath knowing that you just got the spanking of your life.                        

I scheduled my first session with Miss Jennifer recently.  I usually don't need an excuse for a spanking but I was feeling guilty about a some real life behavior and asked her to address it for me.  She dug right in asking me questions about my behavior that had me red faced.  She, of course, then delivered the verdict that I need a good old fashioned bare bottom spanking.  I endured the 50 minutes of spanking by gritting my teeth and holding on for dear life. I deserved what I got but it was a real challenge for me- like a good spanking should be.  


I am so grateful that I had a chance to see her and I am sure I will schedule again when she passes through my area.  





ps  I want to get on your dance card when you come though next month! 

California 2014




Miss Jennifer, where does one begin...


I met Miss Jenn recently in Cleveland for a spanking session. There are very few women on the planet who specialize exclusively in spanking. Thankfully, we have Miss Jenn, who has an incredible talent and passion for the scene.  As a lifelong "spankee", I have sought experiences with "Dominatrixes" the world over. However, my bucket list has always included meeting a true Spankologist, a woman incredibly experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate about spanking. When I discovered that Miss Jenn would be visiting Cleveland I became so excited that I could think of nothing else for days except meeting her. Of course, I checked out her website, reading every word, and now that I know her I can assure everyone that you will receive an accurate picture of her from it. Best of all, trust me, she is 10x more impressive in person. 


If you contact her, the process begins with an online questionnaire about your interests and then a phone interview. She takes the time to make sure that your wishes are compatible with her's. You'll feel at ease immediately during your phone interview/discussion. After talking with her, I came away with the feeling that she's an absolute Wizard when it comes to understanding the various issues revolving around power exchange in spanking scenes. She completely understands, and helps YOU understand, all of the psychological and physical issues involved in the spanking scene. And it's clear - She LOVES what she does. :)


I'm telling ALL of you out there who love being spanked - you MUST meet this beautiful lady.  Don't cheat yourself! Here is how my meeting with the lovely Miss Jenn went;


I walked down the hallway of the hotel, anxious but determined, and came to the room number she gave me. After a deep breath, I knocked. Jenn was polite enough to answer in a prompt manner, and I was amazed. You need to understand that this woman is a real beauty. That was my overwhelming first impression - wow, I'm going to be spanked by an incredibly good looking woman. Big inner smile... 

However, Jenn immediately makes you feel at ease with a friendly welcome and an absolute killer smile. You know what is going to happen in a short time - you'll be having your cheeks roasted by this lovely lady, but, you're standing there having an instantly great conversation.  She's genuine, you can tell. And what still blows my mind is how you know instantly that she is in control, despite her warm and welcoming greeting. 


We talked and moved to the bedroom. Jenn already knew that I enjoyed the humiliation of CFNM scenes along with the spanking, and she soon had me standing there naked as we continued a normal conversation. This REALLY embarrassed me, which is what I wanted (craved). I'm standing nude in front of this gorgeous woman as we continue to converse normally...loved it. However, as we chatted she had a mission, and was arranging everything (pillows, etc.) in preparation for the most intense and wonderful spanking of my life.


When she was ready she had me lay across her lap for the initial OTK spanking.  She's unbelievably strong, and the spanks are felt keenly. I liken this stage of our meeting to riding a huge roller coaster and approaching the top - this moment is for real, you are feeling it deeply with each swat, and there is no turning back!

Jenn spanked me for what seemed like forever with her hand, and normally that would have been enough. It hurt! However, she explained this beforehand - I would be taken far enough to experience that nirvana that only spankees understand. We had only begun.


Time became a blur. As I lay face down on the bed, I began holding onto the pillow under my head for dear life. My voice got watery, and sobs started to come from some place deep within me. I continually thrust my ass into the air as a signal for more, please more. She began to use implements on me and that's when I actually began to cry. This was very embarrassing, but also felt natural. I let go as the spanks mounted. Jenn used a variety of instruments on my behind, never slowing down. I couldn't believe her strength and endurance! At long last, I was left sobbing into a pillow as Jenn  inspected her work. I felt ashamed, exposed, yet cared for. Jenn has a way of bringing you back down to earth quickly. Fear not, however, the "glow" lasts for days! We talked afterwards, me naked and severely spanked, and Jenn her normal, intriguing self. I felt cleansed of something unknown, relaxed and refreshed as I dressed. We said our goodbyes. Wow, I thought, I can't wait to do this again...Thank you Jenn for being there for your boys and girls!!!!






I had three role playing spanking sessions prior to my recent session with Miss Jennifer. Although I enjoyed them, what I wanted now was a real punishment session, for real life infractions. However, even though I wanted to be pushed past my limit, I hadn't found any professional that I trusted to do that type of session. Quite frankly, I was afraid of the pain, and was very worried about what it would feel like to be really punished.


Even after reading many testimonials, I still chickened out and scheduled a role playing session. However, after talking to Miss Jennifer on the phone, and thinking it over, I was convinced she was a person that I could trust. So when we met, I told her of my decision to change to a punishment session, and about my fears. 


She couldn't have handled it better. She very caring, and took time to talk to me, and explain that the key was that that my body could handle more than my mind thought it could, and that she could tell/sense the difference. She assured me that I would get the punishment I deserved, but no more than I deserved, and no more than my body could handle.


My session started over her knee with a long hand spanking that built up gradually, but ended up hurting more than I expected. She then started using various implements, each stinging more than the last. Up until this point, it was a lot of heat and sting, but nothing I couldn't handle. That is, until she brought out the butt beater. It was light weight, but stung like a thousand bees, and hurt as well. I could barely fight off the pain for this round, but when she stopped, she asked me if I was doing O.K., which was a welcome break, and was also very reassuring. Then came what I thought was a belt, which also really stung.


I'm not sure, but I think she rotated back through her assorted implements, pausing after each round to make sure I was doing O.K. Then came the butt beater for round two, and this is when it got intense. Almost right away I started crying out that it hurt. This brought me no sympathy, just a statement that, "You know you deserve it", and, "You better not have said stop." The tempo built, and for the first time, I was really struggling to avoid the blows. That's when she pinned my legs down, and I knew I had no choice but to accept the punishment. For the first time in a session, I was really crying. I finally knew what it was like to be pushed beyond my mental limits. Knowing there was no escaping, I decided to tell myself I deserved it, and just give up and take it. 


I don't know how long it lasted, but when it ended, I felt a real emotional cleansing and release, which is just what I was wanted. It's three days later, and it still hurts to sit down, but I will definitely return for more sessions. However, at this point I think I've learned my lesson, and will do whatever I can to avoid another session with the butt beater. Next time I'm planning on a maintenance session to keep me in line.



(St Louis 2013)


This epistle while not as long as many here is none the less my sincere and honest  feelings after my session with Miss Jennifer . To be sure her website is 100% Miss Jennifer what you read is what you will get. Many before me commented on her beauty,abilities ,wonderful personality ,calming conversation, ect.  I found found every bit of it to be true what a refreshing experience.


I have visited various dominatrices over the years with some success, that is what is available around here. Dungeons and BD&SM worked to a point but often left me unfulfilled. I had looked at Miss Jennifer's site several times in the past but for some reason never act on my curiosity such a pity I should  be disciplined for that mistake alone. At last it dawned on me this could well be what I needed. So I requested  an application,and was comprehensive ,filled it out  as best I could and was granted a session.


First time session always make me very nervous who knows what to expect. I arrived as instructed and was greeted with that wonderful smile. After some get to know each other conversation Miss Jennifer announced it was time ,and over her lap went my bare butt. As many others have said Miss Jennifer can and does spank hard. I have no idea when she switched from the hand to an implement  I must have squeezed the very life out of the Pillow I was shouting into. Something over an hour later  it was over. I believe I shed a few tears And was surprised at the intensity of the experience. It is  about thirty hours after my session I still have that tender sitdown and expect to admire my lovely bruises for sometime to come.


Miss Jennifer talks of her spankings as medicine and for me it  truly was. I left her room that afternoon with a much lighter heart and a spring in my step. I am sorry it took so long  to contact Miss Jennifer and look forward to our next visit but I will be nervous knowing what is in store.


My best advice if you need, want or deserve a good spanking. contact her at the first opportunity. If she does not come to your area I am truly sorry.

(Chesapeake 2013)


What is there to say that hasn't been said with other testimonials. I was a spanking virgin when Miss Jennifer read and accepted my brief application. Miss Jennifer is a sweet soul. She is very intuitive and can read a person's bottom!!
She is a delightful conversationalist. A Miss Jennifer's spanking session is an opportunity not to be missed by anyone with a desire for a good old fashioned red bottom. You will feel your sore backside for DAYS!!


(Seattle 2013)


I've got a high pain threshhold.  I love being able to take a severe spanking from Miss Jennifer.  As well as just plain being fun, I don't want to let her down and waste her time.  So, I'm very happy that I'm able to take the Holy Terror, and the Butt Beater, and the Rubber Paddle, and the various braided stingers, without pleading with her to stop.  We have great fun before, during, and after our time together.


So, I'm embarrassed to say that, toward the very end of my second of back-to-back sessions with her (Saturday and Sunday), I FINALLY said, "Please, Miss Jennifer!   Please, Stop!"


Miss Jennifer can break anybody.  Even ME!!!!


I tell you this because, as I read her blog and the many testimonials on her website, people may get the idea that it's a great big LOVE-IN!  And, in some ways, it is.  But, people should also understand that, no matter how much affection you have for her, and no matter how much affection she has for you, she is still, FIRST AND FOREMOST, a disciplinarian,.  As she says on her website, she knows how much is enough and how much you can take.  And, no matter what kind of chemistry there is between you, you are going to get the kind of spanking you need.  No safewords.  Miss Jennifer is the boss, even as you squirm, writhe, and plead.  


I am a quick healer.  My butt can be lobster-red after a session, but the next day, there is hardly a mark.  This last time, though--with back-to-back sessions two days in a row, my butt is still red and sore, 36 hours since the last stroke of the stinging, braided whip.  And, about 10 strokes before the finish, I pleaded, for the first time in a couple of years, "Miss Jennifer, PLEASE STOP!!!"


She didn't, until SHE felt it was enough.


And, I wouldn't have it any other way.  And, I feel we are reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly good friends--even more than before.


--Jim in Seattle (aka "Taxi Boy")

(Seattle 201)

It has been about 4 hours since I saw Miss Jennifer for the first time.  I thought I would write a testimonial as I sit here on a still red and sore bottom.  I have never been spanked before today, not even as a child. I have had this constant need to receive one for as long as I can remember.  This has led to 40+ years of a persistent yearning to be spanked.  I am in no way a pain freak and I can't exactly explain why I have been obsessed all these years. I only knew I had to do something about it.

A few years back I looked but could only find a domme who spanks.  I tried it and it was horrible.  There was no real spanking or discipline.  It was mostly worshipping her shoes while on my knees or a few hard swats with some instrument.  I am not in to BDSM so I felt stupid and let down by the experience.  From time to time ever since, I have looked for some other option.  Then a few weeks ago, I happened to come across Miss Jennifer's website.  The more I read the more I became encouraged that this was what I had longed for.  I was excited and very nervous as I filled out her application and sent it to her. 

Once I was notified that she had approved my application and a time was set, my stomach dropped.  I was afraid that I was going to get exactly what I asked for.  Having never been spanked the realization that the time was at hand made me very nervous.  However, I finally spoke to Miss Jennifer by phone last night before today's session.   She was extremely personable and friendly.  We talked and I felt like I had known her forever.  I told her how I felt and she immediately tried to reassure me that the butterflies in my stomach were normal.  I told her that I desired a role play to try and relive my youth when the hunger for all this began.  She understood and told me that I would feel much better afterwards, I would find a feeling of relief, a calmness.  However, she did not try to pretend that it would not hurt.  She let me know that what I had read on her website is true.  She delivers real spankings as she deems necessary.

Today, I kept my courage and knocked on her door.  The person who greeted me was honestly more attractive than I had expected.  She is exactly what she describes on her site.  She is quite beautiful.  In seconds, she asked me to sit down and we talked.  I immediately felt safe with her and started discussing things never shared before. I told her everything I could put into words on why I was there.  She understood.  I could tell she really did.  When I was young and I truly knew I could not shake the need to be spanked, there was no internet.  There was no outlet or anyone to talk to.  I bottled it all up and soon begin to feel that I was weird.  I grew frustrated and ashamed.  She assured me that I was very normal.  She understood my desire and let me know that  I am now in the room with someone who gets this.  As much as I needed to be spanked, she was compelled to spank.  She is so easy to talk to.  She is amazing and allowed me to let my guard down.  We started to talk about the scenario of the role play.  She asked questions. she knew what I was trying to accomplish.  Then suddenly I was 14 and she was my babysitter.  I did something wrong and she gave me two options.  It seemed so real.  I tried to get out of either options but she would not budge.  Finally, I had no other choice but to be spanked by her.  I honestly felt scared.  I didn't know how I would handle this.  I have not been spanked before and she stood firm that it was going to hurt.  The next thing I knew I was across her lap with my underwear pulled down to the top of my thighs.  There were a few mild smacks and then it started.  The sting was incredible.  I could not remain still.  The pace would grow faster and faster, then she was slow down for a second or two.  I honestly could not take it without wiggling, kicking my legs and moaning.  She continued to play her role.  She made sure I knew it was suppose to hurt.  It was my fault that she had me across her knee.  If I had not done something wrong she wouldn't be spanking me.  I felt 14.  I felt that I had no control.  Although, she spanked me, she cared about me. 

The sting and burn continued to grow.  I began to sweat and wanted to escape.  I wanted to get up but at the same time I knew I had to endure this.  I begged for forgiveness.  She continued to smack my sore butt.   There may have been one 10 second break.  She then moved from her hand to a few instruments.  I am not sure what they were.  The only one I knew for sure was a wooden hairbrush with no bristles.  It was evil  She was true to her word.  It hurt.  It stung very badly.  She pushed toward my limits.  I did not cry but there were a few tears forming.  It was not a game.  It was a real spanking. 

 Eventually, the spanking ended and I was told to stand up and get myself situated.  I was then asked to sit down.  We started to talk again.  She asked how I felt.  I said sore and burning.  She said I should feel that way and smiled.  She asked how I felt other than my bottom.  Actually, I felt very calm.  It was very strange.  I was breathing deep and slowly.  I felt a strange sense of peace.  She explained that the pain leads up to this euphoria.  That had she just lightly spanked me,  I would not achieve this.  She said she had to spank me hard to make my role play seem real.  She spanked me exactly like she would had if the scenario was true.  She said she was sorry it hurt and then we both smiled and laughed. 

This was the only insincere moment.  We both knew she was not sorry it hurt.  She enjoys spanking and she means for it to hurt.  Looking back, I wouldn't change this about her for anything  We continued to talk for a bit.  I felt a high. I felt emotional waves.  I told her how grateful I was for this.  I eventually felt the need to tell her I loved her as she gave me a hug.  It was part of the emotional wave.  I am so much lighter and so glad I found her.

As I said in the beginning, I sit here on a red and sore bottom.  It hurt so much earlier  but now the feeling makes me happy.  She is simply amazing.  I know it won't be long before I will start longing to see her again.  If you want or need a real spanking, I could not imagine anyone more suited.  Thank you, Miss Jennifer.

(Charlotte 2013)



OMG! Miss Jennifer is the real thing!

If you want the spanking of your life, try your best to get Miss Jennifer to put you over her knee. Tied up, helpless, ass bared, she put me over her knee, (all the time being very nice) ...and then it begins. She starts the music (a great variety of music,  all with the same strong beat).  Then she starts, keeping time with the beat of the music.


Over 90 minutes of nonstop spanking like I couldn't have imagined. (I’m guessing at least 30 to 40 spanks per minute, maybe more.  You do the math. Even when she changed implements, she never missed a beat.

And just when I thought I couldn't take any more, she would hit harder and take me beyond my imagined threshold of pain. And when I reached my real threshold, when I knew I just couldn't take no more, she instinctively knew, and gave me a tiny break…but not for long...just long enough to take one good breath, and then she was off again. There was no escape. I had to take it. And then she would take me beyond again...this time for longer, and again, and again, and again. I kept thinking, I’ll get to this place where it won’t hurt. But she made sure that never happened, right up to the final beat.

She took me on an exploration of my threshold of pain. I thought I knew where it was 100 times, and 100 times she proved me wrong. She was literally "painting a picture" and the canvas was my ass.

And what impressed me the most was none of this seemed like work to her. She seemed ecstatic.

Miss Jennifer is not a Dominatrix although she is very dominant. And she is more than a Professional Disciplinarian. She is an artist!

I can't wait for my next painting!

JJ – Houston




I just saw Miss Jennifer's blogspot on my sore bottom and she is as correct as the paddle she wields.  If more wives sent their husbands to her for a bit of additional correction the world would truly be a better place.  Miss Jennifer was easy-going, chatty, and as attractive as your imagination has conjured from her intimidating teaser pics on the website.  She transitions from chatty to disciplinarian in an instant to make you squirm for her delight.  I found myself clutching the sheets as she rifled through her bag of implements.  She is, as others before me have discovered, as determined to alter your behavior as you can wish for.  She told me that she has never had a client come to her only once and that I can believe.  I can only say that if my wife chooses to send me back I will anticipate the journey with a sublime mix of desire and trepidation.  If you can make it through the application process - which is a test unto itself - your time will be rewarded (if you value a sore ass!)

Thanks again


(Chesapeake 2013)


 November 24, 2013


              After her problems entering Canada, Miss Jennifer went to considerable effort to alter her travel schedule so that our schedules meshed and I could see her in Seattle. So yesterday I was able to see her for a 2-hour hard maintenance spanking. I won't go into it but through the session we had a challenging 15 yr old barrier to dodge.

              As before, Miss Jennifer was friendly, approachable and charming and quickly put me at (mostly) at my ease. Until:

       This time, on my way over her knee, I was afforded a much clearer view of her arsenal. That gave me the jitters.

              So there I am over her knee worrying about her canes and paddles. She begins, and I quickly remember I had forgotten to worry about her HAND.

              Miss Jennifer, how do you do it? That hand spanking was so hard and painful, and wonderfully intense. Barely two minutes in and I'm yelping. She reminds me its only (only?!!?) her hand and only a warm up and I'm thinking OH MY GOD.

              Then Miss Jennifer re-introduces me to her toys, one at a time, and she has me switch from one end of the settee to the other so she can inflict her medicine to both side of my poor butt equally. Tap, tap, tap, BLAM, tap-tap BLAM.

              Some of her implements are wonderfully painful, others (like canes) are just so Wicked! 

              The RX paddle: To who bought it for her, Oh, thank you VERY MUCH, I really needed that! (Sarcasm intended, lol ) For those who haven't experienced it yet, that paddle topped them all.

              I'm hoping it was the intensity and not being a Wusse, but there I am, yelping into a pillow like I never did the first time, and praying no one outside can hear me. I was in such a sweat, wondering how I wasn't actually crying. Several time I almost hit the roof, writhing and unable to comply with her stern admonishments to keep still. I was moving and disobeying so much (not by choice) that I was expecting to her to bring out the restraints. Somehow, I must have remained sufficiently still not to necessitate them

              It was Crazy. Well prior to her finishing with each implement I was at her mercy, in utter agony, unable to take it and unable to make it stop. And always, moments after her finishing I would crave more.

              I was able to watch her disciplining me a couple of times, and it was pleasing to see her enjoy herself.

              The implement to end all implements, (if I'm correct?) was that rubber hose. I strongly suspect you were actually quite gentle with it and it was unbearably painful. I made a serious infraction after the session and strongly suggest you keep that implement in mind when it comes time for me to make amends.

              Quite a ways into the session (I actually thought she'd decided against it), the Ivory soap I had brought came out. In my mouth it went, as before. 

               All similarity ended after that, and I'm amazed I didn't eat that bar. Another infraction for you to remember: I totally soiled those two towels with suds. Sorry.

              Several times there were brief intermissions while she treated my derriere with her spray. And the last time was an agony all of its own. Love the marks! Again, session ended with me wanting more, in a GOOD way.

               I wanted to treat her to the fanciest dinner I knew of in Seattle (Daniel's Broiler), but it was a Saturday night and my three restaurant choices were all booked solid. Next time, with my wife as well! 

               Thank you for joining us for dinner: it was wonderful to have the opportunity to know you out of session. I appreciate

 your advice, and yes, she WAS listening. You were wise to insist I not finish my drink.

               Its always later the soap has its effect: eating and drinking had its own challenges, as though simply sitting down wasn't challenging enough! Sitting down is still challenging.

               You are a beautiful and unique lady and the best disciplinarian ever. If you can't swing a way to come back to Vancouver, it will be my pleasure and honour to "chase" you down again in Seattle.


(Seattle 2013)


I had the privilege of meeting with Miss Jennifer recently and felt the need to share some observations in addition to submitting my own personal testimonial. First off, what really caught my attention and what made her ad stand out was her lengthy application process. She vehemently stated up front that she is very selective and that her application process was absolutely mandatory for all 1st time spankees. This suggested to me that she is far more interested in quality than quantity. With eager anticipation, I filled out her application and, much to my pleasure, was approved.


With some nervousness, my day finally arrived. After being pleasantly greeted by a very attractive and personable young lady, we talked for a few minutes and our session began. The most memorable part of my session with Miss Jennifer was the white-hot intense pain I felt and when the stinging became almost unbearable, I asked her to slow down and that I might need a break but she firmly denied my request and maintained her intensity. In truth, I was this close to either forcing myself off the bed or trying to get up during the OTK but hung in there and soon enough the white-hot pain gradually abated and was replaced by a stinging numbness which, although just as painful, at least was easier to tolerate.


It is important to note that each and every one of her implements used during our session had their own unique brand of intensity and the common thread throughout was Miss Jennifer’s determination in not allowing me any reprieve when the pain became almost unbearable. She assertively administered a sound punishment and only stopped (albeit briefly) when she felt I had enough of one implement before switching to another.


Well, almost an hour into our 90 min session, I am ashamed to admit that I offered to cut the session short by 30 mins and thought that Miss Jennifer would take me up on it and view it as a favor. This was a huge mistake! She declined and I got it even worse and found myself perspiring and burying my head into my towel as I was repeatedly and forcefully spanked. This was, after all, a punishment session and this is exactly what I received. Suffice it to say that the intensity kept up to the very last implement and was an overall experience I will never forget.


Fast forward 24 hours later and here are some key takeaways:

  1. Miss Jennifer is a true and professional disciplinarian. She is not a dominatrix and believe me there is a major distinction. A dominatrix will generally beat their submissive with no intention other than to humiliate and inflict pain while a disciplinarian will spank their submissive with an underlying intent to motivate and/or punish for misbehavior or misdeed(s).   

  2. Unlike other disciplinarians, Miss Jennifer has no “safe words” and this is part of what lured me to her application process. Ironically, during our session, I wanted her to stop or slow down several times but each time she assertively refused to do so and either maintained or even increased the intensity. Above the white-hot din I heard her reply that my body could take much more than I thought it could. It was only after our session concluded that I came to appreciate the fact that she did not stop or slow down at any time that I asked her to.

  3. A general but undeniable feeling of release and calm followed my spanking session. It felt better than therapy! Miss Jennifer explained that her punishments tend to have this calming effect afterward and comes from being pushed beyond our normal boundaries and, for lack of a better word, exorcising that which is holding us back.


The major realization Miss Jennifer impressed upon me during the talk following our session was that people, as a whole, tend to stop or even quit a task, assignment or goal when it becomes too hard or intense. In other words, people tend to give up when the going gets too tough. In that sense, she stated that pushing past the pain of her spankings and not having any safe words is akin to stretching oneself beyond their normal boundaries. Enduring and pushing past the pain and discomfort will eventually give way to success and breaking through barriers; many of which are self-imposed. This is where true growth and success occurs. Aside from receiving a tremendous spanking, an important life lesson was learned. Namely, do not be afraid to endure discomfort in the pursuit of an endeavor or goal. In fact, it is important to embrace and even welcome it because this is when you know you are making progress. A feeling of calm along with a sense of achievement will undoubtedly follow. All in all, my session with Miss Jennifer was equivalent to multiple sessions with a professional therapist. The sacrifice of a sore, red bottom was a small sacrifice indeed for this important ancillary benefit of a life lesson. In a very real sense, my sore, red bottom feels more like a badge of honor. Thank you Miss Jennifer! You had better believe I will be seeing you again.


(Los Angeles 2013)

Cleveland 2013- female


I recently had a session with Miss Jennifer.  There is lots I can say, but will keep it brief. She is  an amazing woman. Very thorough , organized, and patient  from the start of the application process  until the end of your actual session.  I have never had any type of spanking so when  I found  Miss Jennifer she seemed to fit the part as the perfect disciplinarian to take on my needs.  I was extremely nervous coming in, changing my mind a few times and wondering what I was getting into.  I was anxious and had all sorts of mixed emotions  running through my head even talking to myself.  After speaking and emailing with her, she convinced me that it was a good idea and she gave me the confidence to just do it.  The day arrived , finally, and I was excited to meet her.  I came to the room mumbling to myself again, but was fine once we sat down to talk.  Immediately, I  felt like I had known her.  I was very comfortable and was ready to accept what would occur. We discussed my issues and things that will help me in the upcoming months ahead. She is very intelligent and presents herself sternly in a calm and soothing way. She really convinces you that things can look up and will get better as long as you trust her.   Then the fun started as I went over her knee on the bed waiting to see what was going to happen and how I would handle it.  Her hand spanking is like a pre-game ritual perfectly precise in achieving maximum stinging before it ends.  That probably would have been enough to handle , but wouldn't have pushed me over the edge like those stingy implements.  Let me just say- ouchy, ouchy! And it keeps going and going until you are ready to jump off the bed. But then, it stops for a second and switches to another stingy implement that proceeds in the same way , but gets worse because now your butt is primed and already sore so it pushes your limits more.  By now,all you can do is keep saying, "Owwww" and love the pillow.  You then begin to sweat it out and hold on for any kind of mercy.  But , nope! Don't be mouthy or foul mouth or you will get the soap. Not pretty.  For me, it was such a burning sensation that progresses over time and stays with you. Then If you think you've had enough, you haven't. The two ending implements push you over the top and since she is very smart, she of course knows they are doing that.  She knew how and took me right to my limits and above. "Three more on this cheek, and three more on this cheek" were my favorite words to hear.  It was over and I was relieved!  Miss J. is very professional and is the best at what she does.  I will be following her instructions as best as I can because right now I can't imagine taking much more than I did and she scares me!!!  :)  (in a good way)  Plus, I think of her every day as I look at my tattooed butt cheeks.  That should be motivating in itself. It was an "ouchy, ouchy,  warning to be good and just the beginning she says.  She is very caring , easy to talk to, and makes you feel right at home.  I am so glad I carried through with her and met such a wonderful person.  I highly recommend  her for any spanking needs!

(Cleveland 2013)


Hey Miss J,

I don't know where to begin so I will start at the beginning.  I am so happy and excited that I found her webpage.  I am a pretty private person when it comes to the desire to be spanked.  I have had this desire since at least the 7th grade and never really pursued it even though it was a  frequent thought and dream.   I was not punished very often growing up so I never knew the severity of pain that could be inflicted in a punishment/discipline session. Especially  by a beautiful, petite, intelligent, funny, and respectful lady who completely puts you at ease and helps you overcome your fears in order to get the medicine you so badly desire and need. 

I had visited one professional dominatrix  several years ago and left not feeling satisfied and kept looking sporadically for something different.  It took a while but I stumbled on Miss J's  website and I am so glad I did.  It might have taken a while to find her and but it was exactly what I thought I was looking for.  I read every testimonial, her rules, her background, and types of sessions she offered and and know right away that I needed to request a application.  However, I was still a little nervous for two reasons. The first, that she might not find me worthy of filling out her application.  And secondly, I was still very apprehensive as you can never be to sure of what you are getting into. I waited anxiously to see if she would respond and if I would receive a application.  When i saw a e-mail popup on my phone and it was from Miss J I had to stop what I was doing and read it.  An application was attached and i was so excited. Since I was reading the email on my phone I knew that I would need to get to my laptop to fill out her application as I was not home.    The application is thorough and asks some very detailed question.  I glanced at the application and decided I would read over the questions and answer the information/ data type questions first.  Then I got to first question that required me to  look inside of myself to determine what I am actually looking for, who I am,  and what is important to me.  I stopped and thought about it and decided now is the time to try to put too words the answers to these question.  It took a while to complete the application but I felt real good about what I had wrote because that is the first time i have every had to answer these types of question especially the one where she asks what is important to you. (sorry for the run on sentence) That question really made me think but I am so glad she asked that question.  It gave me the confidence to finish the application and send it to her as I knew she was interested in me as person also and really wanted to know more about me before she would approve the application. 


   I was so excited when I got the approval e-mail with the caption "I like it!!!".  After I sent my deposit, she asked me to call her for my phone interview.  I was so nervous when I called her.  That lasted one minute into our conversation.  She immediately put me at ease and before I knew it I had been on the phone with her for almost thirty minutes.  We talked about everything.  I was so impressed with her after the phone call I could hardly wait to meet her in person.  This might have been the longest 14  days of my life.  I actually had my first session scheduled for late October, However; Miss J was coming to Houston in September and was able to fit me into her schedule. (I owe you big time for that as I probably would not have got any work done for the next 6 weeks!)  Everyday my session got closer the anticipation grew and I caught my self thinking about  my session more and more.  I was wondering if I could handle it and how bad it might hurt.  Well, I soon found out.  

   Well, September 12 soon arrived.  I arrived at her place and called her and she told me what room she was in and to come on up.  Wow, the butterflies were pretty intense.  Once again she immediately put me at ease and we talked about several different subjects.  I think I could have a session with her and just have a conversation (but I would still want to be spanked!)  She is so great to talk to you and you feel like you can be completely honest with her since you are sharing you inner most secrets  about spankings and other things.  Hard for me to find someone like that.  Then she said it was time.  Wow! Ouch! Miss J can spank and spank hard,  She took me a place where I had never been. It was almost like she can read your body language and probably the shade of your bottom to determine where you are at.  She started me off over her lovely lap and preceded to give me a very hard spanking or at least I thought it was hard.  Like other people have mentioned, it is hard to believe her hand is causing that much pain.  Then she moved to the hairbrush, the pain definitely intensified as my bottom was not used to getting spanked. The whole time I am getting spanked by her hand and hairbrush we are carrying on a conversation about great restaurants ( I still owe you the places in Houston and Atlanta that I think are great).  That was so cool.  I sometimes lost my train of thought  because of the blows to my bottom but the conversation helped keep my mind off some of the pain.  Just  a small bit of the pain.  After the hairbrush she introduced even more painful implements.  The tawse, butt beater, and rubber paddle to mention a few.  Oh my,  The butt beater might be one of Miss J favorite but not mine.  As she can attest,  I think i did my most grunting and squirming when she used it on me. For something that looks so innocent it is not.  I know I should not do this but I have got too.  Since she has said that the butt beater and rubber paddle are two of her avorites,  I would be honored, no matter how bad it hurts, if she would use these on me again. The spanking went on for what I thought was a very long time.  Just when I thought there was no way on Earth I could take another lick without running out the door with my pants down to look for the swimming pool as my butt was on fire she stopped. I was in Heaven!  This is exactly what I was looking for.  Miss J then expertly applied some lotion to my burning bottom and allowed me plenty of time to cool down and regain my composure.  After I regained my composure we had another great conversation before I left.  I am writing this 4 days after my spanking and I still have a very bruised bottom and a wonderful pain in  my bottom that reminds me of Miss J every time I sit down.  The first two days those reminders were not so wonderful:)

    I am so looking forward to seeing Miss J in October and would recommend her to anyone who it looking for the best.  She is the best.  Thanks Miss J for accepting me for who I am and knowing what I need.  I simply do not know How I went so long without finding you.  Sorry for the rambling sentences.  I am more use to working a spreadsheet than writing!  Also, her blog is awesome!.  One of my favorite things to do everyday now is to catch on her blog.



Thanks again Miss J.  Cannot wait to see you next month!



(Houston 2013)


I was fortunate for Miss Jennifer to accept my application. When we spoke on the phone she was very polite and kind.  We discussed among other things what kind of session I wanted and why.  I asked for a punishment and asked to marked-up/bruised afterwards. I have been to a couple of dommes in the past so I thought I knew what to expect.  When I had my session with Miss J. it was at a very up-scale hotel.  When I first met her I was pleasantly surprised at how nice, caring, polite and sweet she was. We continued where our phone conversation left off.  I will be perfectly honest I thought there was no way she could give me what I craved, but I was totally wrong!  Miss J. began spanking with her hand which is surprisingly hard for such a petite attractive young lady.  She progressed thru a variety of implements some were very stingy and others almost none at all.  With each new implement she would vary the hardness and the location of the stroke, keeping me trying to anticipate where and how hard the next would be.  Miss Jennifer brought me to the edge of what I thought I could take and would then back off for a few strokes.  I would get to the point that I could not possibly take another, then she would stop and switch implements. I was so thankful to have a break for those few seconds. She touched my leg ever so gently as if she could feel what I was feeling thru her hand and new exactly when to slow things down.  I have never had anyone so in-touch with me during a session before.  I left the hotel extremely relaxed and refreshed. To say Miss Jennifer is very good at what she does would be the understatement of the century.  If you are honest with your previous experiences and what you would like, you will not be disappointed with Miss J.  It’s four days later and I have purple bruises all over by buttocks and legs ( again, that is what I asked for) I have never been this bruised before and I love it. I would be thrilled to see her again if she will have me.

Jim in St. Louis


(St Louis 2013)


Had an amazing time with Miss Jennifer! She really made the baby sitter scenario come alive. Thanks again!


(Kansas City 2013)



I had never been to see a professional disciplinarian, domme, or anybody like that before, and quite frankly, never had much interest in doing so. I just figured they were women in latex suits who took your money and insulted you while they beat you with various whips and floggers. That's fine if that's your thing, but it isn't mine, and I didn't believe that this type of person would be able to help the particular fantasy I had.


Thankfully, Miss Jennifer is NOT one of these aforementioned type of people.


She is fun to be around, able to carry on a great conversation about many different topics, has a good sense of humor, and is just all in all a great lady.


But that isn't necessarily why anybody considering filling out an application to see her would put down their hard earned money if they are fortunate enough to be chosen for a session wants to know is it? You want to know if she can deliver what she says she can...a good spanking and if she can help fulfill your particular fantasy.


Let me tell you...she absolutely can.


She gets to know you as best she can prior to any meeting, tries to "feel you out" so to speak to try and best determine what kind of person you are, and what exactly it is you're hoping to achieve by seeing her. Be honest with her in your needs and desires, and I promise you that you will not be disappointed. She will deliver EXACTLY what you were hoping for.


So to anybody reading this, I can just simply say go see Miss Jennifer. You'll be thankful you did. Your butt will be sorry for a few days, but the memory that she will help give you will last a lifetime.


(Columbus 2013)


Hi Jennifer my dear Disciplinarian


I had a lovely afternoon with you and even though i have never written a testimonial in my life, my experience with you certainly warrants one. Yes i was under the weather when i came to see you but i am glad that did not stop me. Not only are you amazing to look at but you are a gifted disciplinarian. I felt at ease from the moment i arrived and felt your compassion . From the time i went over your lap to the caning on the bed and ever so many instruments in between, it is an experience i won't forget and certainly worth repeating. I mean i have been spanked, whipped and caned in the past but nowhere like what i received from Miss Jennifer and i am certainly grateful for it. My butt is sore but it is a good reminder of who was in control during our session and you did not let up even though i may have wanted at some point. I realize that would have been a mistake and not true to myself. I can now see why spankees get hooked and want more more.You are a wonderful person, a great disciplinarian and i thank you as should the countless others that require your service. Definitely Miss Jennifer has my full recommendation and i will see her again.


p.s I wish i could remember the songs you played but actually i can only remember the beat of them. :)


(Toronto 2013)


I have been looking for a Disciplinarian for quite some time now...I did the usual searches on the internet...

attended a spanking group meeting once, looked

at pro Domme websites but none of those really appealed to me.  Quite frankly,

there was no connection and the experience offered seemed entirely too

manufactured and cold.  I ran across Miss Jennifer's website largely by

accident, a link from another website.  It just so happened that she was going

to be near my area for a few days so after some trepidation I decided to

actually pay attention and read her website.  I was pretty impressed and for

the first time in a while I felt hope that this was for real.  What really

sparked my interest was her no-nonsense attitude, no safewords or games and her

bold declaration that if you showed up for your "appointment" then you would

receive exactly what you deserve...a sound spanking.  So I applied and luckily

was accepted.  When we've met I was very pleasantly suprised by just how

friendly and kind she was.  We had a good unrushed conversation about

everything except spanking...and then it happened.  Before I knew it, it was

time to pay the piper and I definitely rediscovered what a real spanking truly

is like.  I have read that Ms. Jennifer was very skilled just with her

hand...never mind her implements and at first I discounted the testimonials,

thinking that a handspanking can't possibly be that bad. I was clearly very

mistaken on that part.  Her handspanking, a warm up (an understatement which I

mean in the kindest of ways;-)), made me quickly realise that I was really in

for it.  After letting me see my rather red behind...just from her hand, I was

placed back over the bed and the main event began.  I will not describe all of

the instruments used save one...ware the evil rubber paddle...that nearly got

me to cuss which would have ended rather badly for me.  The bottom line from

the very first swat to the last one I felt like I was actually receiving

discipline from someone who truly cared and enjoys what she does.  My only

regret is that I was unable to see her for longer than an hour.  Just spending

time in her company made me feel better and the spanking I received definitely

helped me to get rid of a lot of accumulated stress.  Just for that alone

thanks don't seem sufficient.  If you are a first timer like myself, I'd urge

you to contact Miss Jennifer, you will be well taken care of.  I am already

making plans to see her again in a few month's time...because I will most

likely need another seeing to and it will be a longer session.  By the way,

don't bother asking to be unmarked after a spanking from Miss Jennifer.  It's

impossible and quite frankly you will only do yourself and her talents an

injustice...as she so eloquently says...spanking is a medicine, so take it as

it's meant to be taken.





(Charlotte 2013)


When I first found Miss Jennifer's website, I wasn't sure what to make of it. I had been into spanking for a while, but I had never found anyone that could give me what I needed. After viewing her site, I was pretty sure she was more than able to fill my needs, but I was too nervous to email her. After a couple weeks of waiting, I finally drummed up the courage to ask for an application. At first, I was only going to request a 60 minute session, but after reading some testimonials, I decided to up it to 90 minutes (best decision I've made in a long time).  I loved that a phone call is required before finalizing the session, because it helped to calm some doubts I was having.
The session wasn't until 12:15, but I reached the hotel at around 11:30. After parking my car, I started to walk around outside of the hotel to help calm my nerves (it didn't help). When it was time for the session, I met her at her room. I'm not sure how long we talked before we started, but it definitely helped me calm my nerves.

After some time, we started the session. I'm not very comfortable with talking specifics, but suffice it to say that she started strong and never let up (not that I wanted her to.). Also, she has a large variety of implements with which she is very proficient. By the end of the session, she had given me the emotional release I was looking for, and took me further than I ever expected I could handle. After the session, she gave me time to calm down before walking back to my car. I'm happy that I was able to find Miss Jennifer's website. She's an amazing person, and I look forward to the next time.

(D.C. 2013)

Miss Jennifer was great. I found her only days before she was scheduled to be in my town. I sent her an email on a whim she she just so happened to have one cancellation but the time did not work well for me. I figured it was not meant to be. However, Miss Jennifer moved heaven and earth to find a way to work me into her schedule, which I was so appreciative of.


I haven't had a real spanking from someone who really enjoyed it in a long time, if ever. A few taps here and there, but always as a means to and end. Never a nice drawn out butt warming. Miss Jennifer gladly gave that to me. She was patient, and understanding, and sweet (and very beautiful), and chatted with me for a while, trying to draw out of me the discipline needs I so badly craved. Finally, when she felt she had what she needed, the spanking began. 


I have always considered myself a moderate to high as far as tolerance to pain. However, even going into the session, I told Miss Jennifer I had never been spanked by a true spanking pro, and that I was certain I would not be able to handle as much from her. I only asked for a hand spanking, as this was what I was into. However, and this is no exaggeration, her hand is incredibly strong. I even asked her at the beginning, is that really your hand? I have no idea how her had does not hurt, but it really did not seem to. 


I tried very hard to hold out and take my spanking well. Although towards the end, I could tell she was letting up on me as I was really starting tense up I think. And that sense of connection with her spankees, the ability to really get these types of subtle clues, is a real skill.


Anyway, really enjoyed my time with Miss Jennifer. Would love to try to see her again in one of her future visits to my neck of the woods!


(Newark, NJ 2013)

Simply Amazing


My testimonial has to start with a little background information.  I have been seeing female dommes for over fifteen years now.  I have come across a couple of ladies that stood out, but most left a lot to be desired.  I have been spanked many times with a variety of implements over those fifteen years.  I have gone through phases where the spankings just were not severe enough and left me wanting more.   These feelings are what led me to search more something more.  I needed a very strict and stern lady who could deliver a sound spanking. 

I sat down to continue my quest one day and about ten minutes in I found a very interesting website with a beautiful lady.  Was this the lady I had been searching for?  Could she deliver a severe spanking and push me to new limits?  The site was amazing and there was a ton of information that answered most of my questions.  So, I sent her and email with a short description of myself and I requested an application.  Needless to say, Miss Jennifer graciously accepted my application and we picked out a time.

When I arrived at the hotel, I gave Miss Jennifer a call and she allowed me to come up.  I was surprisingly clam consider what was going to happen to me.  When Miss Jennifer opened the door, I was greeted by a very attractive and charming lady.  I was impressed at how smooth and calming her actions were.  We talked for a few minutes and I presented her with a few gifts I had purchased for her. 

My session was a split session where we role played and then I was to receive a corporal punishment session for my naughty behavior.  The role play involved Miss Jennifer catching me in lingerie and she was great at it.  I felt like I had been caught and when she put me over her knee on the end of the bed, I was in heaven.  Miss Jennifer’s hand rained down on my buttocks repeatedly and when she tells you that she spanks hard, she means it.  After the initial shock, I began to realize that this lady was the real deal.  I stayed over her knee for what seemed like an hour with all the smacks and swats I was getting.  When she finally allowed me to get up, I peeked at the clock and she had only been spanking me for about twenty minutes.  Miss Jennifer then had me lie across the bed and handed me a pillow.  She very sternly stated you can scream into this.

She was not kidding.  Over the next thirty minutes, I felt her hairbrush, tawse, paddle, carpet beater, and who knows what else.  She was so skillful with her accuracy and choice of implements.  My bottom was getting very hot but I did not dare move.  This very beautiful lady was giving me something I had wanted and needed for a long time.  She finally finished the role play portion of my spanking and allowed me to compose myself.

She then looked at me with one of the most beautiful smiles, and asked me if I was ready to get down to the business at hand.  I replied with a cautious, Yes Ma’am.  Miss Jennifer then put me back across the bed and I just thought she was spanking me hard before.  Miss Jennifer switched from side to side as she decorated my bottom like a true artist.  I could feel the tawse leaving welts on my bottom and upper thighs as she very accurately applied stroke after stroke.  My bottom was throbbing from the continued lashes it was receiving.  When I did not think I could take one more lash from her she gave me a short break.  She sprayed to cool water on my bottom.  The water was room temperature but it felt like ice water since my bottom was on fire.  I again peeked at the clock and really became worried.  My session was going to last another 40 minutes.  I peeked out of the corner of my eye and saw Miss Jennifer pick up a cane.  The next few minutes were probably some of the most intense of my entire life.  Miss Jennifer proved very quickly to be everything she said she was plus a little more.  As she applied the cane to my bottom, I almost chewed a hole in the pillow.  I could feel the welts rising from each stroke she applied to my bottom.  I was getting what I had searched for my entire life and the pain was immense but I knew I had to take it for this wonderful lady.  Once she finished with the cane, she allowed me to gather myself for a few minutes.  Miss Jennifer then approached me with one of the largest carpet beaters I think I have ever seen.  I am sure she heard me gulp and grit my teeth.  Miss Jennifer began to apply this vicious implement to my bottom.  The pain was unlike anything I have ever experienced.  It was like I could feel the bruising with each thud as this “thing” was applied to my bottom over and over again.  Finally, she told me that I had five more on each cheek and I would be done.  I am not sure where she summoned her strength from but that was ten of the hardest swings I have ever felt in my entire life.  I could not believe a lady as small in stature, with such a beautiful smile could deliver such an incredible spanking.

The only way I can describe Miss Jennifer is “Simply Amazing.”  Everything from you style of dress, personality, sex appeal, and caring attitude made this an experience I will never forget as long as I live.  I am so glad that took that chance because it led to a dream come true.  If any of you ladies or gentlemen out there are looking for a skillful and elegant lady that can deliver the spanking of your life…I highly recommend Miss Jennifer.  Thank you again for a wonderful experience. 

(New Orleans 2013)

I engage a hungry Demon who needs me to be spanked; she demands punishment, penance, atonement, and hopefully I get catharsis. And I was long overdue for an ass whipping when I discovered Miss Jennifer was coming to town in three weeks. Her website spoke directly to me and I applied for an appointment. When she said yes,  I worried for the next 21 days about what I’d gotten myself into. She promised a long hard spanking on her terms with the implements of her choosing.  Her punishments are a dose of harsh medicine. Just what I needed; an event outside my control, like being sent to the stables with a note for the groom who would know exactly how to punish a boy. But scary.

I went up to her hotel room.  She was pretty, fun to talk with, and moved seamlessly into her role as disciplinarian.  I was face down on the bed.  I could not see what implement she was using: straps, paddles, canes—each with its special sting.  They all hurt, and she got the most pain out of each of them.  It was not pleasant, it is amazing how many ways a spanking/whipping can hurt. About twenty minutes in, thinking I couldn’t take any more, Demon gently took over my headspace, grateful to be fed my pain. I acknowledged that I deserved the pain and embraced each stroke.  The intensity increased, she found new ways to hurt me, and my body didn’t want to continue, but had no choice.  I felt so safe in Miss Jennifer’s care. When it was finished, she was once again the cheerful chatty person who had greeted me an hour before.  We joked and talked while putting things away.

 And I have been smiling for hours. 

(Portland 2013)



Hello my fellow spankee peers......I have never wrote a testimonial for a Disciplinarian / Spanker / Top etc. etc. before now.

The reason I am writing this testimonial about Miss Jennifer, is that it is in fact real because I was always skeptical of
testimonials from anyone on any subject matter; thus I would never write about anything that is not "true".
But this subject is about my "true self".

I am a switch, I am male heterosexual, my age is between 30 and 50. LOL. I have always spanked women and been
spanked by women......and let me first tell you that Miss Jennifer is very real, skilled well in her "art". She is a true
lady that does in fact enjoy spanking men and women.

In the past, I have reviewed her web site on and off for about almost a year or a bit more. I read the testimonials, I read
her rules of conduct / her likes / dislikes and all protocol in between. I was very interested but still somewhat, by this
time...... skeptical. I have been lied too so many times........and still left "needing" something more......yes, a connection......
an energy.....between Disciplinarian and spankee.....an understanding of the need to be spanked fully / or disciplined, limits
possibly pushed more than I thought I could take.....to let someone who was into me, take control, with no safe word......
but let her "read" and feel my energy as to how much I could take and when to back off....This is Miss Jennifer.

Miss Jennifer knows......she feels the energy between herself and spankee from the application you submit, to the first phone call
discussion, to the meeting in her hotel room before your session.......and during the session. She "knows" what you need.

I am seriously sorry that I did not contact her at a much earlier date. I was truly amazed, happy, comfortable in meeting her......
she is very sincere / fun / silly / intelligent for sure, no doubt at all and did I mention skilled in spanking? Oh, yes I did.

I saw Miss Jennifer in the Cincinnati, Ohio area on Sunday, March 17, 2013. Here it is Wednesday, March 20, 2013 and I am still
not only feeling her discipline, because I needed that level of discipline I asked for / and suggested....but I am still very happy with
my decision to see Miss Jennifer and the money I spent to see a "True Quality Disciplinarian".

I could write so much more.......about the whole session, what happened, what she used, how I felt, what I was thinking......but I am not
going to.......because that is my "experience" with her and between her and I.

What I WILL tell my fellow spankee peers is this........very simple........if you feel the need and desire to receive a quality, no-nonsense
spanking / discipline session or even more severe......or you are simply starting your journey into spanking and have a strong desire to
be disciplined / spanked (for real)........please do not hesitate in submitting your application and following ALL of Miss Jennifer's
instructions that are on her web site.....and are very clear and informative. Don't wait like I did......get that desire / need taken care
of as soon as possible......it could change your life / change your mindset / or simply make you feel as you are not the only one (person)
that desires such a spanking.......and you can talk with someone in person about how you feel without judgment or fear......
That is Miss Jennifer.............she is a special woman / skilled / a listener / very well connected to how you are feeling only if you are
honest and open with her.

My spankee friends.......fill out her application only if you are serious / watch her web site for will she will be near you.....and
just go see her !!!!! You will be sore depending on the session you need / require......maybe for a days.....but it is so worth it....
you know why?.....The session with Miss Jennifer in fact "validates" your feelings / needs and desires in regards to Discipline / Punishment /
Role-Play if needed / or purely a sound-long-spanking session.

Thanks for your time in reading my "true" testimonial.......My thanks to Miss Jennifer, once again.

(B / Male / Cincinnati Area)




Miss Jennifer Testimonial Part 17


Instead of my regular two-hour session, I booked a three-hour session with Miss Jennifer to celebrate our anniversary.  Just over a year ago Miss Jennifer gave me a sore bottom for the very first time.  Now I was coming back for sore bottom number 17.  As luck would have it, Miss Jennifer received two cancellations so my three-hour session turned into more like eight hours.  My poor bottom was thankful that Miss Jennifer spent the extra time talking to me rather than spanking me.  I was grateful for the extra time because I found out how special Miss Jennifer really is.  I already knew that Miss Jennifer was the BEST, but this session FAR exceeded even my already super high expectations.


After a year and 16 spankings, Miss Jennifer has gotten to know me quite well.  And by quite well, I mean she knows EVERYTHING about me.  A few things I shared with her.  The rest she just figured out.  Anyway, now that Miss Jennifer had broken my will to drink she wanted to turn her attention to some of the underlying reasons for my alcoholism.  Miss Jennifer and I had a long talk about life, success, failure, goals, regrets, things I like about myself, and things I want to change.  Miss Jennifer was brutally honest but extremely gentle with her criticisms.  And for every thing that I wanted to change, Miss Jennifer had advice and a plan to help me change.  It might mean going out of my comfort zone and taking some risks, but she had a plan to help me.


The first part of her plan was a hard spanking to help motivate me to begin making those changes in my life.  Miss Jennifer pulled down my pants, put me over her lap and began spanking me.  Our talk had been deeply personal.  I had so many thoughts, memories, and emotions running through my head that I became overwhelmed.  Some of the changes that I wanted to make seemed impossible and I felt like a failure.  So even though Miss Jennifer wasn't spanking me very hard (not yet anyway) it didn't take long before my eyes filled with tears and I started to whimper ever so quietly into my pillow.  It was so quiet that I don't know how Miss Jennifer even heard it, but she did.  She immediately stopped my spanking, comforted me and asked me what was wrong.  I told her that I was feeling sad, lost, lonely and afraid.  Miss Jennifer let me know that it was OK to be sad and afraid, but she scolded me for feeling lost and lonely because there was no reason to feel that way.  Miss Jennifer assured me that she would be there supporting me every step of the way.  When Miss Jennifer resumed spanking me, the only thing I felt was the warmth, the love, the caring and the concern coming from her hand and her implements.  Even when she spanked me really hard with the truly evil implements, all I felt was love and compassion (and a burning sting on my poor bottom).


I'm having a hard time finding the words to adequately explain just how good this spanking session was.  It was simply magical.  When it was over, I had another sore bottom, but I felt so much better.  I knew I could begin making those changes in my life.  With Miss Jennifer's help, I can do anything.  Thank you so much Miss Jennifer!


Dallas 2013



Miss Jennifer, 


Where do I start?  I've written a lot of testimonials in my professional career and yet I stumble on what to write about you. There is just so much to say.  Any newbie will understand exactly where I'm coming from so I apologize if it's lengthy.


For so long, I've never understood my need to be spanked.  I was embarrassed, uncomfortable and just felt, downright, abnormal.  I brought it up sexually and was happy to find the few boyfriends I've had, were happy to engage in the activity. However, while I enjoyed it and it was satisfying me sexually, it wasn't emotionally.  I hated that feeling.  Sometimes, I wanted to be spanked with no sex.


So, I started researching.  I was very lucky as the 2 different men I've found, both a lot older than me, were very patient, understanding and respectful of my needs.  Neither of them crossed the line (yet I was still missing something).  One let me explore positions, implements and even what I had on.  It wasn't role playing but I needed to feel some vulnerability.  The other one gave me a clinical feeling..meaning, I went to see him, we discussed my goals and I was then spanked the same way, every time.  That was ok because I knew what to expect and it fulfilled a different need.


Being a woman it's very scary to find someone to trust to take care of our needs.  Spanking is extremely intimate, no matter what sex you are.  That being said, when I contacted you, I was still searching for something more.  From the minute you answered my first email, I knew you took this seriously.  And that scared me...in a good way.


I appreciate your patience in talking to me, letting me know I was normal and that it was perfectly normal to seek out a woman to spank me.  I've never questioned my sexuality but felt very nervous about asking you to spank me.  You have been sincere, caring and understanding, from the very start. There is a different vulnerability I'm able to feel with you. Meaning, I can finally let my guard down- not to disrespect my 2 previous, Spankers.  It's just that I now know I can let go.  Meaning the next time you spank me will be so different from the first.


You gave me such a good spanking. That as we have discussed, I felt for over 2 days and you were being nice to me.  I look forward to a longer more intense spanking from you because you now know I trust you and you probably know exactly what I need.


I thank you for my whole session, you spent most of it making sure I was relaxed.  I hated that I had to leave so soon because I needed to be over your knee a lot longer than I was.  You are awesome and you are what every person, who is struggling with this need, needs to experience.


You have an amazing following and your spankees really do care for you- Thank god for your blog so we all know you're ok!!


See you soon and thank you for an amazing session!  


Seattle- 2013


This was my first experience with a true disciplinarian and it did not let me down. From the moment we emailed to the phone call and the actual visit with Ms. Jennifer I always felt I was a person and not just a number. Never once did I feel like Miss Jennifer was in a hurry as she always took time to engage in conversation and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Miss Jennifer takes a no nonsense approach and when it's time for your spanking its her way and you better behave. It's completely a Real spanking, as it should be. She makes the rules and you better not break them. She gives no warnings and no safe words but at the same time she recognized my limits and pushed them to where I truly learned my lesson. She was stern and strict but fair. She clearly knows what she's doing and where to spank to get the best results. The whole process was completely professional and discreet. She adapted to my fantasy and put in extra effort to make sure the experience was more than satisfactory. I would recommend anyone who is interested in being spanked to see Ms. Jennifer. Her experience is evident by her ability to give a hard and strict discipline session. I was a little nervous with the whole process but each step of the way she puts your concerns at ease by her ability to relate to her clients. I felt like I had known her for years. I don't have a negative thing to say except my bottom is extremely sore and marked. As you can see from this picture. Thank you Ms Jennifer. You made this first experience a positive one and for that I am extremely grateful!

Calgary 2013





Miss Jennifer, professional disciplinarian and spanker extraorinaire, is to a skilled domme as a talented neurosurgeon is to a general practitioner MD.  I’ve seen dozens of dommes, all of whom have spanked me, and some were really good at it. I’ve only seen one spankologist, Miss Jennifer, and she’s a better spanker than any of them. She’s a specialist, and that pays off. Were you to have brain surgery, you’d want a neurosurgeon, wouldn’t you? The neurosurgeon wouldn’t want to deliver your baby, just like Miss Jennifer won’t flog your shoulders or pierce you, or do shibari, or any of those other interesting specialties.

But she’s incredibly good at what she does, which is spanking! (Role play too, though I didn’t try that)

So what did incredibly good look like to me?

Technically, this was absolute control of her tools – rug beaters, canes, wood and rubber paddles, straps, wicked rubber stingy thingys, a sjambok, and, most of all, her own hands. With any of them, she could go from a light caress to a cutting blow. She has precise aim and control. She placed me in all sorts of positions and seemed to orbit around me to maintain balance. She was superb in using her voice and hand to maintain control so that restraints were not necessary even in times of painful intensity (which was most of the time, actually) She could intuit when it was about to be too much and then she’d change focus, location, instrument.

I had two sessions with her in two days. The first one started with a bare handed OTK, but moved on to heavy  impact, but the second, with a pre tenderized bottom was the more intense, though with lighter impact, as even the starting light taps were nearly excruciating. Both sessions left me with a swollen and tender bottom, but with the sort of marks that will fade soon.

Besides her technical skills, she has customer service skills that surpass Nordstrom’s personal shoppers. She’s friendly, open, and communicative, with a happy, almost bubbly affect, and still able to maintain absolute control with a word and touch. She’s also cute as a button with really great legs, for those who appreciate such attributes.

I’ve been spanked on and off for over sixty years by lots and lots of people. My summary judgment is this: best spanker ever!



Portland 2013


Miss Jennifer Testimonial Part 18


I drove to Chesapeake and met Miss Jennifer at a nice hotel for a maintenance spanking to celebrate six months without drinking alcohol.  I sent her several sweet emails to try to butter her up.  In addition to giving Miss Jennifer her two favorite mineral waters, I also gave her a bottle of her favorite fruit juice.  None of that worked.  Miss Jennifer still made me squirm and gave me a very sore bottom.  OUCH!  But it was good for me.  Taking Miss Jennifer's medicine is the ONLY way to become a better person.  Thank you so much Miss Jennifer for all of your support, guidance and discipline this past year.  You are the BEST!


Chesapeake 2013


"I'm a pretty experienced spankee (or so I thought....read the rest of this testimonial to know why). Although I haven't been spanked for about 6-7 month due to the fact that I'm a very busy person, I've seen several pro Dommes over the years and was always told that I have high pain tolerance. 


About a month ago, I was really craving a good spanking punishment. A punishment that would push me to my limits and beyond, not an act that would leave me unsatisfied. 


After doing some research, I stumbled upon Jennifer's website and found out that she'd be coming to Toronto soon. I emailed her, she sent me an application which I filled and returned to her then we spoke on the phone and I immediately got a sense of how great her personality is. She was really friendly and easy to talk to, but this is nothing compared to meeting her in person. 


I put the session date on my calendar and got busy until the day finally arrived and I met her in person. She greeted me with a big smile on her face that immediately put me at ease. She is not only super gorgeous but also nice, friendly and caring. She's very easy to talk to, we talked for a while then she said it was time for my punishment to start and oh boy! She started with a hand spanking. Her hands literally hurt more than a paddle. She then went on to spank me with different paddles, straps and canes. Despite her niceness, once she's in spanking mode, she spanks sooo hard. Way harder than other person I've ever been spanked by. She really pushed my limits and was so good at reading me. She knew when to push me and when to stop. By the end of it, I was screaming like I've never did before. She only said I was a 6 on her pain scale. I wonder how does her 10 feels lol. Then I got dressed and we chatted for another while. She is truly a delight. I could literally talk to her for hours. I can't wait for her to see her again. Thanks Jennifer for the amazing experience." 

(Toronto 2013)


From the Seat of My Pants:



As a virgin spankee, I was a curious looker at Ms. Jennifers website for quite a long time, before I finally made the decision to fill out the form she sent over a year prior. I explained my interests, some past history and trama, as well as my own particular interests and taboos.  What I thought would be an immediate rejection for being ashamed of my kink, was actually quite the opposite.  Not only did Ms. Jennifer completely understand my perspective, she also was quite connected to what I was wanting and assured me that i wasn't alone in my feelings and uniqueness.


She also was very easy to talk to and it was surprising during both phone interviews we talked like we knew each other well.  She is extremely pleasant, thoughtful, and understanding (not to mention beautiful).  And, her experiences she shared was not only very interesting, but also heart warming.  She obviously cares for her clients and their needs.  And the great thing is that she doesn't judge us for our own uniqueness'.


Now, for the spanking.  Being an adult and have only spanked a girlfriend a few times and never receiving anything back, I thought taking a spanking...especially from a beautiful, petite young lady would be a breeze.  All I can say is, if your a newbie like me, DO NOT underestimate and take for granted the power behind those cute little hands of hers.  OMG, do her hands and her implements pack an extreme amount of influx on your rear end in a matter of a few strokes!  I couldn't believe when I begged her to lighten up and she proved to me that it was just her hand at that point in time.  I thought she was using a large paddle at that point, but it was just her hands.  Implements were soon to come.  I'm now 24 hours post spanking, and the badges of honor left behind are still very noticeable and they still smart as well.  


I don't think I could have picked a better Disciplinarian to give my virgin bottom to.  I highly recommend Ms. Jennifer and plan on seeing her the next time she is back in town. Whats even better, is that I made a new friend who accepts me for me.  Which is icing on the cake when trying to fill or relive a void thats missing in your life.


One other note is, for sure, not to back talk or not listen to what she is telling you.  She has no problem reinforcing what she is trying to teach you a second time.  I have the bruises to prove it!


If your like me, and planning on checking off a few boxes of your "kinky bucket list".  I highly recommend you start at the "bottom".  You won't be disappointed.  She is 100% genuine! 

(Kansas City 2013)



Today I had the pleasure of seeing Miss Jennifer for a session. That was my first spanking experience ever (as an adult and child). While I had my reservations going in, I definitely came away a grateful customer. I received a spanking for smoking and being insensitive and rude to a special person I should have appreciated more.  I learned a valuable lesson today that will definitely stay with me after the bruises on my bottom fade.


Secondly, I want to note that Miss Jennifer is a professional in the truest sense. She is blessed with the uncommon gift of both being able to put someone in the greatest ease and then greatest unease. Coming into the session, I was pretty nervous as I didn’t know what to expect. She greeted me with the warmth and kindness that made her quickly feel like an old friend. She provided sound advice as to how I can improve myself and was also very informative in the physiology of spanking. Then the spanking started, and as promised IT HURTS! However, Miss Jennifer is masterful in maintaining the balance between unease and unbearable.  For most of the session, I was squirming and wiggling, but at no time did I feel like she went overboard.


Finally, I want to confirm some things I read about Miss Jennifer going into the session.

Yes – her hand really hurts!  It would be hard to distinguish between her hand and an implement in a blind test (not that I am suggesting). Also, backtalk, clever remarks, negotiation attempts, squirming, wiggling or any other attempt to elicit any kind of sympathy to lessen the punishment does not work on her. When she spanks, she SPANKS!  But please, if you are considering a session with Miss Jennifer, do not let any of that deter you. She may have hands of steel and a heart of stone, but chances are you’ll be walking away feeling like you just met a saint =)


(Dallas 2013)


For those of us who crave strict discipline, our positive or negative memories are truly what last after any session, not simply the short-term marks of the lash. I want to take a moment to speak to what you take away after a strict disciplinarian session with Miss Jennifer. I would say “walk away from”, but one look today at my purple bottom (literally), even three days after my first session, it remains a visible and warm reminder that I fully achieved my goal and the REAL reason I sought out Miss Jennifer in the first place: I wanted to be so intensely disciplined, unlike any other prior experience I ever had, that it would have a lasting impression, not just on my buttocks, but more importantly deeply imbedded in my mind.

I was very impressed with Miss Jennifer’s overall selection process, a step-by-step no-nonsense approach filled with clear communications and fair rules that respectfully and confidently says, “This is who I am, this is what I do, this is what we won’t do, and this is what I will achieve with you.” Nothing brash, wishy-washy, timid, or disappointing. Rather, clear, concise, and directly to the point.  All her messaging is done in an inclusive and real way that made me feel she was interested, experienced, selective, and capable of delivering on her claim she was a naturally-gifted and unique disciplinarian.  In other words, the process helped me to build a mutual relationship that required REAL investment from both parties, not just the ring of a phone to schedule a time.

This form of professionalism made me want to be likewise responsive, fill out an application in detail, think about what I was saying, and clearly convey a message about who I was and what I wanted to achieve… long before we ever spoke for the first time.  Of course, during our first call together there was meaningful discussion about personal history, Q&A, and her giggling laughter, a personal trait that puts us at ease, builds rapport and trust, and ultimately sets a positive tempo for any first session. Most of all she simply listened, really listened, and then gave me intuitive answers and direction for our first session. I immediately sensed that can only come from someone who is gifted, VERY experienced, and truly “gets it.”  Like many, at first I was concerned she was too nice, maybe too soft and sweet, and would not be able to have the control and command required to deliver and achieve what I was so desperately seeking: harsh punishment with a measurable result.  Let me just stop here and say… I WAS DEAD WRONG.

On the day of our introduction and first session, I was very, very nervous, and waited anxiously in the lobby of the luxury hotel. However, in short order, I  became quite impressed when Miss Jennifer who promptly called me up and opened the door to her suite. I saw a beautiful and attractive lady with an ear-to-ear smile, who invited me in with pure warmth and congeniality that melted away all fear or discomfort. Long gone were the memories of dark and distant counterfeits, who barked degrading orders and tried to impart false fantasy. Miss Jennifer had made good on everything she had promised, as had I, and we simply sat down and continued where we left off during our previous phone conversation discussing mutual interests, getting to know each other better, and building trust and respect. At the end, I sheepishly reiterated I was hoping to get the strict discipline I had yet to ever experience, and she just smiled (like the bird that just ate the canary) and quickly assured me I would be getting exactly what I deserved and feeling 100% better after I left.

Thereafter, Miss Jennifer said we must start the session and led me to the suite’s bedroom. She gently explained what was going to happen and asked me sit on a chair. Afterwards, she sat down on the bed, drew me close and unbuckled my belt to remove my pants. She had me go OTK and pulled my shorts down, making me feel very vulnerable. Of course, then in about two seconds she quickly morphed from a friendly conversationalist into a very no-nonsense disciplinarian, landing her firm and scolding hand on my buttocks, hot and hard, over and over. I was a bit stunned by the gravity and heaviness of her strikes, because I simply could not understand where they were coming from in such a small 5’ frame.  Let me just say one word, beware and don’t kid yourself.

Almost immediately, Miss Jennifer moved from one implement of pain to another. I couldn’t watch her facial expressions form my angle, but her words were few and her focus was all about the business of punishment, real punishment. The kind of punishment that purposefully changes skin colors from pink to shades of red and purple. Sometimes she became very focused on a small section of my buttocks, purposely hitting that small spot harder and harder, not moving around or offering any merciful relief. Her choices of various implements made it sting and hurt like no other beating I have ever received.  Yes, I have the marks to show for it.  But that is what I asked for and Miss Jennifer surely delivered as promised. Truth be told, afterwards she said I did pretty well overall… but also qualified that statement by saying she was using only a #3 level of pain and punishment on a scale that goes as high as #10. Oh, brother.

Lastly, after her scathing session, let me say the soothing aftercare that Miss Jennifer provides with ointment and soft discussion is a priceless balm. Her positive and encouraging feedback is invaluable and allows people to take away deep thoughts about how best they can benefit from her professional discipline. Like she told me,” It’s not about whack, whack, whack!” and she is so very right.

I highly recommend Miss Jennifer without qualification and hope that anyone who desires the best-of-the-best will earnestly seek her out, follow the rules and invest the time and energy necessary to make the process truly meaningful and, therefore, recognize and enjoy the tangible benefits of her gifts and very unique sessions.

(Dallas  2013)



Miss Jennifer Testimonial Parts 15 and 16


After trying out Miss Jennifer's domestic discipline, I decided I would see what her international discipline was like so I met her in London for my 15th spanking and in Paris for my 16th spanking.  Miss Jennifer did not disappoint.  After sitting on an airplane all night long my poor bottom was super sensitive and even a fairly light maintenance spanking had me squirming and trying to get away from Miss Jennifer's various implements.  Ouch!  I was so glad when my spanking ended.  My bottom and I were looking forward to a three week break from Miss Jennifer's hand, brushes, paddles, straps and canes.  However, Miss Jennifer thought a 3 day break was more than enough time off and she told me that London was just the warm up and that she was going to give me a surprise bonus spanking on Monday in Paris.  Yikes!


I spent the next 72 hours dreading what would be waiting for me in Paris, but I still had fun showing Miss Jennifer where all the good restaurants and stores are in London and keeping her from getting lost.  I taught her how to eat sushi.  I tried to educate her about British rock band lyrics and how they related to some of the sights and landmarks we saw, but I don't think any of it sunk in and she definitely had no interest in riding the Bakerloo line out to walk across Abbey Road in the Beatles' crosswalk.  Instead Miss Jennifer was like a boy crazy teenager who was only interested in finding some guy named Jack Wills and another boy named Louie.


On Monday morning, Miss Jennifer and I rode the train thru the Chunnel to Paris.  I showed her where all of the good restaurants and stores are in Paris in addition to a couple of famous landmarks.  And I kept her from getting lost (again).  Gosh!  Finally it was time for me to report to Miss Jennifer's room for my punishment spanking.  I knew I was in trouble when Miss Jennifer handed me a pillow to scream into before she even said hello.  Then she told me "it's good for you".  If you ever hear Miss Jennifer tell you "it's good for you", run as fast as you can!  If you ever hear Miss Jennifer tell you "we are going to try something different", run as fast as you can because that means you will end up in the diaper position with your sit spot under attack.  Miss Jennifer pulled down my pants, put me over her lap and immediately started with the heavy artillery.  She told me London was my warm up.  She told me that I did nothing but crack jokes about drinking all weekend long and that I was going to stop joking about drinking NOW!  I had decided I would obey Miss Jennifer and stop joking long before she brought out the cane.  I have never heard a cane make so much noise as it "swooshed" thru the air.  When the skin on my bottom couldn't take it anymore, Miss Jennifer just moved her aim a little south and started in on the backs of my thighs.  OUCH!  Boy, did I learn my lesson!


Thank you so much Miss Jennifer for two more quality spankings.  And thank you for over 5 months of being alcohol free!  (And 10 days of being joke about alcohol free.) Miss Jennifer, you are the BEST!!!


London and Paris 2013

TESTIMONIAL:  Loser, but Winner -

I am sitting VEry gingerly, since it's only been about two days since I received my sixth "Miss Jennifer Spanking".  The memory of my spanking is fresh in my mind (AND on my super sore bottom.:)  If you're reading this and you're one of Miss Jennifer's "boys or girls", you'll know exactly what I mean when I say "sitting gingerly" and "super sore bottom".:)


I contacted Miss Jennifer for the first time in January of 2012, because I needed some life coaching around losing weight and getting fit.  It seemed like I kept losing the same 5 pounds and gaining them back.  I was also very lazy and could have been called a "couch potato".  I hated to exercise, because it was hard to since I had gotten very heavy.  Well, Miss Jennifer agreed to help me and started by talking with me, then giving me my first spanking in March of last year.  She followed this up by helping me to design an eating and exercise plan that was good for me.  Since March, I have had 5 more sessions with Miss Jennifer and made lots of progress in weight loss and fitness.


I was going to say that this sixth spanking was the best of all, then thought about it and realized that all six of my "Miss Jennifer Spankings" were "the best" in their own way.  That's because Miss Jennifer has never done anything but "the best" when spanking me.  It's all about the skill she has and the genuine caring that she shows before, during and after each spanking that is so precious and priceless. She is truly an intuitive disciplinarian and seems to know exactly what I need each time I come to see her. 


My first spanking from Miss Jennifer was about a year ago, and since then, I've grown in trusting her caring heart, loving ways and skillful hands as I've gotten to know her better.  After my first few spankings, I remember saying that "It hurt so good!"  She surprised me when she told me she hears that exact comment a lot.  For me, I said that because I needed so badly to be spanked all of my life and never got what I needed from my parents, etc.  Because of that, I developed a very strong will that had never really been challenged by someone stronger or shaped the way it should have been.  To me and to Miss Jennifer, I resembled a wild horse that needed to be tamed.  All of my life, I had not been very successful in taming myself.  In meeting Miss Jennifer, I believe that I met my match, as the saying goes. 


During my first spanking about a year ago, she gave me a blistering that shocked me and subdued my strong will for a time.  It gave me the strength to obey the eating and exercise plan she had helped me to design.  As a result of my spankings and Miss Jennifer's guidance, I've lost a lot of weight, have begun to exercise regularly and enjoy it.  I now am wearing clothes that are from 5-7 sizes smaller!!  I know that I need to continue to see Miss Jennifer, though, because as time has passed after each spanking, I have gotten farther away from following my eating plan.  Then, when I receive a spanking from Miss Jennifer, I seem to get the power back to obey my eating plan again.  It's really worth it all.  And, in the whole process, I'm grateful for having gained a new friend in Miss Jennifer.  She is really fun to be with and a precious person in so many ways.  I don't think I've met anyone quite like her before.


During my session last week, we decided to do a realistic role play without an OTK warm-up.  I was a child about 8 years of age and Miss Jennifer, the mom.  By-the-way, she plays that role REally well!  The scenario was that "Mom" had told me to clean my room and I didn't want to.  Matter-of-fact, I defied her and refused to do it.  I even had the guts (or foolishness) to tell her that I was going outside to ride my bike instead! 


Well, it was a contest of wills.  If you're one of Miss Jennifer's "regulars", you're probably guessing who won the contest, and you're right!  Miss Jennifer won!  This 8-year-old put up a really great fight, but it didn't last long when Miss Jennifer (Mommy) started to use her new liquid truncheon (short, thick rubber whip-like cane).  We both knew she won when she finally made me pull my pants down and take my first bare bottom whipping with the rubber cane.  Ouch!!!  When she scolded me before the whipping for not cleaning my room, it was then that I saw that rubber cane and realized what was coming.  Even though we were role playing, I really didn't want to get it with that cane and cried out several times, "Mommy, I don't want a spanking!", and really meant it.  lol  Of course, that made my "Mommy" just more determined that she was going to give me a spanking and give it to me hard!  Well, I was crying real tears when she finally whipped me with the

 rubber cane.  It wasn't role playing then, it was for real!!!  That thing REally hurt on my bare bottom and without a warm-up!!!  I guess that after a few hard swats, she saw that my will was broken.  Each bare bottom swat was very effective and it didn't take too many rubber cane swats to start this 8-year-old answering "Yes, Mommy", instead of talking back. 


I can't remember before ever feeling like I did when I was doing this role play with Miss Jennifer last week.  The whole experience made quite an impression on me inside and made me more humble, for sure.  I gained a lot more respect for Miss Jennifer after she won our contest of wills, even though it was only role playing.  Since then, and I realize it's only been about two days, I've been really good at following my eating plan.  I think the memory of this experience will carry me for quite a long time, since it was very effective. 


It really was fun and beneficial for me to role play with Miss Jennifer.  Even though I lost the contest of wills, I actually won, because I learned a lesson that I so badly needed to learn.  What I learned from this role play scenario was something I should have learned as a child, but didn't really.  It was that when I don't follow the rules (or do what I am told by someone in charge), there will be a consequence that I may not be able to stop from happening to me.  This is a life lesson that is really important to all of us and can keep us out of much trouble in our lives.  I plan to do another role play like this the next time I see Miss Jennifer and am looking forward to what I will learn from that one.


Word of warning to you, I wouldn't recommend defying Miss Jennifer during a spanking session, unless you want to get that rubber "whippy" cane or something even worse!!!  (Secret:  She has a whole new arsenal of "weapons", so watch out!!!)  She WILL win the contest of wills in any fight you put up and and you WILL get the consequence that you so badly need and even want.  I'm so glad that that is true.


Loser, but Winner in Minnesota



Part 2 of Loser, but Winner:  "Miss Jennifer's Medicine"


I got my 6th dose of "Miss Jennifer's Medicine" immediately following the role play scenario in Part 1 of "Loser, but Winner".  I was thinking that this dose would taste really bitter, since Miss Jennifer had given me a strong whiff of anther new variety of her medicine during the role play.  Well, it's true that Miss Jennifer's Medicine sometimes does taste a bit bitter at first.  But, as it goes down, it becomes sweeter and sweeter.  That's because of how Miss Jennifer administers her medicine.  It's always with the utmost, heartfelt care and concern for her "boys and girls" who need it.  She knows her medicine well and has no problem prescribing the exact dose that's needed at the time for whatever the problem is. 


This time, Miss Jennifer told me that she had a new variety of her medicine to show me and that it would be really "good for me".  I started to be alarmed when I heard that, since I remembered  hearing Miss Jennifer say that once before when I was about to receive one of her "Naught Girl Spankings" last year.  Sure enough, when the time was right during my spanking, she brought out this new variety named "Wicked B." for me to see.  She smiled proudly as she said that this new medicine was a gift from one of her boys who needs her strongest medicine.  She added with a wink that she thinks it will be really effective with many of her spankees, even in small doses. 


Miss Jennifer told me that this new medicine is given to those who may not have responded satisfactorily to her other varieties.  When I heard that, I said "uh-oh" to myself, thinking that I must be in that category, since she decided to introduce me to "Wicked B."  I think my eyes must have gotten as "big as saucers" and I know I tried to hide a gulp when I finally saw this new medicine for the first time.  This variety has a foreboding look, with it's long, polished wooden handle and a long, narrow rubber strap attached to this handle.  She said that she really likes it and could hardly wait to use it again, since she was still breaking it in.  After staring widely at "Wicked B." for the first time, I agreed that it's name definitely fits this new variety of Miss Jennifer's Medicine.


I soon got my first "taste" of this new medicine named "Wicked B." as it's long rubber tongue-like strap found it's way to my already rosy rear with a loud whack.  I can't remember any of Miss Jennifer's other varieties of medicine that got my attention as quickly as "Wicked B."  After a few hard licks from the tongue of this new implement, I decided I was ready to give up my naughty ways.  So, through tears and sobs, I forced the words out to tell Miss Jennifer that I was sorry and promised to be good.  I begged her to stop and said that I had gotten enough of a taste of "Wicked B.".  Again, it was a test of wills, and of course, Miss Jennifer won.  She wasn't letting me off the hook so quickly and had a different idea about how strong a dose of "Wicked B." I needed.  To my dismay, she said I needed an even stronger dose because of my strong, unyielding will.


Almost immediately after this declaration from Miss Jennifer and before I could force anymore words out, down came the rubber tongue of "Wicked B.".  It came down again and again onto my burning rear and thighs with a loud whack each time.  I tried to escape the sharp licks from "Wicked B." by rolling over only to be told in a kind, but firm "Miss Jennifer Voice" to lay still or I would get extra whacks.  Then I thought of running out the door of her hotel room to escape.  She must have heard me thinking that, because right afterward she ordered me to "Stay right there and don't move." as she walked into the other room.  I was relieved then that "Wicked B." was quiet and she had walked away leaving me to sob into the pillow.  I thought that my spanking was finally over, then realized that MIss Jennifer was only getting her antiseptic spray.  She sprayed my burning rear and thighs with it and the burn intensified.  I wanted to scream, but muffled my

 scream into the pillow and sunk down onto the bed, resigned to accept the rest of my spanking from Miss Jennifer's skillful hands. 


Miss Jennifer kept on giving me whack after hard whack with "Wicked B." until she must have been satisfied that my naughty will was broken and I had learned my lesson well.  Finally, I heard her announce, "only 10 more", then "only 5 more".  It seemed like an eternity as she slowly and deliberately gave me the last 10 hard whacks.  I turned my head to watch as she stepped back, raised her arm, aimed at my sore rear and wielded "Wicked B." for the last few and hardest whacks of all.  I cried out again and again as her arm came down and the rubber tongue of "Wicked B." landed with with a loud, crackling sound on my burning, sore rear and thighs.  I wondered if the loud whacks could be heard throughout the hotel. 


When this first encounter with "Wicked B." had finally ended, I was changed.  I decided that whatever I needed to do, I would do to avoid giving Miss Jennifer a reason to prescribe a second strong dose of "Wicked B.", her newest medicine.  She was right, though, that this new medicine is very effective.  I'm happy now two weeks later to say that since meeting "Wicked B.", I've followed my eating and exercise  plans perfectly for the first time that I can remember.  I've also found my will power again to say "NO" to the temptations to stray away from these eating and exercise plans that Miss Jennifer helped me to create.  I sure didn't like my first encounter with "Wicked B." while it was happening, but now I'm glad that I got to taste this new medicine.  Again, I'm a "loser but winner", since I lost the test of wills, but won the prize of my finding my lost willpower. 


Thank you Miss Jennifer for another "best of all" spanking from your skillful hands and caring heart.  You are the best and I love you sooooo much!!!!!

Loser, but Winner in Minnesota   (2013)



I just had the pleasure of experiencing my first spanking session with Miss Jennifer and wow, it was everything I had expected and more. I was greeted by an amazingly attractive lady, who is an excellent conversationalist and had me feeling completely at ease the first few minutes of meeting her. It would have been easy just to talk to her the entire ninety minutes. But once the session started, it was all spanking and don't let her petite size fool you! Miss Jennifer can spank like no one else I have ever had a session with. She pushed me to my limits and beyond, but in the most caring and understanding way. She truly cares about her spankees and making sure they get the best experience out of their session. I just put total trust in her to control the session and when it was over, it was an amazing rush I had never experienced before.

Thank you Miss Jennifer and looking forward to your next visit to Charlotte.

(Charlotte 2013)


It was my first time to get a spanking in  8 yrs. and I was very

nervous.  I actually thought about backing out a few times, especially

after I kept reading about how her bare hand felt like an implement.

Luckily, I went forward with the session, which turned out to be one

of the best times of my life.


Jennifer opened the door and I was pleasantly surprised.  Obviously by

her pictures she is beautiful and classy but in person, she is even

more beautiful.

We sat down and talked for I think about 10 or 15 minutes.  Honestly,

she is so easy to talk to about anything that its easy to lose track

of time.  At a certain point she said OK its time for your spanking,

you need to go to the bedroom.  We had decided to do a husband wife

role-play.  She is very convincing and did an excellent job of staying

in character.


She sat on the bed and instructed me to come to her.  She started to

unbutton my pants and told me to lay across her knee.  She started

with her bare hand and initially it wasn't too painful. Gradually the

swats got harder and harder until I started to squirm slightly and

apparently I was making noises because she said "oh, wow we are just

getting started mister, you haven't seen anything yet".  This was both

exciting and slightly scary to hear.  It was 5 minutes into a 2 hr

session and my butt was on fire from only her hand.  After what felt

like a very long time, she instructed me to strip and then lay across

the bed.  She proceeded to get her first implement.  Honestly, I don't

remember which implement she started with.  I know throughout the

course of the session she used paddles, spatulas, canes, straps and a

tawse.  About mid-session, she stopped to take a picture of my butt.

She said "OK, I don't want you to freak out when you see your butt. It

looks like someone severely beat you".   I saw the picture and she

wasn't joking at all.  My butt was extremely swollen and bright red.

Mind you it had been 8 yrs since my last spanking and I mark very

easily.  She didn't seem at all worried and I trusted her, so I was

happy for the spanking to proceed.  It was extremely painful but it

was an amazingly good pain.  I told her I wanted a hard punishment

spanking and she absolutely delivered.  One thing I will say is that

she was extremely well at reading me and sensing what I could take.

She knew exactly when to push and when to back off.   She is amazingly

skilled at her craft.  One thing that made it so special is that I

could tell she genuinely loved to spank.  Looking back and seeing her

smile as the paddle was about to come crashing down on my severely

swollen butt was nothing short of amazing.


Honestly, I really don't have enough good things to say about Jennifer

and my session.  The spanking was the absolute best ever bar none.

There is a reason she has a worldwide following, its because she

really is that good.  Not to mention her personality.  Its amazingly

easy to have an interesting conversation with her. By the end of the

session I felt like I was talking to a good friend, even though I had

only known her for a few hrs. As I write this all I can think is how I

can't wait to see her again.


(Dallas 2013)

This is my second session with Jennifer. During the previous one I was severely punished but this time I told Jennifer that I really want to enjoy the session and begged for less pain in my application.


Two hours before the session I got an email from Jennifer in which she asked whether I could come half an hour earlier. Of course I could since I have been waiting for an hour already so I hurried to her place which is located in a top-level hotel. I knocked the door and very soon she opened it for me and greeted me with her big smile. Very politely she invited me in and seated me in the couch. To me the most fascinating part of the spanking session is this kind of interaction in which you are given respect soon before harsh punishment and humiliation. This kind of sharp contrast is really stimulating to me. We  talked for a little while about my previous experience and got started very quickly. Jennifer ordered me to stand up and right after that I made a big mistake. I shouldn't have asked her any question during the session! So as a warning to me, she ordered me to strip completely with only socks on. Then she took out two pairs of black cuffs and restrained my hands and feet. Being handcuffed and shackled is always a fantasy in my mind and this time my fantasy was fulfilled by a beautiful and dominant lady. You know how excited I get! Then Jennifer sat on the edge of the bed and I was made to bend over her knees. I received a warm-up but honestly speaking, it was really painful. Miss Jennifer really knows how to spank and by this I mean she was able to hit the same spot of your bottom forcefully for multiple times. This is how the pain sensation get intensified. I was able to take the first few strokes but as the spanking went on, I started to moan and then cry. I begged in tears and saying "I am sorry!". But this made Jennifer very angry. She looked into my eyes sternly and commanded," you should be saying 'thank you!'" I did what she told me and to my surprise, she reduced the intensity and then let me off for a while.


This was only the beginning. After getting up from her knees I was made to knee on the floor with head down and bottom up. This is how I got spanked for the next ten minutes. Several implements were used this time including a whip and a paddle. It wasn't the pain but the humiliation that made me want more strokes. I know I was just a piece of tool in front of Miss Jennifer. My only purpose is to entertain her and her enjoyment is my biggest reward. 

My third position is the "diaper's postion". I was laying on my back, hands and feet tied up and holding the legs up to reveal my buttock. A whip was applied to my bottom this time.It wasn't that painful. I like this position because I could watch Miss Jennifer's gorgeous face while receiving the punishment. I could tell that she enjoyed spanking me and what eles I could look for beside this? 


After like 20-30 strokes, I was again made to knee on the floor and this time I crawled to the corner of the walls while Jennifer holding my ear. She ordered me to stay on my knees, face the corner and put hand on my neck while sticking my bottom out. I kept in this position for 5 minutes and again I made another mistake--I looked down on the floor. Jennifer couldn't tolerate this and she decided to add some more punishment. This is the punishment I enjoyed the most but I won't tell you what it is. Maybe it's a special gift from Jennifer I guess.


The last part of the session was mainly hard strokes with whips and paddles of different size. I felt really painful and came out in tears. The strange thing is that I just want to stay in position to please Jennifer, I don't want to let her down. So I took the hard strokes successfully. Finally, she applied some sprays to my bottom and gave some light massage. You know how it feels when a beautifully manicured hand touching your on-fire bottom lightly. Then she took picture of my spanked butt while I was in laying and standing position and hopefully you have seen the picture.


I was eventually released from the cuffed and got dressed again. We talked about my life and my future plans for a while and my wonderful session was finally over. I was greatly honored to receive her hug before bidding farewell. I really hope I can revisit her soon.


J. L

(Indianapolis 2013)




It was a somewhat cold Wed evening when I met miss Jennifer for my session. Looking back, it was a session which I have arranged some months that. So there was this anticipation of not knowing what it would be like ... On the other side such an application process like miss Jennifer has makes you think right along answering those questions. I makes you think about who you are are, what is it that you need, what is it that you are trying to find and what the solution would be. In my case, as a husband I thought already some time ago I would definitely benefit from discipline, and I mean serious discipline not play. I think I am fine human being and a good husband. However, I also know that at times and that is more often than not, I definitely could be a better husband. At some point in time I started taking things for granted, everything that happened was good enough and before you know I was on a downward slope to less meaningful communication, less time to really be close and really be together, etc. What about coming home on time and that means as early as I could or bringing her far more often flowers than a few times a year ? Well, I asked miss Jennifer for a session where I could get all these things in front of me and really realize what I need to do. Maybe more important it was that I really wanted to make a change in my behavior for the better. Miss Jennifer helped me with that. She first explained to me why I needed discipline and how it would just help and then she spanked me really well. Miss Jennifer is very nice but do not confuse that with her ability to deliver serious discipline. She can be herself and that is a very nice lady and also really deliver the necessary serious discipline to help improve your behavior. She did talk to me before and after the session and I can tell you during the session I was crying like a baby thinking about ways to change. I am sure even more than before that discipline helps and that regular sessions with miss Jennifer will make you behave just the same as this session did with me. I know it is sometimes difficult to imagine, just take the plunge and you will see how it will benefit you with your own personal dilema's. 


(Amsterdam 2013)



Miss Jennifer is an amazing person, she is so nice, easy to talk to and very caring, don't take this to mean she doesn't give a hard spanking because it hurt REALLY bad. I was very nervous because it was my first real spanking session I have ever done. I thought I might have been in over my head, but she reassured me, walked me through what instruments she was using and made me feel at ease. I would definitely recommend her to anyone considering having a session with her. It was amazing! I love you Miss Jennifer!



(Charlotte 2013)




"I just received a pure spanking by Miss Jennifer today;

She is THE DISCIPLINARIAN I was dreaming about.

It's a very nice person who really enjoy what she does thus she is very good on this.

She makes me feel in trouble before during and after the spanking.

Her website is like her straight strong and strict.

I can say that I felt myself as a teenage boy when I was on her knees physically and mentally.

So thank you very much for this real life spanking Miss Jennifer You are an exceptionnal Lady Spanker"
(Paris 2013)

When I heard the first time about Jennifer, I didn't hesitate very long before to contact her. Of course, she looked very demanding with her partners, but I had the feeling the session would be worth my efforts.


I eventually met her in Paris at the very beginning of the afternoon. After a short conversation to relax me, during which Jennifer checked the preferences I had indicated her, we started the role play we had decided earlier.


Hand's spanking does generally not have much effect on me, but her's ! Just hard to distinguish her hand from a hairbrush ! A delicious beginning ... but only the beginning.


The game went on with a very long and hard punishment with several implements, my bottom beeing refreshed from time to time only to be better bruised with the next implement. I'd rather not to confess the way she ended the punishment ...


but you should be surprised if she does the same with you!


As a conclusion, I was mostly impressed by Jennifer's desire to give you exactly the spanking you wish, but also by the enthusiasm she showed during the session. It's so important to play with partners who care more about spanking than about money !


Benoît (France) 2013



thankyou miss jennifer for the spanking today

 i went to nashville to see miss jennifer

when i got to the motel it looked like a castle imagine that going to a castle to be punished by a beautiful queen

 i called her 5 min before my session

she told me the room number

i walked down the hallway to her room

i knocked she answered

she is very beautiful

she was very nice and her voice was very soothing i put my tribute by the computer like the rules say to then we went over the mother son role play

shes a great actress and as i found out an even better spanker

 it was a wild ride during the session

 at the end i had a well punished butt

she was wonderful

no wonder she is always in demand around the world

thankyou miss jennifer  

ps if u go to her for a spanking she will have no mercy

she believes a spanking is suppose to hurt and it will bad again

thanks miss jennifer

be careful traveling

(Nashville 2013)



Miss Jennifer I have been meaning to write this for along time.


Seeing Miss Jennifer was my first visit to real disciplinarian.  I have always wanted to fulfill my adult fantasy of getting a real spanking.  Another factor was that I have always wanted to be spanked while cross-dressed. 


There is no way to really describe the experience except it was awesome and incredible.  Miss Jennifer was extremely kind and caring.  She took the time to really talk to me about my fantasy and made me feel so much better.  She also shared some of her life experiences which meant a lot. 


Miss Jennifer is “one of a kind” and this was an experience I remember daily and is one of the best experiences of my life.  The session was incredible.  I brought a large selection of clothing and Miss Jennifer picked out what she wanted me to wear then helped my do my make up.


Now I will tell you that she is all business and very very good and discipline.  She put me over her knee and started spanking really good.  You need to understand that once you are over her knee you have no control she will decide how long and how hard you get spanked.  The best part is she sets the feeling so you don’t want to have control.  The spanking was for me beyond description the feeling in my butt lasted for 7 days ( I don’t know about other people but one of the best parts of spanking is the after feeling). 


Miss Jennifer really cares and pays very close attention to your skin to ensure she does not break the skin.  Keep in mind that if you she her you are going to get a very very real spanking.  Since seeing her I have done more research into the Psychology of Adult Spanking and thanks to Miss Jennifer I have a better understand of both adult consensual spanking and my need to cross-dress.  I left the session feeling relaxed, stressed free, and very happy – although my butt hurt really bad.


I hope I get to see Miss Jennifer again for another session – I really want to work on releasing emotionally and really crying from the discipline.  If you are a male or female who is into spanking you need to see Miss Jennifer.  She has a truly a wonderful woman who has a true heart she cares about you and respects and helps you accept your kinky side.  To top it off she is excellent at what she does and you will get an experience that will stay with you for a long time.


Thank you Miss Jennifer for one of the most incredible experiences of my life.  I have been watching your schedule and if you get back to Denver I will schedule with you.  I am also watching for cities that are close to me so I can fly in and see you.  I hope you are well and Thanks Again for helping me realize how “normal” I am.  I have done on to explore more and have even done some spanking myself – “Oh what a feeling”



Castle Rock, Colorado




For as long as I can remember, I have craved a spanking.  I finally built up the courage to do something about it when I saw that Miss Jennifer was coming to New York.  I emailed her and after speaking over email and then by phone, we created my dream role play session.  The mother/son scenario was always my fantasy and so this is what we agreed upon.  I certainly had butterflies as the day neared and my punishment was to be administered, but all that went away when the door to the hotel room opened and we had our initial conversation.  Miss Jennifer is of course, beautiful, but it was her manner and reassurances that I know I was in the best "hands" possible for my very first spanking.  My session was the perfect amount scolding (which I stressed was quite important and spanking.  I truly felt like a naughty teenaged son who had very much disappointed his mom, and received the punishment I so richly deserved.  My bottom was bared, I was thrown over Miss Jennifer's knee, and spanked long and hard with her hard and one other implement (some kitchen appliance). I was then made made to stand in the corner to think about the spanking I had just received and when I did not stop talking back, over her knee again I went.  Miss Jennifer was completely respectful of my limits and request, and I of course, respected hers.  I left her room with a smile on my face, my fantasy fulfilled and one red bottom,  Thank you Miss Jennifer.


Spanked son (NY)

(NY 2013)


Miss Jennifer Testimonial Part 13


After a baker's dozen of Miss Jennifer's spankings I still haven't figured out how to leave Miss Jennifer's hotel room without a really sore bottom.  I tried sandpaper.  I tried rubber cement.  I tried bringing Miss Jennifer her favorite mineral water.  I tried buttering her up by sending her emails full of sweet nothings and compliments.  I tried begging and pleading.  I tried distracting her with glow in the dark underwear.  Nothing worked.  Every time that Miss Jennifer spanked me, I left with a really sore bottom.  Then I tried reverse psychology.  I told Miss Jennifer that I wanted to be really punished this time.  I told her that I wanted a really, really, really sore bottom.  Well, guess what?  This time when Miss Jennifer spanked me, I left with a really, really, really sore bottom.  OUCH!!!


Tomorrow I am going to see Miss Jennifer for spanking number 14.  This time I have decided to try a truly novel approach.  I'm actually going to be GOOD!  Instead of being a naughty boy, I'm going to be an extremely well behaved good boy who obeys Miss Jennifer completely.  I'm going to be polite and respectful instead of talking back to Miss Jennifer with a smart mouth.  I'm even going to wear her favorite underwear with the cute puppies on it.  That should practically guarantee a Johnson's Baby Shampoo spanking--i.e. no more tears and more importantly NO MORE SORE BOTTOM!!!  I'll let y'all know how it all works out.


Seattle 2013


"I recently had my first spanking session with Miss Jennifer.   As a beginner, I was very nervous.   Miss Jennifer really provided a very calming influence and quickly eased my fears.  She is quite stunning,  however more important she is a very warm and caring person.   The spanking was wonderful .  It was a good sound fulfilling spanking.  The time went by so fast.  The spanking was actually lighthearted and fun, though my bottom was sore for a few days.   I hope to be able to see Miss Jennifer again.”

Nashville TN January 2013



"As a Top throughout my adult life I have recently craved finding a Female Top with a unique skill set to allow me to experience the other side. After perusing the web, I found Miss Jennifer and was impressed with her bio as a Strict Disciplinarian. Luckily, she traveled to my area, and after being privileged to have been accepted by her, I met her locally to start our journey. Her very attractive and feminine demeanor were clearly the veneer over her true Disciplinarian self. After some background conversation to put us both at ease, she began with a no-nonsense session over her lap. I was impressed that her petite and feminine hands could deliver such a steady and firm set of blows to my quickly reddening buns. After a very complete warm up, I was placed buns up over a pilow on the bed and instructed not to move. From this point on Miss J conducted a steady and very thorough discipline session using her wide array of instruments to decorate my very sore bottom. Her expertise was impressive, as she varied the tempo and instruments like a true Pro - pushing the limits and backing off at the right times according to her innate sense of correct timing and the feedback she got from me. Several hours seemed to elapse quickly as she kept me in a steady state of pure submission, constantly reminding me that she was in charge and my bottom belonged to her. At the end she kindly applied soothing lotion to my red, swollen buns and reassured me. This was the finest session of its kind I have experienced, and I look forward to many more."

Atlanta 2013


For as long as I can remember, I've fantasized about being spanked by a pretty teacher. I've never been into any of the other things that fall under "BDSM" - I just imagined what it would be like to be taken over a lap and have my butt paddled red. I never dreamed I'd be able to live this fantasy - I was terrified of the prospect. When I discovered Miss Jennifer, though, I finally made it a reality.

The first time I emailed her, she wrote back, and I was too intimidated by the application and just the thought of really going out and experiencing the thing I'd thought about for so long. Eventually I got my courage up, several months later, and completed the application. I am so glad I did.

I went in to my session with an idea of what I wanted to experience, but I soon realized that Jennifer knew what I needed even better than I did. As soon as we started talking, she got to the root of what I actually felt guilty about, what I actually needed punishing for, and this made the experience immeasurably better.

The actual spanking...well, it hurt! I was a total spanking newbie, so I didn't really know what it would feel like. She started with her hand (which is no joke), and used a variety of spoons (so stingy!) and brushes. Then, because I wanted to see what a paddle felt like, a belt, etc., she demonstrated them enthusiastically. All the while she had a sense of how I felt, giving me a brief respite when the pain was too much to take.

All I can say is that if you've been thinking about doing this for a while but have been scared/apprehensive/shy, Miss Jennifer is who you want to see. She is, somehow, kind while giving you the spanking of your life, and makes the whole experience very positive. You will be glad you filled out that application.

"Kris," Los Angeles 2013



This is my testimonial based on my first (and, so far, only) encounter with Miss J.  I had had a few encounters with pro  dommes, one of whom  claimed to specialize in spanking and corporal punishment.  I had also paid “escorts” to come to my house to spank me.  In all cases, I was disappointed that my limits had not been stretched very much.

I had known about Miss J and her website for several years but was unsure whether that’s what I wanted. I decided to contact her and look into a serious spanking. She replied promptly and required that I fill out an application. It is extensive but everything is relevant.  I found myself answering questions carefully but honestly and took it quite serious. It was actually pleasant to be able to talk about my kinky desires and/or experiences without fear of being viewed as weird.  Next, I waited for a reply; it came within a day or too. She said that she “loved” my application and was going to enjoy spanking me.  (That  itself made me nervous!).

I then provided more info about what I wanted and requested her most severe form of spanking. We made an appointment and had a phone conversation about what I should expect and to confirm that I knew that this would be a real and tough spanking. She’s very professional, yet friendly and easy to talk to as many other testimonials have reported.

I waited with nervous anticipation until the time of our meeting arrived. We met at an upscale hotel. I had some concern about noise but she had assured me not to worry. We were in a corner of a higher floor with a very noisy air register outside her door. (She obviously had done this before!).  The knock on the door is something you don’t forget. She greeted me and was quite friendly (and Attractive!) We talked about a variety of things for a long time and she made me feel totally comfortable. (She’d be a pleasant dinner companion for most men!) There came a point where I worried that we were using too much time talking and I wouldn’t get the full punishment I craved. In hindsight, how foolish!

At some point, Miss J announced that it was time to start. She started with an OTK hand spanking that was serious but not hard to endure. Then, she got serious. There was continuous spanking with all types of implements. I looked back  with trepidation as she would change them. It was intriguing to watch her. She wasn’t smiling, nor angry; she actually looked businesslike. She would move a few steps from my position to change implements;  after a while I shuddered when she picked up particular ones. (If you do this, you’ll know which ones!) At one point, she stepped aside to check her phone. It was probably no more than 30 to 60 seconds but it seemed like a great respite from her spanking onslaught; that’s how intense it got at times.  At one point, I noticed a portable clock positioned so that I could see the time and realize that this wasn’t close to over. (Miss J, was that coincidence?) I knew then that I was getting what I wanted and maybe more. Eventually, it was over and, I must say, I was glad.

After that, we talked for a while about the session but also lots of other things.  She seemed totally unconcerned about when I left but I knew I was her last appointment of the day and that I should be on my way.

If you have the kind of cravings that I did/do, you should try to arrange a session with her. In my view, you won’t be disappointed. I look forward to my next time with her.


(Chesapeake 2013)


Miss Jennifer Testimonial Part 14


I was a little bit nervous when I reported to Miss Jennifer for my regular twice a month maintenance spanking to remind me to be a good boy and stay away from alcohol.  Due to the way my schedule worked out, this would be my third spanking in three weeks.  The first two had been really hard punishment spankings and I had developed some aches and pains in other parts of my body completely unrelated to the aches and pains that Miss Jennifer had given to my poor bottom and thighs the past two weeks.  There was no way I could endure another hard spanking.  So I was really hoping that Miss Jennifer would go easy on me this time.


I would like to think that Miss Jennifer went easy on me because I sent her those emails to butter her up by saying how super smart, sweet and beautiful she is, or because I brought her two bottles of her favorite mineral water, or because I wore her favorite boxer shorts with the cute puppies, but I know that isn't the reason.  Miss Jennifer went easy on me because she is a true professional.  She knew how I was feeling.  She understood my frame of mind.  She tailored my spanking to what I needed at that moment.  Don't get me wrong.  I still got a good spanking.  I still left her room with a sore bottom.  I still learned a valuable lesson.  In fact, Miss Jennifer taught me more from this spanking than from all of the previous thirteen spankings that she gave me combined.  I learned that I am stronger than my alcoholism, that I don't need a hard spanking to keep from drinking (although it sure does help sometimes) and most importantly that Miss Jennifer trusts me to make the right decision the next time I'm craving alcohol.


It took me fourteen Miss Jennifer spankings (OK, so I'm a little slow) to realize that there is nothing I can do to change the way she is going to spank me.  That doesn't mean I will stop trying.  I've been trying to get out of spankings for over forty years.  I don't see any reason to stop now.  But Miss Jennifer knows best.  Miss Jennifer will decide how to punish me.  And whether she decides to give me a light maintenance spanking, a really hard punishment or something in between I will be forever grateful that Miss Jennifer is my disciplinarian.  My no nonsense, strict but caring, strong yet gentle, disciplinarian.  My super smart, super sweet and super beautiful disciplinarian.  (I really mean that--it's not like I have another spanking coming up in a few days.)  Thank you Miss Jennifer!  You are the BEST!


Good/Alcohol-free boy

Chesapeake 2013

Why did I go to see Miss Jennifer? The answer to this question has multiple layers, but the over-arching theme is this: I am lazy. What's worse is that I know I am lazy, and constantly tell myself not to be. I cannot count the number of times I have found myself watching TV thinking "I should be working on xyz", only to find myself still on the couch 15 minutes later, thinking "why didn't I go work on xyz". Cut to next week, and I am still having the same thoughts. My work ethic needs to improve, but I have not been capable of improving it on my own. This summer/fall were especially bad, so I decided to find a disciplinarian to punish me and hopefully help figure out a solution.

I had gone to area Dommes in the past for these problems, but the first one didn't spank me at all even though I asked for it, and the second was not satisfying enough for me to want to go back. I knew I needed someone who was truly looking to spank and spank only, and when I did a search I saw an ad stating that Miss Jennifer would be in town. I had seen her site before, but reacquainted myself with it. After reading her list of rules and about her, I decided that yes, this was exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. There was no doubt that once I was in that hotel room, everything was under her control and I would get the spanking I desired, no matter how much my mind stopped wanting it upon feeling the spanking.

I reached out to Miss Jennifer, got an application and filled it out. Filling out the application was exciting, and I provided all of the details I could remember. I did have a hard time with one question though: What type of spanking do you want. I wasn't sure if I should put just a spanking, or a discipline spanking. I figured the intensity would not change either way, but the general tone would. I knew that I was trying to schedule the spanking as a type of discipline of myself for my poor work ethic, but the past experience with the Domme where I gave her the reason I wanted the punishment seemed so over acted. I put down both but when I later talked to Miss Jennifer on the phone she told me to think about it and choose one. I ended up choosing just the spanking, because I didn't want any forced scolding that seemed out of place and broke my mindset.

Fortunately when I met Miss Jennifer for the spanking, we sat down and talked about why I was there and what my thoughts were as she went back through my application. During this process she asked me questions about my job and my work and how long a project I was doing would take. I answered her as honestly as I could, which was that I didn't know and it was taking longer than I wanted because I wasn't focusing hard enough on it and spending my time elsewhere. Needless to say, after this point my spanking now had a very definite purpose. Miss Jennifer first tried to figure out with my why I wasn't able to focus, and what some solutions might be, and she noticed that I lacked a clear goal of how much I was to work on it each week.

Then the spanking started, and make no mistake about it, she knows how to spank and spank hard. But for me the best part of the spanking were the few times she brought up the issue I needed to correct. It wasn't constant and always nagging on it throughout the spanking, she brought it up 4 times that I can remember throughout the discipline. The first was after my warmup while I was across her lap, she asked me what my goal was going to be in terms of how long I was going to work on my project. Well, I had not been thinking about that at all with the swats raining down on my behind, so I told her I wasn't sure. Wrong answer as that earned me another set or two of hard spanks over her knee. It did the trick though, because between moaning and groaning and breathing heavily from the spanking, I was thinking about a realistic number of hours to spend each week.

The next time she asked was before the mouth soaping started. The questions were about my past behavior and if it was acceptable, and what I was going to do to fix it. By this point I had spent enough time thinking about it while being spanked to provide the correct answers (set a clear goal that can be measured and work toward it), but that of course did not save me from the punishment I still had coming. The next set came after all of the swats had landed. I still had the bar of soap in my mouth and was trying to give yes or no answers by mumbling and shaking my head. I remember this one because she asked one of those questions where you aren't sure if it should be yes or no, so I tried to force a 'right' out of my mouth but it did not make it.

The final time was during out discussion post spanking, and soap cleanup. We talked a bit about my plan, and she made it clear that if I ever have to see her again for the same issue, that this was just a light warmup. So now I fully intend to enact my plan of setting a clear goal and keeping track of it, because I definitely want to see Miss Jennifer again. I just hope that I am a good boy between now and then so I can have a fun spanking (that will still hurt like the blazes and push my limits) instead of an intense discipline spanking.


(Atlanta 2012)




Incredible! Truly the best word to describe such an amazing & unforgettable experience with a woman of such intuition, charisma & elegance that has made a profound affect & influence on my life since our meeting.
I suppose I have always felt an inner desire, some sort of inexplicable yearning to pursue such a setting in which I could fulfill this irrepressible feeling I had been holding inside for quite some time, I just didn’t know how to do it. Finally, after years of continuously putting it off, I decided to put all fear to the wind & search for the right person that could deliver exactly what I was looking for in a professional manner who is well experienced at what they do while still making me feel safe, respected & at ease. I found this & so much more in Miss Jennifer.
I discovered Miss Jennifer through an ad while scrolling through Backpage one day, & I was rather intrigued by her qualifications so I went to her website & that is where I decided that Miss Jennifer was the best person to do the job. Unquestionably the one I was looking for. Through reading her page, I realized that I didn’t really want a dominatrix/dungeon setting with someone who would try to break your dignity & do God knows what else, I wanted something with more class, someone that genuinely cares about her clients that would give me a thorough discipline/punishment while still maintaining a mutual respect in a warm & fun environment & that is exactly what I got with Miss Jennifer.
I sent her an email requesting an application & she graciously granted me one so I quickly filled it out & sent it to her, praying she would like it & accept me for a session. I know she is a very busy woman & only accepts people with whom she believes she can trust & have fun with that will make it extraordinary for both involved. I was simply ecstatic when I got the acceptance email & hearing her sweet & reassuring voice over the phone to discuss the upcoming session let me know that I was making the right decision.
Nervous doesn’t even begin to describe what I was feeling on the way to the hotel room. I swear I couldn’t stop shaking to save my life! Honestly, as much as I was nervous about the spanking I was about to receive, I was more worried about impressing her than anything because she was so nice to grant me a session. I just wanted her to be glad that she chose me, not for her to regret her decision or feel like she was wasting her time, after all, I was rather inexperienced at all of this anyway.
She opened the door & greeted me with the most heartwarming smile & I was at a loss for words from her shear beauty. She is absolutely gorgeous! She instructed me to sit in the chair so we could talk & get to know one another. We talked about a little of this & that, including music (that of which we both have common interests) & we discussed my problem areas, why I was going to be spanked & what I needed to do to solve the problems. She is a very intellectual & kind person & she has a fantastic sense of humor. She is an excellent conversationalist, I loved the time we spent talking just as much as anything else in the time I spent with her. She is such a delight to talk to. Her poise, her sweet smile & merely just her presence put me at ease about everything, although somehow I was still nervous.
Well, as much as I adored speaking with her, I knew at some point the conversation would have to come to an end & we would have to get down to business. She asked me “So, are you ready for your spanking” & all I could say was “as ready as I’ll ever be”. I had noticed a few implements upon entering her room that were laid on her desk which included two paddles, one made of wood, the other of rubber. I had put paddles as one of my two favorite implements of choice, which I would later find out wasn’t the best choice, lol. She placed her implements on the bed & sat down & then directed me to come stand next to her. She then proceeded to unfasten my belt & pants & told me to take my pants off & set them to the side. She told me to lay across her lap & she pulled down the back part of my boxer-briefs. She told me that I have the butt of a spankee, like it was meant to be spanked, which I suppose there is some truth in that & I couldn’t help but think “wow, what a coincidence, that’s what’s about to happen”, lol.
She started out with some bare hand spankings, slow & not too hard at first, but she swiftly made the spankings harder & faster & by then end, much to my astonishment, it actually started to burn…… a lot. I didn’t know a spanking with just her bare hand could sting so much! She assured me that I was allowed to talk during the session & I don’t know if it was because I was nervous or just in so much pain but unfortunately, I was more quiet than I would’ve liked to have been, but we still talked during the session, making me feel relaxed & I was saying “yes, ma‘am” very quickly, out of respect & because I knew what she was going to do to me. I stupidly chose music for her to play during the session that was upbeat & fast paced which meant that she would be spanking me very hard & fast……… bad decision on my part, not that it really would have mattered. I thought “My God, if she can make a spanking hurt like this with just her bare hand, I can’t imagine what she will do to me with other implements, especially a paddle”.
Unfortunately for my poor bottom, that’s exactly what she used next, a wooden otk paddle. I knew from the beginning that this was going to be a very painful discipline spanking to teach me a lesson through the guidance & tenderness of Miss Jennifer’s hand, but after maybe three smacks on my bare bottom with that wooden paddle, I knew that she meant business & that this was going to be a very long hour, but right there in that moment, as much as the paddling hurt (& trust me it REALLY hurt!!!!) I couldn’t think of a place that I’d rather be. At first I was just laying there, taking the paddling I deserved, but then she started spanking me even harder, spanking literally every inch of my butt with that paddle & much to my disbelief, I was in so much pain that my hands started to grasp the sheets on the bed, as I was holding on for dear life!!!
It was an undeniable miracle what happened next. She finally stopped spanking me with the wooden paddle just long enough to reach over to pick up a wooden brush & immediately started spanking me again & somehow, it didn’t hurt as much as the wooden paddle. It still hurt, don’t get me wrong, especially since she was hitting the same spots that she so firmly spanked earlier. I knew it wouldn’t last long though, I knew that it was only going to get worse from there, & boy, was I right!
She then began spanking me with her rubber paddle which hurt even worse than the spanking I received with the wooden paddle. I was in so much agony that even though I barely made a sound, just some soft moans out of pain, I involuntarily put my hands through my hair as if I had a migraine because of how much it hurt. I definitely got WELL acquainted with her paddles throughout the session. She would periodically rub my incredibly sore bottom for a little while to make it feel a little better because she truly is kind & ever so caring, but it wasn’t long before the spanking began again.
She then moved on to her favorite implement…… a wooden spoon. It’s rather sturdy, super light weight & very easy to swing. I have no question as to why that’s her favorite implement & it hurts so bad!!! Especially after being spanked with her rubber paddle, that wooden spoon along with everything else she used up to that point certainly taught me a lesson, & that was only while I was across her lap, I still had a lot more to come.
I’m not going to lie, there were times while across here lap & during the rest of the session that I wanted to beg her to stop, but for some reason, I didn’t, I couldn’t, I was speechless & besides, that was the reason I was there in the first place. It wouldn’t have helped anyway. I knew she would only stop when she thought I learned my lesson. Apparently, I had a lot to learn.
She then told me to stand up so she could get up & then she directed me to lay across the bed. I knew the big guns were coming next & I was so nervous about what she would spank me with next. She walked over to get some lotion to rub on my already blistered bottom which soothed it for a little while. She has a tender, loving touch (even when she disciplined me, I knew it could always hurt more if she just wanted to hurt me but she is very caring & sweet & doesn’t really want to actually hurt anyone) that made me feel at ease, but I knew it was about to get even worse. She then walked over to her bag & pulled out a relatively narrow & long wooden paddle with holes in a straight line through it & I knew I was in trouble then. She walked over to me & gently spoke to me & I answered with a “yes ma’am” then she walked over & sat the paddle on my sore bottom & gave me a very hard, quick spanking. Then she began a pattern of spanking where she would spank me really hard once, then rest the paddle on my bottom & spank me again & so on & so forth. I swear, that spanking was so hard that if it wasn’t for the pauses in-between spankings, I would’ve lost my mind & maybe even started crying.
After what seemed like an eternity of being paddled, she finally stopped & told me to get up & lay across the foot rest she had next to the bed. She got out her leather strap & came over next to me. I thought maybe, somehow this wouldn’t hurt as bad as being paddled. I was so wrong! That strap hurt worse than anything up to that point & of course, since she was standing up, she had more room & leverage to swing the strap, which meant disaster for my bottom. I thought that I couldn’t take anymore, each spanking seeming to hurt more than the last especially considering that because of the way she was positioned behind me, almost every single time she spanked me with the strap, it hit the left side. I almost thought about begging her to at least switch sides so the left would get a break, lol.
Nothing could have possibly prepared me for what would come next.
She told me to pull up my boxers, & yet, somehow I knew that she wasn’t done with me yet. She assured me that the spanking was almost over, which was rather bittersweet because that meant that the disciplining was almost over but it also meant that I would soon have to leave the company of Miss Jennifer, which as much as the spankings hurt, I always enjoyed every moment I spent with her. She reached into her bag to bring out something that would strike fear in the hearts of the bravest & toughest, a big wooden paddle! I was very nervous about this one!! I didn’t know if I could handle it, I thought that there was no way I could possibly take anymore, I had already taken such a hard spanking over the hour that I was there, but it was coming whether I wanted it or not. She was going to make sure that I learned my lesson. She didn’t spank me very long with this paddle, but the little time she spent using it on me was very effective. It was the worst pain I have ever felt in my entire life!!! (which is saying a lot considering that I have twisted my knee a few times, busted my mouth open on a four wheeler, broke one of my knuckles on my right hand & a bunch of other stuff that I don’t remember, lol) That paddle hit ever inch of my bottom with ease, bringing a new meaning to the word “agony“. I wanted to beg her to stop so bad! She told me as she smiled, “two more” “ok, one more” “ok, one more”. It was adorable & painful & hilarious all at once!!!
The spanking stopped & we sat & talked for a little while. She told me that my tolerance level was above average, about a 6 or 7, which somehow made me smile & she said I could take a harder spanking, but I believe that Miss Jennifer & my bottom have a difference of opinion regarding that, lol. She asked me what I had learned & what I was going to do after being disciplined & one of the things that I wanted to change about myself was the fact that I smoked & I stupidly told her that I would stop smoking after I finished my pack with only 3 or 4 left in it………. big mistake. She told me “No, you‘ll stop NOW!!”. She told me to stand up & bend over the bed & she got her big paddle back out & gave me a few “bonus” spankings. “Yes ma’am. Stop smoking now. Got it.” Why must I be so hard-headed? lol.
We then hugged & said our goodbyes & off I went on what seemed to be a very long hour or so drive back home. I swear I only moved in my seat on the way home no more than three times, my butt was SORE!!!
Miss Jennifer is such an inspiration to me. She is incredibly charismatic & she is one of the most genuinely kind, intelligent & simply amazing people I have ever met. It’s people like Miss Jennifer that remind me that there is still hope, a silver lining in a world filled with discontent. She always encourages people to do better for themselves, to not settle for less of that in which they are capable of achieving or becoming. I am truly forever grateful for her helping me to get my life straightened out, & for inspiring me to do better & be better. It’s been around a month & a half since our session, but it seems like it’s been so much longer! I am scheduled for another appointment with her in a little over a week & I can’t wait to see her again!!!


JRaymond  Kentucky 2012


Miss Jennifer, 



Oops, I guess I have been remiss is not getting back to you - per your request (order).  I guess that's going to get me some more punishment!


Anyway, in re: to our session yesterday I would just like to quote the immortal James Brown:  "I feel good!"  Thank you for a great time.  You were very professional, strict, and easy talk to.  I particularly like squirming on your lap.  A good spanking has to have a certain realism about it....and it did.  I look forward to viewing my red bottom in the next couple of days and waxing-nostalgic about our time together.  We will defiantly have to do it again sometime soon.  


Thanks again.  Have a wonderful holidays!






(Chesapeake 2012)



I have had the extreme pleaure of seeing Miss Jennifer for several years now.  We were unable to meet during her previous two visits to Minneapolis due to scheudling conflicts on both our parts, and I anxiously was looking forward to her most recent visit to Minneapolis.


Unfortunately I ended up having surgery less than a week before our appointment, and I had doubts as to whether I would be physically up for a session with her.  I let her know in advance what was going on, and nervously arrived for my scheduled appointment.


I have always been amazed at what a skilled professional Miss Jennifer is, but that day I discovered what a true and caring person she is.  After going over the role play I had mentioned when I confirmed the appointment, she proceeded to give me a spanking session that was just what the Doctor ordered!  The time flew by, and the intensity level was exactly what I could handle given my situation, and I left feeling 100% better overall, with my spanking needs fulfilled.


I have seen other spankers over the years with varying success/satisfaction, but I can honestly state none of them comes remotely close to Miss Jennifer in terms of skill, craft, and instictively "reading" me and tailoring the session to give me exactly what I need (which varies from session to session).


Thanks again, Miss Jennifer - you're simply the best!

(Minneapolis 2012)


Miss Jennifer Testimonial Part 12


They say that everything is bigger in Texas so I figured Miss Jennifer wouldn't be too upset if my tummy was a little bit larger than the last time I saw her.  After all, Miss Jennifer had told me that she would rather I gain a few pounds than resume drinking alcohol.  Apparently that wasn't a license to eat an entire pizza.  Nor was it a good idea to talk back to Miss Jennifer and laugh at her while I was over her lap because my tummy wasn't the only thing bigger in Texas--so were Miss Jennifer's paddles and canes.  OUCH!


I reported to Miss Jennifer for my twice a month maintenance spanking to help me stop drinking alcohol.  Unfortunately my flight was delayed and between my frustration over the delay and a friendly flight attendant offering me alcohol, I almost caved in to the temptation to get drunk.  Add to that a smart mouth and some unwise dietary choices and I was in for a real doozy of a punishment spanking.  It was a return to both the diaper position and to getting spanked on the back of my thighs, neither of which I had seen since my very first Miss Jennifer spanking.  It didn't seem as long as normal but it was WAY more intense.  There was a loud smack, slap, or sting on my bottom/thighs followed by a muffled scream into my pillow repeated over and over again.  Finally the spanking ended and the only sounds in the room were Miss Jennifer spraying medicine on my blistered bottom/thighs and me quietly sobbing into my pillow.


I was in agony--actually I was in Dallas.  Miss Jennifer wore me out, but she taught me a valuable lesson that even just thinking about drinking is NOT worth the punishment she will give me.  While she was spanking me I was regretting telling her about wanting to get drunk over the flight delay, but I would rather have a super sore bottom than lie to Miss Jennifer.  And I had promised to share both the good news (almost 4 months without a drink) and the bad news (those times when I was weak and almost gave in to my cravings and temptations) with Miss Jennifer because she can't help me unless she knows everything.


After my spanking Miss Jennifer divulged the location of the bakery where she gets her custard pastries so I headed over there to buy some dessert for later that evening and some breakfast for the next morning.  Yummy!  Thank you Miss Jennifer!  You are the best!


Miss Jennifer's Good Boy in Dallas 2013

Having admired Miss Jennifer through her web-site from afar, I was really pleased to learn that she was coming to London in November. I am a long-standing sub and over many years I have experienced a great variety of sessions with disciplinarians; the disciplinarians that work well with me are those who have a passion and commitment to the scene and understand well the juxtoposition of the physical, sensual and physcological aspects of the session.
Miss Jennifer's website certainly made clear that she knew what she was doing and I was not disappointed when the day eventually arrived and I met her in person! Jennifer was warm and friendly apart from being a true professional and I was able to immediately relax with her and talk in a frank and honest way. She understood my needs completely and accommodated them without difficulty - we had a great session which I really didn't want to finish!


I would certainly return and can't wait for her next trip to London! 


( London 2012)




  As a Miss Jennifer regular customer, I frequently check-in on her website to see if there are any calender changes related to my city, and to read the testimonials.  I love perusing  the testimonials, as they demonstrate how much is common amongst those of us who are fortunate enough to have Jennifer as a spanker, and yet how different our backgrounds, needs, and desires are.  I am also struck by the fact that greater than 90% of the testimonials are from new clients, and very few, if any, are from her regulars.  I want to let you know what a professional Miss Jennifer is, coming from a client who is fortunate enough to live in one of her regular stops on her whirlwind spanking tour.  
            Miss Jennifer is a true professional in her skills, in her love of what she does, and in  her attention to detail.  As we all come to her from "different places", she customizes your experience into not only what you think you need and desire, but also what she thinks you need and desire ( the two are often not the same). She is superb in role play (she could be an actress), and is an expert in both the physical and emotional aspects of your punishment.  Anyone who has met her is struck by her physical and mental beauty;  her imagination, when it comes to spanking, is limitless.  She has a wide variety of equipment and methods, so you will never become bored, be it your first spanking or your 50th spanking.  Additionally, one can clearly discern that Jennifer loves what she does, and she loves her clients (unlike some dominatrices that seem to be man-haters).  If you have yet to "take the plunge" and contact Miss Jennifer and work thru the application process, you are denying yourself a great physical and mental pleasure.....take it from "a regular".         


(Atlanta 2012)



Miss Jennifer Testimonial Parts 6-11


Today is New Year's Day 2013 and I have been reflecting on the past year.  At the beginning of 2012 I had never, ever been spanked.  Now I am one of Miss Jennifer's regulars.  Miss Jennifer first spanked me in March to help me lose weight.  I had thought I was one of those spankees who love to get spanked since I had fantasized about getting spanked since I was three years old (20, 30, 40-something years of fantasy spankings).  I quickly found out I was wrong.  Real spankings HURT even at half strength.  I will never forget Miss Jennifer telling me "don't get me wrong, you will still get what you need, but I will take it easy on you since this is your first time".  I remember thinking "you call THAT taking it easy?".  OUCH!


Not only did I find out how much a Miss Jennifer spanking hurts, I also found out how effective a Miss Jennifer spanking is.  I did not want to disappoint Miss Jennifer so I quickly changed my bad diet and exercise habits and lost a ton of weight.  I also realized that although I didn't like getting spanked I NEEDED to be spanked.  I CRAVED that discipline and accountability that had been missing from my life for so many years.  So I asked Miss Jennifer to please help me conquer my biggest problem:  alcoholism.  Miss Jennifer gave me four spankings in June, August and September.  The first one was defective.  I was drinking again within minutes of getting spanked.  I didn't drink for a couple of days after the second one and for a whole week after the third one.  Then Miss Jennifer had had enough.  Three chances were plenty.  She was done playing.  I found out the hard way that Miss Jennifer did indeed take it VERY easy on me back in March.  I was stubborn, but Miss Jennifer finally broke me with a cane in her left hand.  Actually I rebelled one more time five days later once I could finally sit down on a bar stool again.  Miss Jennifer emailed me "WHY?  You KNOW you are gonna get punished for that!" and I haven't had a drop of alcohol since then.


So, now I have settled into a routine of good boy "maintenance" spankings twice a month with six more scheduled thru March.  Every two weeks it is deja vu all over again--yes, I have been over your knee before.  Don't let Miss Jennifer fool you with a "maintenance" spanking.  They hurt every bit as much as "punishment" spankings--well, except for the one that actually broke me and turned me into a good boy.  And Miss Jennifer enjoys putting Ivory soap in my mouth WAY too much--you should see the DELIGHT in her eyes as she prepares the soap and says something about it being good for naughty boys with smart mouths, who drink alcohol, or who eat too much ice cream.  Every spanking is different.  The only thing that is the same is the end result--a sore bottom, a feeling of forgiveness and a desire to make Miss Jennifer proud.  It hasn't been easy, but each spanking brings me one step closer to being completely free from alcohol.  It might not work for everybody, but it has worked for me.  Miss Jennifer is WAY more effective than rehab.


Miss Jennifer is a true professional disciplinarian.  You will be spanked.  You will be punished.  You will be life coached.  She knows exactly what you need and what you can handle.  You might not enjoy it, but she will never give you more than you can handle.  If you are scared and nervous, she will calm you down and reassure you.  If she makes you cry, she will gently comfort you.  If you have problems, she will lend a sympathetic ear.  If you have been naughty, she will blister your bottom.  If you have been bad, then Lord help you.  I guess what I am trying to say is THANK YOU!!!  Thank you Miss Jennifer for all that you have done for me.  YOU ARE THE BEST!!!


A Very Good Boy (2012)



On November 10th 2012 I had my first adult spanking of my life,


After trying to find my way through the economic melt down!!


I was stuck in a life funk, trying to find a way to get on to the next chapter of my life.


I knew at least a year earlier that I needed a cleansing,

when I say cleansing I mean I felt I needed a total physical and mental beat down!


In the past I have sometimes played to my sub side and submitted to a few local Dominatrix, and thought that was the way out.


To my dismay and despite my careful detailing of what I needed, I didn't get the desired result!!

I just went on with my life, holding on to my life garbage hoping to find what I knew I needed. 


Then one day while looking in the Back Pages under Dom / Fetish I seen and ad that Miss Jennifer was coming to town in November.


I went to her web-site and my heart raced and I was amazed at reading that first line and knew had found what I needed,


A SPANK-ME-SERVICE from Miss Jennifer, a professional DISCIPLINARIAN!!...............

NOT A DOM as I thought I needed but, A TRUE DISCIPLINARIAN!!


I went through the site, and found the fortitude to email her and ask for an application,

I was on pins and needles but in a few days I was ecstatic to see that after reading my email about my plight, she had found me to be an interesting prospect, and asked that I fill out the application completely and in detail.


I got right to work and had the application filled out and checked 2 or 3 times to make sure that I didn't blow this opportunity that I so needed!! I was happy to find out that she had to adjust her schedule and that I was excepted!!


Within a few days I got a call, we talked about me and where I was in life. 


I really like the way she reassured me that I was not a bad person, just one that needed to get back on track.


With a lot of anticipation November 10th was finally here and I got the email notification of the hotel location.

Not knowing how I would react or feel after being Spanked I decided to get a room in the hotel and keep to myself.

(Don't think this is a game, she's not kidding when she says YOU WILL BE SPANKED FOR REAL!!)


I checked into the hotel, went down to the pool and hot tub to unwind and get as mentally prepared for the unknown journey I was about to embark on. Around 5 PM I took a shower, drank plenty of water as she recommended. 


With my heart racing fast my appointed time to call Miss Jennifer was here I dialed her number, she answered gave me the room number and told me to come promptly.


I got off the elevator I looked at the room numbers to get a sense of direction to her room.

As I walked down what seemed like a never ending hall, I turned to find that another hall awaited, asking myself should I turn around and go back to my room.........Then out of the blue I found myself standing in front of the door, willing myself to knock.


As Miss Jennifer opened the door, I was FLOORED by her BEAUTY, and she had to tell me to come in...WOW!!

I did manage to bring myself to come in and as we sat down, she took all of my fears away.


In more of a therapist like discussion she assured me that I was not a bad person, just one that needed some direction in my life.

We talked about getting the most out of the session, breathing and relaxing, keeping focus and having the discipline to take the sometimes excruciating pain to get the desired result, and that I would feel much better after afterwards 


(It really, REALLY hurt but with her coaching I took it) 


I felt like my head was spinning as the endorphins poured out of me.

When she was finished with me, she talked me through what I had just experienced and reassured me with a heart felt Hug!! 


(And I really appreciated her taking the time to sooth me back to some sense of normalcy after such and intense experience)


My butt is still sore after (5) FIVE Days!! I learned some life lessons, am moving with a positive grab life attitude that I had before this economy tanked....and if your out there reading this and had your world crash there is hope...------> Miss Jennifer!!


My recovery time was cut short as I was called to work that Sunday afternoon and finally with a day off.


I can say THANK YOU MISS JENNIFER,  Look forward to YOUR next visit and I do know you wont forget.....:) 


Red Seattle




I just received my first hard spanking ever on Friday and it was amazing. I went

to her website and check it out finally I emailed Miss Jennifer and asked for an

application, and I finally approved. My heart is beating so fast I can't believe that

I got approved so easily. So when that day came I was so nervous don't know should I going to

call her and ask her room number or just leave it alone? But I keep think and think I finally made

up my mind and pick up the phone and ask her room number. Finally a young, beautiful attracted

lady open the door. OMG she's so beautiful and her voice is so sexy too. So she told me

to have a seat, omg I'm was super nervous. So we talked a little bit and then she ask me

few question about my issue and my life, after talked with her certain time I finally can

relax. She's an amazing person if you got a chance to do a session with her. She even give

you advice. Finally my spanking time has come, she told me to take off all my clothes

and she restrain my hand and my feet, she tell me to laying on her lap. In my mind was like

uh oh I'm going regret this. But I do what I was told. She start off with otk spanking

and then after 5 - 10 min I feel the burn of my ass. She stand up getting all her implements.

Seriously, I do not know what kind implement she using on me because I was too embarrassing

to looking back but I recognized the cane omg it hurt the worst and maybe whipping and paddle.

But this lady she hit hard. Even though I was crying she won't stop.

Just when I thought I couldn't possibly take another hard spank, she gave me a short break with

some light spanks or even stopped spanking completely and gently rubbed my sore bottom for

a minute or two. It's the painful feeling and embarrassing too. After the session is done she put

medicine in my ass. After the session maybe just 30 min, OMG I can't even sit down.

But I did learned my lesson and I glad I finally make this decision and come see her.

So I can say I didn't regret. I can't wait until my next session with her :) Thank You  Miss Jennifer


(Female Seattle 2012)



 I recieved my first spanking from Miss Jennifer a couple of hours ago. She is beautiful in appearence , but more importantly she is very beautiful on the inside and great to to talk to. We decided on High School Principal role play. After getting lectured on my bad behavior she told my to stand up. She unbuttoned my pants , dropped them to my ankles , and told my to lay across her lap. I thought she was going to start over my undies...WRONG. She pulled my undies down and went to work. At first it wasn`t too bad , but it  progressively got worse. I started saying ouch a lot hopping she might feel sorry for me. Instead of feeling sorry for me she spanked me harder and harder with implements that hurt more and more. I began to grunt and groan in pain. She then told me to get up and stand in the corner. After collecting more implements , she told me to bend over the bed. She spanked every square inch of both buttcheaks with small paddles and other implements. Just when I  didn`t think I could take any more she pulled out what I think was a thick cane. After giving me about 15 licks with it , She pick up a very large paddle that was laying to my left. Wow that little woman moved me forward with every hard spank. Once again , I didn`t think I could take any more. She stopped and said 3 more. OUCH!!! all three made me grunt and groan. She told me to get up and undress completely. When I could not tell her everything I was in trouble for , she told me to bend over again. She then gave me one more roud of very intense spanking that included another large paddle. When it was over , I had a very sore red bottom. We talked a little afterwards and I felt better and less stressed than I have in a long time.....Thank you so much Miss Jennifer.....You naughty Robert from Dallas,Tx.





I am writing this testimonial the morning after my session with Miss Jennifer and am sitting very gingerly indeed!  Wow, can she spank and drive a message home.  Let me start at the beginning though....

I came across Miss Jennifer’s website whilst looking at a site in the UK and saw that she was going to be coming here.  I emailed her and was asked to fill out an application form, which I duly did.  To my pleasant surprise, I got approval the same day.

Once I sent over my deposit to confirm my booking, a phone call was arranged.  Leading up to the call, I was very nervous.  However, as soon I called, Miss Jennifer put my mind at ease.  We chatted -for about an hour and she made it very easy to talk to.  I wanted a role-play session so she asked me to come up with two scenarios.  I did this and sent it to her and she chose one.

Four months later when she came to the UK, the time had come.  I arrived at the hotel and called her to get her room number.  As I approached her room, my stomach was doing backflips, feeling VERY nervous as to what was going to happen.  However, this was just part of the experience, after all, if you were about to get a spanking, you would be nervous!! 

When she opened the door, it’s true what other people have said.....she is stunning and a great smile.

We chatted for a while, getting to know a bit more about each other before it was time for the spanking session to begin.

The role I chose was getting in trouble at school for forging my mom’s signature on my failing report card, not wanting to get into trouble for failing in school.  It started with me getting a paddling by the principal and then getting sent home, leaving me in no uncertain terms that my mom had been informed and that there was going to be more trouble when I got home.

When Miss Jennifer became “mom”, boy, does she play it well......she’s scary!  I was trying to come up with all sorts of excuses as to why I forged her signature and was failing in school, but she would have none of it.  Oh boy, did she spank me, and spank me hard too! 

I consider myself to have a high pain threshold when it comes to spankings.  Miss Jennifer proceeded to test this theory.  Even though it hurt a heck of a lot, it wasn’t unbearable.  She pushed my limits and because I could feel comfortable (in mind, not bottom lol), I was sassy and complaining that I didn’t deserve this, and even had the audacity to roll my eyes.  This just gave Miss Jennifer more ammunition to continue spanking me and hard.  Boy, did I feel it! 

I will say this much to those who are in two minds whether to apply for a session or not.....DO!  It will be worth it if you’re lucky enough to be chosen to have a session with her.  Take your time and fill out the application in as much detail as you can because you only get the one chance.  A word of warning though, be careful what you ask for because she’s like Santa, she will always deliver plus more, which in  my case, was perfect!! 

Well done and thank you Miss Jennifer for living up to, and beating them (pun intended), my expectations.  On this note, I will finish as I need to stand up as I still, can’t sit comfortably and doubt I will for the next week, as you promised!


Chris – London, November 2012



I started my day by looking at my pristine, unmarked rear end in the bathroom mirror. "Enjoy the view, your bottom isn't going to look like this again for quite a while" I told myself. My session with Miss Jennifer was scheduled for that afternoon. Even though I'd been with Miss Jennifer before, I was even more nervous than the very first time.


Throughout the day, I kept giving myself little pep talks:

You already know her. She knows you. The last session we had together was fantastic! You seemed to work well together. She told you that she really enjoyed spanking you.


And then the voice of doubt would sneak in:

What if I can't handle the spanking as well this time? What if I forget some of the rules? What if I disappoint her?!! (I really don't want to do that!)


Back and forth like that until, by the time I knocked on the door, my heart was banging in my chest . . .and then Miss Jennifer opened the door. Beautiful, charming, friendly, she welcomed me into her room.


As soon as I crossed the threshold I knew that everything was going to be just fine because Jennifer was in control. Her skill in politely but unquestionably taking charge is amazing and even enjoyable to experience. i immediate felt more calm knowing that she was now running the show. She greeted me and smiled as I put my shoes by the door and my tribute envelope on the desk by her computer (rules followed-check-check) and then she asked me to take a seat. She asked me about my wife and I told her that the shoulder replacement surgery was a great success but now the risk of dislocation would not allow my wife to ever be able to spank me. I told Miss Jennifer that I would like to, in fact need to see her a lot more in the future. 


(Already booked with her for December, we discussed sessions for January and March. She's a popular and busy lady with a very full and hectic schedule so I always feel better booking sessions well in advance.)


I told her that I had been hoping to convince her to come to Nashville more often . . .until saw how full her calendar was and knew that extra visits were just not in the cards for now. I also told about having sessions with a local dominatrix who emulated Jennifer's style to a certain degree (used applications and phone calls to screen new clients.) The dominatrix is a great spanker and a beautiful lady but being a dominatrix has made  her a general practitioner while Miss Jennifer is a specialist. After hearing my story, Jennifer gave tacit approval of my current choice of backup/stand-in for when Miss Jennifer is not available because they both share that true spanker's spark. Jennifer said that you could see that spark in a true spanker's eyes; I can certainly see it in Miss Jennifer's.


Then something astonishing happened! Just as I was about to suggest to Miss Jennifer that she consider spanking me to the tempo of music (and even had a song ready as example), she asked me what kind of music I liked,  because she had planned to spank me to music for our session! We laughed about it, but it also gave me a warm fuzzy feeling because I took it as a sign that we were on the same wavelength. So, spank to music we did and it was great fun. Hand spanking, brushes, paddles of all shapes and sizes, canes loopy and straight, carpet beaters, straps and way too many more implements to mention, all used to the tempo of the current song being played. Miss Jennifer plays musical instruments and has a great sense of rhythm and tempo and used all those implements to make my bottom dance; both figuratively and literally.


To finish the session, Miss Jennifer gave me an early birthday hand spanking including two to grow on with a really big paddle (it was supposed to be just one but perfectionist Miss Jennifer didn't think the first one was hard enough.) All in all, I had a great time and I think Miss Jennifer enjoyed it too. I'm already looking forward to our next session in December (my first 2 hour session.) I can hardly wait to see what Miss Jennifer has in store for me next.

(Male Nashville 2012)




I was lucky enough to meet Miss J last week and she lived up to her billing.  She was funny and kind, full of laughter and enthusiasm right up until she sat down on the couch and took my pants down. From the moment I was pulled across her lap my butt was in serious distress and when she picked up the brush and wooden spoon I was really hanging on.  When she went to get her strap I expected I would be ok as I have a higher tolerance for leather, especially when my butt has already been whupped, but this time I was wrong.  I was barely able to suppress yelling on every third or fourth stroke when she really laid it on.

I could still feel my spanking when I sat down 3 days later but I am sure I will see Miss J again


( Dallas 2012)

Miss Jennifer Testimonial Part 5


Happiness is sitting on a sore bottom!  Miss Jennifer made me a very happy, not to mention a very good, boy after my latest "maintenance" spanking that turned into a no-mercy punishment spanking and a mouth soaping.  (Miss Jennifer was going to give me a break and skip the mouth soaping until my smart mouth changed her mind halfway through our session.)


Prior to my previous "maintenance" spanking that turned into a punishment spanking, I had gotten drunk 14 out of 14 days.  This time I had only gotten drunk 7 out of 14 days.  When I arrived at Miss Jennifer's hotel in Atlanta I thought I had done a good job improving my behavior and would be rewarded with a lighter punishment.  Miss Jennifer thought otherwise and rewarded me with a bottom blistering barrage from that BIG wooden paddle and the dreaded cane.  OUCH!!!  (At least I think it was that BIG wooden paddle and the dreaded cane--I had something in my eyes and couldn't see clearly after Miss Jennifer's hand spanks while I was over her lap.)


It was a battle of wills--naughty boy stubbornness vs. Miss Jennifer stubbornness.  Miss Jennifer's stubbornness prevailed with a TKO in round 4.  I fought Miss Jennifer and Miss Jennifer won!  Now, on the eve of my next maintenance spanking, I have only gotten drunk 1 out of 35 days!  And that one time was 4 weeks ago.  I haven't even had a sip of alcohol since then.  And Miss Jennifer is going to ensure that I remain sober with several more maintenance spankings over the next few months.  THANK YOU SO MUCH Miss Jennifer for caring enough to give me the severe punishment spanking I so desperately needed and for being so compassionate and ending it early once you knew you had broken me and I couldn't take any more punishment.  Miss Jennifer, you are the BEST!


A Bad Boy Turned Into A Good Boy By Miss Jennifer in Atlanta (2012)





There's help and hope for you! Don't spend any longer struggling alone to get free of bad habits. GIVE MISS JENNIFER A TRY. She will help you to help yourself as she is doing for me.

In January of 2012, I was ALL of the above. I hated to exercise, because I was so heavy. I overate on a daily basis and was on the "See Food Diet". On this "diet", whenever I saw food, I mindlessly ate it or so it seemed. Fast foods were a regular part of my diet and I binged on chocolate and sweets whenever I had the urge. I was considered severely obese by my weight in pounds and had a BMI (body mass index) in the obese/dangerous range also. Now 10 months and 5 "Miss Jennifer Spankings" later, I weigh 35 pounds less and my BMI is in the normal range!!! I almost daily receive compliments from co-workers about how good I look, how much weight I'm losing and how my clothes are getting really baggy. My new nickname at work is "Slim". Don't get me wrong, I haven't yet arrived at my ideal weight and still have a ways to go. But for me, there's no turning back now.

I am no longer a couch potato, but have gone back to my fitness club and exercise there 3 times during most weeks. I do cardio and weight machines faithfully and not only enjoy the exercise, but my body has started to crave it. This is exactly what Miss Jennifer told me would happen if I hung in there and exercised when it was hard to do in the beginning. Am I ever glad that I listened to her advice and stuck with it!!!!!

I also have an eating plan that I'm following to help me to lose even more weight. I record my food intake and exercise on a web site, which helps to keep me aware of it throughout each day. I've given up most fast foods and really don't enjoy them at all. I did go on several fast food eating sprees and learned that my taste buds have changed after eating mainly healthy foods. These fast foods are not nearly as appealing to me as in the past. I think what caused me to want them recently was the food memories. But when I yielded to the temptation and ate them, I can honestly say that I really didn't enjoy the taste. I decided to confess to Miss Jennifer that I had fallen back into my old ways of eating fast foods a few times recently and during my next spanking session, I got what I deserved for that. Her new little, black, wicked, rubber liquid cane (whip really) is a sure cure for any fast food junkie. A taste of that will ruin you for fast foods forever.

It's interesting that Miss Jennifer can make one feel special, loved and cared about during spanking sessions and give a blistering at the same time. I'll never know how she does that, but I'm glad she does. It always makes the discipline easier to take. She has a compassionate and caring heart, even though she will spank you relentlessly until she is convinced that you've learned your lesson. I've learned many lessons this year and made many heartfelt changes while laying over her lap face down, bare, sore and burning butt up and waiting for the next swat. She will give you the discipline or punishment that you need and deserve. Even though you may not like it at the time and may even try to wriggle out of it, it will help you to be a better person and even achieve your goals. After each session I've had with Miss Jennifer, I have changed for the better and always looked forward to the next one. She's a real gem and you'll be missing out if you don't give Miss Jennifer a serious try. She will help you to help yourself to find the health and fitness that is already inside of you.

I'm a praying person and a Christian. Because of this, I know that God led me to her web site and is leading me through this journey to fitness and health. He is using Miss Jennifer to help me through the process.

"Thank you" Miss Jennifer. There's no one quite like you.:-))

Thankful in Minneapolis







It’s been a little less than a week since I've seen Miss Jennifer and I’m just now able to sit in one spot for more than a minute or two. So, I figured I better write my review before the pain completely subsides. I have to tell you she is amazing. From the moment I first talked to her on the phone up until I said our goodbyes she did nothing but try to make me feel safe and comfortable with the experience. We did a strict aunt role play and I have to tell you her attention to detail was amazing. Not only is she a great actress (I have a B.A in theatre so I have an idea of what that entails) but she also has a great eye for detail. She has the ability take small little things from your fantasy’s and bring them together with new things that add up to something better than you could have ever imagined. To top it all off she genuinely cares about the people she is seeing. This was my first time driving into this world and she took the time to talk about what it met to her to be a spanko and a little about the scene in general. She has opened my eyes to bright new exciting world and I can’t wait to explore it some more with her the next time she comes by Seattle. 


(Male Seattle 2012)




There's a famous song called "The Second Time Around."  The first line is, "Love's more wonderful the second time around."


In the case of a Miss Jennifer spanking, she's more wonderful the second time around . . . and the third . . . and the fourth.


I have had several Miss Jennifer spankings, but it just keeps getting better.  The first time, I was nervous, bordering on scared to death.  The spanking and the whole experience was terrific, but each step of the way, it was tempered with "what's coming next?"  Who IS this woman whose knee I'm naked over and who is blistering my butt?"


But, the second and third and fourth sessions . . . well, my terror and the unknown were eased with the fact that I KNEW her now, and she knew me.  That allowed me to relax a bit.


Fast-forward to my latest Miss Jennifer session--three hours of spanking, paddling, strapping, and caning.  Merciless.  Ruthless.  Harsh.  Strict.  Incredibly painful.  And, FUN, three hours worth!


My favorite part was probably about two-and-a-half hours into it, where even MY high pain threshhold had just about reached its limit.  I found myself involuntarily thrashing and turning my butt to try to keep her from striking the same spot which, by now, was RAW AS UNCOOKED HAMBURGER!!!  Even when she delicately rubbed in order to bring me some relief, the very touch of her hand to my deeply burned butt alternately tickled and hurt!  Then, hurt and tickled!


And when, in the throes of my thrashing, I uttered, "OH, MISS JENNIFER . . .!!!  she gently replied, "Oh, SHUT UP!!!."  And then, she proceeded to spank harder and more rapidly.


I couldn't help but laugh hysterically, in the midst of the pain and the burn.  She was/is absolutely adorable!


About a week later, I e-mailed her to let her know that I was no longer sore.  The marks had disappeared a couple of days ago, but I was still very sore.  After a week, though, it was all gone . . . I THOUGHT!  I took a bath that night and, much to my surprise, the "sit spot" on both sides was rough and pebbled.  Kind of like Miss Jennifer's brand except, instead of a branding iron, she used a variety of paddles, brushes, straps, and canes to leave her mark.


But, relax!  It wasn't permanent.  After a few more days, all traces of my three-hour spanking were TRULY gone.


And, I was disappointed!  But then, I went to Miss Jennifer's website, read a few testimonials, and got in the mood all over again, anxiously awaiting her next visit to Seattle.


Folks, anticipating your first spanking from Miss Jennifer is exciting and wonderful.  GETTING your first spanking from Miss Jennifer is even better.


But, the second time around . . . and the third . . . and the fourth . . . are absolutely exquisite!  They say there's nothing like "the first time." 


I beg to differ!


--Jim in Seattle 

(Seattle 2012)




I was hoping to find a woman who was a positive role model and authority figure to provide some discipline when I saw Miss Jennifer on Backpage. After carefully reviewing her website I felt like encouraged that she would be able to help me and that it would be a natural fit for her. Inspired by the ambiance of Miss Jennifer’s words and her healthy appearance, I requested an application for her upcoming trip to San Francisco. In filling out the application and with a follow-up discussion Miss Jennifer graciously agreed to see me and help me clarify the reasons for her to discipline me. She impressed me that she was trying to understand both how and why I am floundering in my life and having difficulty taking charge and moving forward.

When my appointment time came, I was both nervous and excited to see her.  Walking in the door of her nice hotel room, I was immediately wowed by her. She had me sit on the sofa with a view of several small paddles on the bed, while she sat in a chair. Then we talk for maybe forty-five minutes as she got to know me and sort through my lack of self confidence, relationship problems, procrastination, and related issues. She was very perceptive and sensible like a fine guidance counselor. She gently lectured me on the ways of the world around relationships. She broke down the problems in my relationship and what I needed to do to be consistent in taking care of myself better and not engaging with my wife when she was acting like a manipulative child. She also ask about my life growing up and noted how my mother was unsupportive and gave me the message that I did not matter and only other people mattered. She said that she would spank me not to punish me but to help reprogram me to have the belief that I am deserving, and both can and should take care of myself. There was also a matter that I told her that I lied to my therapist. The lie was completely unnecessary and unproductive and she reminded me that how was my therapist going to help me if I lied to her. Although I had already admitted the lie to my therapist, Miss Jennifer let me know she would be impressing upon me the error of lying with a mouth soaping. As we spoke I became more in more confident in her and knew I was where I needed to be even prior to our conversation ending.

The conversation, however, did come to an end and Miss Jennifer like a sage counselor took charge of my instruction. First she started to undress me, then ordered me finish. Then over her lap I went as she sat on the bed. If felt comforting lying across her legs, but I knew it would not last long.  Within a few seconds the spanking began. First she used her hand, slapping hard all over my backside. Miss Jennifer’s hand is solid and heavy. It started to sting and I knew she was completely in control. The hard hand spanking taught me to respect her as I knew once she started with implements it would really hurt. Then she picked up the first of three or four small paddles, bath brushes, and a heavy small strap. I could not see anything so only the differences in the sound and sting allowed me to tell them apart. As she spanked she lectured me off and on and asked questions to make sure I understood her.. Of course I was gritting my teeth trying to hold on. And while I was very grateful she was spanking me, it did hurt. I don’t know how long this went on, maybe only a few minutes, maybe longer. Then she told me to get up.

I stood up and she announced I would get my mouth soaped now for lying. She said there are many ways to do this to make it more and more unpleasant, but she was only going to give me a basic soaping with a bar of ivory soap that I brought. She inserted the soap into my mouth and had me bite down. The taste was somewhat unpleasant, but I thought it was an appropriate a punishment, and I wanted it to be unpleasant so I would remember in the future not to lie. With soap in my mouth she had me go to the couch and kneel with my head down. She warned me not to drop the soap and began spanking my again. I did not know what she was using but all my focus was on holding onto the bar of soap. I did not want to disobey her or disappoint her, and knew if I dropped it there would be consequences. She asked me some more questions and I could only grunt answers. Then she told me to lie on the couch and she was getting the wooden paddle. I knew from past experience that wooden paddles can really hurt. While I did not want it to hurt, I also wanted Miss Jennifer to paddle me hard to get her message across. After several swats she announced I had five more coming, all with me still having the soap in my mouth and grunting answers to her questions. When she finished she had my rinse out my mouth in the bathroom and showed me the evidence of my discipline.

She had me get dress and we talked a little more with her giving me guidance and encouragement. She was wonderful and I felt so grateful and lucky that I told her it was the best day of the year me. Even over a week later I still feel that way. We had a nice hug before I left and her warmth and sincerity came shining through. I lamented on how I wished she lived in the Bay Area and how I wished more women were like her. We said goodbye and all I could think of was how glad I was to reach out to her. Miss Jennifer is so sensible, intelligent, warm and beautiful that she is a true inspiration and worthy of her calling. I have no doubt, however, that it would unwise to not pay close attention to her guidance or to disappoint her with lack of improvement. Regardless, I look forward to seeing her in the future and reporting my progress.


(California 2012)




Several weeks ago, it was my pleasure to see Miss Jennifer for what was probably the sixth time.  I now consider myself a “regular.”   After my first visit, I commented that Miss Jennifer is beautiful, professional, very intelligent and outgoing, a brilliant conversationalist and one heck of a spanker.  I want to confirm after some considerable experience that all those first impressions were absolutely “spot on.”  And speaking of the spot, Miss Jennifer is superb at finding the right “spot(s)” and then pushing you to and past your perceived limits over and over again.   Miss Jennifer is a person that knows her clients.  Actually, she seems to know me better than I know myself.  Seeing Miss Jennifer is like reconnecting with a close friend.  She remembers all the details of past conversations and immediately makes you feel at ease – at least until you are over her knee.  Several of our conversations have extended into session time prompting me to think, “Oh, good, less time to be paddled,” but guess what, Miss Jennifer is not one whoever wants to short change anyone and she more than made up for it in the intensity of the spanking, actually gleefully pointing out that she wouldn’t want me to leave “disappointed.”  While some may prefer role play, something at which Miss Jennifer is very adept, our sessions typically are spanking and more spanking.  Despite the friendship I have with Miss Jennifer, once things start, I have learned to surrender - totally.  No use pleading for her to stop or take it easy.  She will do so when she is ready and any indication that you think you are in control makes her all the more determined – in a very nice but extremely painful way – to prove how wrong you are.  As I said in my first review, check your ego at the door and even if you are totally compliant, expect to be very, very sore.  Miss Jennifer truly is a classy lady who excels at what she does.  I can’t wait to see my friend again!


Bill in Missouri (2012)




Miss Jennifer Testimonial Part 4


Instead of waiting until I did something naughty for Miss Jennifer to punish me with another three hour bad boy spanking, I decided it might be better to sign up for several two hour naughty boy maintenance spankings to help me remember that Miss Jennifer was keeping an eye on me and I better be a good boy.  So I went to Miss Jennifer's hotel in Indy for my first maintenance spanking expecting to receive another "defective" spanking as a gentle reminder of what happens to naughty boys when they misbehave.  However, unfortunately for my poor bottom, Miss Jennifer had other ideas after quizzing me about my behavior since my bad boy punishment spanking three weeks earlier.  If I had known there was going to be a pop quiz, I would have studied more so I would have known the correct answers.


My behavior had improved quite a lot, but I hadn't exactly been a good boy either.  I was still testing my limits and trying to bend the rules as much as I could without actually breaking them.  So, even though I agreed with Miss Jennifer that I deserved another punishment spanking, the last thing I wanted to hear was Miss Jennifer telling me "I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to give you another punishment spanking today instead of a maintenance spanking".  OUCH!


That wasn't the only surprise Miss Jennifer had for me.  After she had been spanking me for a while, Miss Jennifer suddenly stopped my punishment and disappeared into the bathroom for a minute before she told me to come join her there.  Since I enjoy drinking so much, Miss Jennifer had fixed a special cocktail just for me.  YUMMY!  But to my dismay, instead of whiskey and Coke, it was Ivory soap and water.  Miss Jennifer put the soap in my mouth, grabbed me by my ear and led me back to the bedroom where she resumed my spanking with that nasty soap wedged in my mouth for my poor tongue to taste.  YUCKY!


When my punishment was finally over, Miss Jennifer asked me what I had learned.  My smart mouth was dying to blurt out "how to be a better liar the next time you quiz me" but my sore bottom was able to perform a Jedi mind trick so that "to ALWAYS obey Miss Jennifer" was what my mouth actually said.  Otherwise I'm sure I would have found myself right back over Miss Jennifer's lap!  Once again Miss Jennifer demonstrated her unique ability to break a naughty boy's will without breaking his spirit.


Indianapolis Naughty Boy (2012)


I have had a fascination with spanking my entire life; fantasizing about it as a child, experimenting with it as a teen and then finally receiving my first full blown, multi-implement spanking as an adult. At that point, I realized that spanking would always be a part of my life. After we were married, I discussed my obsession with my wife and she (even though she is very vanilla about spanking) agreed to spank me, especially when she realized that I was a much happier and easier guy to live with when I had been recently spanked. She has spanked me off and on throughout our 30+-year marriage. Even though I have had to top from the bottom for my vanilla wife, I think that she has come to enjoy aspects of spanking to a certain degree.

Recently, my wife has experienced some medical issues that prevent her from spanking me, and will continue to do so for some time to come. In the past, she had suggested that I seek out a professional disciplinarian, now it was apparent that the suggestion had become a necessity; so I started searching the Internet.

Finding prostitutes, call girls, dominatrix’s, mistresses, “goddesses”, etc. was no problem at all; finding a true professional disciplinarian was a lot more difficult, until I found Miss Jennifer’s website. Her website was not commercial looking; slick, showy and glossy; but rather personal and endearing. The person that built this website was obviously concerned about the persona that she presented and wanted people to know about who she was as a professional disciplinarian, what she stood for, and the rules and standards she expected clients to agree to and follow. According to what I could glean from the website, here was a woman who was a true professional interested strictly in spanking, who’s focus was to make sure that both the spanker and the spanked had the best possible experience together. The large number of testimonials on the site (who’s ranks I am attempting to join) was impressive and gave me a good idea of what to expect if Jennifer agreed to have a session with me.

I felt as though I had learned a lot about her by studying her site and particularly appreciated the application process because that told me that she too was interested in learning about the people she would be working with. I took my time filling out the application and fortunately; Jennifer liked what I had written. She agreed to proceed to the next step in the process; a phone conversation to talk in detail about our session, answer any questions I had and to give me further instructions.

I was concerned about the phone call because I thought it might just be a continuation of the interview process, but my fears were totally misplaced. Our talk was much more of a “kumbayah” get to know each other conversation between two people with a shared interest. We talked about many things (including spankings) and I think we both ended the phone call feeling like “this is a person I can feel comfortable with.” The session date was set.

Lots of people writing these testimonials talk about how beautiful Jennifer is when you meet her face to face. While she is definitely beautiful, I’d rather focus on how she made me feel. I found her to be the consummate hostess; open, friendly and doing her best to make me feel at ease. I’ve always favored intelligent women with a good sense of humor and Jennifer fit that bill to a T.

There was no specific role-play set for our session; although never formally stated, I think we mutually agreed to play it as two people who enjoy spankings and want to have a good time. It’s probably not worthwhile to describe our session in detail since I am sure that Jennifer tailors each session to meet the client’s specific wants and needs. Needless to say, once the session starts, Jennifer takes charge and regardless of her friendly demeanor, there is no question about who is running the show. She is not your friend; she is your disciplinarian. I left our session with a very sore bottom, completely exhausted yet feeling better than I had in ages, having received the exact type of spanking I had been craving and having finally met a sister in arms who felt the same way about spanking as I did.

As I write this testimonial, sitting on a bottom that still has that “freshly spanked” feeling, I have already started daydreaming about my next session with Jennifer when she comes to town again. Thank you Miss Jennifer, for being who you are and for what you’ve done for my wife and me. I am forever grateful for having had the opportunity to meet you and I am eagerly looking forward to our next session.

Nashville 2012

I am 79 years old and for about forty years every six months i would go to a Dominant for a spanking to confirm my conviction that by far women are the stronger sex.

I checked back page to see who was available i found Miss Jennifer Spanks a professional disciplinarian was coming to Cleveland. I booked a session with Jennifer. When i knocked on Jennifers hotel door i was blown away by this gorgeous lady. After a short chat Miss Jennifer stripped me and had me lay on her lap. Jennifer gave me a hand spanking to warm me up Than Miss Jennifer started using her different implements on me.  Once Jennifer starts she won't let up. You take what Jennifer gives you and thank her for it.

once the endorphin kicks in and you go into a state of  euphoria you will be surprised how hard of a spanking

you can take. My butt is a beautiful crimson color and i can't thank Miss Jennifer enough for it. The only regret i have

is i don't live closer to Miss Jennifer so i can  visit her at her home more often.  I can only suggest that every man and women reading this testimonial should schedule an appointment with Miss Jennifer when she comes to your city.

A professional disciplinarian like Jennifer only comes along once in a lifetime. I already am looking forward to the next time Miss Jennifer will come to Cleveland


Richard from Cleveland



Visiting Miss Jennifer for the first time


I had found Miss Jennifer on the Internet and always wanted to visit her. Finally I was flying to the US on business to a location close enough to her travel schedule, so I filled in the application form - which is a great preparation for the session for both participants to get clarity on purpose and to ensure a great and fullfilling session. After a further very nice phone call ( good to hear her sympatic voice if you have never met her) we arranged to meet and I went to the hotel with high expectations. To make a long story short - they where all not only fullfilled but exceeded!


Miss Jennifer is very nice and comforting and connects easily in the beginning to reduce any nervousness and to finalize the scenario. We agreed on two scenarios: first teacher, then just her spanking me.


The role play was very natural and I quickly found myself over her knees with by butt being spanked strongly just by her hands and later instruments. Very skillfull, change of rythm and strength you cannot guess, quickly working my entire bottom to a dark red with particular "focus" on my sittspot that started to really hurt but feel great at the same time. I then went on the bed and got a lot more spanking with more implements like various brushes, spoons... while the role play continue very naturally. After some time she showed me an already pretty red bottom ( with no place spared) and we chatted a little bit about the experience. We agreed to make the second part harder to be more  like a real spanking - and thats exactly what I got ( be carefull what you ask for, you will at least get it...:-). I got the large wodden paddle witch hurts but feels very nicely from its polished wood, a strap and more implements all even harder and more intense then before. Finally I had to get back over her lap for an intensive finish with brushes and spoons that really hurt on the sitspot again (many spanks sometimes exactly at the same spots with varying but increasing intensity) and the middle of my but... However as it hurt more and more( while she is nicely chatting with you there is no letting go) at the same time I was proud to take it and as I was taking it (for the first time in any spanking really needing focus and energy to take it) it start to feel better and better as it hurt more and more...


This was really my best spanking experience ever and I have had a few.... She really knows what she is doing, my butt really hurt and I really liked it.


We chatted and huged in the end and the unfortunaltey it was over... Because I could have stayed over her knies for ever even so my butt got redder and hotter and really sore I wanted it to end but at the same time I wanted it to never end.....


Looking forward to my next real spanking with her as soon as circumstances will allow me to visit her again!


(Northern Virginia 2012)



I want to profoundly thank you Jennifer for the spanking on Friday in Vienna, VA! I wanted to tell you how much the spanking meant to me. I also have many other praises for you that you may or may not be aware of during the "pre-application", "application" and "post application".

It would be interesting if you noticed anything different from the way my bottom and body reacted from your other clients? You are such an intuitive and caring person I really would love to see your reaction ... I think you were catching on ... I'm Autistic and don't fully know where my body parts are, and need more "applications" than ever have been or will be available to me. You literally clinically help me to to align my altered neurology.  Spanking is one of the things that Autistics can use effectively, rather than Squeeze Machines, non-productive physical exercises, or other neurological alignment techniques.

In your caring for me it was very, very neurologically meaningful for those of us who are not "neurotypical" to be able to align our neurology in three dimensional space.  Lying on your lap gave me a point of reference to feel your lap and know that direction is down, although I at first definitely could not tell you accurately in space where my bottom was in relation to the placement of your legs.  When being spanked on your lap, this allows me to understand where I am in the linear direction, and with the swats coming from above it aligns me at 90 degree angles.  Spanking has been used for Autistic Therapy outside the US although it it not well published.  Being a R&D Medical Professional it is interesting to me how effectively spanking does work not only in realignment, but also to release constant neurologic frustrations.


In addition to your great backswing (just joking) your secondary touches, many of which you may be unaware of, really, really help a population of us you may not know well. Your intuiton in dealing with others in appropriate non-sexual ways is exempelary!


I thank you for being available.  I also speak for the "non-neurotypical" population who also thanks you for the availability of a truly effective therapy for most.


I look forward to meeting with you again!


59 Year Old Male, Northern, VA



Miss Jennifer is a total class act! My time with her was amazing! Miss Jennifer immediatly made me feel comfortable. She disciplines strict but with a caring attitude. One can tell Miss Jennifer loves what she does! If a person needs discipline, I don't believe you would be able to find such a women anywhere! To sum up Miss Jennifer in one word is Awesome! I look forward to seeing her again!


(Buffalo, NY 2012)




It took me a long time and lots of trial and error to find the intelligent, articulate, beautiful, talented Miss Jennifer, and now that I have I don't ever want to lose touch with her. She is simply the Mercedes of providers, or maybe even in a class of her own. As a pure spanker she has perfected her craft and become acutely tuned to the needs of her guest. I know myself pretty well, or at least I thought I did, but she clearly and quickly understood what was good for me, and did she ever deliver!

I feel that with spanking it's always much more fun if there is some element of role play involved. But role play is difficult for some, and forced role play can sometimes seem exactly that: forced and silly. So, it often wears off after the opening salvo. Not so with MIss Jennifer. Her relaxed and professional demeanor and obvious charisma made for a relaxing conversation about my needs, which then morphed seamlessly into role play. She never missed a beat (so to speak) as she roundly delivered while working with language that suited the role that would put me in the place I wanted to be with her. She created a scorching-hot and searingly re-mindful session that spoke directly to my fulfillment.

It's a few days later now, and I still have a warm and happy reminder of Miss J. Her graceful and sexy deportment, intelligent demeanor, uncompromising yet mindful and aware delivery put her at the very top of all the providers I have ever met. Seeing her again soon won't be soon enough.

I'm very, very fond of Miss Jennifer.


(San Francisco 2012)





I just had my first ever spanking session and it was amazing!! i emailed Jennifer about 3 weeks prior and asked her for an application, filled it out, was approved and just like that... i was counting the days till my session arrived. When that day came i called her, got her room number, knocked on her door then......all i can say is WOW, what a stunner, she is drop dead gorgeous, you are going to be blown away when you see her. When i came in i was already nervous (as is everyone) and even though i asked for a teacher/student paddling role play, to walk by the bed and see those  big school paddles laying out there up close & personal like that.. i was now really intimidated.


I sat down and we talked a little bit about the session and she really made me fell relaxed and at ease about everything that was going to happen, she's an amazing person to talk to. everything about the session was awesome from the warm up otk spanking, to the role play and everything in-between! i even got a bonus paddling at the end. she's a great person, absolute professional, the best disciplinarian you will ever find. and in case you're wondering..yes she spanks hard, she paddles hard, your butt will be sore no doubt. she knows exactly how much you can take and how hard you can take it.


so if your new to this (like i am) and are wondering if you should email Miss Jennifer....do it, you will have the best time ever. i can't wait till my next session



(St Louis 2012)     




Because of my stubbornness and my smart mouth, I graduated from a naughty boy spanking to a BAD BOY SPANKING for my third Miss Jennifer spanking. A couple of months ago Miss Jennifer had given me a quite painful spanking to correct my naughty behavior. It was severe enough that it should have worked, but for whatever reason my hard head did not obey Miss Jennifer and kept right on misbehaving. Then I had the temerity to tell Miss Jennifer that her spanking had been defective. BIG MISTAKE! Miss Jennifer has a wonderful sense of humor and tolerates, maybe even encourages, smart alecky remarks when they are light-hearted and funny. But she has a special punishment reserved for bad boys who make remarks that are hurtful and untrue as I found out the hard way. OUCH!!!

I knew my poor bottom was not going to be a happy camper when I knocked on Miss Jennifer's hotel room door. Miss Jennifer greeted me and invited me in to her room. However, her demeanor was was much more business-like and much less playful this time than it was for my previous two spankings. Miss Jennifer sat me down and we had a long talk about what was causing me to misbehave and what I could do to change my naughty behavior. Then she put me over her knee and we had a long spanking. There was no warm up. It was HARD and FAST from the very first spank. She had me wiggling and squirming so much that I almost slid off her lap. Then I felt her STRONG arm over my back and around my waist holding me in place and I suddenly realized that there was no escape. I could wiggle and squirm (and cry) as much as I wanted but I was going to learn whatever lessons Miss Jennifer desired to teach me whether I wanted to or not.

Even though Miss Jennifer was full of fire and vinegar and wanted to make sure I was severely punished, she never lost her empathy and compassion for me. Just when I thought I couldn't possibly take another hard spank, she gave me a short break with some light spanks or even stopped spanking completely and gently rubbed my sore bottom for a minute or two. Of course I couldn't enjoy her tenderness towards my poor bottom because I knew the hard spanks would kick back in at any second. And boy did they ever! This spanking was not defective. It was EFFECTIVE!!! I received her message loud and clear.

Miss Jennifer is the BEST!!! If you have a real life issue that requires life coaching and strict but caring discipline, then Miss Jennifer is the disciplinarian you need to contact. She will help you just like she helped me. Although I would highly recommend the naughty boy spanking instead of the bad boy spanking unless you REALLY enjoy being punished. However, I must admit that I REALLY did enjoy thinking about Miss Jennifer EVERY time I sat down for EIGHT days after my spanking.

Northern Virginia Bad Boy (2012)



This weekend I enjoyed a session with Miss Jennifer.  I had been looking for

something other than the usual dominatrtix that would be more theraputic to help

me with my frustration and hopefully change my attitude about some personal faults.


I received an application and was accepted for her Atlanta sessions.  As the appointed day

approached I began to get a few butterflies since I knew this would be no ordinary Domme

type spanking. After reading some of her testimonials I decided on a 90 minute session.


I arrived at the location and was greeted by a beautiful, well-dressed lady who immediately put me at ease.

I took care of the formalities and was seated in a comfortable chair to answer her questions and to be sure

we were on the same page. She began to question me as to what I felt my problem was and what I deserved

in the way of corrective punishment.  Punishment and spanking seem to go together but I soon found out

that there is a vast difference in a spanking and a corrective spanking, especially at the hands of Miss Jennifer.


She removed my slacks and had me lay across her lap. My briefs were lowered and she began, all the while

scolding me for my short temper and lack of respect for people.  She started with her hand and soon

moved to other instruments she had picked out from an array of paddles, spoons, canes, and I don't know

what else.  As the spanking continued it became harder and more forceful all across my bottom and sweet spot.

This lady can spank and she loves to make full use of the allotted time to be sure you know you have been

spanked. And I mean spanked and spanked hard until she felt I had enough.  I assured her several time that

I would change my ways. She sprayed a lotion on my butt and I thought the sesson was over.  But wait, there's

more spanking to come. Another round of spanking with the cane and rug beater then it was over.  I got a  spanking that lasted for 90 minutes and no time was wasted.  I can assure you that I don't want to tell her that I haven't changed my ways.  I can't imagine what it would be like if she finds out (as she will) that the first one didn't help.


A quick look in a mirror and sure enough I had a beautifully red bottom that will stay sensitive for many days.

Miss Jennifer does not play around.  This is one serious lady bent on correcting bad behavior and she does it very well.  Go ahead, fill out the application, hope she accepts it and get ready for the time (spanking) of your life.

You don't have a hair on your butt if you don't see her at least once.



(Atlanta 2012)



Seven days later, I’m still wearing the marks from my first corporal punishment session with Miss Jennifer. Badges of honor, really – she is wonderful to spend time with. Miss Jennifer is very personable, eloquent and engaging in both her conversations and her session work.

               With her encouragement, I invested a lot of time in filling out the application – which gave me an opportunity to meet her for the first time and really helped me out as we were talking about the session prior to beginning. Once the session began, I quickly realized that this was a very different method of corporal punishment. Miss Jennifer’s expectations were clear and her experience showed in her calm and thorough approach to marking my bottom.

               One of the really cool parts was how she would go several minutes without saying a word – just spanking – many times to the point of tears. It’s really hard to explain how wonderful it is to only hear yourself crying as Miss Jennifer pauses long enough to get another implement, full well knowing that the next few minutes may be excruciating. She has great confidence in her ability to read people as they move up and down this very intense roller coaster – and she was very relaxed in letting me know that she was completely in control of everything – all I really needed to be was respectful and obedient.

               I will remember my first session with her for a very long time. I hope to build upon everything she taught me and become stronger and stronger with each session – she imbues a lot of confidence and she was spot on realistic in her assessment of where I was as a bottom and what level of intensity I had just experienced. I still have a ways to go, but I’m looking forward to seeing her again – imagining what my marks will look like next time.

David Atlanta 2012



Miss Jennifer Is one of the best ladies that I have ever had the honor receiving

a spanking from. I thought that I would be nervous. But once you walk through the

door all of that goes out the window.


She is honest, trustful, kind and sweet. I can honestly say that I will never

Seek another spanker in my life. Once you see her you will feel the same way.

If you don't there must be something wrong with you. All you need to do is be

honest read her web site info completely and listen to her and follow her rules

and sure that you will have a good time.

She honestly care about you and your

how your session went. I will continue to see her and only her.

Love you

Miss Jennifer

Your Irishmen in mn.


(Minneapolis 2012)



I just had a session with Miss Jennifer and the best word I can use to describe it is incrediable. I went to see her in her hotel room and I have to admit I was very nervous. When she met me at the door she invited me in and then we talked for a little while. I could have talked to her all day !!! She is one of the sweetest women I have ever met. But we both knew I was not there to talk all day. I had a role play lined up which we then started into. She took control right from the start and I knew I was in trouble. She sat on the sofa and told me to come stand in front of her. She then took my pants down and told me to get over her knee. Then the spanking began. This spanking really hurt. I could not tell when she switched from her hand to the hairbrush all I knew was that my butt was on fire. After a little while somewhere along the line a paddle and the wooden spoon came into the picture. Let me tell you she knows how to use that spoon. For some reason i requested the strap. As mush as every thing else hurt prior to the strap that strap was by far the most pain. I tried to count how many whacks I had gotten but I think I lost count around fifty. I throughly enjoyed the day I spent with Miss Jennifer yesterday. She is a lovely and wonderful lady that I hope to see again.



(Philadelphia 2012)

         "I found Miss Jennifer to be incredibly personable and warm upon meeting for our first session. We had discussed session matters beforehand, and then talked things over again before actually beginning - which put me at ease. She respects your limits and carefully gauges your tolerance levels, so as to not overwhelm you; however, she can dish out a severe spanking and CP session as well. All in all, I look forward to meeting with her again and having more fun playtimes." – Anonymous

Atlanta 2012


I am one of the luckiest people alive. I am blessed to be in love with the most beautiful woman who ever lived (and you know who you are, sweetheart), who also has no qualms whatsoever with getting our paddle out and blistering my posterior soundly with it when necessary.  Unfortunately, due to her professional work demands, we have been separated now for nearly a year's time by half a world's distance. As a result of this separation, I have found myself seriously alone and adrift of late, much like a ship that has lost both it's driving engine and steering rudder. As such, I lost my motivation to stay physically fit and also have seriously neglected my responsibilities on the home front. During a recent phone call, my beloved lady was justifiably reaming me out about this when, in a moment of weakness and childish self-pity, I retaliated with extremely harsh and cruel words that broke her heart and cut her to the bone. She ended the phone conversation in tears and refused to even talk to me for over a week. I immediately recognized the severity of what I had said and done and proceeded to beg and plead for her forgiveness. When she finally agreed to talk to me again, she correctly pointed out to me that I clearly was in need of an epic corporal punishment for the way I had behaved. She lamented over the fact that she was not here to address this herself and she informed me that if she were, I would not be sitting down for a week when she got through with me. She also told me that she forgave me for what I said to her, but if I really wanted to redeem myself in her eyes, I needed to take appropriate action on my own to atone for my behavior and to show her the true depths of my love for her and how truly sorry and repentant I was for treating her the way I had. We both agreed that my enlisting the services of a professional disciplinarian of good character and impeccable skill and judgement would be a good way for me to do this. I am not at all into the BDSM scene and had no interest in a dungeon encounter. My lady also made it clear that this needed to be an extremely severe and totally real punishment experience for me and that it needed to be administered by someone who truly understood the situation and relationship dynamics present here and would handle them properly. Our search for this ideal person led us to Miss Jennifer, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

I relayed our story to Miss Jennifer and then carefully and accurately filled out her detailed session application, while also dutifully providing details to her that my lady insisted that I include to impress upon her how severe my punishment needed to be. Suffice it to say that she was requesting this to be a hum-dinger that I would NEVER forget! There was a part of me that actually hoped that Miss Jennifer would not approve my application as that would have given me a legitimate escape from what I knew was coming and was well deserved. Miss Jennifer did readily approve my application, however, and the appointed day and time was set. During our subsequent telephone conversation, she discussed my upcoming session in great detail. She showed herself to be extremely intelligent, sensitive and insightful during this discussion. She pointed out my shortcomings and accurately reinforced my reasons for coming to her in the most amazingly gentle yet matter-of-fact way. She made me feel totally at ease by commending me for my courage and desire to 'straighten up and fly right' for my sake and for my lady's sake too while at the same time letting me know that she totally understood how my lady felt and made it clear that I was going to suffer good and proper for treating her the way I did. I ended that conversation with the strangest combination of comfort and fear of what was coming, but I knew in my heart that I was in the best possible hands and that I was going to get exactly what I needed and deserved. 

    I arrived at the appointment feeling much like the wayward schoolboy knowing that he had a well earned date with his principal's paddle for his misdeeds. Miss Jennifer sat me down on her couch and had a very deep and heartfelt conversation with me that totally put me at ease and allayed all of my fears EXCEPT for the one about how painful and severe my impending spanking was going to be. She so skillfully made me see that I am a good person at heart but that I also had seriously crossed a line of acceptable behavior with the person whom I love so dearly, so much so that I could have destroyed that entire relationship as a result.  Miss Jennifer is a beautiful, warm and incredibly insightful person who made me see this so clearly before the punishment actually began, and this ability is one of the trademarks that truly distinguishes her as the gifted professional disciplinarian that she is. After this short but necessary interchange between us, it was time to get down to business. Miss Jennifer instructed me to remove my shoes and trousers, but not my underwear. She positioned me on her couch and proceeded to unleash her fury. She began with some amazingly painful open handed smacks through my underwear and then shortly thereafter lowered them before continuing on my bare bottom. I was fiercely determined to take my punishment stoically and not show her any weakness on my part, but even before the hand spanking was over I found myself kicking and pleading for mercy, which naturally did not come. She gently but firmly reminded me of why I was being spanked and assured me that I hadn't seen anything yet. During the next hour she proceeded to use a variety of increasingly painful leather and wooden implements on my ever more red and blistered behind and upper thighs as I sweated and cried and writhed in pain. Then, just as my lady had requested, she ended the session with a series of excruciatingly intense strokes of her rattan cane followed by a good, hard blistering with a heavy wooden school paddle that caused me to scream out in anguish before it mercifully ended with tears streaming down my face as I cried profusely in pain and remorse for how I had behaved. I can honestly say that this was one of the most cathartic, soul purging and conscience cleansing experiences I have ever had. Even though my bottom was burning so bad that I could hardly move at that point, my spirit was feeling such a profound release of burden and guilt that I felt like I could almost fly! Miss Jennifer then comforted me and very carefully and gently applied some soft cloths soaked in cool water and after care solutions to my flaming posterior, which now resembled something between lasagna and black cherry cobbler. She took a couple of discreet digital photos of my thoroughly bruised and blistered behind that I could e-mail to my beloved lady to show her how much I had paid for my behavior toward her. After doing this, my lady and I are now bonded closer than we ever have been and we are both now forever grateful to Miss Jennifer and proud to call her our friend. So, in conclusion, just let me say that when it comes to someone who instinctively and accurately knows how to administer corporal punishment with exactly the right combination of love, care and severity, I don't think there could ever be anyone more perfectly adept than Miss Jennifer. She will provide you with precisely the experience that you know you need and make you come out a much better person for it 'in the end', so to speak. She will also throw in a few devilishly delightful surprises along the way in order to make the experience even more memorable for you. This was certainly the case for me, and I was very glad that I had thought to put a pillow in my car to sit on during my four hour drive home. Otherwise, I would have been stopping at a lot of rest areas along the way in order to stand up for a little while and give my still searing seat a much needed break!

    So thank you, Miss Jennifer, from the 'bottom' of my heart for a much needed and well deserved correction that has very likely saved my relationship with the beautiful lady I love so dearly. I am eternally indebted to you for that, and rest assured that I will stay on course and treat her right from now on since she has told me she will not hesitate to send me back to you