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It can get frustrating trying to find implements for yourself, or in my case for the Disciplinarian who seems to have them all.  Will she like them?  Does she already have them?  What is the quality like?  Well, over the past few years I have bought 2 or 3 or 50.  At first, I didn’t really know where to go or what to get.  So, I just started purchasing implements I liked and hoped for the best.  But over years, I learned a few things about my implement selections.


You need to talk to your Disciplinarian.  Learn what types of implements she prefers.  Learn what materials she likes.  Find out the companies she likes. Does she like to customize the handle to make it more comfortable to hold?  Also, try to get to know her.  Try to find implements that have some type of connection to her hobbies / interests.  She may not be willing to tell you everything, but it won’t hurt to ask. 


Don’t think you need to spend a lot of money on implements.  Most are not very expensive.  You may find she prefers a $10 spoon or spatula over a $200 strap.   And a $200 strap is not necessarily better than a $50 strap. 


Learn all you can about implements, the material used to produce and the differences with each, cleaning, how they are made, what to look for to determine quality.  Then contact the company and ask them questions.  The more you know, the more questions you ask, the better your choice will be.


Nothing is worse than giving her an implement only to have it break the first time she uses it.  All your time and money wasted.  The happiness and excitement the two of you feel, turns into disappointment.  


When searching for a store, go to different forums and ask for opinions.  Email Your Disciplinarian and see what stores she prefers.  Don’t think the stores that come up first in your searches are the best.  Go through 5 or 10 pages or more and see what else comes up.  I have found some unique implements this way.  How many times have you seen pictures of implements various Disciplinarians own.  Doesn’t it seem like they all have the same?  Don’t you want your Disciplinarian to have unique implements, ones that no one else has?


Pay attention to everything she has said on her forum and web site.  I’ll guarantee she has made a few comments you can use for implement selection and customization.


Be yourself, don’t be afraid to get an implement that may be silly. And occasionally embrace your natural battiness when you pick an implement.  She’ll love it.  And I guarantee it will make her smile.


Most importantly, always remember, the more special you make the implement, the more she will like it.  If she is worth your time and money, if she really cares about you, she will treasure the implement because it came from you, because of the time and thought you put into it, not because of how much it cost.


Miss Jennifer

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