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If you would like for Miss Jennifer to add your business here,  please email me at

Essentia Whips

Spanking Paddles

Spank Inc

Adam and Gillian's

Etsy - Miss Rose Paddles


Paddle Werks

London Tanners

MC Customs

Etsy - Works and Widgets

ebay - SuperConnie6

Etsy - SporkWood

Quality Control

Canes 4 Pain

Cane - Iac

Etsy - Kink In The Line

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The following is meant to aid consumers in finding stores from which to purchase spanking implements. 


Miss Jennifer is neither advocating for, endorsing or promoting any listed companies or individuals nor is she receiving any benefits from them. 


Any disputes with the purchase of or quality of each company’s products will remain between the consumer and the company.  Miss Jennifer is not guaranteeing the quality of the available products or the reputation of the company.


All risks associated with making purchases from the companies listed below and are exclusively with the consumer.


Miss Jennifer does not condone the reckless, malicious or illegal use of any products purchased from the listed companies and is not responsible for products used in such a manner.

When you make a purchase from one of the vendors listed here, please make sure they know you got their link from Miss Jennifer’s Web Site

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