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Only Spankees should email me for an application or people who just need or want to be spanked.


I want to spank.

I like to spank.

I enjoy to spank.


I spank regardless if you like it or not.

"I truly believe this is my medicine.  


My spanking is your medicine.

You all need to take some medicine once in a while.

Some more than others.

Some less than others.

It’s good for you.

You will be happy at the end when you have received a good spanking medicine from me. 

My medicine."

Miss Jennifer

I am Miss Jennifer, Miss Jen or Miss J  but most people just call me Jennifer or Jen and I am a Professional Disciplinarian. A true Disciplinarian. I have been a Professional Disciplinarian for over 10 years.  This is my love, my passion, my enjoyment and my happiness.  Helping people through spanking gives me joy, energy, the drive to keep working harder and helps me to get up at 3:00 am for my next city.

I only provide Disciplinary and Behavior Modification Services!  I am an intelligent, extremely discreet, clean, non smoker, drug free, and disease free.    I travel globally for Disciplinary Sessions and to see the world.


I am in NO way a prostitute, a call girl or involved in any type of escort service. During all sessions, I will be fully clothed. I DO NOT and I WILL NOT have sex, act in any inappropriate behavior or do anything illegal on or off session.


Whether you want, need or deserve a spanking. I will give you the best experience. Do Not be fooled by the copycats out there who would TRY to pose as me!  There is only ONE me.

People who come to me for a session are not pain lovers. It is not all about pain.  Actually most can't stand the pain!

It is 50% psychological and 50% pain.  Not 100% pain.

Anyone can inflict you with pain but NOT everyone can get inside your head.


It is also important as a Disciplinarian to actually do what you preach.  For example, how can a Disciplinarian discipline you for diet/nutrition when the Disciplinarian is fat?  How can a Disciplinarian discipline you not to smoke when she smokes?  Would you listen?   I see many college girls for discipline sessions therefore this area is very sensitive to me. How can a Disciplinarian discipline a young woman in her early 20's to behave and be a good girl when that Disciplinarian sells her used panties, stockings and allows men to have a happy ending?  Is that a good role model?  Would you be happy that she is getting a discipline from a Disciplinarian like that?  

No one can teach you to become a true disciplinarian. You must be naturally born with it, who gets it, understands what you are seeking, loves what she does where you can see it in her eyes and have a very high EQ (Emotional Quotient). This you must have inside you. This can NOT be learned by watching others.    



Do NOT tell me to wear all leather, all pvc, or lingerie.  I wear NORMAL clothes. Clothes you would wear everyday.   Please do not get me confused with Call Girls, Escorts, Mistress/Dominatrix.


Do NOT tell me what to wear for your future session.  I will wear what is appropriate for the session.

I am not a jean or pants type of girl. Never have been.  I always like to wear cutsie outfits or cute but kinda sexy (tasteful but most importantly clothes I am comfortable with) sometimes heels, sometimes cute dress shoes, dresses, short skirts, blouses, shirts, sometimes stockings, tights in winter or bare legs in summer. I like to keep up to date in fashion.  


I would wear certain outfits for my pictures on my web.  Do not expect me to be in those for your sessions. They are only for picture purposes.  If you have a problem with this then please go somewhere else.

Do NOT ask me during session “For an extra $$$ can you take off your blouse? Wear only panties and bra? Go topless? Wear a blouse without a bra?  Can I kiss your leg? Can you give me a happy ending,  Can I have a happy ending?” I do NOT up sell. There is NO SELLING OF ANY KIND!!! I am not that kind of a girl.  A real Disciplinarian will NEVER offer those things unless she is a fake or just poses as one. Many say they are a Disciplinarian but actually behaves like a Call Girl or an Escort Girl.  Listen, anyone can spank but that doesn't mean you are a Spanker and just because you are a Spanker does not make you a Disciplinarian.

I AM NOT INTO BODY WORSHIP!  I AM NOT INTO ANY TYPE OF WORSHIPING.  That means you can’t touch or kiss any part of my body. Not my hand, my legs or even my feet. Do not ever come to my session thinking that I will do extra things besides spanking. It will NEVER happen. 


I do understand and respect everyone has different types of interests besides spanking. Please understand and respect mine.  I am only into spanking, punishing, disciplining, and life coaching/counseling.  I am not interested in GS, Spat, any type of body worship, ass worship, face sitting, fire, wax play, blood, any type of anal play, toilet training, medical play, hand job, foot job,  T&D, anything that deals with animals or children, enemas, strap-on, heavy bondage,  needles or knife play,  Tease & Denial, spitting and whatever else there may be out there. Please do not ask me for these types of services.  I do not do those things nor do they interest me in any way.

I am NOT a switch.  I was NEVER a switch. Don’t ever ask me to SWITCH – I will gladly use a switch on you.   I am a NATURAL TOP.  Been that way my whole spanking life!


Let me explain – we are not married, we are not a couple, and I am not a call girl – that is not our relationship; SWITCHING IS FINE IN THOSE SITUATIONS or you are not really a top but me, I could NEVER switch even if I was in a serious relationship.  


I am your TEACHER, PARENT, COUNSELOR, LIFE COACH,  CONFIDANT...meaning I am your DISCIPLINARIAN – not your girlfriend, lover, playmate, or buddy…I will help you to feel better,  help you become a better person,  help solve problems, help you be a happier person, help

you be stress free, help reach your goals etc...  You will NOT do those things for me. Of course we will have fun in the process, this is a journey, but it is your journey, not mine.


There are people out there that say switching makes one a more versatile player, but we are NOT in a game! I am NOT your player. 

You don’t operate on your surgeon, give advice to your psychologist, or lecture to your professor! Hopefully you get my point –you will treat me as you would any professional and if you don’t, bye bye  - there are plenty of call girls out there willing to take your money, but if they switch they are NOT A DISCIPLINARIAN…they are a STAIN on MY PROFESSION!


I will NOT have any session with anyone who is not respectful over the telephone or email. I will NOT have any future session with anyone who does not keep their words, anyone who’s very LATE and does not let me know, anyone who has filled out an application, was approved by me by email but then I hear nothing from that person again, who previously had a no show no call and  who has canceled their session 3 times in a row. No exceptions


Be a responsible and mature adult….If you must cancel, please let me know as soon as possible.

Please come in respectable clothing when coming to see me. Meaning… do not attract attention by the way you dress.

I always stay at a nice hotel and I expect you to blend in and not look out of place.

During the session,  except for me, no shoes are allowed during your spankings! You must remove your shoes right before we start the spanking part of the session but DO NOT remove your socks.  If you are wearing a sandal or flip flop that requires no socks…please bring a pair  to wear. There is a good reason for this.


  • NO SAFE WORDS! (It is not real discipline or a real spanking if you have control with a safe word)

  • Hear any profanity from your mouth!

  • NO drugs or alcohol (You must be drug and alcohol free when you come to your session).

  • Do not ask me to remove any of my clothing.

  • NO nudity on my part so don’t ask!!!

  • Do not ask for permission to touch me! 

  • Do not ask for permission to lift up my skirt!

  • Do not ask for permission to uncross my legs.

  • Do not touch me!  Don’t test me or you’ll be sorry.

  • If you try to touch me or behave inappropriately. I will stop the session, you will be ordered to leave and I will never have another session with you even if you apologize

  • Do not touch my weapons or go through my bags.

  • No sex means NO SEX! 

  • NO hanky panky

  • You are NOT allowed to try to do anything illegal during your session.

  • Do not ask me on a date. I do NOT and will NOT mix my professional life with my personal life even if you are cute, single and have a great income.

  • Do not ask me to go out for a drink. I do not drink.

  • Do NOT treat me like an escort or a call girl or even ask because I will NOT go to a dinner/lunch/outing/hang out/show me your city with you and charge you by an hour or have a set rate.  

  • I am NOT looking for a boyfriend, girlfriend or a 24/7 slave.  You may only see me or talk to me by appointment.

  • I DO NOT offer free sample sessions.  All of my sessions begin with a minimum of 60 minutes.

  • You are NOT allowed to use my toilet!!  IT is NOT a public restroom. Please make sure you use the restroom before coming up to see me.

  • Do NOT book a session with me if you are unsure you can make the appointment or make time available for a session.

  • Do not ask me for a blue print of your upcoming session. That will ruin the whole fun!

  • I am sorry but NO video and/or audio recording allowed any time during your session. So please do not ask me if you can record our session. It does not matter if there are no face shots.   IF I FIND OUT YOU ARE RECORDING OUR SESSIONS, I WILL STOP AND ORDER YOU TO LEAVE!!!!!

  • You are allowed to bring a camera if you wish.  I will be more than happy to take a pic of you and/or your sore bottom but Do NOT try to take a picture of me.  I live a very normal and vanilla life outside of my profession. Meaning when I am not in session. I am very discreet so please respect my privacy as I will always respect yours.   Also please let me know if you will bring your camera to the session so I am aware of it and can remember to take a picture of you.

My Likes And Dislikes

Before The Session

I must trust that you do take care of yourself.  You should be well rested, properly fed (Eat things your stomach likes. Do not try anything new or things that may cause a heartburn, gas, etc…), well hydrated  (meaning water not coffee, not sugar soda, and definitely not alcohol) and do not do anything strenuous before your session.




- Showered and squeaky clean

- Dressed clean and presentable

- Well-groomed

- No body odor

- Clean clothes             

- Great humor                                                  

- Honest

- Intelligent

- Keeps his words                   

- Courage

- Respectful                                       

- Remembers to bring implements if that is what you and I agreed

- On time




- Not showered

- Not well-groomed

- Dirty/soiled clothes

- Not dressed presentable

- You smell stinky :(

- Does not keep his words      

- Arrogant

- Disrespectful

- Dishonest

- Try to make intimate contact

- Rude

- Prejudice

- Illegal activities during my session

- Late (without letting me know)

- Over use of cologne, aftershave, or perfume to the point I feel like I am at a perfume store

- When you smell only like a cigar or cigarette :(

- Come with alcohol breath in your mouth - If I smell that you have been drinking, I will NOT continue the session but ONLY order you to leave!

- When you are full of animal hair on your clothing (I am allergic to animal dander)

My rules are my rules! I do not bend them.


I am very selective.  I do not have sessions with just anyone.

I pick and choose who interests me, who I believe will benefit from my session.

If you are so lucky to have the opportunity to have sessions with me do know my rules, my likes and dislikes.  Do not forget it. Memorize it!


First email impression is very important to me therefore if you talk without any respectful manner, a foul mouth or when you freely decide to send me a pic that is NOT appropriate…I will not waste my time responding to you. I will just delete it.

To have a session with me, you will need to complete my application.  I do NOT care who you have seen or how experienced you are.  Just because you have seen other disciplinarians does NOT mean I will automatically see you. Do NOT expect to get a session with me without completing the application or not answering all of my questions. I will NOT I have more than enough people to spank.

My donations are NOT negotiable.  Do not disrespect me by trying to negotiate deals with me.  If you cannot afford my donation, I should expect you NOT to contact me.

After I have approved your application, a deposit is required by the type of gift I would like.

The types of gifts are listed on the application.

All deposits depend on the length of your session.

This is only to ensure you are serious, committed, reserves your time slot and my travel expense to your city.

I must receive the deposit to pencil you in for a session.

Don't delay,  I am very busy therefore advance appointments are necessary.

If you delay, I can NOT promise you I will be available.

I go by first come basis.

No deposit. No session. No exception. Do not like it? Too bad. MY rules. Find someone else. I won’t miss you.

I will only pencil you in when the deposit has been made.

When I have received your deposit, I will email you to let you know and pencil you in for that date/time.

I must receive your deposit before our initial phone talk about your session.

After I have received your deposit, I expect a phone call before your session.  I like to talk in detail about our session, answer any questions you may have and give you further instructions. 

Remember this…

When you call me for our phone session or pre session phone call and your number is blocked, unknown, or number is displayed with fake number, I will NOT answer.   NO exceptions!


You must pay the remaining balance to ZERO to book any future session with me.

Understand I receive TONS of emails per day and it is very hard to keep up.

If I do not respond to your application when you have sent them after a week, PLEASE email it back to me again. Most likely I did not see your email or you sent me an email without your application. Meaning you forgot to attach your application to the email so I got a blank LOL.

If I do NOT approve you…I promise, it’s nothing personal. 

I only like to see people who I believe will gain positive things from my session and liked what I read on their application.

So, do not talk bad about me,  make up stories about me to others only because I didn’t want to see you and you want some sort of revenge.  


I do offer sessions involving Miss Jennifer travelling to you (sponsored trip).  

Only because you can not come to me because of your busy schedule or I do not travel to your city. I will be going to your city to see you for one of my services you requested (Discipline, Life Coach/Counseling, Old Fashioned Spanking, Just Spanking or Cathartic).  

The sponsored trip includes, airfare, one night hotel, traveling costs  that is only to get to the hotel, back to the airport and your session. Sponsored trip will not include my food, sight seeing or any entertainment I decide to do for myself (that is if I even have time for that).  I am only going to your city so you can receive my spanking. Period. So do NOT treat me like call girl or girl in a escort service.


All of my spanking sessions are between 11:00am to 7:00pm.  

There are NO safe words in any of my sessions because I give real spankings.

This is not a game.  This is not pretend. It is real.

All of my sessions are at a respectable 4 to 6 star hotel.  You will come to me for your session.  I will not go to you. 

All of my sessions are always in a domestic setting.​

I do NOT and will NOT have it in dungeons.  I will NOT change my mind. I do NOT like dungeons.

That is NOT me. Not my style. I am a Disciplinarian NOT a Mistress or a Dominatrix.  I will never have any of my sessions in a dungeon.  If Dungeons are your kind of thing then please go to someone else.


My implements are always cleaned & sanitized after each use/client.  Some things are again cleaned and sanitized right before using them.

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