Testimonial from Spoiled Princess

From a Spoiled Princess's Point of View

First let me start off by saying I had the most amazing first spanking!! Miss J is definitely caring, understanding, and passionate about what she does.

I too --like many of you-- was never spanked before. (Nope not even as a child) My older siblings were and I would witness them being spanked. I grew up "spoiled" and a "brat".. the word "No" seemed so foreign to me. By the age of 18, I started looking for alternative ways to curb my behaviors. That's when I first came across Miss J's name. I believe I may have sent a request out for a session a few years later but I didn't go through with it.

Now, here I am 8 years later -- reaching out again. Miss J was nothing less than polite and nice from the moment I registered on her site to submitting the application and having our phone session. NERVOUS?? Pssshhh ! That didn't describe how I felt. I started sending her emails about my worries and fears -- to which she immediately responded as nice as possible and recommended that I join in the forum so that I can chat with other "spankees" who can give insight. (Whom are which by the way super AWESOME SAUCE!! Lol)

Fast forward to today May 26th lol-- my nerves were calm until I reached the room. (I was like uh oh -- it's about to go downnn) I was greeted with a lovely beautiful lady. Her smile is contagious and it immediately calmed me. The thing I love about Miss J is that NOTHING was rushed! She took her time to talk to me-- get to know me a little more and then we got down to why I was there. Let me tell you .. I received a very stern talking to about certain aspects of my life that I needed to fix. Mainly with my 7 year old daughter.

Once we finished talking she walked us into the next room and told me to take my shoes off saying "everything will be fine". (Yeah ok lol) I read what happens when the music starts lol. I was then ushered over her knee -- wheew ! I can officially say I ((hate)) paddles!!

She is true to her word and I got a very thorough spanking with tears, screams, and a lot of wiggling. More than a couple times I was told to "get back in position" or "move your hands" lol I even got the countdown to get back to where I was supposed to be-- and I think I got hit a little harder for the socks I was wearing.. (NEVER wear badass socks lol she will definitely show you how bad your ass will feel afterwards lol)

Even though she delivered a painfully memory for me to behave-- I felt as if this spanking really opened my eyes to what I ((knew)) I was doing wrong but still did them anyway. I always felt safe and oddly comfortable with Miss J. I am immensely happy about my session with her and I wouldn't have changed a thing about it. (Maybe those paddles lol)

After the session we talked and I didn't realize it was well over my time. Miss J is really there for you! So if you want a super funny, pretty, no nonsense person to share your flaws and bad behaviors with -- you will not be disappointed but you will be sore afterwards lol.

Thank you so much for today and accepting me to join your family!!!

A Spoiled Princess 👸🏾

NOVA 2017


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