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Testimonial – After Five Sessions

My name is Robert. Jennifer is my Life Coach and Disciplinarian. In early January 2019, I attended my first session with Jennifer, and I began a life-changing journey. I recently completed my fifth session, and in four short months, my progress and results thus far are amazing and nearly miraculous. Through a combination of meaningful conversation, positive influenced coaching, and inspired discipline – spanking -, Jennifer is instilling in me a strong motivational determination to actually fully commit to unconditionally working to improve my body, my mind, and my life.

In four short months: I lost 60 pounds; I significantly changed my eating habits to a healthy diet; I exercise nearly every day; my outlook on life is positive; I am kinder and less conflicted, and my spiritual wellbeing is good, idealistic, and again growing.

Jennifer is a professional and an amazing person. She is also a normal person. Obviously, Seeing a Life Coach and Disciplinarian for a spanking is not for everyone. It works for some of us. It works because there is a mutual respect between Jennifer and her clients, which is the only way it can work, at least in my mind. I am happy I chose to see Miss Jennifer and I willingly accept my spankings. I know it is what I need and it is working. My life is more where I want my life to be. I am not sure how to explain and I am not sure I understand. Conversely, Jennifer also helped me realize that I do not need to question why or understand about spanking; I can accept what works and is good for me. I am at peace with where spanking is in my life.

Because of my successes, and because of my positive experience with spanking, I want to share some of my story, and confide wanting and receiving real spankings is ok, and perhaps beneficial.

I am basically a normal guy and my life is (and was) good. I am upper middle aged. I have a college degree and a good job. I am active, I like sports, I enjoy music and concerts, I like to travel and see new places, I enjoy the outdoors, and I have an amazing number of good close friends. I was married for 18 years, until my wife passed away a little over two years ago.

Additionally, I have had a lifelong fascination with spanking. I have no idea why. For long as I can remember, I have thought about spanking, and I can remember I often wanted, or maybe felt I needed, for some unknown reasons, to receive a real spanking. My yearning was not an obsession, more a somewhat obscure feeling in the inner parts of my mind. Sometimes I would go months or years without thinking about spankings, and other times I would think about spankings daily.

While the desire to receive a spanking was often powerful, as both a child and as an adult, I was also terrified of actually getting a real spanking.

For the record, when I was a child, I received several mild ‘half’ spankings - a half dozen slaps on my butt, an occasional half dozen smacks with a wooden spoon, always standing and over clothes. Even though the spankings only hurt a little, I did not like them. However, and strangely, I knew I was not getting the real bare spankings I heard about, and with confused emotions thought, I should be getting.

As an adult my spanking curiosity and desire continued. My spanking desire was not a sexual desire, and was not a domination desire; only spanking. Through the years, I occasionally looked at spanking magazines, read spanking stories, and watched spanking videos; all without satisfaction.

For years, I semi-searched for someone to spank me – to give me a real spanking. I did not want a dominatrix, or escort, or other type of professional. I wanted a real person. Unfortunately, my wife could not provide that experience, and that was ok, I did not want her to either. Occasionally, I found and considered various disciplinarians, several who seemed real and what I was looking for. Yet, while I seriously considered contacting these people, I never pursued the opportunities. They were just not right for what I thought I wanted.

Then in the fall of 2018, I unexpectedly discovered the jenniferspanks website. I was immediately enthralled and captivated. Within a few hours, I read everything readily available on the website, and then joined the site to read the forums and other information. Miss Jennifer seemed like exactly what I was needing and searching for. What was I going to do?

I spent two days contemplating. Finally, I decided if I was ever going to do anything about my spanking desires: now was the time - here was my opportunity.

Fast-forwarding through the anxiety of filling out the application - honestly answering every question, and the trepidation of waiting and hoping for approval: I was overwhelmed with a sea of emotions when Jennifer approved my application.

Jennifer is a consummate professional, and extremely talented at what she does. Jennifer is very easy to talk with, both on the phone and in person. She is cheery with a good sense of humor, and she excels at easing your anxiety, and allowing you to become comfortable talking. During our initial phone conversation, Jennifer broke my tension when she said, (paraphrasing) “Driving hours to see someone who is going to spank your bottom is crazy; I know, right.” After a laugh, we talked about how seeing someone for a spanking is not crazy and we talked about my upcoming session. Of the various spanking service options, I chose Life Coaching and Discipline. Primarily because I was hesitant of a punishment or cathartic spanking being my first real spanking, and I figured, it would be nice to maybe lose a few pounds.

Surprisingly, on the day of my session, I was not nervous and did not feel any anxiety – well until I knocked on the door. Jennifer welcomed me and quickly made me feel at ease.

We began talking, and within moments, I knew I made the correct decision to apply for and attend my first session. We talked about many topics ranging from lighthearted to serious to various places in-between. I quickly learned Jennifer is genuine, sincere, and honest. I truly felt Jennifer cared about what I said, and more importantly, I felt she truly cared about me. (Nearly all of Jennifer’s people offer similar reflections). Almost immediately, I explicitly trusted Jennifer and knew I could talk openly and honestly. Correspondingly, and as my new Professional Life Coach, Jennifer appropriately offered comments, advice, and direction, along with establishing goals, plans, and expectations. Sometimes she delivered her guidance with a smile and a laugh, sometimes logically and pervasive, and sometimes firm and direct.

An hour plus flew by, and suddenly: it was time. The music started and my spanking started soon after. Wow, an astonishing experience. While not a fan of the pain, the spanking freed my brain of bad vibes and bad energy. During the spanking, my brain focused on nothing but the spanking, staying in position, and accepting what was happening. When the spanking was over, I was breathing heavy, and I felt both emotionally drained and emotionally revived. I had a new sense of motivation.

I do not know how I was spanked or what implements I may have been spanked with. I knew, and I know now, my first spanking was a novice type ‘let’s get to know you’ spanking. Although it was a good one, and Jennifer said I did good. When I got home and looked, my bottom was splotchy red and bruised, looking like two playground worn basketballs.

Immediately after leaving my session, and reflecting on the experience during my long drive home, l realized how fortunate I was to meet and spend a session with Jennifer, a truly amazing, unique, and beautiful person. To be honest, my original intention was to have one or two sessions, experience a real spanking or two, say thank you, and move on. However, after my first session, I knew I had a unique opportunity to start a journey improving my body, my mind, and my life; I could not let the opportunity pass. I decided I wanted to change my life and I was going to commit to the program. I wanted a second session opportunity, and I was confident I wanted to become a regular client of Miss Jennifer’s Life Coaching and Disciplinary services.

I quickly requested a second session, and I proceeded to doing everything Jennifer coached me to do. I ate healthy, I did not eat what I was told not to eat (with an exception or two), I exercised, and I lost over 15 pounds.

I was excited for my second session, and yes, I was again nervous. The second session was better than the first. We talked about how I did, and established new goals and expectations, and we talked about a variety of other important topics. My second spanking was twice as intense as my first spanking and exactly what I needed- wow. Jennifer also gave me a nice short barrage of something stingy on my sweet spots, and l informed me it would be worse if I was bad.

I again quickly scheduled my next session, my third. I continued with my full commitment to improving my life. I continued eating healthy, not eating restricted food, exercising, and I lost another 15 pounds – down 30 pounds in two months. I also worked on other things we discussed like some procrastination issues.

My third session was again better than the first two. Jennifer was very happy I was being good and she added to my goals and expectations. We also extended my third session a little longer to help me with an important issue I needed to discuss. The spanking intensity again increased a couple notches – wow – what did I get myself into. I am now realizing this Life Coaching and Discipline Spanking is working for me.

I scheduled my fourth session and continued working to change my life. I was good and I lost another 15 pounds – down 45 pounds in three months. Our conversations are becoming more rewarding as we know each other better and become more comfortable talking. Jennifer is happy and proud of my progress. I am very happy. As my reward (? – my guess), Jennifer decides to like quadruple the intensity of my fourth session spanking. About halfway through the spanking, Jennifer laughs, “A little harder this time, isn’t it? You didn’t expect me to spank lightly every time did you?” Wow, intensity I never expected or knew. I was very thankful for the extra motivation.

My fifth session was the best yet. I lost another 15 pounds and I am down 60 pounds in four months. This time, Jennifer raises the intensity of my spanking 10 times and introduces me to some of her evil friends. I now know about these friends. WOW! I am now ultra-motivated to succeed.

I cannot thank Jennifer enough for the changes I have made in my life. Her combination of Life Coaching, Discipline, and unique motivational skills has transformed my life for the better. I am very happy. I would not have changed my life to this extent if not for her. With each session, Jennifer has provided exactly what I needed; I am very thankful.

“In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.” -Albert Schweitzer, philosopher, physician, musician, Nobel laureate.

Robert Columbus 2019


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