Testimonial from Miami

This review is a bit overdue but I've been trying to find the right words to describe the experience of meeting Jennifer for the first time. The other accounts I've read are accurate in terms of the application/acceptance process, the anticipation/uneasiness leading up to the session, the initial impression Jennifer makes when she greets you and how the easy the conversation is, etc. And there isn't a ton to add to other descriptions of the physical part of the encounter- yes, she spanks you and it hurts.

I think the part that gets missed though is the mental side of the encounter and to me this is where Jennifer is truly amazing. She will tell you herself that anyone can hit you, but there can't be many with her ability to expertly play your mind and body like an instrument. Many of us likely walk into the room not knowing why we're there and thinking we must be nuts for doing this. But she knows exactly why you're there and what has motivated you to see her, even if you don't yet. During the session, she knows exactly how far to push you, when to push you, when to pull back and give you a break. And at the end, she instinctively knows what she has to do to take you over the edge to the most incredible release you have likely felt in your life. I'm pretty sure I was shaking for at least ten minutes when it was over, maybe longer. Each person will have their own reasons to partake in the experience that Jennifer offers, but the feeling immediately afterward would be my motivation to see her again because it is truly unbelievable and hard to describe (if you've felt it, you know what I'm talking about).

Thanks again Jennifer for making our encounter so memorable, I look forward to doing it again in the future.

First time client, Miami 2017


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