Testimonial from NYC

Session Review:

Miss Jennifer is a true professional, and overall a wonderful and beautiful person. Just like getting a job, there is an interview process, and Jennifer takes her work very seriously thus all new applicants require a detailed application to be completed, in addition to a telephone call. This made me feel so comfortable because if Jennifer is taking the time to go through these extremes prior to setting up a session, then I knew that Jennifer takes her craft quite seriously, and only engages with respectful and real individuals.

Miss Jennifer didn’t dissappoint. She was very stunning when she opened the door, and had such a bubbly personality with a lovely smile. Miss Jennifer is the “Rudy” of the spanking game, she is very petite in nature, but wow can she deliver a spanking.

Once we finished chatting and the music was on I was summoned over her knees. Jennifer then went to work on her craft and her hand was the hardest hand spanking I’ve ever received. Jennifer is a real pro, she is confident and knows what she is doing the entire session in terms of switching positions, implements, and being sure to bring you to a new level that leaves you in such a cathartic state when the session is finished.

So yes, Jennifer delivers a sound spanking, and loves dishing it out. However, Jennifer genuinely cares about her clients, and I felt at ease the entire session knowing Jennifer was checking my skin throughout and taking breaks at points where my rear end needed a slight breather. A true marksmanship in her craft, those wanting a sound spanking from a beautiful woman who takes pride in what she does should see Jennifer, I promise you won’t regret it!

Willis - NYC 2018

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