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Testimonial from Cleveland

I applied to have a session with Jennifer to experience a cathartic spanking. Even though I have wanted (needed?) this for as long as I can remember I wasn't prepared. Jennifer is a warm and welcoming person and absolutely understands what someone like me is looking for. In previous experiences with disciplinarians I had never really NOT been in control. If the paddle smack hurt too much I found a way to get out of the rest of the punishment. Jennifer had a mischievous grin on her face when I told her that. She assured me my spanking wouldn't end until she deemed it complete. I knew within the first few smacks of her hand on my bare bottom that Jennifer was in complete control and I was in for a long ride. The spanking progressed to heavier implements and eventually I was really starting to squirm. This went on...and on...and on. Just as I was starting to get distressed she would calm it down - but only for a moment or two. She would start up again. Eventually the paddle swats were getting to be too much and I felt myself trying to figure out how to get out of it. Jennifer placed her hand on my back and eased me back into position. guessed it...she went right back into it. Honestly, I thought the session was wrapping up. I had been here an eternity, hadn't I? No. Time for the cane. I had never experienced a caning before... I'm not sure Jennifer realizes it but during the caning I cried very briefly. Through all the pain and squirming and wishing it was over I had experienced a complete release. After the spanking session was over we chatted and I was essentially a foggy mess - but in a fantastic way. Jennifer made me feel so at ease the whole time (okay, I wasn't really at ease when she was caning me!). Thank you so much Jennifer! S - Cleveland 2018 


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I will send out emails tonight to everyone about their upcoming session. Sorry it’s late this time.


If I haven’t responded you (email, text or application) it is because I am really busy. I Hopefully ot will slow down in 2-3 days.

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