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Testimonial from London

Testimonial London February 2018

It was just prior to Christmas that I came across an ad by Jennifer announcing her upcoming trip to London in the New Year, and when I looked through her website and read previous testimonials I knew that I had to see her, and she more than lived up to my expectations!

Having read through her website thoroughly, and at the various types of sessions she offers I nervously opted to apply to see her for a 2 hour punishment session. I know that I need to be able to give up control completely and to really have my limits pushed, and exceeded a little in order to alleviate feelings of guilt that I have in my everyday life.

I filled in the application form as comprehensively as I could. Although the application is quite long it is well worth doing, and I found it very helpful to think about and put in to words exactly what I was looking to get out of the session. I didn't hear anything after 5 days so resent the email to make sure that I hadn't been missed. The next day I received a response from Jennifer, thanking me for resending it (as she gets so many emails) and saying that she would love to see me, that she totally understood what I was looking for, and really enjoyed doing this type of session. Perfect!

I followed her instructions for the deposit, and had a lovely chat with her on the phone which really put my mind at ease that I had made the right choice.

One week later and I finally got to meet her in a lovely secluded hotel in London. It was great to put a face to the person I had chatted to previously and she did not disappoint in any way. We had a lovely chat again before it was time for me to receive what I had asked for and needed. The spanking was the best, and I think the most painful that I have ever had. Jennifer worked her way through her impressive array of implements and demonstrated her immense skill and knowledge with each and everyone of them. When I was really struggling she knew to ease back just a little to let me recover before building up to the next level again. While it was an incredibly painful experience I knew that I was being well looked after throughout and never felt at risk in any way. For me it is the process of the spanking that gets me to the place mentally that I need to be and once it was over it felt as though a huge weight had been lifted from me. Even as I write this 2 weeks later I am still feeling positive and energised from the experience!

Jennifer is truly exceptional at what she does, she has the ability to put you completely at ease, and trust in her completely, while delivering the most painful punishment you can imagine (if that is what you have asked for!), or equally I'm sure at whatever level you have requested or need. I cannot recommend her highly enough, and will definitely try to see her again when she next comes to London.


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