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Testimonial from NOVA

"Writing this at the heels of my 2nd session with Ms. Jennifer and all I can say is “wow.” As is evidenced in the plethora of positive testimonials, this woman knows exactly what she is doing. Having gone twice, I’m comfortable saying that I’ll definitely be a regular from here on forward. Something that struck me (no pun intended) during my sessions was her particular attention to the aesthetics of the spanking: From the rhythmic syncopation of each smack to match the music she has playing, to the surface area coloration of your backside at the end of the spanking – it’s apparent that she considers this an art. And like all great artists, she possesses quite the mastery of her craft. It’s relieving in a session to feel like the person spanking you knows your limits better than you do. Spanking aside, Ms. Jennifer is an all around catch. Incredibly easy to talk to, classically beautiful (I mean wow, she’s gorgeous), well-traveled, and compassionate. I could easily listen to her stories for hours without losing interest. I had such a good time chatting with her both times that I would completely forget I was there to get spanked – which she made sure to playfully remind me of at just the appropriate moment. She’s the kind of person you want to impress. I have to confess at the end of my sessions when she told me “I did a good job” and that “I took it well,” I felt really proud, as embarrassing as it is to admit. For anyone nervously tiptoeing around whether or not to go through with requesting a session, as I was – trust me when I say it’s worth it. You’re in great hands, firm hands – mind you, but great. Thank you Ms. Jennifer!"

NOVA 2018


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